number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Oct 05,"The Graduate",""
2,1,2,20 Oct 05,"The Birds and the Bees",""
3,1,3,27 Oct 05,"Chicks Fly the Coop",""
4,1,4,03 Nov 05,"Go for the Gold",""
5,1,5,10 Nov 05,"Justine Diets and Angela Interns",""
6,1,6,17 Nov 05,"Run's Family Vacation",""
7,2,1,15 Jun 06,"Baby Fever",""
8,2,2,22 Jun 06,"A Healthy Heart",""
9,2,3,29 Jun 06,"All Work & No Peace",""
10,2,4,06 Jul 06,"Rev's Fix It List",""
11,2,5,13 Jul 06,"Maximum Growth",""
12,2,6,20 Jul 06,"Vegas Vacation",""
13,2,7,27 Jul 06,"Rev Mom",""
14,2,8,03 Aug 06,"Downward Facing Dawg",""
15,2,9,10 Aug 06,"Anger Management",""
16,2,10,17 Aug 06,"Baby Booming",""
17,3,1,09 Apr 07,"Give Me Strength",""
18,3,2,16 Apr 07,"Hangin' with Run",""
19,3,3,23 Apr 07,"Weight a Minute",""
20,3,4,30 Apr 07,"Sneaker Pimps and Mini Moguls",""
21,3,5,07 May 07,"To Catch a Thief",""
22,3,6,14 May 07,"Home Alone",""
23,3,7,21 May 07,"Rev's Birthday Suit",""
24,3,8,28 May 07,"Family Albums",""
25,3,9,28 May 07,"Times Are Changin'",""
26,4,1,25 Oct 07,"JoJo's Graduation",""
27,4,2,01 Nov 07,"Growing Up is Hard to Do",""
28,4,3,01 Nov 07,"Run's Manner House",""
29,4,4,08 Nov 07,"When Diggy Met Britney",""
30,4,5,08 Nov 07,"Rappers' Retreat",""
31,4,6,15 Nov 07,"Camp Rev",""
32,4,7,15 Nov 07,"Who's Your Daddy?",""
33,4,8,29 Nov 07,"Rock in Run's House",""
34,4,9,06 Dec 07,"Baby Steps",""
35,4,10,13 Dec 07,"Mixed and Mastered",""
36,4,11,20 Dec 07,"Too Cool for Old School",""
37,4,12,03 Jan 08,"When the Cat's Away",""
38,4,13,10 Jan 08,"Slapped Silly",""
39,4,14,10 Jan 08,"Run's Baby Girl",""
40,4,15,17 Jan 08,"Baby Comes Home",""
41,5,1,16 Jul 08,"Mind on the Road",""
42,5,2,16 Jul 08,"Boneless Chicken Dinner",""
43,5,3,23 Jul 08,"Pass the Frame",""
44,5,4,30 Jul 08,"Outside the Box",""
45,5,5,06 Aug 08,"Age Against the Machine",""
46,5,6,13 Aug 08,"Outside the Box",""
47,5,7,20 Aug 08,"Mole Beauty, Mole Problems",""
48,5,8,27 Aug 08,"Operation Album Drop",""
49,5,9,03 Sep 08,"That Guy",""
50,5,10,03 Sep 08,"Say Hello to My Little Friend",""
51,6,1,15 Jun 09,"Hawaiian Vacation",""
52,6,2,22 Jun 09,"Run's Big House",""
53,6,3,22 Jun 09,"The Secret of My Excess",""
54,6,4,29 Jun 09,"Blog Wild",""
55,6,5,29 Jun 09,"Tapper's Delight",""
56,6,6,06 Jul 09,"An Office He Can't Refuse",""
57,6,7,06 Jul 09,"Mother Smother",""
58,6,8,13 Jul 09,"The Puppy Whipserer",""
59,6,9,13 Jul 09,"Hall of Fame",""
60,6,10,15 Nov 09,"Who's Your Daddy?",""