number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Apr 19,"Chapter One: Cerebral LOLzy",""
2,1,2,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Two: The Deep End",""
3,1,3,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Three: Free Scones",""
4,1,4,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Four: Housechilling Party",""
5,1,5,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Five: Vagina Momologues",""
6,1,6,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Six: Straight Potential",""
7,1,7,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Seven: Blind Deaf Date",""
8,1,8,12 Apr 19,"Chapter Eight: Gay Gardens",""
9,2,1,20 May 21,"One Day Stand",""
10,2,2,20 May 21,"I Don't Like It Like This",""
11,2,3,20 May 21,"That's the Way the Boys Are",""
12,2,4,20 May 21,"Death by a Thousand Cold Cuts",""
13,2,5,20 May 21,"Ryan Joins the Crips",""
14,2,6,20 May 21,"Prom Queens",""
15,2,7,20 May 21,"Why Is No One Ready?",""
16,2,8,20 May 21,"Here's Where the Story Ends",""