number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,20 Jul 11,"Who was the lady love of John Wayne Bobbitt?",""
2,1,2,27 Jul 11,"What Colour Is A Bichon Frise?",""
3,1,3,03 Aug 11,"Who Performed The 1987 Hit Song Time Of My Life?",""
4,1,4,10 Aug 11,"What is a Petard?",""
5,1,5,17 Aug 11,"Who wrote The Art of War?",""
6,1,6,24 Aug 11,"Which street In L.A. is jnown as Bad Boy Drive?",""
7,1,7,31 Aug 11,"What is the expression seize the day in Latin?",""
8,1,8,07 Sep 11,"What is a Pyrrhic Victory?",""
9,1,9,14 Sep 11,"Who said "I'm extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end?"",""
10,1,10,21 Sep 11,"Who said "Risk! Risk Anything?"",""
11,1,11,28 Sep 11,"Who had the hit single Look Back In Anger in 1996?",""
12,1,12,05 Oct 11,"Who said "A happy family is but an earlier heaven?"",""
13,1,13,12 Oct 11,""All the news that's fit to print" is the motto of which newspaper?",""
14,2,1,26 Aug 12,"Leopards changing their spots is in which book of the bible?",""
15,2,2,02 Sep 12,"Who was mad, bad and dangerous to know?",""
16,2,3,09 Sep 12,"How did the Emperor Tamarin get its name?",""
17,2,4,16 Sep 12,"Who is the patron saint of motherhood?",""
18,2,5,23 Sep 12,"Casanova was a famous lover, but which state did he spy for?",""
19,2,6,30 Sep 12,"According to Shakespeare, who was the noblest Roman?",""
20,2,7,07 Oct 12,"Who said "The only thing I'm addicted to right now is winning"?",""
21,2,8,14 Oct 12,"Suspicious Minds was first recorded in what year?",""
22,2,9,21 Oct 12,"Sea Horses mate for life, true or false?",""
23,2,10,28 Oct 12,"Who had an epiphany on the road to Damascus?",""
24,2,11,04 Nov 12,"Which Philosopher said "Have no friends not equal to yourself...?",""
25,2,12,11 Nov 12,"Which animal has the largest penis to body size ratio?",""
26,2,13,18 Nov 12,"The Final Countdown was a hit for which Swedish band?",""
27,3,1,11 Sep 13,"In Kramer Vs Kramer, Who Played The Divorcing Couple?",""
28,3,2,18 Sep 13,"Carrots Improve Your Eyesight, True Or False",""
29,3,3,25 Sep 13,"Who Said 'As Long As You know Men Are Like Children, You Know Everything' ?",""
30,3,4,02 Oct 13,"Around 100 New Zealanders Do What Every Day ?",""
31,3,5,09 Oct 13,"Which Disney Princess Sings 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes'?",""
32,3,6,16 Oct 13,"'She Can Ruin Your Faith With Her Casual Lies' Is From Which Song?",""
33,3,7,23 Oct 13,"What Is Hyperbole?",""
34,3,8,30 Oct 13,"Which Male Animal Pretends There's A Lion Around To Keep The Ladies Interested?",""
35,3,9,06 Nov 13,"In Maori Mythology, Who Are The Sky Father And Earth Mother?",""
36,3,10,13 Nov 13,"What Is The Meaning Of 'Primum Non Nocere'?",""
37,3,11,20 Nov 13,"What Is The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything?",""
38,3,12,27 Nov 13,"In Happy Days The Fonz Dated Which Set Of Sisters?",""
39,3,13,04 Dec 13,"Will You Brian, Take Emma To Be Your Wife?",""