number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Apr 14,"Swing Into Action: Part 1",""
2,1,2,13 Apr 14,"Swing in to Action Part 2",""
3,1,3,20 Apr 14,"Trade Bait: Part 1",""
4,1,4,27 Apr 14,"Trade Bait: Part 2",""
5,1,5,11 May 14,"Toying Around: Part 1",""
6,1,6,18 May 14,"Toying Around: Part 2",""
7,1,7,25 May 14,"Mr. Mystery",""
8,1,8,01 Jun 14,"Bad Business",""
9,1,9,08 Jun 14,"Dueling with the Stars",""
10,1,10,15 Jun 14,"You Show 'Em",""
11,1,11,22 Jun 14,"Going,Going,Going",""
12,1,12,29 Jun 14,"Battle Under the Big Top",""
13,1,13,06 Jul 14,"Circus Surprise!",""
14,1,14,13 Jul 14,"The Show Must Go On",""
15,1,15,20 Jul 14,"The Aim is the Junior Youth Championsip!!",""
16,1,16,27 Jul 14,"Genius Master Chef",""
17,1,17,03 Aug 14,"Fast Disclosure! A Fulfilling Meal!",""
18,1,18,10 Aug 14,"The Two Shadows of Rebellion",""
19,1,19,17 Aug 14,"The Universe of Knowledge",""
20,1,20,24 Aug 14,"Attack Duel Quiz",""
21,1,21,31 Aug 14,"At the Front of Pendulums",""
22,1,22,07 Sep 14,"A Date With Fate: Part 1",""
23,1,23,14 Sep 14,"A Date With Fate: Part 2",""
24,1,24,21 Sep 14,"For Our Tomorrows",""
25,1,25,28 Sep 14,"Battle Between Buddies: Part 1",""
26,1,26,05 Oct 14,"Battle Between Buddies: Part 2",""
27,1,27,12 Oct 14,"Challengers Assemble",""
28,1,28,19 Oct 14,"Something's Fishy",""
29,1,29,26 Oct 14,"Fusion Foes",""
30,1,30,02 Nov 14,"Gong the Strong",""
31,1,31,09 Nov 14,"The Pendulum Swings Both Ways: Part 1",""
32,1,32,16 Nov 14,"The Pendulum Swings Both Ways: Part 2",""
33,1,33,23 Nov 14,"Making the Cut: Part 1",""
34,1,34,30 Nov 14,"Making the Cut: Part 2",""
35,1,35,14 Dec 14,"Sora's Secrets: Part 1",""
36,1,36,21 Dec 14,"Sora's Secrets: Part 2",""
37,1,37,28 Dec 14,"A Dark Reflection",""
38,1,38,11 Jan 15,"Warped",""
39,1,39,18 Jan 15,"Imperial Wrath Awakening",""
40,1,40,25 Jan 15,"Stealth Warriors",""
41,1,41,01 Feb 15,"Bracing for Battle",""
42,1,42,08 Feb 15,"Battle Fields",""
43,1,43,15 Feb 15,"Fire and Ice",""
44,1,44,22 Feb 15,"Danger Zones",""
45,1,45,01 Mar 15,"Obelisk Assault",""
46,1,46,08 Mar 15,"Dragon's Vengeance",""
47,1,47,15 Mar 15,"Identity Crisis",""
48,1,48,22 Mar 15,"Battlefronts",""
49,1,49,29 Mar 15,"Fighting for Fun",""
50,1,50,05 Apr 15,"The Chosen Lancers",""
51,1,51,12 Apr 15,"Raise the Banner of Revolution - Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon",""
52,1,52,19 Apr 15,"The Revived legendary Leader!!",""
53,1,53,26 Apr 15,"Smiling Duels: Smile World!",""
54,1,54,04 May 15,"Synchro Dimension: The City",""
55,1,55,11 May 15,"Public Order Enforcement: Duel Chasers!",""
56,1,56,17 May 15,"Completely Surrounded by Security",""
57,1,57,25 May 15,"Black Whirlwind: Crow Hogan!",""
58,1,58,31 May 15,"An Invitation to Darkness Duels",""
59,1,59,07 Jun 15,"Underground Riding Duel!!",""
60,1,60,14 Jun 15,"No Cards, No Pardon",""
61,1,61,21 Jun 15,"The Man who Threw Away a Draw",""
62,1,62,28 Jun 15,"Great Entertainment Duel Tournament!!",""
63,1,63,05 Jul 15,"King of Captors - Goyo King",""
64,1,64,12 Jul 15,"Duel King - Jack Atlas",""
65,1,65,19 Jul 15,"The Shattered Entertainment",""
66,1,66,26 Jul 15,"Opening Duel!! Crow vs Gongenzaka",""
67,1,67,02 Aug 15,"The Light and Shadows of the City",""
68,1,68,09 Aug 15,"All-Out Rebellion – B Force",""
69,1,69,16 Aug 15,"The Sprinting Divas",""
70,1,70,23 Aug 15,"An Out-Of-Reach Shout",""
71,1,71,30 Aug 15,"The Sword of White Silver",""
72,1,72,06 Sep 15,"Slaying the Dragon!! Yugo vs Sawatari",""
73,1,73,13 Sep 15,"The Crawling Losers",""
74,1,74,20 Sep 15,"Mask of the Clown",""
75,1,75,27 Sep 15,"Curse of the Resistors",""
76,1,76,04 Oct 15,"King's Gambit",""
77,1,77,11 Oct 15,"The Beauty of Destruction",""
78,1,78,18 Oct 15,"Storm of Revolution",""
79,1,79,25 Oct 15,"The Enlightened Paladin",""
80,1,80,01 Nov 15,"Reunion that Exceeds Dimensions",""
81,1,81,08 Nov 15,"Each of Their Battles",""
82,1,82,15 Nov 15,"The Ultimate Falcon VS The Black-Feathered Thunder",""
83,1,83,22 Nov 15,"The Bond Between Teacher and Disciple",""
84,1,84,29 Nov 15,"The Destiny Dice-Roll",""
85,1,85,13 Dec 15,"Crystal Wings",""
86,1,86,20 Dec 15,"Unyielding Resolve",""
87,1,87,27 Dec 15,"Memories of the Beast",""
88,1,88,10 Jan 16,"The Thunder Strikes!",""
89,1,89,17 Jan 16,"A Fierce Assault! The Obelisk Force",""
90,1,90,24 Jan 16,"The Beacon of Revolution",""
91,1,91,31 Jan 16,"A Fateful Encounter",""
92,1,92,07 Feb 16,"A Tragic Reunion",""
93,1,93,14 Feb 16,"The Destructive Duel Machine",""
94,1,94,21 Feb 16,"The Right Arm that Carved Souls",""
95,1,95,28 Feb 16,"The Duel You Believe In",""
96,1,96,13 Mar 16,"Borrowed Words",""
97,1,97,20 Mar 16,"The Noble Supreme Paladin",""
98,1,98,27 Mar 16,"Towards the Lone Path",""
99,1,99,03 Apr 16,"The Eternal Duel",""
100,1,100,03 Apr 16,"The Metropolis of Despair - Heartland",""
101,1,101,10 Apr 16,"Galactic Eyes",""
102,1,102,24 Apr 16,"The Heartless Hunter",""
103,1,103,01 May 16,"The Brilliant Machine Angels",""
104,1,104,08 May 16,"The HERO Bearing the Name of D",""
105,1,105,15 May 16,"The Bonds of the Resistance",""
106,1,106,22 May 16,"Arc Area Project",""
107,1,107,29 May 16,"The Duel-Starved Amazoness",""
108,1,108,05 Jun 16,"Amazoness Trap",""
109,1,109,12 Jun 16,"The Falcon Perishes on the Battlefield",""
110,1,110,19 Jun 16,"The Torn Smile World",""
111,1,111,26 Jun 16,"Pendulum Heart",""
112,1,112,03 Jul 16,"Toward a City Filled with Smiles",""
113,1,113,10 Jul 16,"The Thirst for Carnage",""
114,1,114,17 Jul 16,"The Supergalaxy Shining in the Darkness",""
115,1,115,24 Jul 16,"Duel Pirate Captain Solo",""
116,1,116,31 Jul 16,"Guardians of the Sun and Moon",""
117,1,117,07 Aug 16,"The Sinister Bell's Chime",""
118,1,118,14 Aug 16,"Survival Duel",""
119,1,119,21 Aug 16,"The Little Bird Trapped in Darkness",""
120,1,120,28 Aug 16,"The Battle Beast",""
121,1,121,04 Sep 16,"The Wicked Brand",""
122,1,122,11 Sep 16,"Glory on the Academia!",""
123,1,123,18 Sep 16,"The Glorious Machine Dragon",""
124,1,124,25 Sep 16,"The Revived Phantom Knights",""
125,1,125,02 Oct 16,"The Blazing Dragon",""
126,1,126,09 Oct 16,"The Day the Devil was Born",""
127,1,127,16 Oct 16,"Revival Zero",""
128,1,128,23 Oct 16,"Decisive Battle! Spirit Tech Force",""
129,1,129,30 Oct 16,"Glimpse of the Supreme King",""
130,1,130,06 Nov 16,"The Greedy Venomous Dragon",""
131,1,131,13 Nov 16,"The Light Shining in Eternal Darkness",""
132,1,132,20 Nov 16,"The Peerless Entertainer",""
133,1,133,27 Nov 16,"A Dazzling Entertainment Show",""
134,1,134,11 Dec 16,"Allure of Darkness",""
135,1,135,18 Dec 16,"The Trembling Dimensions",""
136,1,136,25 Dec 16,"Reign of the Supreme King Dragon",""
137,1,137,08 Jan 17,"The Rebellious Supreme King Dragon",""
138,1,138,15 Jan 17,"The Shadow-Winged Dragon",""
139,1,139,22 Jan 17,"The Eyes Tainted by Darkness",""
140,1,140,29 Jan 17,"Pendulum of the Soul",""
141,1,141,05 Feb 17,"Junior Youth Championship",""
142,1,142,12 Feb 17,"Overflowing Memories",""
143,1,143,19 Feb 17,"Soul of the Supreme King",""
144,1,144,26 Feb 17,"Soul of the Supreme King",""
145,1,145,05 Mar 17,"Unending Rebellion",""
146,1,146,12 Mar 17,"Dimension Highway",""
147,1,147,19 Mar 17,"The Unleashed Dragons",""
148,1,148,26 Mar 17,"The Miracle Drawn by the Pendulum",""