number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,04 Sep 20,"Late Night Ned",""
2,1,2,04 Sep 20,"Laugh Your Ned Off",""
3,1,3,04 Sep 20,"I've Got a Ned Feeling About This",""
4,1,4,04 Sep 20,"Night of the Living Ned",""
5,1,5,04 Sep 20,"A Ned's Best Friend",""
6,1,6,04 Sep 20,"@NedFromTV",""
7,1,7,04 Sep 20,"The Ned-aissance",""
8,1,8,04 Sep 20,"Nothin' but Ned",""
9,1,9,04 Sep 20,"You Better Work, Ned!",""
10,1,10,04 Sep 20,"Ned: The Musical",""
11,1,11,01 Jan 21,"Dream a little Dream of Ned",""
12,1,12,01 Jan 21,"The Neddies",""
13,1,13,01 Jan 21,"Transcendental Neditation",""
14,1,14,01 Jan 21,"Party Like It's Nineteen Ninety Ned",""
15,1,15,01 Jan 21,"Alien vs. Nedator",""
16,1,16,01 Jan 21,"Ned Over Heels",""
17,1,17,01 Jan 21,"Ned vs. Food",""
18,1,18,01 Jan 21,"CyberNedics",""
19,1,19,01 Jan 21,"Growing Up Ned",""
20,1,20,01 Jan 21,"Like Father Like Ned",""