number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Sep 09,"Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z with Rihanna & Kanye West",""
2,1,2,15 Sep 09,"Michael Moore, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz",""
3,1,3,16 Sep 09,"Robin Williams, Miley Cyrus",""
4,1,4,17 Sep 09,"Halle Berry, Bruce Hornsby with Eric Clapton",""
5,1,5,18 Sep 09,"Drew Barrymore, Mel Gibson",""
6,1,6,21 Sep 09,"Jennifer Garner, Barney Frank, Headlines",""
7,1,7,22 Sep 09,"Pee-Wee Herman, Amy Poehler, 99 Cent Store",""
8,1,8,23 Sep 09,"Vince Vaughn, Michaels vs. Costas",""
9,1,9,24 Sep 09,"Rush Limbaugh, Smokey Robinson with Joss Stone",""
10,1,10,25 Sep 09,"Hugh Laurie, Lebron James",""
11,1,11,28 Sep 09,"Bill Maher, Brad Paisley & Sheryl Crow",""
12,1,12,29 Sep 09,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Billy Crystal",""
13,1,13,30 Sep 09,"Adam Carolla, Steve Carell, Vince Gill & Emmylou Harris",""
14,1,14,01 Oct 09,"Chris Rock",""
15,1,15,02 Oct 09,"Jenna Fischer, Dan Ahdoot, Photo Booth",""
16,1,16,05 Oct 09,"Jamie Foxx, Joe Torre",""
17,1,17,06 Oct 09,"Abigail Breslin, Cindy McCain",""
18,1,18,07 Oct 09,"Wanda Sykes, Kathleen Sebelius",""
19,1,19,08 Oct 09,"Gerard Butler, Ben Harper & Jack Black",""
20,1,20,09 Oct 09,"Terry Bradshaw",""
21,1,21,12 Oct 09,"Dana Carvey",""
22,1,22,13 Oct 09,"John C. Reilly, Ben Roethlisberger",""
23,1,23,14 Oct 09,"Mikey Day, Bill Cosby",""
24,1,24,15 Oct 09,"Matt Lauer, Jeff Dunham",""
25,1,25,16 Oct 09,"Ross Mathews, Sen. John McCain",""
26,1,26,19 Oct 09,"Rod Stewart",""
27,1,27,20 Oct 09,"Martha Stewart, Ludacris",""
28,1,28,21 Oct 09,"Rainn Wilson",""
29,1,29,22 Oct 09,"Hilary Swank, Jerry Jones",""
30,1,30,23 Oct 09,"Colin Firth",""
31,1,31,26 Oct 09,"Dr. Phil McGraw",""
32,1,32,27 Oct 09,"Ewan McGregor, Tina Fey",""
33,1,33,28 Oct 09,"Chelsea Handler, Brian Williams",""
34,1,34,29 Oct 09,"Paula Abdul",""
35,1,35,30 Oct 09,"John Cusack, Frank Caliendo",""
36,1,36,02 Nov 09,"Mariah Carey, a performance from Cirque du Soleil's",""
37,1,37,03 Nov 09,"Katie Featherston & Micah Sloat",""
38,1,38,04 Nov 09,"Jenna Bush Hager, Laura Bush",""
39,1,39,05 Nov 09,"Wanda Sykes, Rachael Ray, Dan Finnerty & the Dan Band",""
40,1,40,06 Nov 09,"Elizabeth Banks",""
41,1,41,09 Nov 09,"Kathy Griffin",""
42,1,42,10 Nov 09,"Howie Mandel",""
43,1,43,11 Nov 09,"Sandra Bullock",""
44,1,44,12 Nov 09,"Penelope Cruz, Dolly Parton",""
45,1,45,13 Nov 09,"Terrence Howard, Terry Bradshaw",""
46,1,46,16 Nov 09,"Taylor Lautner, Heather Locklear",""
47,1,47,17 Nov 09,"The Biggest Loser Rebecca Meyer, Kevin Nealon, Tyra Banks",""
48,1,48,18 Nov 09,"Larry the Cable Guy, Mikey Day",""
49,1,49,19 Nov 09,"Dakota Fanning, Kate Flannery, Jeff Dunham, Mikey Day",""
50,1,50,20 Nov 09,"Kellan Lutz, Ed Begley Jr.",""
51,1,51,23 Nov 09,"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lady Gaga",""
52,1,52,24 Nov 09,"Charles Barkley, The Biggest Loser contestant Allen Smith",""
53,1,53,25 Nov 09,"Paula Patton",""
54,1,54,26 Nov 09,"Megan Fox",""
55,1,55,30 Nov 09,"Bill Maher",""
56,1,56,02 Dec 09,"John Travolta, Kim Kardashian",""
57,1,57,03 Dec 09,"Morgan Freeman, Maxwell, Nick Thune",""
58,1,58,04 Dec 09,"Kelsey Grammer, Taylor Swift",""
59,1,59,07 Dec 09,"Susan Sarandon, Andrea Bocelli with the Muppets",""
60,1,60,08 Dec 09,"Gabourey Sidibe, Winner of The Biggest Loser Danny Cahill",""
61,1,61,09 Dec 09,"Quentin Tarantino, Drew Brees",""
62,1,62,10 Dec 09,"Matt Damon, Barry Manilow",""
63,1,63,11 Dec 09,"Gordon Ramsay",""
64,1,64,14 Dec 09,"Anna Kendrick, Tim McGraw",""
65,1,65,15 Dec 09,"Christina Applegate, Nick Lachey",""
66,1,66,16 Dec 09,"Sigourney Weaver, John Mayer",""
67,1,67,17 Dec 09,"Sam Worthington, Mary J. Blige",""
68,1,68,18 Dec 09,"Glenn Beck, Kate Gosselin",""
69,1,69,21 Dec 09,"Jeff Bridges, Adam Lambert",""
70,1,70,22 Dec 09,"Dane Cook",""
71,1,71,23 Dec 09,"Julie Scardina, African Children's Choir",""
72,1,72,04 Jan 10,"Tim Allen",""
73,1,73,05 Jan 10,"Kim Kardashian, Jillian Michaels, Guy Fieri",""
74,1,74,06 Jan 10,"Hugh Jackman, Katie Couric",""
75,1,75,07 Jan 10,"Denzel Washington",""
76,1,76,08 Jan 10,"Brian Williams",""
77,1,77,11 Jan 10,"Bill Cosby",""
78,1,78,12 Jan 10,"Sandra Bullock",""
79,1,79,13 Jan 10,"Heidi Klum",""
80,1,80,14 Jan 10,"Dwayne Johnson",""
81,1,81,15 Jan 10,"Julianne Moore",""
82,1,82,18 Jan 10,"Emily Blunt",""
83,1,83,19 Jan 10,"Chelsea Handler",""
84,1,84,20 Jan 10,"James Cameron",""
85,1,85,21 Jan 10,"Billy Crystal",""
86,1,86,25 Jan 10,"Mark Harmon",""
87,1,87,26 Jan 10,"Mel Gibson",""
88,1,88,28 Jan 10,"Bill Paxton",""
89,1,89,29 Jan 10,"Howie Mandel",""
90,1,90,01 Feb 10,"Jessica Alba",""
91,1,91,03 Feb 10,"Jessica Biel",""
92,1,92,04 Feb 10,"Wanda Sykes",""
93,1,93,05 Feb 10,"Bill Maher, Gretchen Bleiler",""
94,1,94,08 Feb 10,"Emma Roberts, Charles Barkley",""
95,1,95,09 Feb 10,"Ashton Kutcher, Bob Costas, Gabourey Sidibe",""