number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,23 Sep 87,"Hooperman (Pilot)",""
2,1,2,30 Sep 87,"The Answer My Friend, Is Passing in the Wind",""
3,1,3,07 Oct 87,"Don We Now Our Gay Apparel",""
4,1,4,14 Oct 87,"Aria Da Capo",""
5,1,5,28 Oct 87,"John Doe, We Hardly Knew Ye",""
6,1,6,11 Nov 87,"The Shooting",""
7,1,7,18 Nov 87,"Hot Wired",""
8,1,8,25 Nov 87,"Baby Talk",""
9,1,9,02 Dec 87,"Blues for Danny Welles",""
10,1,10,09 Dec 87,"I, Witness",""
11,1,11,23 Dec 87,"Deck the Cell With Bars of Folly",""
12,1,12,06 Jan 88,"The Naked and the Dead",""
13,1,13,13 Jan 88,"The Snitch",""
14,1,14,20 Jan 88,"Chariots of Fire",""
15,1,15,03 Feb 88,"High Noon",""
16,1,16,10 Feb 88,"Blaste From the Past",""
17,1,17,09 Mar 88,"Tomato Can",""
18,1,18,16 Mar 88,"Me and Mr. Magoo",""
19,1,19,06 Apr 88,"Baby On Board",""
20,1,20,13 Apr 88,"Trudy and Clyde",""
21,1,21,04 May 88,"Nick Derringer, P.I.",""
22,1,22,18 May 88,"Surprise Party",""
23,2,1,30 Nov 88,"Requiem for an S.O.B.",""
24,2,2,07 Dec 88,"We'll Always Have Paris",""
25,2,3,14 Dec 88,"Who Do You Truss?",""
26,2,4,21 Dec 88,"In Search of Bijoux",""
27,2,5,11 Jan 89,"Look Homeward, Dirtbag",""
28,2,6,18 Jan 89,"Nightmare in Apartment One",""
29,2,7,25 Jan 89,"Hooperman Goes to Hell in a Handcart",""
30,2,8,01 Feb 89,"Rashomanny",""
31,2,9,08 Feb 89,"In the Still of My Pants",""
32,2,10,15 Feb 89,"The Dating Game",""
33,2,11,22 Feb 89,"Intolerance",""
34,2,12,01 Mar 89,"The Nun and I",""
35,2,13,15 Mar 89,"The Sure Thing",""
36,2,14,22 Mar 89,"The Long So Long",""
37,2,15,14 Jun 89,"Stakeout",""
38,2,16,21 Jun 89,"Dog Day Afternoon, Morning and Night",""
39,2,17,28 Jun 89,"Love Bytes",""
40,2,18,05 Jul 89,"Take My Building, Please",""
41,2,19,12 Jul 89,"Some of That Jazz",""
42,2,20,26 Jul 89,"Goodnight, Sweet Hooperman",""