number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Feb 14,"Gortimer vs. the Frog of Ultimate Doom (27 min)",""
2,1,2,21 Nov 14,"Gortimer vs. the Mobile of Misfortune (22 min)",""
3,1,3,21 Nov 14,"Mel vs. the Mel-o-dramatic Robot (23 min)",""
4,1,4,21 Nov 14,"Gortimer and the Mystical Mind Eraser",""
5,1,5,21 Nov 14,"Gortimer Gets Shushed",""
6,1,6,21 Nov 14,"Ranger and the Legend of Pendragon's Gavel",""
7,1,7,02 Apr 15,"Gortimer and the Leaky Dreamcatcher",""
8,1,8,02 Apr 15,"The Mystery of the Blood Moon Eclipse",""
9,1,9,02 Apr 15,"Ranger and the Mysterious Metamorphosis",""
10,1,10,02 Apr 15,"Mel vs. the Fickle Fortune Teller of Fate",""
11,1,11,02 Apr 15,"Gortimer and the Surprise Signature",""
12,1,12,02 Apr 15,"Gortimer and the Lost Treasure of Normal Street",""
13,1,13,02 Apr 15,"Gortimer and the Relentless Rainbow of Joy",""
14,2,1,30 Oct 15,"Gortimer and the Blazer of Glory",""
15,2,2,30 Oct 15,"Ranger and the Supercharged Championship",""
16,2,3,30 Oct 15,"Gortimer vs. the Terrible Touch-Up",""
17,2,4,30 Oct 15,"Ranger and the Very Real Imaginary Friend",""
18,2,5,30 Oct 15,"Gortimer and the Vengeful Violinist",""
19,2,6,30 Oct 15,"Mel vs. the Hidden Herstory of Normal Street",""
20,2,7,30 Oct 15,"Gortimer vs. the Friendship Bro-celet",""
21,2,8,30 Oct 15,"Mel and the Mel-Functioning Brain",""
22,2,9,30 Oct 15,"Stanley and the Tattoo of Tall Tales",""
23,2,10,30 Oct 15,"Gortimer vs. Gortimer vs. Gortimer",""
24,2,11,30 Oct 15,"Ranger and the Fabled Flower of Normal Street",""
25,2,12,30 Oct 15,"Mel vs. the Future",""
26,2,13,30 Oct 15,"Gortimer, Ranger and Mel vs. the Endless Night",""
27,2,14,05 Jul 16,"Gortimer and the Jacks of All Trades",""
28,2,15,14 Jul 16,"Ranger vs. the Laser Frog of Fate",""
29,2,16,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer, Mel, Ranger, Catherine and the Student Identity Crisis",""
30,2,17,14 Jul 16,"Mel vs. the Night Mare of Normal Street",""
31,2,18,14 Jul 16,"The Mystery of the Marlow Mansion",""
32,2,19,14 Jul 16,"Ranger and the Weight of the World",""
33,2,20,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer vs. the World's Best Mom",""
34,2,21,14 Jul 16,"Mel vs. the Missing Day",""
35,2,22,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer vs. White Hat",""
36,2,23,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer and the Lost Legends of Normal Street",""
37,2,24,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer and the Abnormal Formal",""
38,2,25,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer and the Fault in Our Street",""
39,2,26,14 Jul 16,"Gortimer vs. the End",""