number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,16 Sep 67,"The Name is Mannix",""
2,1,2,23 Sep 67,"Skid Marks on a Dry Run",""
3,1,3,30 Sep 67,"Nothing Ever Works Twice",""
4,1,4,07 Oct 67,"The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher",""
5,1,5,14 Oct 67,"Make It Like It Never Happened",""
6,1,6,21 Oct 67,"The Cost of a Vacation",""
7,1,7,28 Oct 67,"Warning: Live Blueberries",""
8,1,8,04 Nov 67,"Beyond the Shadow of a Dream",""
9,1,9,18 Nov 67,"Huntdown",""
10,1,10,25 Nov 67,"Coffin for a Clown",""
11,1,11,02 Dec 67,"A Catalogue of Sins",""
12,1,12,09 Dec 67,"Turn Every Stone",""
13,1,13,16 Dec 67,"Run, Sheep, Run",""
14,1,14,30 Dec 67,"Then the Drink Takes the Man",""
15,1,15,06 Jan 68,"Falling Star",""
16,1,16,13 Jan 68,"License to Kill---Limit Three People",""
17,1,17,20 Jan 68,"Deadfall (1)",""
18,1,18,27 Jan 68,"Deadfall (2)",""
19,1,19,03 Feb 68,"You Can Get Killed Out There",""
20,1,20,10 Feb 68,"Another Final Exit",""
21,1,21,17 Feb 68,"Eight to Five, Its a Miracle",""
22,1,22,02 Mar 68,"Delayed Action",""
23,1,23,09 Mar 68,"To Kill a Writer",""
24,1,24,16 Mar 68,"The Girl in the Frame",""
25,2,1,28 Sep 68,"The Silent Cry",""
26,2,2,05 Oct 68,"Comes Up Rose",""
27,2,3,12 Oct 68,"Pressure Point",""
28,2,4,19 Oct 68,"To the Swiftest, Death",""
29,2,5,26 Oct 68,"The End of the Rainbow",""
30,2,6,02 Nov 68,"A Copy of Murder",""
31,2,7,09 Nov 68,"Edge of the Knife",""
32,2,8,16 Nov 68,"Who Will Dig the Graves?",""
33,2,9,23 Nov 68,"The Need of a Friend",""
34,2,10,07 Dec 68,"Night Out of Time",""
35,2,11,14 Dec 68,"A View of Nowhere",""
36,2,12,21 Dec 68,"Fear I to Fall",""
37,2,13,04 Jan 69,"Deathrun",""
38,2,14,11 Jan 69,"A Pittance of Faith",""
39,2,15,18 Jan 69,"Only Giants Can Play",""
40,2,16,25 Jan 69,"Shadow of a Man",""
41,2,17,01 Feb 69,"The Girl Who Came in with the Tide",""
42,2,18,08 Feb 69,"Death in a Minor Key",""
43,2,19,15 Feb 69,"End Game",""
44,2,20,22 Feb 69,"All Around the Money Tree",""
45,2,21,01 Mar 69,"The Odds Against Donald Jordan",""
46,2,22,08 Mar 69,"Last Rites for Miss Emma",""
47,2,23,22 Mar 69,"The Solid Gold Web",""
48,2,24,05 Apr 69,"Merry Go Round for Murder",""
49,2,25,12 Apr 69,"To Catch a Rabbit",""
50,3,1,27 Sep 69,"Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly",""
51,3,2,04 Oct 69,"Color Her Missing",""
52,3,3,11 Oct 69,"Return to Summer Grove",""
53,3,4,18 Oct 69,"The Playground",""
54,3,5,25 Oct 69,"A Question of Midnight",""
55,3,6,01 Nov 69,"A Penny for the Peep-Show",""
56,3,7,08 Nov 69,"A Sleep in the Deep",""
57,3,8,22 Nov 69,"Memory: Zero",""
58,3,9,29 Nov 69,"The Nowhere Victim",""
59,3,10,06 Dec 69,"The Sound of Darkness",""
60,3,11,13 Dec 69,"Who Killed Me?",""
61,3,12,20 Dec 69,"Missing: Sun and Sky",""
62,3,13,27 Dec 69,"Tooth of the Serpent",""
63,3,14,03 Jan 70,"Medal for a Hero",""
64,3,15,10 Jan 70,"Walk with a Dead Man",""
65,3,16,17 Jan 70,"A Chance at the Roses",""
66,3,17,24 Jan 70,"Blind Mirror",""
67,3,18,31 Jan 70,"Harlequin's Gold",""
68,3,19,07 Feb 70,"Who is Sylvia?",""
69,3,20,14 Feb 70,"Only One Death to a Customer",""
70,3,21,21 Feb 70,"Fly, Little One",""
71,3,22,28 Feb 70,"The Search for Darrell Andrews",""
72,3,23,07 Mar 70,"Murder Revisited",""
73,3,24,14 Mar 70,"War of Nerves",""
74,3,25,21 Mar 70,"Once Upon a Saturday",""
75,4,1,19 Sep 70,"A Ticket to the Eclipse",""
76,4,2,26 Sep 70,"One for the Lady",""
77,4,3,03 Oct 70,"Time Out of Mind",""
78,4,4,10 Oct 70,"Figures in a Landscape",""
79,4,5,17 Oct 70,"The Mouse That Died",""
80,4,6,24 Oct 70,"The Lost Art of Dying",""
81,4,7,31 Oct 70,"The Other Game in Town",""
82,4,8,07 Nov 70,"The World Between",""
83,4,9,14 Nov 70,"Sunburst",""
84,4,10,21 Nov 70,"To Cage a Seagull",""
85,4,11,28 Nov 70,"Bang, Bang, You're Dead",""
86,4,12,12 Dec 70,"Deja Vu",""
87,4,13,19 Dec 70,"Duet for Three",""
88,4,14,02 Jan 71,"Round Trip to Nowhere",""
89,4,15,09 Jan 71,"What Happened to Sunday?",""
90,4,16,16 Jan 71,"The Judas Touch",""
91,4,17,23 Jan 71,"With Intent to Kill",""
92,4,18,30 Jan 71,"The Crime That Wasn't",""
93,4,19,06 Feb 71,"A Gathering of Ghosts",""
94,4,20,13 Feb 71,"A Day Filled with Shadows",""
95,4,21,20 Feb 71,"Voice in the Dark",""
96,4,22,27 Feb 71,"The Color of Murder",""
97,4,23,06 Mar 71,"Shadow Play",""
98,4,24,13 Mar 71,"Overkill",""
99,5,1,15 Sep 71,"Dark So Early, Dark So Long",""
100,5,2,22 Sep 71,"Cold Trail",""
101,5,3,29 Sep 71,"A Step in Time",""
102,5,4,06 Oct 71,"Wine from These Grapes",""
103,5,5,13 Oct 71,"Woman in the Shadows",""
104,5,6,20 Oct 71,"Days Beyond Recall",""
105,5,7,27 Oct 71,"Run Till Dark",""
106,5,8,03 Nov 71,"The Glass Trap",""
107,5,9,10 Nov 71,"A Choice of Evils",""
108,5,10,17 Nov 71,"A Button for General D",""
109,5,11,24 Nov 71,"The Man Outside",""
110,5,12,01 Dec 71,"Murder Times Three",""
111,5,13,08 Dec 71,"Catspaw",""
112,5,14,15 Dec 71,"To Save a Dead Man",""
113,5,15,29 Dec 71,"Nightshade",""
114,5,16,05 Jan 72,"Babe in the Woods",""
115,5,17,12 Jan 72,"The Sound of Murder",""
116,5,18,19 Jan 72,"Moving Target",""
117,5,19,26 Jan 72,"Cry Pigeon",""
118,5,20,09 Feb 72,"A Walk in the Shadows",""
119,5,21,16 Feb 72,"Lifeline",""
120,5,22,23 Feb 72,"To Draw the Lightning",""
121,5,23,01 Mar 72,"Scapegoat",""
122,5,24,08 Mar 72,"Death in the Fifth Gear",""
123,6,1,17 Sep 72,"The Open Web",""
124,6,2,24 Sep 72,"Cry Silence",""
125,6,3,01 Oct 72,"The Crimson Halo",""
126,6,4,08 Oct 72,"Broken Mirror",""
127,6,5,15 Oct 72,"Portrait of a Hero",""
128,6,6,22 Oct 72,"The Inside Man",""
129,6,7,29 Oct 72,"To Kill a Memory",""
130,6,8,05 Nov 72,"The Upside Down Penny",""
131,6,9,12 Nov 72,"One Step to Midnight",""
132,6,10,19 Nov 72,"Harvest of Death",""
133,6,11,26 Nov 72,"A Puzzle for One",""
134,6,12,03 Dec 72,"Lost Sunday",""
135,6,13,10 Dec 72,"See No Evil",""
136,6,14,17 Dec 72,"Light and Shadow",""
137,6,15,24 Dec 72,"A Game of Shadows",""
138,6,16,07 Jan 73,"The Man Who Wasn't There",""
139,6,17,14 Jan 73,"A Matter of Principle",""
140,6,18,21 Jan 73,"Out of the Night",""
141,6,19,28 Jan 73,"Carol Lockwood, Past Tense",""
142,6,20,04 Feb 73,"The Faces of Murder",""
143,6,21,18 Feb 73,"Search for a Whisper",""
144,6,22,25 Feb 73,"To Quote a Dead Man",""
145,6,23,04 Mar 73,"A Problem of Innocence",""
146,6,24,11 Mar 73,"The Danford File",""
147,7,1,16 Sep 73,"The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress",""
148,7,2,23 Sep 73,"A Way to Dusty Death",""
149,7,3,30 Sep 73,"Climb a Deadly Mountain",""
150,7,4,07 Oct 73,"Little Girl Lost",""
151,7,5,14 Oct 73,"The Gang's All Here",""
152,7,6,21 Oct 73,"Desert Run",""
153,7,7,28 Oct 73,"Silent Target",""
154,7,8,04 Nov 73,"A World Without Sundays",""
155,7,9,11 Nov 73,"Sing a Song of Murder",""
156,7,10,25 Nov 73,"Search in the Dark",""
157,7,11,02 Dec 73,"The Deadly Madonna",""
158,7,12,09 Dec 73,"Cry Danger",""
159,7,13,16 Dec 73,"All the Dead Were Strangers",""
160,7,14,06 Jan 74,"Race Against Time (1) (a.k.a.) A Matter of the Heart",""
161,7,15,13 Jan 74,"Race Against Time (2) (a.k.a.) A Matter of the Heart",""
162,7,16,20 Jan 74,"The Dark Hours",""
163,7,17,27 Jan 74,"A Night Full of Darkness",""
164,7,18,10 Feb 74,"Walk a Double Line",""
165,7,19,17 Feb 74,"The Girl from Nowhere",""
166,7,20,24 Feb 74,"A Rage to Kill",""
167,7,21,03 Mar 74,"Mask for a Charade",""
168,7,22,10 Mar 74,"A Question of Murder",""
169,7,23,24 Mar 74,"Trap for a Pigeon",""
170,7,24,31 Mar 74,"The Ragged Edge",""
171,8,1,22 Sep 74,"Portrait in Blues",""
172,8,2,29 Sep 74,"Game Plan",""
173,8,3,06 Oct 74,"A Fine Day for Dying",""
174,8,4,13 Oct 74,"Walk on the Blind Side",""
175,8,5,20 Oct 74,"The Green Man",""
176,8,6,27 Oct 74,"Death Has No Face",""
177,8,7,10 Nov 74,"A Small Favor for an Old Friend",""
178,8,8,17 Nov 74,"Enter Tami Okada",""
179,8,9,24 Nov 74,"Picture of a Shadow",""
180,8,10,01 Dec 74,"Desert Sun",""
181,8,11,15 Dec 74,"The Survivor Who Wasn't",""
182,8,12,22 Dec 74,"A Choice of Victims",""
183,8,13,05 Jan 75,"A Word Called Courage",""
184,8,14,12 Jan 75,"Man in a Trap",""
185,8,15,19 Jan 75,"Chance Meeting",""
186,8,16,02 Feb 75,"Edge of the Web",""
187,8,17,09 Feb 75,"A Ransom for Yesterday",""
188,8,18,16 Feb 75,"The Empty Tower",""
189,8,19,23 Feb 75,"Quartet for Blunt Instrument",""
190,8,20,02 Mar 75,"Bird of Prey (1)",""
191,8,21,09 Mar 75,"Bird of Prey (2)",""
192,8,22,23 Mar 75,"Design for Dying",""
193,8,23,06 Apr 75,"Search for a Dead Man",""
194,8,24,13 Apr 75,"Hardball",""