number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,24 Sep 97,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,01 Sep 97,"And the In-Laws Meet",""
3,1,3,08 Oct 97,"Shower the People You Love with Love",""
4,1,4,15 Oct 97,"And Then There's the Wedding",""
5,1,5,22 Oct 97,"The Ex-Files",""
6,1,6,29 Oct 97,"Yoga and Boo, Boo",""
7,1,7,05 Nov 97,"Indian Summer",""
8,1,8,12 Nov 97,"Mr. Montgomery Goes to Washington",""
9,1,9,19 Nov 97,"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father",""
10,1,10,26 Nov 97,"The First Thanksgiving",""
11,1,11,10 Dec 97,"Instant Dharma",""
12,1,12,17 Dec 97,"Haus Arrest",""
13,1,13,07 Jan 98,"Do You Want Fries with That?",""
14,1,14,21 Jan 98,"Old Yeller",""
15,1,15,04 Feb 98,"The Second Coming of Leonard",""
16,1,16,11 Feb 98,"Dharma and Greg's First Romantic Valentine's Day Weekend",""
17,1,17,25 Feb 98,"The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics",""
18,1,18,04 Mar 98,"Daughter of the Bride of Finkelstein",""
19,1,19,11 Mar 98,"Dharma's Tangled Web",""
20,1,20,01 Apr 98,"The Cat's Out of the Bag",""
21,1,21,28 Apr 98,"Spring Forward, Fall Down",""
22,1,22,13 May 98,"Much Ado During Nothing",""
23,1,23,20 May 98,"Invasion of the Buddy Snatcher",""
24,2,1,23 Sep 98,"Ringing Up Baby",""
25,2,2,30 Sep 98,"It Takes a Village",""
26,2,3,07 Oct 98,"Turn Turn Turn",""
27,2,4,14 Oct 98,"The Paper Hat Anniversary",""
28,2,5,21 Oct 98,"Unarmed and Dangerous",""
29,2,6,28 Oct 98,"A Closet Full of Hell",""
30,2,7,04 Nov 98,"Valet Girl",""
31,2,8,11 Nov 98,"Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date",""
32,2,9,18 Nov 98,"Brought to You in DharmaVision",""
33,2,10,25 Nov 98,"Yes, We Have No Bananas (or Anything Else for That Matter)",""
34,2,11,09 Dec 98,"The House That Dharma Built",""
35,2,12,16 Dec 98,"Are You Ready for Some Football?",""
36,2,13,06 Jan 99,"Death and Violins",""
37,2,14,20 Jan 99,"Dharma and Greg on a Hot Tin Roof",""
38,2,15,03 Feb 99,"Dharma and the Horse She Rode in On",""
39,2,16,10 Feb 99,"See Dharma Run",""
40,2,17,17 Feb 99,"Run, Dharma, Run",""
41,2,18,24 Feb 99,"See Dharma Run Amok",""
42,2,19,03 Mar 99,"Everybody Must Get Stones",""
43,2,20,31 Mar 99,"Dharma Drags Edward Out of Retirement",""
44,2,21,05 May 99,"It Never Happened One Night",""
45,2,22,12 May 99,"Bed, Bath and Beyond",""
46,2,23,19 May 99,"A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?",""
47,2,24,26 May 99,"The Dating Game",""
48,3,1,21 Sep 99,"One Flew Over the Lawyer's Desk",""
49,3,2,28 Sep 99,"Welcome to Hotel Calamari",""
50,3,3,05 Oct 99,"Dharma's Inferno",""
51,3,4,12 Oct 99,"Play Lady Play",""
52,3,5,19 Oct 99,"I Did It for You, Kitty",""
53,3,6,26 Oct 99,"The Very Grateful Dead",""
54,3,7,02 Nov 99,"Fairway to Heaven",""
55,3,8,09 Nov 99,"Tie-Dying the Knot",""
56,3,9,16 Nov 99,"Law and Disorder",""
57,3,10,23 Nov 99,"Thanksgiving Until It Hurts",""
58,3,11,30 Nov 99,"Lawyers, Beer and Money",""
59,3,12,14 Dec 99,"Looking for the Goodbars",""
60,3,13,11 Jan 00,"Drop Dead Gorgeous",""
61,3,14,25 Jan 00,"Good Cop, Bad Daughter",""
62,3,15,08 Feb 00,"The Trouble with Troubadour",""
63,3,16,15 Feb 00,"Weekend at Larry's",""
64,3,17,22 Feb 00,"The Spy Who Said He Loved Me",""
65,3,18,29 Feb 00,"A Night to Remember",""
66,3,19,14 Mar 00,"The Best Laid Plans",""
67,3,20,28 Mar 00,"Talkin' About My Regeneration",""
68,3,21,11 Apr 00,"Big Daddy",""
69,3,22,02 May 00,"Your Place or Mine",""
70,3,23,09 May 00,"Hell to the Chief",""
71,3,24,16 May 00,"Be My Baby",""
72,4,1,10 Oct 00,"Mother and Daughter Reunion",""
73,4,2,24 Oct 00,"Love, Honor & Olé!",""
74,4,3,31 Oct 00,"Playing the Field",""
75,4,4,14 Nov 00,"Hell No, Greg Can't Go",""
76,4,5,21 Nov 00,"Midwife Crisis",""
77,4,6,28 Nov 00,"Sleepless in San Francisco",""
78,4,7,05 Dec 00,"Mad Secretaries and Englishmen",""
79,4,8,12 Dec 00,"Charma Loves Greb",""
80,4,9,19 Dec 00,"Boxing Dharma",""
81,4,10,09 Jan 01,"Dutch Treat",""
82,4,11,16 Jan 01,"The Box",""
83,4,12,30 Jan 01,"Let's Get Fiscal",""
84,4,13,06 Feb 01,"Educating Dharma (1)",""
85,4,14,13 Feb 01,"Educating Dharma (2)",""
86,4,15,20 Feb 01,"Dharma Does Dallas",""
87,4,16,13 Mar 01,"Judy & Greg",""
88,4,17,27 Mar 01,"Do the Hustle",""
89,4,18,03 Apr 01,"For Pete's Sake",""
90,4,19,10 Apr 01,"Kitty Dearest",""
91,4,20,24 Apr 01,"The Story of K",""
92,4,21,01 May 01,"Pride and Prejudice",""
93,4,22,08 May 01,"How This Happened",""
94,4,23,15 May 01,"The End of the Innocence (1)",""
95,4,24,22 May 01,"The End of the Innocence (2)",""
96,5,1,25 Sep 01,"Intensive Caring",""
97,5,2,25 Sep 01,"With a Little Help from My Friend",""
98,5,3,02 Oct 01,"Papa Was Almost a Rolling Stone",""
99,5,4,09 Oct 01,"Sexual Healing",""
100,5,5,16 Oct 01,"Without Reservations",""
101,5,6,23 Oct 01,"Try to Remember This Kind of September",""
102,5,7,30 Oct 01,"Used Karma",""
103,5,8,13 Nov 01,"Home Is Where the Art Is",""
104,5,9,20 Nov 01,"Wish We Weren't Here",""
105,5,10,27 Nov 01,"Dream A Little Dream of Her",""
106,5,11,04 Dec 01,"A Fish Tale",""
107,5,12,11 Dec 01,"Previously on "Dharma & Greg"",""
108,5,13,08 Jan 02,"Protecting the Ego-System",""
109,5,14,05 Mar 02,"Near-Death of a Salesman",""
110,5,15,12 Mar 02,"It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife",""
111,5,16,19 Mar 02,"I Think, Therefore I Am in Trouble",""
112,5,17,26 Mar 02,"She's with the Band",""
113,5,18,02 Apr 02,"Mission: Implausible",""
114,5,19,02 Apr 02,"This Diamond Ring",""
115,5,20,09 Apr 02,"The Tooth Is Out There",""
116,5,21,16 Apr 02,"The Parent Trap",""
117,5,22,23 Apr 02,"Tuesday's Child",""
118,5,23,30 Apr 02,"The Mamas and the Papas (a.k.a. Finale) (1)",""
119,5,24,30 Apr 02,"The Mamas and the Papas (a.k.a. Finale) (2)",""