number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,18 Oct 81,"Picking It Up",""
2,1,2,25 Oct 81,"Nice People Die in Bed",""
3,1,3,01 Nov 81,"Unlucky Dip",""
4,1,4,08 Nov 81,"Campaign for Silence",""
5,1,5,15 Nov 81,"See You in Moscow",""
6,1,6,22 Nov 81,"Portrait of Yesterday",""
7,1,7,29 Nov 81,"Last Chance for a Loser",""
8,1,8,06 Dec 81,"Late for a Funeral",""
9,1,9,13 Dec 81,"Relative Values",""
10,1,10,20 Dec 81,"The Hood and the Harlequin",""
11,2,1,09 Jan 83,"A Message for the Rich",""
12,2,2,16 Jan 83,"Always Leave Them Laughing",""
13,2,3,23 Jan 83,"Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie",""
14,2,4,30 Jan 83,"Prime Target",""
15,2,5,06 Feb 83,"Almost Like a Holiday",""
16,2,6,13 Feb 83,"Fall of a Birdman",""
17,2,7,20 Feb 83,"Miracle Every Week",""
18,2,8,27 Feb 83,"A Perfect Recapture",""
19,2,9,06 Mar 83,"The Moonlight Girls",""
20,3,1,03 Dec 83,"Ninety Per Cent Proof",""
21,3,2,10 Dec 83,"A Hole in the Bucket",""
22,3,3,17 Dec 83,"Holiday Snaps",""
23,3,4,24 Dec 83,"Ice Maiden",""
24,3,5,31 Dec 83,"Come Out Fighting",""
25,3,6,07 Jan 84,"A Touch of Eastern Promise",""
26,3,7,14 Jan 84,"A Cry in the Night",""
27,3,8,21 Jan 84,"The Company You Keep",""
28,3,9,28 Jan 84,"Tug of War",""
29,3,10,04 Feb 84,"House Guests",""
30,4,1,11 Oct 85,"The Last Interview",""
31,4,2,18 Oct 85,"Offshore Trades",""
32,4,3,25 Oct 85,"What Dreams May Come True",""
33,4,4,01 Nov 85,"Low Profile",""
34,4,5,08 Nov 85,"Return of the Ice Maiden",""
35,4,6,15 Nov 85,"Chrissie",""
36,4,7,29 Nov 85,"The Tennis Racket",""
37,4,8,13 Dec 85,"Sins of the Fathers",""
38,4,9,20 Dec 85,"Avenge, O Lord",""
39,4,10,26 Dec 86,"Fires in the Fall (Christmas Special)",""
40,5,1,03 Jan 87,"The Memory Man",""
41,5,2,10 Jan 87,"Winner Takes All",""
42,5,3,17 Jan 87,"Root and Branch",""
43,5,4,24 Jan 87,"Desirable Little Residence",""
44,5,5,31 Jan 87,"The Deadly Virus",""
45,5,6,07 Feb 87,"S.P.A.R.T.A.",""
46,5,7,14 Feb 87,"Thanks for Everything",""
47,5,8,21 Feb 87,"Poison",""
48,5,9,26 Dec 87,"Treasure Hunt (Christmas Special)",""
49,6,1,02 Jan 88,"Whatever Lola Wants",""
50,6,2,09 Jan 88,"Crossed Swords",""
51,6,3,16 Jan 88,"A Horse of a Different Colour",""
52,6,4,23 Jan 88,"Burnt",""
53,6,5,30 Jan 88,"The Sin of Forgiveness",""
54,6,6,06 Feb 88,"A Man of Sorrows",""
55,6,7,13 Feb 88,"Private Fight",""
56,6,8,27 Dec 88,"Retirement Plan (Christmas Special)",""
57,7,1,28 Jan 89,"Sea Changes",""
58,7,2,04 Feb 89,"Natural Enemies",""
59,7,3,11 Feb 89,"Tangos in the Night",""
60,7,4,18 Feb 89,"The Other Woman",""
61,7,5,25 Feb 89,"Weekend Off",""
62,7,6,04 Mar 89,"When Did You Last See Your Father?",""
63,7,7,11 Mar 89,"Old Acquaintance",""
64,7,8,18 Mar 89,"Trenchard's Last Case",""
65,7,9,26 Dec 89,"Second Time Around (Christmas Special)",""
66,8,1,14 Jan 90,"A True Detective",""
67,8,2,21 Jan 90,"My Name is Sgt. Bergerac",""
68,8,3,28 Jan 90,"The Dig",""
69,8,4,04 Feb 90,"Roots of Evil",""
70,8,5,11 Feb 90,"Entende Cordiale",""
71,8,6,18 Feb 90,"In Love and War",""
72,8,7,25 Feb 90,"Under Wraps",""
73,8,8,04 Mar 90,"All the Sad Songs",""
74,8,9,11 Mar 90,"The Messenger Boy",""
75,8,10,18 Mar 90,"Diplomatic Incident",""
76,8,11,26 Dec 90,"There for the Picking (Christmas Special)",""
77,9,1,05 Jan 91,"Something to Hide",""
78,9,2,12 Jan 91,"The Dark Horse",""
79,9,3,19 Jan 91,"Snow in Provence",""
80,9,4,26 Jan 91,"The Evil That Men Do",""
81,9,5,02 Feb 91,"My Friend Charlie",""
82,9,6,09 Feb 91,"On the Rocks",""
83,9,7,16 Feb 91,"The Waiting Game",""
84,9,8,23 Feb 91,"Warriors",""
85,9,9,02 Mar 91,"The Assassin",""
86,9,10,09 Mar 91,"The Lohans",""
87,9,11,26 Dec 91,"All for Love (Christmas Special)",""