number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Jan 05,"Mirror Neurons, Hurricanes,",""
2,1,2,19 Apr 05,"Little People of Flores, T. rex",""
3,1,3,26 Jul 05,"Fuel cells, RNAi, Fastest Glacier",""
4,1,4,18 Oct 05,"Artificial Life, Lightning",""
5,1,5,10 Jan 06,"10th Planet, Twin Prime Conjecture, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Pandemic Flu, Lab Meat?, Stem Cells",""
6,2,1,03 Oct 06,"Asteroid, Island of Stability, Obesity",""
7,2,2,21 Nov 06,"1918 Flu, Mass Extinction, Papyrus",""
8,2,3,09 Jan 07,"Aging, Space Elevator, Maya",""
9,2,4,10 Jul 07,"Sleep, CERN, Emergence",""
10,2,5,24 Jul 07,"T. Rex Blood?, Epigenetics, Kryptos",""
11,3,1,25 Jun 08,"Dark Matter, of Mice and Memory",""
12,3,2,02 Jul 08,"Personal DNA Testing, Art Authentication, Capturing Carbon",""
13,3,3,09 Jul 08,"Saving Hubble, First Primates",""
14,3,4,16 Jul 08,"Bird Brains, Space Storms",""
15,3,5,23 Jul 08,"Leeches, The Search for ET, Stem Cells Breakthrough",""
16,3,6,30 Jul 08,"Phoenix Mars Lander, Brain Trauma, Mammoth Mystery",""
17,4,1,30 Jun 09,"Diamond Factory, Anthrax Investigation, Auto-Tun",""
18,4,2,07 Jul 09,"Hunt for Alien Earths, Art Authentication",""
19,4,3,14 Jul 09,"Marathon Mouse, Dinosaur Plague",""
20,4,4,21 Jul 09,"Picky Eaters, Capturing Carbon, Sea Lions and Walruses",""
21,4,5,28 Jul 09,"Moon Smasher, Secrets in the Salt, Bird Brains",""
22,4,6,18 Aug 09,"Public Genomes, Algae Fuel, Arctic Ocean Seafloor",""
23,4,7,25 Aug 09,"Saving Hubble Update, Gangster Birds",""
24,4,8,01 Sep 09,"Sleep, First Primates, Earthquakes in the Midwest",""
25,5,1,19 Jan 11,"Can We Make It to Mars?",""
26,5,2,26 Jan 11,"Can We Live Forever?",""
27,5,3,02 Feb 11,"How Does the Brain Work?",""
28,5,4,09 Feb 11,"How Smart Are Animals?",""
29,5,5,16 Feb 11,"Where Did We Come From?",""
30,5,6,23 Feb 11,"What's the Next Big Thing?",""
31,6,1,10 Oct 12,"What Makes Us Human?",""
32,6,2,17 Oct 12,"Can Science Stop Crime?",""
33,6,3,24 Oct 12,"How Smart Can We Get?",""
34,6,4,31 Oct 12,"Can I Eat That?",""
35,6,5,07 Nov 12,"What Are Animals Thinking?",""
36,6,6,14 Nov 12,"What Will the Future Be Like?",""