number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Jun 13,"Wolfman of Wolfe County",""
2,1,2,29 Jun 13,"Grassman of Perry County",""
3,1,3,06 Jul 13,"Devil Dog of Logan County",""
4,1,4,13 Jul 13,"Wampus Beast of Pleasants County",""
5,1,5,20 Jul 13,"Mothman of Mason County",""
6,1,6,27 Jul 13,"Lizard Demon of Wood County",""
7,2,1,04 Apr 14,"Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County",""
8,2,2,11 Apr 14,"Grafton Monster of Taylor County",""
9,2,3,18 Apr 14,"Yahoo of Nicholas County",""
10,2,4,25 Apr 14,"Werewolf of Webster County",""
11,2,5,02 May 14,"Fire Dragon of Pocahontas County",""
12,2,6,09 May 14,"Sheepsquatch of Boone County",""
13,2,7,21 May 14,"Shadow Creature of Braxton County",""
14,2,8,30 May 14,"Wild Bill's Bear Beast",""
15,2,9,06 Jun 14,"Death Cat of Cherokee County",""
16,2,10,20 Jun 14,"Snallygaster of Preston County",""
17,2,11,27 Jun 14,"Cave Creature of Greenbrier County",""
18,2,12,11 Jul 14,"Hogzilla of Hocking Hills",""
19,2,13,18 Jul 14,"Bloodless Howler of Harrison County",""
20,2,14,25 Jul 14,"Grassman's "Revengeance"",""
21,3,1,07 Mar 15,"Bigfoot of Central Kentucky",""
22,3,2,14 Mar 15,"Bigfoot of Putnam County",""
23,3,3,21 Mar 15,"Bigfoot of Eastern Kentucky",""
24,3,4,28 Mar 15,"Bigfoot of Lincoln County",""
25,3,5,04 Apr 15,"Bigfoot of Clay County",""
26,3,6,11 Apr 15,"Bigfoot of Washington County",""
27,3,7,18 Apr 15,"Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Under Attack",""
28,3,8,25 Apr 15,"Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts",""
29,4,1,23 Jan 16,"Bigfoot of Harrison County: Stonish Giant",""
30,4,2,30 Jan 16,"Bigfoot of Central Kentucky: Squalling Savage",""
31,4,3,06 Feb 16,"Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man",""
32,4,4,13 Feb 16,"Bigfoot of Blair County: Thunder Brothers",""
33,4,5,20 Feb 16,"Scariest Moments",""
34,4,6,27 Feb 16,"Bigfoot of Pendleton County: Great Fire Ape",""
35,4,7,05 Mar 16,"Bigfoot of Wirt County: The Ash Man",""
36,4,8,12 Mar 16,"Bifgoot of Lee County: Raven Mocker",""
37,4,9,26 Mar 16,"Raven Mocker: Back to Trapper",""
38,4,10,02 Apr 16,"Bigfoot of Wood County: The Phantom of the Forest",""
39,4,11,09 Apr 16,"Return of the Rogue Team",""
40,4,12,16 Apr 16,"AIMS vs the Rogue Team",""
41,5,1,08 Apr 17,"The Rogue Team Rises, Part 1",""
42,5,2,15 Apr 17,"The Rogue Team Rises, Part 2",""
43,5,3,22 Apr 17,"Enter the Dark Forest",""
44,5,4,29 Apr 17,"The Black Wolf",""
45,5,5,06 May 17,"Superfan Edition",""
46,5,6,13 May 17,"Huckleberry's Predator",""
47,5,7,20 May 17,"The Three Rings of the North",""
48,5,8,27 May 17,"The Secret of the Little Girl",""
49,5,9,03 Jun 17,"The Blood Skull and Woman of the Woods",""
50,6,1,21 Aug 19,"The Dark Forest Revealed",""
51,6,2,28 Aug 19,"The Waya Woman of Jackson County",""
52,6,3,04 Sep 19,"The Secret of the Blue House",""
53,6,4,11 Sep 19,"The Silver Giant of Boone County",""
54,6,5,18 Sep 19,"The Cherokee Death Cat",""
55,6,6,25 Sep 19,"The Mystery of the Death Cat Barn",""
56,6,7,30 Oct 19,"The Coyote King",""
57,6,8,06 Nov 19,"The Return of Trapper",""
58,6,9,13 Nov 19,"The Secret of the Red Shed",""
59,6,10,20 Nov 19,"The Twisted Torch",""
60,7,1,10 Jan 21,"The Wolves of West Virginia",""
61,7,2,17 Jan 21,"K-9 Tracks by the Grave",""
62,7,3,24 Jan 21,"The Red-Eyed Beast",""
63,7,4,31 Jan 21,"The Great Skull Wall",""
64,7,5,14 Feb 21,"What's a Smoke Wolf?",""
65,7,6,21 Feb 21,"The Coyote Killing Massacre",""
66,7,7,28 Feb 21,"Day of Wrath",""
67,7,8,07 Mar 21,"The Den of the Smoke Wolves",""
68,8,1,02 Jan 22,"Bigfoot or Bust",""
69,8,2,09 Jan 22,"Cow-Killing Bastard",""
70,8,3,16 Jan 22,"Bloodbath in the Woods",""
71,8,4,23 Jan 22,"Huckleberry's Monster",""
72,8,5,30 Jan 22,"Trapper's Birthday",""
73,8,6,06 Feb 22,"World's Biggest Bigfoot Nest",""
74,8,7,20 Feb 22,"A Monster Turf War",""
75,8,8,27 Feb 22,"Rumble in the Hills",""
76,8,9,06 Mar 22,"1984",""
77,8,10,13 Mar 22,"Bigfoot on Camera",""
S03,3,0,19 Mar 16,"Best of Bigfoot",""
S07,7,0,03 Jan 21,"A Tribute to Trapper",""