number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Sep 96,"Marooned on Mongo!",""
2,1,2,28 Sep 96,"Jaws of the Jungle!",""
3,1,3,05 Oct 96,"The Caves of Doom!",""
4,1,4,12 Oct 96,"Vandals from the Void!",""
5,1,5,19 Oct 96,"Fangs of Fury!",""
6,1,6,26 Oct 96,"Terror Beneath the Waves!",""
7,1,7,02 Nov 96,"Wings of Destruction!",""
8,1,8,09 Nov 96,"The Invisible Claw!",""
9,1,9,16 Nov 96,"The Pit of the Tigrons!",""
10,1,10,23 Nov 96,"Cry of the Pantheron!",""
11,1,11,30 Nov 96,"The Dragon Strikes!",""
12,1,12,07 Dec 96,"The Wrath of Ming!",""
13,1,13,14 Dec 96,"Rocket to Oblivion!",""
14,1,14,21 Dec 96,"Ambush in Arboria!",""
15,1,15,28 Dec 96,"Moon of Mystery!",""
16,1,16,04 Jan 97,"Revenge of the Dragon!",""
17,1,17,11 Jan 97,"The Fiendish Experiment!",""
18,1,18,18 Jan 97,"The Dungeons of Despair!",""
19,1,19,25 Jan 97,"Treasure of the Depths!",""
20,1,20,01 Feb 97,"The Fortress of Fear!",""
21,1,21,08 Feb 97,"Palace of Peril!",""
22,1,22,15 Feb 97,"Shadow of the Shark!",""
23,1,23,22 Feb 97,"Double Disaster!",""
24,1,24,01 Mar 97,"The Fur Flies!",""
25,1,25,08 Mar 97,"Enemy Ming!",""
26,1,26,15 Mar 97,"Escape to Earth!",""