number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Sep 87,"The Disappearance of Thirty-Thirty",""
2,1,2,15 Sep 87,"Fallen Idol",""
3,1,3,16 Sep 87,"The Taking of Thistledown 123",""
4,1,4,17 Sep 87,"Skuzz and Fuzz",""
5,1,5,18 Sep 87,"A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge",""
6,1,6,21 Sep 87,"Rampage",""
7,1,7,22 Sep 87,"To Walk a Mile",""
8,1,8,23 Sep 87,"Big Thirty and Little Wimble",""
9,1,9,24 Sep 87,"BraveStarr and the Law",""
10,1,10,25 Sep 87,"Kerium Fever",""
11,1,11,28 Sep 87,"Memories",""
12,1,12,29 Sep 87,"Eyewitness",""
13,1,13,30 Sep 87,"The Vigilantes",""
14,1,14,01 Oct 87,"Wild Child",""
15,1,15,02 Oct 87,"Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here",""
16,1,16,05 Oct 87,"Eye of the Beholder",""
17,1,17,06 Oct 87,"The Wrong Hands",""
18,1,18,07 Oct 87,"An Older Hand",""
19,1,19,08 Oct 87,"Showdown at Sawtooth",""
20,1,20,12 Oct 87,"Unsung Hero",""
21,1,21,13 Oct 87,"Lost Mountain",""
22,1,22,15 Oct 87,"Trouble Wears a Badge",""
23,1,23,16 Oct 87,"Who Am I?",""
24,1,24,20 Oct 87,"BraveStarr and the Treaty",""
25,1,25,21 Oct 87,"Thoren the Slavemaster",""
26,1,26,22 Oct 87,"The Price",""
27,1,27,23 Oct 87,"Revolt of the Prairie People",""
28,1,28,26 Oct 87,"Hostage",""
29,1,29,27 Oct 87,"Tunnel of Terror",""
30,1,30,28 Oct 87,"The Good, the Bad, and the Clumsy",""
31,1,31,29 Oct 87,"Balance of Power",""
32,1,32,30 Oct 87,"Call to Arms",""
33,1,33,02 Nov 87,"BraveStarr and the Three Suns",""
34,1,34,03 Nov 87,"The Witnesses",""
35,1,35,04 Nov 87,"Handlebar and Rampage",""
36,1,36,05 Nov 87,"Runaway Planet",""
37,1,37,06 Nov 87,"The Bounty Hunter",""
38,1,38,09 Nov 87,"Buddy",""
39,1,39,10 Nov 87,"The Day the Town Was Taken",""
40,1,40,11 Nov 87,"BraveStarr and the Medallion",""
41,1,41,12 Nov 87,"Legend of a Pretty Lady",""
42,1,42,13 Nov 87,"Sunrise, Sunset",""
43,1,43,16 Nov 87,"Call of the Wild",""
44,1,44,17 Nov 87,"Tex But No Hex",""
45,1,45,18 Nov 87,"Space Zoo",""
46,1,46,14 Dec 87,"Tex's Terrible Night",""
47,1,47,29 Jan 88,"Running Wild",""
48,1,48,01 Feb 88,"Thirty-Thirty Goes Camping",""
49,1,49,02 Feb 88,"The Haunted Shield",""
50,1,50,03 Feb 88,"Ship of No Return",""
51,1,51,04 Feb 88,"Little Lie That Grew",""
52,1,52,05 Feb 88,"Brothers in Crime",""
53,1,53,08 Feb 88,"Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century (1)",""
54,1,54,09 Feb 88,"Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century (2)",""
55,1,55,10 Feb 88,"New Texas Blues",""
56,1,56,11 Feb 88,"Jeremiah and the Prairie People",""
57,1,57,12 Feb 88,"The Ballad of Sara Jane",""
58,1,58,15 Feb 88,"Brother's Keeper",""
59,1,59,16 Feb 88,"BraveStarr and the Empress",""
60,1,60,17 Feb 88,"Night of the Bronco-Tank",""
61,1,61,18 Feb 88,"Nomad is an Island",""
62,1,62,19 Feb 88,"The Blockade",""
63,1,63,22 Feb 88,"No Drums, No Trumpets",""
64,1,64,23 Feb 88,"Shake Hands with Long Arm John",""
65,1,65,24 Feb 88,"Strength of the Bear [aka The Power Within]",""