number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Oct 12,"It Takes Two",""
2,1,2,29 Oct 12,"RuPaul's Gaff-In",""
3,1,3,05 Nov 12,"Queens Behaving Badly",""
4,1,4,12 Nov 12,"All Star Girl Groups",""
5,1,5,19 Nov 12,"Dynamic Drag Duos",""
6,1,6,26 Nov 12,"The Grand Finale",""
7,2,1,25 Aug 16,"All Star Talent Show Extravaganza",""
8,2,2,01 Sep 16,"All Stars Snatch Game",""
9,2,3,08 Sep 16,"HERstory of the World",""
10,2,4,15 Sep 16,"Drag Movie Shequels",""
11,2,5,22 Sep 16,"Revenge of the Queens",""
12,2,6,29 Sep 16,"Drag Fish Tank",""
13,2,7,06 Oct 16,"Family That Drags Together",""
14,2,8,13 Oct 16,"All Stars Supergroup",""
15,3,1,25 Jan 18,"All-Star Variety Show",""
16,3,2,01 Feb 18,"Divas Lip Sync Live",""
17,3,3,08 Feb 18,"The B*tchelor",""
18,3,4,15 Feb 18,"All Stars Snatch Game",""
19,3,5,22 Feb 18,"Pop Art Ball",""
20,3,6,01 Mar 18,"Handmaids to Kitty Girls",""
21,3,7,08 Mar 18,"My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip",""
22,3,8,15 Mar 18,"A Jury of Their Queers",""
23,4,1,14 Dec 18,"All Star Super Queen Variety Show",""
24,4,2,21 Dec 18,"Super Girl Groups, Henny",""
25,4,3,28 Dec 18,"Snatch Game Of Love",""
26,4,4,04 Jan 19,"Jersey Justice",""
27,4,5,11 Jan 19,"Roast In Peace",""
28,4,6,18 Jan 19,"LaLaPaRuZa",""
29,4,7,25 Jan 19,"Queens Of Clubs",""
30,4,8,01 Feb 19,"RuPaul's Best Judy's Race",""
31,4,9,08 Feb 19,"Sex And The Kitty, Girl 3",""
32,4,10,15 Feb 19,"Super Queen Grand Finale",""
33,5,1,05 Jun 20,"All Star Variety Extravaganza",""
34,5,2,12 Jun 20,"I'm In Love!",""
35,5,3,19 Jun 20,"Get A Room!",""
36,5,4,26 Jun 20,"SheMZ",""
37,5,5,03 Jul 20,"Snatch Game Of Love",""
38,5,6,10 Jul 20,"The Charles Family Backyard Ball",""
39,5,7,17 Jul 20,"Stand-Up Smackdown",""
40,5,8,24 Jul 20,"Clap Back!",""
41,6,1,24 Jun 21,"All Star Variety Extravaganza",""
42,6,2,24 Jun 21,"The Blue Ball",""
43,6,3,01 Jul 21,"Side Hustles",""
44,6,4,08 Jul 21,"Halftime Headliners",""
45,6,5,15 Jul 21,"Pink Table Talk",""
46,6,6,22 Jul 21,"Rumerican Horror Story: Coven Girls",""
47,6,7,29 Jul 21,"Show Up Queen",""
48,6,8,05 Aug 21,"Snatch Game of Love",""
49,6,9,12 Aug 21,"Drag Tots",""
50,6,10,19 Aug 21,"Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown",""
51,6,11,26 Aug 21,"The Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent Monologues",""
52,6,12,02 Sep 21,"This is Our Country",""
53,7,1,20 May 22,"Legends",""
54,7,2,20 May 22,"Snatch Game",""
55,7,3,27 May 22,"The Realness of Fortune Ball",""
56,7,4,03 Jun 22,"Fairytale Justice",""
57,7,5,10 Jun 22,"Dragulation Speeches",""
58,7,6,17 Jun 22,"Total Ru-quest Live",""
59,7,7,24 Jun 22,"Legendary Legend Looks",""
60,7,8,01 Jul 22,"Santa's School for Girls",""
61,7,9,08 Jul 22,"Dance Like Drag Queen",""
62,7,10,15 Jul 22,"The Kennedy Davenport Centre Honors Hall of Shade",""
63,7,11,22 Jul 22,"Drag Race Gives Back Variety Extravaganza",""
64,7,12,29 Jul 22,"Lip Sync LaLaPaRuza Smackdown",""
S02,2,0,07 Jul 16,"Meet the Queens",""
S02,2,0,27 Oct 16,"Reunion",""
S03,3,0,20 Oct 17,"Exclusive Queen Ruveal",""
S06,6,0,26 May 21,"Meet the Queens of All Stars 6!",""
S07,7,0,13 Apr 22,"Meet the Queens of All Stars 7!",""
S06,6,0,24 Jun 21,"The Queens of The Screen",""