number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Nov 21,"Girlfriend Demands Payback",""
2,1,2,01 Nov 21,"Road Rage Heart Attack",""
3,1,3,01 Nov 21,"Fighting while Driving",""
4,1,4,01 Nov 21,"Sister Feud/Driver in Disguise",""
5,1,5,02 Nov 21,"Backyard Fist Fight",""
6,1,6,03 Nov 21,"Co-Signing Exes; Suspected Check Fraud",""
7,1,7,04 Nov 21,"Star Athlete's Tragic Accident",""
8,1,8,05 Nov 21,"Child's Stimulus Check Tug-of-War; Cleaning-Business Payback",""
9,1,9,05 Nov 21,"Tween Braces",""
10,1,10,08 Nov 21,"Flipping and Fighting; Amusement Park Drama",""
11,1,11,09 Nov 21,"Tween's Controversial Phone Use",""
12,1,12,10 Nov 21,"Newlywed's Make-Up Artist",""
13,1,13,11 Nov 21,"Father and Son Payback",""
14,1,14,12 Nov 21,"Teen Beach House Birthday Fail",""
15,1,15,12 Nov 21,"Mother/Daughter Cosmetic Surgery",""
16,1,16,15 Nov 21,"Gold Pocket-Watch Mystery",""
17,1,17,16 Nov 21,"Mother Caught in the Middle",""
18,1,18,17 Nov 21,"Co-Parenting Nightmare",""
19,1,19,18 Nov 21,"Ex-Lover Payback",""
20,1,20,19 Nov 21,"Neighbor Nightmare (Part 1)",""
21,1,21,19 Nov 21,"Neighbor Nightmare (Part 2)",""
22,1,22,22 Nov 21,"COVID and College Coeds/Car Vandalism and Jealousy",""
23,1,23,23 Nov 21,"Wrought-Iron Rage",""
24,1,24,24 Nov 21,"Pit Bull Attack",""
25,1,25,25 Nov 21,"Family In Crisis (Part 1)",""
26,1,26,26 Nov 21,"Family In Crisis (Part 2)",""
27,1,27,26 Nov 21,"Car Title Takeover/Vegas Drinking Binge",""
28,1,28,29 Nov 21,"Assault with a Deadly Hedge Clipper?",""
29,1,29,30 Nov 21,"Missing Trailer Mystery",""
30,1,30,01 Dec 21,"Trail Ride Disaster",""
31,1,31,02 Dec 21,"COVID Wedding Upset",""
32,1,32,03 Dec 21,"Storage Container Wars",""
33,1,33,03 Dec 21,"Dog Breeding Side Hustle",""
34,1,34,06 Dec 21,"Spiritual Health Coach Dispute/20K Business Loan Debate",""
35,1,35,07 Dec 21,"Birthday Influencer or Personal Loan/Deer in the Headlights",""
36,1,36,08 Dec 21,"Unfit Wedding Ring",""
37,1,37,09 Dec 21,"Family, Furniture and the Fallout",""
38,1,38,10 Dec 21,"Single Mother Struggle",""
39,1,39,10 Dec 21,"Caregiver Boyfriend/Shih Tzu Custody Battle",""
40,1,40,13 Dec 21,"Body Reshaping Gone Bad",""
41,1,41,14 Dec 21,"Attorney/Mechanic Face-Off",""
42,1,42,15 Dec 21,"Hollywood Collectibles Controversy",""
43,1,43,16 Dec 21,"COVID Infection Controversy/Music Video Fail",""
44,1,44,17 Dec 21,"Horse Care Barter Battle",""
45,1,45,17 Dec 21,"Teen Drives Truck Into Tree; Hair Extension/Defamation Fight",""
46,1,46,24 Jan 22,"Bride's Cable Car Calamity; Apartment Up in Flames",""
47,1,47,24 Jan 22,"Good Samaritan Teen Rip-Off",""
48,1,48,24 Jan 22,"Beauty Salon Brawl",""
49,1,49,24 Jan 22,"Unwanted Dog Pregnancy; Divorced Parents' Dispute",""
50,1,50,25 Jan 22,"Lipo-Surgery Sister Care",""
51,1,51,26 Jan 22,"Fine Lines and Fire Arms",""
52,1,52,27 Jan 22,"Error Code Car Alert; Feuding Cousins",""
53,1,53,28 Jan 22,"Teen Drivers and Collisions and Guns...Oh My!",""
54,1,54,28 Jan 22,"When Roosters Attack",""
55,1,55,31 Jan 22,"For Love or Money",""
56,1,56,31 Jan 22,"Hijacked Packages; Fighting and Forgiving",""
57,1,57,01 Feb 22,"Drinking Problem",""
58,1,58,02 Feb 22,"Playing-Card Club Controversy",""
59,1,59,03 Feb 22,"Neighborhood Dog Attack; Cancun Vacation Drama",""
60,1,60,04 Feb 22,"Hookah Headache",""
61,1,61,07 Feb 22,"Fight Night and Sideswipes",""
62,1,62,07 Feb 22,"Remodeling & Eviction Nightmare",""
63,1,63,08 Feb 22,"Car-Slam Into Cyclist",""
64,1,64,09 Feb 22,"Wedding Planner Drama",""
65,1,65,10 Feb 22,"Retaliatory Vandalism Part 1",""
66,1,66,11 Feb 22,"Retaliatory Vandalism Part 2",""
67,1,67,14 Feb 22,"Daycare Dilemma",""
68,1,68,14 Feb 22,"Bed Breakup; Music Video Dispute",""
69,1,69,15 Feb 22,"Teens Accused of Collision",""
70,1,70,16 Feb 22,"Death of a Puppy",""
71,1,71,17 Feb 22,"Motorcycle Mishap; Fire Lane Fiasco",""
72,1,72,18 Feb 22,"Bourbon Street Break-Up",""
73,1,73,21 Feb 22,"Magnet Madness; Wellness Center Controversy",""
74,1,74,21 Feb 22,"Friends With Benefits Fail (Part 1)",""
75,1,75,22 Feb 22,"Friends With Benefits Fail (Part 2)",""
76,1,76,23 Feb 22,"Sick Kitties",""
77,1,77,24 Feb 22,"Recreational Disaster; Coin Collection Collateral",""
78,1,78,25 Feb 22,"Nasty Breakup; Flipping Twins",""
79,1,79,28 Feb 22,"Sisters Roommate Nightmare",""
80,1,80,28 Feb 22,"Chihuahua vs. Pit Bull",""
81,1,81,01 Mar 22,"The Missing Engagement Ring; Car Accident Payback",""
82,1,82,02 Mar 22,"Dog Show Drama",""
83,1,83,03 Mar 22,"California Wildfire Payout; Quinceanera and COVID",""
84,1,84,04 Mar 22,"Motor Bike Blues",""
85,1,85,07 Mar 22,"Ghosted Tickets; Staged Furniture Fail",""
86,1,86,07 Mar 22,"Dog Breeding Battle",""
87,1,87,08 Mar 22,"Buyer Beware",""
88,1,88,09 Mar 22,"Ski Snafu",""
89,1,89,10 Mar 22,"Doggy Door War; Charity Motorcycle Riders",""
90,1,90,11 Mar 22,"Relationship Vacation Fail",""
91,1,91,14 Mar 22,"Bitter Break-Up; Dissatisfied Tenants",""
92,1,92,14 Mar 22,"Pit Bull on the Prowl",""
93,1,93,15 Mar 22,"Car Repo Breakdown",""
94,1,94,16 Mar 22,"Credit Score Kill",""
95,1,95,17 Mar 22,"Pet Adoption Fail; Texas Natural Disaster Repair",""
96,1,96,18 Mar 22,"Unwed Parents Feud",""
97,1,97,21 Mar 22,"School District Desireability",""
98,1,98,21 Mar 22,"Pit Bull Puppy Attack",""
99,1,99,22 Mar 22,"My Ex... Con Owes Me",""
100,1,100,23 Mar 22,"Life in a Condemned Warehouse",""
101,1,101,24 Mar 22,"Case of the Missing Yorkie; Boyfriend or Deposit",""
102,1,102,25 Mar 22,"Vandalism Therapy",""
103,1,103,28 Mar 22,"Fool the Judge Once...",""
104,1,104,28 Mar 22,"Dog Breeding Battle; Deceased Father's Estate Debate",""
105,1,105,29 Mar 22,"35K Labor Dispute",""
106,1,106,30 Mar 22,"Minnesota Car Misha; Flipping Cars and Vandalism Mar 30, 2022",""
107,1,107,31 Mar 22,"Rescue Dog Drama",""
108,1,108,01 Apr 22,"Dating With Children",""