number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Sep 08,"Lapsed Psychologists v Knitters",""
2,1,2,22 Sep 08,"Crossworders v Birkbeck Alumni",""
3,1,3,29 Sep 08,"County Councillors v Ombudsmen",""
4,1,4,06 Oct 08,"Science Writers v Travel Writers",""
5,1,5,13 Oct 08,"Edinburgh Scrabblers v Solent Scrabblers",""
6,1,6,20 Oct 08,"Urban Cyclists v Country Walkers",""
7,1,7,27 Oct 08,"Bankers v Bookkeepers",""
8,1,8,03 Nov 08,"Cricket Supporters v IT Supporters",""
9,1,9,10 Nov 08,"County Councillors v Science Writers",""
10,1,10,17 Nov 08,"Crossworders v Edinburgh Scrabblers",""
11,1,11,24 Nov 08,"Bankers v IT Supporters",""
12,1,12,01 Dec 08,"Lapsed Psychologists v Country Walkers",""
13,1,13,08 Dec 08,"Crossworders v Science Writers",""
14,1,14,15 Dec 08,"Bankers v Lapsed Psychologists",""
15,1,15,22 Dec 08,"Crossworders v Lapsed Psychologists",""
16,2,1,13 Jul 09,"Cambridge Quiz Society v Oxford Librarians",""
17,2,2,20 Jul 09,"Mathematicians v Wordsmiths",""
18,2,3,27 Jul 09,"History Boys v Rugby Boys",""
19,2,4,03 Aug 09,"Chessmen v Charity Puzzlers",""
20,2,5,10 Aug 09,"Mathematicians v Cambridge Quiz Society",""
21,2,6,17 Aug 09,"Chessmen v Rugby Boys",""
22,2,7,24 Aug 09,"Chessman v Mathematicians",""
23,2,8,31 Aug 09,"Cambridge Quiz Society v Rugby Boys",""
24,3,1,01 Apr 10,"Archers Admirers v Music Lovers",""
25,3,2,11 Jan 10,"Polymaths v Strategists",""
26,3,3,18 Jan 10,"Choir Boys v Brasenose Postgrads",""
27,3,4,25 Jan 10,"Philosophers v Hitchhikers",""
28,3,5,01 Feb 10,"Neuroscientists v Rugby Fans",""
29,3,6,08 Feb 10,"Exeter Alumni v Gourmands",""
30,3,7,15 Feb 10,"Insurers v Gamblers",""
31,3,8,22 Feb 10,"Booksellers v Bowlers",""
32,3,9,01 Mar 10,"Archers Admirers v Exeter Alumni",""
33,3,10,08 Mar 10,"Brasenose Postgrads v Hitchhikers",""
34,3,11,15 Mar 10,"Neuroscientists v Strategists",""
35,3,12,22 Mar 10,"Gamblers v Bowlers",""
36,3,13,29 Mar 10,"Archers Admirers v Gamblers",""
37,3,14,05 Apr 10,"Hitchhikers v Strategists",""
38,3,15,12 Apr 10,"Gamblers v Strategists",""
39,4,1,06 Sep 10,"Epicureans v Courtiers",""
40,4,2,13 Sep 10,"The Wrights v Urban Walkers",""
41,4,3,20 Sep 10,"Radio Addicts v Taxonomists",""
42,4,4,27 Sep 10,"Brit Poppers v Geocachers",""
43,4,5,04 Oct 10,"Fantasy Writers v Bridge Players",""
44,4,6,11 Oct 10,"Mensans v Bloggers",""
45,4,7,18 Oct 10,"Mountain Men v In-Laws",""
46,4,8,25 Oct 10,"Alesmen v Pool Sharks",""
47,4,9,01 Nov 10,"Epicureans v Bridge Players",""
48,4,10,08 Nov 10,"Wrights v Bloggers",""
49,4,11,22 Nov 10,"Radio Addicts v Brit Poppers",""
50,4,12,29 Nov 10,"In-Laws v Alesmen",""
51,4,13,06 Dec 10,"Epicureans v Wrights",""
52,4,14,13 Dec 10,"Alesmen v Radio Addicts",""
53,4,15,20 Dec 10,"Wrights v Alesmen",""
54,4,16,27 Dec 10,"Epicureans v Radio Addicts",""
55,5,1,15 Aug 11,"Social Networkers v Vegetarians",""
56,5,2,22 Aug 11,"Edwards Family v Inorganic Chemists",""
57,5,3,29 Aug 11,"Analysts v Editors",""
58,5,4,05 Sep 11,"Joggers v Technologists",""
59,5,5,12 Sep 11,"Fantasy Footballers v Antiquarians",""
60,5,6,19 Sep 11,"Listeners v Steel City Singers",""
61,5,7,26 Sep 11,"Rowers v Linguists",""
62,5,8,03 Oct 11,"Rock 'n' rollers v Trade Unionists",""
63,5,9,10 Oct 11,"Social Networkers v Antiquarians",""
64,5,10,17 Oct 11,"Rowers v Listeners",""
65,5,11,24 Oct 11,"Edwards Family v Trade Unionists",""
66,5,12,31 Oct 11,"Analysts v Technologists",""
67,5,13,07 Nov 11,"Listeners v Antiquarians",""
68,5,14,21 Nov 11,"Analysts v Trade Unionists",""
69,5,15,28 Nov 11,"Listeners v Trade Unionists",""
70,5,16,05 Dec 11,"Analysts v Antiquarians",""
71,6,1,27 Aug 12,"Joinees v Draughtsmen",""
72,6,2,03 Sep 12,"TEFL Teachers v IT Specialists",""
73,6,3,10 Sep 12,"Footballers v Second Violinists",""
74,6,4,17 Sep 12,"Wordsmiths v Educators",""
75,6,5,24 Sep 12,"Trenchermen v Numerists",""
76,6,6,01 Oct 12,"Wintonians v Quitters",""
77,6,7,08 Oct 12,"Scribes v Ciphers",""
78,6,8,15 Oct 12,"Accountants v Cinephiles",""
79,6,9,22 Oct 12,"Draughtsmen v Numerists",""
80,6,10,29 Oct 12,"Footballers v Cinephiles",""
81,6,11,05 Nov 12,"Teachers v Scribes",""
82,6,12,19 Nov 12,"Wintonians v Wordsmiths",""
83,6,13,26 Nov 12,"Footballers v Draughtsmen",""
84,6,14,03 Dec 12,"Scribes v Wordsmiths",""
85,6,15,10 Dec 12,"Footballers v Wordsmiths",""
86,6,16,17 Dec 12,"Scribes v Draughtsmen",""
87,7,1,13 May 13,"Corpuscles v Cat Lovers",""
88,7,2,20 May 13,"Cartophiles v Celts",""
89,7,3,27 May 13,"Francophiles v Festival Fans",""
90,7,4,03 Jun 13,"General Practitioners v Fell Walkers",""
91,7,5,10 Jun 13,"Corpuscles v Cartophiles",""
92,7,6,17 Jun 13,"General Practitioners v Festival Fans",""
93,7,7,24 Jun 13,"Celts v Cat Lovers",""
94,7,8,01 Jul 13,"Francophiles v Fell Walkers",""
95,7,9,08 Jul 13,"Festival Fans v Cat Lovers",""
96,7,10,15 Jul 13,"Cartophiles v Fell Walkers",""
97,7,11,22 Jul 13,"Celts v Festival Fans",""
98,7,12,29 Jul 13,"Francophiles v Cartophiles",""
99,7,13,05 Aug 13,"Francophiles v Celts",""
100,8,1,23 Sep 13,"Lasletts v Pilots",""
101,8,2,30 Sep 13,"Globetrotters v Board Gamers",""
102,8,3,07 Oct 13,"Oenophiles v Science Editors",""
103,8,4,14 Oct 13,"Press Gang v Bakers",""
104,8,5,21 Oct 13,"Pilots v Globetrotters",""
105,8,6,28 Oct 13,"Press Gang v Science Editors",""
106,8,7,04 Nov 13,"Lasletts v Board Gamers",""
107,8,8,18 Nov 13,"Oenophiles v Bakers",""
108,8,9,25 Nov 13,"Science Editors v Board Gamers",""
109,8,10,02 Dec 13,"Globetrotters v Bakers",""
110,8,11,09 Dec 13,"Oenophiles v Board Gamers",""
111,8,12,16 Dec 13,"Lasletts v Bakers",""
112,8,13,23 Dec 13,"Board Gamers v Bakers",""
113,9,1,14 Apr 14,"Heath Family v Exhibitionist",""
114,9,2,21 Apr 14,"Europhiles v Relatives",""
115,9,3,28 Apr 14,"Welsh Learners v Software Engineers",""
116,9,4,05 May 14,"Erstwhile Athletes v Record Collectors",""
117,9,5,12 May 14,"Relatives v Exhibitionists",""
118,9,6,19 May 14,"Software Engineers v Erstwhile Athletes",""
119,9,7,26 May 14,"Europhiles v Heath Family",""
120,9,8,02 Jun 14,"Welsh Learners v Record Collectors",""
121,9,9,09 Jun 14,"Software Engineers v Heath Family",""
122,9,10,16 Jun 14,"Relatives v Record Collectors",""
123,9,11,23 Jun 14,"Welsh Learners v Relatives",""
124,9,12,30 Jun 14,"Europhiles v Software Engineers",""
125,9,13,07 Jul 14,"Europhiles v Relatives",""
126,10,1,01 Sep 14,"Politicos v Felinophiles",""
127,10,2,08 Sep 14,"History Boys v Oxonians",""
128,10,3,15 Sep 14,"Wandering Minstrels v Gallifreyans",""
129,10,4,22 Sep 14,"QI Elves v Bibliophiles",""
130,10,5,29 Sep 14,"Coders v Gamesmasters",""
131,10,6,06 Oct 14,"Chessmen v Linguists",""
132,10,7,13 Oct 14,"Orienteers v Romantics",""
133,10,8,20 Oct 14,"Nordiphiles v Nightwatchmen",""
134,10,9,27 Oct 14,"Politicos v Oxonians",""
135,10,10,03 Nov 14,"Wandering Minstrels v Chessmen",""
136,10,11,17 Nov 14,"Coders v Romantics",""
137,10,12,24 Nov 14,"QI Elves v Nightwatchmen",""
138,10,13,01 Dec 14,"History Boys v Felinophiles",""
139,10,14,08 Dec 14,"Linguists v Gallifreyans",""
140,10,15,15 Dec 14,"Orienteers v Gamesmasters",""
141,10,16,05 Jan 15,"Nordiphiles v Bibliophiles",""
142,10,17,12 Jan 15,"Chessmen v Felinophiles",""
143,10,18,19 Jan 15,"Linguists v Oxonians",""
144,10,19,26 Jan 15,"Bibliophiles v Gamesmasters",""
145,10,20,02 Feb 15,"QI Elves v Coders",""
146,10,21,09 Feb 15,"History Boys v Linguists",""
147,10,22,16 Feb 15,"Orienteers v Gamemasters",""
148,10,23,23 Feb 15,"Nordiphiles v QI Elves",""
149,10,24,02 Mar 15,"Chessmen v Gallifreyans",""
150,10,25,16 Mar 15,"Chessmen v History Boys",""
151,10,26,23 Mar 15,"Orienteers v QI Elves",""
152,10,27,30 Mar 15,"Orienteers v Chessmen",""
153,11,1,13 Jul 15,"Cluesmiths v Operational Researchers",""
154,11,2,20 Jul 15,"Polyglots v Yorkers",""
155,11,3,27 Jul 15,"Spaghetti Westerners v Mixologists",""
156,11,4,03 Aug 15,"Collectors v Railwaymen",""
157,11,5,10 Aug 15,"Wayfarers v Bookworms",""
158,11,6,17 Aug 15,"String Section v Headliners",""
159,11,7,24 Aug 15,"Road Trippers v Athenians",""
160,11,8,31 Aug 15,"Scientists v Builders",""
161,11,9,07 Sep 15,"Polyglots v Operational Researchers",""
162,11,10,14 Sep 15,"Collectors v Mixologists",""
163,11,11,21 Sep 15,"Headliners v Bookworms",""
164,11,12,28 Sep 15,"Road Trippers v Builders",""
165,11,13,05 Oct 15,"Cluesmiths v Yorkers",""
166,11,14,12 Oct 15,"Spaghetti Westerners v Railwaymen",""
167,11,15,19 Oct 15,"Wayfarers v String Section",""
168,11,16,26 Oct 15,"Scientists v Athenians",""
169,11,17,02 Nov 15,"Cluesmiths v Mixologists",""
170,11,18,16 Nov 15,"Spaghetti Westerners v Operational Researchers",""
171,11,19,23 Nov 15,"Wayfarers v Builders",""
172,11,20,30 Nov 15,"Athenians v Bookworms",""
173,11,21,07 Dec 15,"Scientists v String Section",""
174,11,22,14 Dec 15,"Yorkers v Operational Researchers",""
175,11,23,21 Dec 15,"Cluesmiths v Railwaymen",""
176,11,24,28 Dec 15,"Wayfarers v Bookworms",""
177,11,25,04 Jan 16,"Semi-Final",""
178,11,26,11 Jan 16,"Semi-Final",""
179,11,27,18 Jan 16,"The Final",""
180,11,28,14 Mar 16,"Sport Relief: Royal III v BBC",""
181,12,1,11 Jul 16,"Tubers v Bardophiles",""
182,12,2,18 Jul 16,"Cosmopolitans v Taverners",""
183,12,3,25 Jul 16,"Psmiths v Verbivores",""
184,12,4,01 Aug 16,"Networkers v Cousins",""
185,12,5,08 Aug 16,"Shutterbugs v Highgates",""
186,12,6,15 Aug 16,"Korfballers v Channel Islanders",""
187,12,7,22 Aug 16,"Bardophiles v Taverners",""
188,12,8,29 Aug 16,"Verbivores v Channel Islanders",""
189,12,9,05 Sep 16,"Spicy Food Lovers v Eurovision Fans",""
190,12,10,12 Sep 16,"Wrestlers v Clareites",""
191,12,11,19 Sep 16,"Part-Time Poets v Oscar Men",""
192,12,12,26 Sep 16,"Genealogists v Surrealists",""
193,12,13,03 Oct 16,"Maltsters v Policy Wonks",""
194,12,14,10 Oct 16,"Scunthorpe Scholars v Beekeepers",""
195,12,15,17 Oct 16,"Maltsters v Oscar Men",""
196,12,16,31 Oct 16,"Wrestlers v Genealogists",""
197,12,17,07 Nov 16,"Cosmopolitans v Tubers",""
198,12,18,14 Nov 16,"Networkers v Psmiths",""
199,12,19,21 Nov 16,"Shutterbugs v Korfballers",""
200,12,20,28 Nov 16,"Verbivores v Taverners",""
201,12,21,05 Dec 16,"Fire-Eaters v Clareites",""
202,12,22,12 Dec 16,"Part-Time Poets v Surrealists",""
203,12,23,19 Dec 16,"Beekeepers v Policy Wonks",""
204,12,24,06 Jan 17,"Genealogists v Oscar Men",""
205,12,25,13 Jan 17,"Fire-Eaters v Korfballers",""
206,12,26,20 Jan 17,"Surrealists v Verbivores",""
207,12,27,27 Jan 17,"Beekeepers v Cosmopolitans",""
208,12,28,03 Feb 17,"Psmiths v Oscar Men",""
209,12,29,10 Feb 17,"Fire-Eaters v Verbivores",""
210,12,30,17 Feb 17,"Beekeepers v Oscar Men",""
211,12,31,24 Feb 17,"Surrealists v Korfballers",""
212,12,32,03 Mar 17,"Psmiths v Cosmopolitans",""
213,12,33,10 Mar 17,"Beekeepers v Korfballers",""
214,12,34,17 Mar 17,"Psmiths v Verbivores (2)",""
215,12,35,24 Mar 17,"Semi-Final 1",""
216,12,36,31 Mar 17,"Semi-Final 2",""
217,12,37,07 Apr 17,"The Final",""
218,13,1,28 Jul 17,"Stewards v Parishioners",""
219,13,2,04 Aug 17,"Geocachers v Vikings",""
220,13,3,11 Aug 17,"Snake Charmers v Extras",""
221,13,4,18 Aug 17,"Eco-warriors v Escapologists",""
222,13,5,25 Aug 17,"Lapsed Physicists v Belgophiles",""
223,13,6,01 Sep 17,"Meeples v Tequila Slammers",""
224,13,7,08 Sep 17,"Cricketers v Inquisitors",""
225,13,8,15 Sep 17,"Wanderers v Pedagogues",""
226,13,9,22 Sep 17,"Disparates v Beaks",""
227,13,10,29 Sep 17,"Dandies v Gaffers",""
228,13,11,06 Oct 17,"Arrowheads v Wombles",""
229,13,12,13 Oct 17,"Detectives v Theatricals",""
230,13,13,20 Oct 17,"Vikings v Parishioners",""
231,13,14,27 Oct 17,"Eco-Warriors v Snake Charmers",""
232,13,15,10 Nov 17,"Meeples v Belgophiles",""
233,13,16,17 Nov 17,"Wanderers v Inquisitors",""
234,13,17,08 Dec 17,"Dandies v Beaks",""
235,13,18,15 Dec 17,"Detectives v Arrowheads",""
236,13,19,22 Dec 17,"Meeples v Parishioners",""
237,13,20,01 Jan 18,"Snake Charmers v Inquisitors",""
238,13,21,08 Jan 18,"Dandies v Arrowheads",""
239,13,22,15 Jan 18,"Cricketers v Escapologists",""
240,13,23,22 Jan 18,"Meeples v Inquisitors",""
241,13,24,29 Jan 18,"Dandies v Escapologists",""
242,13,25,05 Feb 18,"Eco-Warriors v Inquisitors",""
243,13,26,12 Feb 18,"Wanderers v Vikings",""
244,13,27,19 Feb 18,"Detectives v Escapologists",""
245,13,28,26 Feb 18,"Belgophiles v Beaks",""
246,13,29,05 Mar 18,"Wanderers v Eco-Warriors",""
247,13,30,12 Mar 18,"Detectives v Beaks",""
248,13,31,19 Mar 18,"Vikings v Inquisitors",""
249,13,32,26 Mar 18,"Belgophiles v Escapologists",""
250,13,33,02 Apr 18,"Detectives v Vikings",""
251,13,34,09 Apr 18,"Eco-Warriors v Escapologists (rematch)",""
252,13,35,16 Apr 18,"Semi Final 1",""
253,13,36,23 Apr 18,"Semi Final 2",""
254,13,37,30 Apr 18,"Final",""
255,14,1,22 Oct 18,"Hotpots v Poptimists",""
256,14,2,29 Oct 18,"Durhamites v LARPers",""
257,14,3,05 Nov 18,"Pyromaniacs v Cartoonists",""
258,14,4,12 Nov 18,"Motorheads v Time Ladies",""
259,14,5,19 Nov 18,"Birdwatchers v Dicers",""
260,14,6,26 Nov 18,"Brews v Forrests",""
261,14,7,03 Dec 18,"Ancient Alumni v Three Peaks",""
262,14,8,10 Dec 18,"Dragons v Westenders",""
263,14,9,17 Dec 18,"Hotpots v Durhamites",""
264,14,10,24 Dec 18,"Motorheads v Cartoonists",""
265,14,11,01 Jan 19,"Birdwatchers v Brews",""
266,14,12,07 Jan 19,"Dragons v Three Peaks",""
267,14,13,14 Jan 19,"Poptimists v LARPers",""
268,14,14,21 Jan 19,"Pyromaniacs v Time Ladies",""
269,14,15,28 Jan 19,"Brews v Dicers",""
270,14,16,04 Feb 19,"Ancient Alumni v Westenders",""
271,14,17,11 Feb 19,"Motorheads v LARPers",""
272,14,18,18 Feb 19,"Durhamites v Pyromaniacs",""
273,14,19,25 Feb 19,"Hotpots v Brews",""
274,14,20,04 Mar 19,"Birdwatchers v Westenders",""
275,14,21,11 Mar 19,"Time Ladies v LARPers",""
276,14,22,18 Mar 19,"Durhamites v Poptimists",""
277,14,23,25 Mar 19,"Brews v Ancient Alumni",""
278,14,24,01 Apr 19,"Dicers v Birdwatchers",""
279,14,25,08 Apr 19,"Semi-Final 1",""
280,14,26,15 Apr 19,"Semi-Final 2",""
281,14,27,22 Apr 19,"Third-Place Play-Off",""
282,14,28,29 Apr 19,"The Final",""
283,15,1,02 Sep 19,"Darksiders v Suits",""
284,15,2,09 Sep 19,"Gladiators v Lexplorers",""
285,15,3,16 Sep 19,"Wickets v Choristers",""
286,15,4,23 Sep 19,"Electrophiles v Forrests",""
287,15,5,07 Oct 19,"Eggchasers v 007s",""
288,15,6,14 Oct 19,"Endeavours v Outliers",""
289,15,7,21 Oct 19,"Journeymen v Turophiles",""
290,15,8,28 Oct 19,"Orwellians v Junipers",""
291,15,9,04 Nov 19,"Gladiators v Darksiders",""
292,15,10,11 Nov 19,"Wickets v Electrophiles",""
293,15,11,18 Nov 19,"Eggchasers v Outliers",""
294,15,12,25 Nov 19,"Journeymen v Junipers",""
295,15,13,02 Dec 19,"Lexplorers v Suits",""
296,15,14,09 Dec 19,"Forrests v Choristers",""
297,15,15,16 Dec 19,"Endeavours v 007s",""
298,15,16,06 Jan 20,"Orwellians v Turophiles",""
299,15,17,13 Jan 20,"Electrophiles v Suits",""
300,15,18,20 Jan 20,"Darksiders v Forrests",""
301,15,19,27 Jan 20,"Endeavours v Junipers",""
302,15,20,03 Feb 20,"Eggchasers v Turophiles",""
303,15,21,10 Feb 20,"Lexplorers v Suits",""
304,15,22,17 Feb 20,"Forrests v Choristers",""
305,15,23,24 Feb 20,"007s v Junipers",""
306,15,24,02 Mar 20,"Orwellians v Turophiles",""
307,15,25,09 Mar 20,"Semi-Final 1",""
308,15,26,16 Mar 20,"Semi-Final 2",""
309,15,27,23 Mar 20,"Third-Place Play-Off",""
310,15,28,30 Mar 20,"Final",""
311,16,1,21 Sep 20,"Pilgrims v Corkscrews",""
312,16,2,28 Sep 20,"Bridges v Whodunnits",""
313,16,3,05 Oct 20,"Sliders v Ticket Collectors",""
314,16,4,12 Oct 20,"Puzzle Hunters v Walruses",""
315,16,5,19 Oct 20,"Barons v Whitcombes",""
316,16,6,26 Oct 20,"Dungeon Masters v Severns",""
317,16,7,02 Nov 20,"Apres Skiers v Colleagues",""
318,16,8,09 Nov 20,"Polyhymnians v Sandy Shores",""
319,16,9,16 Nov 20,"Pilgrims v Bridges",""
320,16,10,23 Nov 20,"Ticket Collectors v Walruses",""
321,16,11,30 Nov 20,"Whitcombes v Severns",""
322,16,12,07 Dec 20,"Colleagues v Sandy Shores",""
323,16,13,14 Dec 20,"Whodunnits v Corkscrews",""
324,16,14,21 Dec 20,"Sliders v Puzzle Hunters",""
325,16,15,28 Dec 20,"Barons v Dungeon Masters",""
326,16,16,04 Jan 21,"Apres Skiers v Polyhymnians",""
327,16,17,11 Jan 21,"Whodunnits v Walruses",""
328,16,18,18 Jan 21,"Bridges v Puzzle Hunters",""
329,16,19,25 Jan 21,"Barons v Colleagues",""
330,16,20,01 Feb 21,"Polyhymnians v Severns",""
331,16,21,08 Feb 21,"Whodunnits v Corkscrews",""
332,16,22,15 Feb 21,"Sliders v Puzzle Hunters",""
333,16,23,22 Feb 21,"Dungeon Masters v Barons",""
334,16,24,01 Mar 21,"Severns v Apres Skiers",""
335,16,25,08 Mar 21,"Semi-Final 1",""
336,16,26,15 Mar 21,"Semi-Final 2",""
337,16,27,22 Mar 21,"Third-Place Play-Off",""
338,16,28,29 Mar 21,"Final",""
339,17,1,12 Jul 21,"Scrubs v Librarians",""
340,17,2,19 Jul 21,"Gamemakers v Animal Lovers",""
341,17,3,26 Jul 21,"Apollos v Jukeboxers",""
342,17,4,02 Aug 21,"Golfers v Wildlifers",""
343,17,5,09 Aug 21,"Discotheques v Muppets",""
344,17,6,16 Aug 21,"Debuggers v Steelers",""
345,17,7,23 Aug 21,"Ramblers v Woolgatherers",""
346,17,8,30 Aug 21,"Godyn Family v Data Wizards",""
347,17,9,06 Sep 21,"Gamemakers v Scrubs",""
348,17,10,13 Sep 21,"Apollos v Wildlifers",""
349,17,11,20 Sep 21,"Debuggers v Discotheques",""
350,17,12,27 Sep 21,"Godyn Family v Woolgatherers",""
351,17,13,04 Oct 21,"Librarians v Animal Lovers",""
352,17,14,11 Oct 21,"Golfers versus Jukeboxers",""
353,17,15,18 Oct 21,"Muppets v Steelers",""
354,17,16,25 Oct 21,"Ramblers v Data Wizards",""
355,17,17,01 Nov 21,"Apollos v Jukeboxers",""
356,17,18,08 Nov 21,"Scrubs v Librarians",""
357,17,19,15 Nov 21,"Godyn Family v Ramblers",""
358,17,20,22 Nov 21,"Steelers v Discotheques",""
359,17,21,29 Nov 21,"Apollos v Animal Lovers",""
360,17,22,06 Dec 21,"Golfers v Scrubs",""
361,17,23,13 Dec 21,"Ramblers v Muppets",""
S14,14,0,18 Dec 18,"Champion of Champions Special: Europhiles v String Section",""
S14,14,0,19 Dec 18,"Sport Special: Footballers v Korfballers",""
S14,14,0,20 Dec 18,"Family Special: Lasletts v Meeples",""
S14,14,0,25 Dec 18,"Quiz Special: QI Elves v Inquisitors",""
S15,15,0,30 Dec 19,"Travel Special: Globetrotters v Eurovisionaries",""
S15,15,0,01 Jan 20,"Happy Hour: Alesmen v Cosmopolitans",""
S15,15,0,02 Jan 20,"Education: Clareites v Beaks",""
S15,15,0,03 Jan 20,"Champion of Champions: Verbivores v Escapologists",""
S16,16,0,29 Dec 20,"Christmas Special: Edwards Family v Wrights",""
S16,16,0,30 Dec 20,"Geography: North and South",""
S16,16,0,31 Dec 20,"Doctors: NHS v Doctor Who",""
S16,16,0,01 Jan 21,"Music: Festival Goers v Nuestra Singers",""