number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Mar 21,"Chapter One: What the Thunder Said",""
2,1,2,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Two: Princess of Nothing",""
3,1,3,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Three: Neverwhere Land",""
4,1,4,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Four: The Monster at the End of This Book",""
5,1,5,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Five: The Fire Sermon",""
6,1,6,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Six: Knight, Death and the Devil",""
7,1,7,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Seven: Speak the Words",""
8,1,8,25 Mar 21,"Chapter Eight: A Game of Chess",""
9,2,1,18 Jan 22,"Chapter One: Nothing with Nothing",""
10,2,2,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Two: My Sword, My Life",""
11,2,3,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Three: The Lady of Situations",""
12,2,4,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Four: Desolate and Empty the Sea",""
13,2,5,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Five: The Burial of the Dead",""
14,2,6,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Six: The Hyacinth Girl",""
15,2,7,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Seven: The Violet Hour",""
16,2,8,18 Jan 22,"Chapter Eight: Unreal City",""