number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,30 Sep 21,"Bassoon Incident",""
2,1,2,30 Sep 21,"The Ice Cream Money",""
3,1,3,30 Sep 21,"Spelling Bee Is Rigged",""
4,1,4,30 Sep 21,"The Dakota's Dad",""
5,1,5,30 Sep 21,"Trust Me, I'm A Nurse",""
6,1,6,30 Sep 21,"A Yearbook To Disremember",""
7,1,7,30 Sep 21,"Tomz Lemonade",""
8,1,8,30 Sep 21,"A Tale of Two Lunch Ladies",""
9,1,9,30 Sep 21,"Tom Urinates On Boston",""
10,1,10,30 Sep 21,"First Responder",""
11,1,11,30 Sep 21,"Principal Is Banging My Mom",""
12,1,12,30 Sep 21,"The Elderly Gerbil",""
13,1,13,30 Sep 21,"Skipping School",""
14,1,14,30 Sep 21,"Cooking The Books",""
15,1,15,30 Sep 21,"A Daffodil For Terence",""
16,1,16,30 Sep 21,"Roastmaster Tom",""
17,1,17,30 Sep 21,"Art Class",""
18,1,18,30 Sep 21,"Landscaper On The Couch",""
19,1,19,30 Sep 21,"Problem Moms",""
20,1,20,30 Sep 21,"Nurse's Wedding",""