number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Aug 11,"Brett Takes a Dive",""
2,1,2,19 Aug 11,"Swimming with the Sharks",""
3,1,3,26 Aug 11,"Rules of Engagement",""
4,1,4,02 Sep 11,"Be Cool",""
5,1,5,09 Sep 11,"Good Karma",""
6,1,6,16 Sep 11,"Tricks of the Trade",""
7,2,1,14 Apr 12,"Fish Out of Water",""
8,2,2,21 Apr 12,"Old School vs. New School",""
9,2,3,28 Apr 12,"Serenity Now",""
10,2,4,05 May 12,"Roll with It",""
11,2,5,12 May 12,"Tanks for the Memories",""
12,2,6,19 May 12,"Polar Opposites",""
13,2,7,02 Jun 12,"Most Challenging Tanks",""
14,2,8,09 Jun 12,"Where the Wild Things Are",""
15,3,1,11 Aug 12,"We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank",""
16,3,2,18 Aug 12,"For Love of the Game or Money?",""
17,3,3,25 Aug 12,"Flying High and Sinking Deep",""
18,3,4,08 Sep 12,"Nuclear Family",""
19,3,5,15 Sep 12,"Love is an Illusion",""
20,3,6,22 Sep 12,"On the Road Again",""
21,4,1,22 Mar 13,"Pranks and Dranks!",""
22,4,2,29 Mar 13,"Learn to Love or Love to Learn",""
23,4,3,05 Apr 13,"Groovy Sarcophagus, Man",""
24,4,4,12 Apr 13,"Tip of the Hat to the Devils",""
25,4,5,19 Apr 13,"Spin the Bottles",""
26,4,6,26 Apr 13,"A Guiding Light to Fitness",""
27,4,7,03 May 13,"Nigiri and the NBA",""
28,4,8,10 May 13,"Fermenting Donuts",""
29,4,9,17 May 13,"A Healthy Dose of ATM",""
30,4,10,31 May 13,"Jurassic Campground",""
31,4,11,07 Jun 13,"Popcorn on the High Seas",""
32,5,1,02 Aug 13,"Sweet Memories",""
33,5,2,09 Aug 13,"Just What the Doctor Ordered",""
34,5,3,16 Aug 13,"Smiling is the Best Medicine",""
35,5,4,23 Aug 13,"Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous",""
36,5,5,06 Sep 13,"Brace Yourself for Employee of the Month",""
37,5,6,13 Sep 13,"Tricks and Trees",""
38,6,1,01 Nov 13,"Rock N' Roll Eruption!",""
39,6,2,08 Nov 13,"Legal Vending Machine",""
40,6,3,15 Nov 13,"Tracy and His Octopus",""
41,6,4,22 Nov 13,"Crazy Client Requests",""
42,6,5,29 Nov 13,"Betty White's Got an App for That",""
43,6,6,12 Dec 13,"Tanked for the Holidays",""
44,7,1,07 Mar 14,"Driving New Business",""
45,7,2,14 Mar 14,"NASCAR and Baseball Champions Tanked",""
46,7,3,21 Mar 14,"Tanks on Tap",""
47,7,4,28 Mar 14,"Tank This!",""
48,7,5,04 Apr 14,"Give a Dog a Phone",""
49,7,6,11 Apr 14,"Hang Ten Barbeque",""
50,7,7,18 Apr 14,"Playing Favorites!",""
51,7,8,25 Apr 14,"Dining with the Fishes",""
52,7,9,02 May 14,"Making History",""
53,7,10,09 May 14,"Shark Buffet!",""
54,7,11,16 May 14,"The Winds of Trade",""
55,8,1,19 Sep 14,"Shaq-Sized",""
56,8,2,26 Sep 14,"Pete Rose Scores a Tank",""
57,8,3,03 Oct 14,"Channeling the Long Island Medium",""
58,8,4,10 Oct 14,"Medieval Protection",""
59,8,5,17 Oct 14,"The Pirate Queen",""
60,8,6,24 Oct 14,"Pipe Dreams",""
61,8,7,31 Oct 14,"The Purr-fect Tank",""
62,8,8,21 Nov 14,"Wilmer's Tank-errama",""
63,8,9,14 Nov 14,"Saved by the Spell",""
64,8,10,28 Nov 14,"Tank You Come Again!",""
65,8,11,05 Dec 14,"Tanked Again for the Holidays",""
66,8,12,16 Jan 15,"When the Moon(shine) Hits Your Eye",""
67,9,1,29 May 15,"Howie Mandel is the Brains Behind ATM",""
68,9,2,05 Jun 15,"Dwight Howard's Slithering Slam Dunk",""
69,9,3,12 Jun 15,"Gabriel Iglesias' Fluffy Tank",""
70,9,4,19 Jun 15,"Marshawn Lynch Goes Beastmode",""
71,9,5,26 Jun 15,"Jeff Dunham's Tank for Dummies",""
72,9,6,18 Sep 15,"The Hoff Gets Tanked",""
73,9,7,25 Sep 15,"Penn & Teller Monkey Magic",""
74,9,8,02 Oct 15,"Sherri Shepard on the Rocks",""
75,9,9,09 Oct 15,"Bill Engvall: Here's Your Tank!",""
76,9,10,23 Oct 15,"Tanks N' Roses",""
77,9,11,30 Oct 15,"Boyz II Men to ATM",""
78,9,12,06 Nov 15,"NBA Wizardry",""
79,9,13,13 Nov 15,"Chicago Bull Boom Box",""
80,9,14,20 Nov 15,"Shaq-a-Tank!",""
81,10,1,15 Apr 16,"100 Episodes Strong! (71 min)",""
82,10,2,22 Apr 16,"Johnny Damon is Expecting the Unexpected",""
83,10,3,29 Apr 16,"Nick Carter Wants His Tank That Way",""
84,10,4,06 May 16,"Prince Fielder's Big Hit (61 min)",""
85,10,5,13 May 16,"2 Chainz, 1 Tank",""
86,10,6,03 Jun 16,"Prince Royce's Royal Tank",""
87,10,7,10 Jun 16,"Imaginarium Aquarium",""
88,10,8,17 Jun 16,"Bellagio Makeover",""
89,10,9,24 Jun 16,"Party Rockin' Tank",""
90,10,10,01 Jul 16,"Internet Tank Sensation",""
91,11,1,23 Sep 16,"Fish Flop Hip Hop",""
92,11,2,30 Sep 16,"Fish City, Kid",""
93,11,3,07 Oct 16,"Real Aquariums of Beverly Hills",""
94,11,4,14 Oct 16,"DJ of Dragons",""
95,11,5,21 Oct 16,"Country Superstar Surprise!",""
96,11,6,28 Oct 16,"Nacho Average Fish Tanks",""
97,11,7,04 Nov 16,"Going for the Gold(fish)",""
98,11,8,11 Nov 16,"The Miami Heat is On!",""
99,11,9,18 Nov 16,"Thumbs Up!",""
100,12,1,21 Apr 17,"Tank of Jericho",""
101,12,2,28 Apr 17,"Kevin Smith's Tortally Awesome Tank",""
102,12,3,05 May 17,"Shark Byte",""
103,12,4,12 May 17,"Alyssa's Charmed Tank",""
104,12,5,19 May 17,"Sweet Tank O' Mine",""
105,12,6,02 Jun 17,"Ty Dolla's Fresh Tank",""
106,12,7,09 Jun 17,"Panama City Beach Tank",""
107,12,8,16 Jun 17,"Wyclef's Tank is Ready, or Not?",""
108,12,9,23 Jun 17,"Spin Cycle Spec-Tank-ular!",""
109,12,10,30 Jun 17,"Extreme Pond Off! Wayde vs. Brett",""
110,13,1,06 Oct 17,"Antonio Brown's Touchdown Tank",""
111,13,2,13 Oct 17,"San Francisco Giants Tank",""
112,13,3,20 Oct 17,"Dwight Howard's Slamming Snake Tank",""
113,13,4,03 Nov 17,"Adrian Peterson's Mvp Tank",""
114,13,5,10 Nov 17,"Shark Tank in the Shark Tank",""
115,13,6,17 Nov 17,"Tanked in Sonoma",""
116,13,7,24 Nov 17,"Anthony Davis' High Brow Tank",""
117,13,8,01 Dec 17,"The Tank of Atlantis",""
118,13,9,08 Dec 17,"This Tank is Ludacis",""
119,13,10,15 Dec 17,"Napping with the Fishes",""
120,14,1,30 Mar 18,"Keyshia Cole's Dream Tank",""
121,14,2,06 Apr 18,"Brett's Donut Mania Tank",""
122,14,3,13 Apr 18,"Triple Tank Throwdown!",""
123,14,4,20 Apr 18,"Fernando Vargas's Knockout Tank",""
124,14,5,27 Apr 18,"Mel's Drive In Tank",""
125,14,6,04 May 18,"Howie Mandel's Surprise Tank",""
126,14,7,11 May 18,"Gangster Tank",""
127,14,8,18 May 18,"The Amazing Piano Tank",""
128,14,9,25 May 18,"The Fast and the Fishiest",""
129,14,10,01 Jun 18,"Kurt Busch's Tank-a-Dega 500",""
130,14,11,08 Jun 18,"The Dunk Tanks",""
131,15,1,02 Nov 18,"The Wonderful Dr. Oz Tank",""
132,15,2,02 Nov 18,"Wildfire Rescue Tribute Tank",""
133,15,3,09 Nov 18,"Demarcus Cousins and a Snake Tank",""
134,15,4,16 Nov 18,"Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fish Tank",""
135,15,5,23 Nov 18,"All In The Ocean",""
136,15,6,30 Nov 18,"Clay Matthews' Green Bay Eel Tank",""
137,15,7,07 Dec 18,"Healing Garden Waterfall",""
138,15,8,14 Dec 18,"A Merry Fishy Christmas",""
139,15,9,21 Dec 18,"Tracy Morgan's Giant Shark Tank Under Construction",""
140,15,10,28 Dec 18,"Tracy Morgan's Giant Shark Tank Revealed!",""
S02,2,0,17 Nov 12,"Midwest Zest",""
S08,8,0,07 Nov 14,"Fish-a-Palooza",""
S06,6,0,29 May 15,"Brett & Wayde's Favorite Moments 1",""
S06,6,0,05 Jun 15,"Brett & Wayde's Favorite Moments 2",""
S06,6,0,12 Jun 15,"Brett & Wayde's Favorite Moments 3",""
S05,5,0,25 Dec 15,"Holiday Madness",""
S07,7,0,01 Jan 16,"Flashback to the First",""
S11,11,0,09 Dec 16,"Tanks for the Help",""
S09,9,0,16 Dec 16,"Sea-lebrity Edition: Trickster Tanks",""
S11,11,0,16 Dec 16,"We Fish You a Merry Christmas",""
S09,9,0,25 Dec 16,"Merry Fishmas: Tanks of Christmas Past (180 min)",""
S12,12,0,17 Feb 17,"Not-So- Freshwater Tank",""
S12,12,0,24 Feb 17,"Fish Out of Water",""
S12,12,0,03 Mar 17,"Nightmare Tanks",""
S09,9,0,10 Mar 17,"Tanks Again for the Help",""
S12,12,0,07 Jun 17,"Get the Fish Outta Here! - Snake Tank",""
S12,12,0,07 Jun 17,"Get the Fish Outta Here! - Scorpion Special",""
S12,12,0,21 Jun 17,"College Invasion: Fresh-Fish Orientation",""
S12,12,0,21 Jun 17,"College Invasion: School Spirit",""
S12,12,0,20 Oct 17,"Stranger Fins: The Archer Fish Strikes!",""
S12,12,0,20 Oct 17,"Stranger Fins: Fortune of Eel-even",""
S12,12,0,20 Oct 17,"Stranger Fins: Freaky Fish Fest",""