number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,31 Aug 95,"The New Pilot, Literally",""
2,1,2,07 Sep 95,"The Dating Game",""
3,1,3,14 Sep 95,"The Operation",""
4,1,4,21 Sep 95,"P is for Paul",""
5,1,5,28 Sep 95,"The Sugar Shack",""
6,1,6,05 Oct 95,"Bar Mitzvah Boy",""
7,1,7,12 Oct 95,"Who's Got the Button?",""
8,1,8,19 Oct 95,"Revised Old Pilot (aka Invitation to a Wedding)",""
9,1,9,02 Nov 95,"Goin' Hollywood",""
10,1,10,09 Nov 95,"Around the World in 80 Ways (The T & A of PSA?)",""
11,1,11,16 Nov 95,"Extremities (aka Weekend Warriors)",""
12,1,12,30 Nov 95,"The Mating Season",""
13,1,13,14 Dec 95,"The Worst Noel",""
14,1,14,04 Jan 96,"My Mother, My Sister",""
15,1,15,11 Jan 96,"A League of Their Own",""
16,1,16,25 Jan 96,"Retail Slut",""
17,1,17,26 May 96,"The New Kids on the Block",""
18,1,18,09 Jun 96,"Love and Marriage",""
19,1,19,16 Jun 96,"Winds of Change (I)",""
20,1,20,23 Jun 96,"Winds of Change (II)",""
21,1,21,30 Jun 96,"The Man We Love",""