number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Sep 74,"Joe",""
2,1,2,16 Sep 74,"You Can Go Home Again",""
3,1,3,23 Sep 74,"I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes",""
4,1,4,30 Sep 74,"Parents' Day",""
5,1,5,07 Oct 74,"The Lady in Red",""
6,1,6,14 Oct 74,"Pop Goes the Question",""
7,1,7,21 Oct 74,"The Shower",""
8,1,8,28 Oct 74,"Rhoda's Wedding (1)",""
9,1,9,28 Oct 74,"Rhoda's Wedding (2)",""
10,1,10,04 Nov 74,"The Honeymoon",""
11,1,11,11 Nov 74,"9-E is Available",""
12,1,12,18 Nov 74,"I'm a Little Late, Folks",""
13,1,13,25 Nov 74,"Anything Wrong?",""
14,1,14,02 Dec 74,"'S Wonderful",""
15,1,15,09 Dec 74,"Good-Bye Charlie",""
16,1,16,16 Dec 74,"Guess What I Got You for the Holidays",""
17,1,17,06 Jan 75,"Whattaya Think It's There For?",""
18,1,18,13 Jan 75,"Not Made for Each Other",""
19,1,19,20 Jan 75,"Strained Interlude",""
20,1,20,27 Jan 75,"Everything I Have is Yours, Almost",""
21,1,21,03 Feb 75,"Chest Pains",""
22,1,22,10 Feb 75,"Windows by Rhoda",""
23,1,23,24 Feb 75,"A Nice Warm Rut",""
24,1,24,03 Mar 75,"Ida, the Elf",""
25,1,25,10 Mar 75,"Along Comes Mary",""
26,2,1,08 Sep 75,"Kiss Your Epaulets Goodbye",""
27,2,2,15 Sep 75,"Rhoda Meets the Ex-Wife",""
28,2,3,22 Sep 75,"Ida's Doctor",""
29,2,4,29 Sep 75,"Mucho, Macho",""
30,2,5,06 Oct 75,"The Party",""
31,2,6,13 Oct 75,"Brenda's Unemployment",""
32,2,7,20 Oct 75,"With Friends Like These",""
33,2,8,27 Oct 75,"Somebody Down There Likes Him",""
34,2,9,03 Nov 75,"Call Me Grandma",""
35,2,10,10 Nov 75,"Myrna's Story",""
36,2,11,17 Nov 75,"Love Songs of J. Nicholas Lobo",""
37,2,12,24 Nov 75,"Friends and Mothers",""
38,2,13,01 Dec 75,"A Night with the Girls",""
39,2,14,08 Dec 75,"Bump in the Night",""
40,2,15,29 Dec 75,"If You Don't Tell Her, I Will",""
41,2,16,05 Jan 76,"Rhoda's Sellout",""
42,2,17,12 Jan 76,"Attack on Mr. Right",""
43,2,18,19 Jan 76,"If You Want to Shoot the Rapids You Have to Get Wet",""
44,2,19,26 Jan 76,"The Return of Billy Glass",""
45,2,20,02 Feb 76,"A Federal Case",""
46,2,21,09 Feb 76,"The Marty Morgan Story",""
47,2,22,16 Feb 76,"Let's Call It Love",""
48,2,23,23 Feb 76,"It's Not My Fault, Is It?",""
49,2,24,01 Mar 76,"Don't Give Up the Office",""
50,3,1,20 Sep 76,"The Separation",""
51,3,2,27 Sep 76,"Together Again for the First Time",""
52,3,3,04 Oct 76,"No Big Deal",""
53,3,4,11 Oct 76,"I Won't Dance",""
54,3,5,18 Oct 76,"H-e-e-e-r-e's Johnny",""
55,3,6,25 Oct 76,"Two Little Words - - Marriage Counselor",""
56,3,7,01 Nov 76,"An Elephant Never Forgets",""
57,3,8,08 Nov 76,"Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris",""
58,3,9,15 Nov 76,"Meet the Levys",""
59,3,10,29 Nov 76,"Man of the Year",""
60,3,11,13 Dec 76,"You Deserve a Break Today",""
61,3,12,20 Dec 76,"A Touch of Classy",""
62,3,13,27 Dec 76,"Guess Who I Saw Today",""
63,3,14,03 Jan 77,"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?",""
64,3,15,10 Jan 77,"Love for Sale",""
65,3,16,16 Jan 77,"A Night in the Emergency Room",""
66,3,17,23 Jan 77,"Somebody Has to Say They're Sorry",""
67,3,18,30 Jan 77,"The Ultimatum",""
68,3,19,06 Feb 77,"Rhoda's Mystery Man",""
69,3,20,13 Feb 77,"Nick Lobo, Superstar",""
70,3,21,20 Feb 77,"Nose Job",""
71,3,22,27 Feb 77,"The Second Time Around",""
72,3,23,06 Mar 77,"Pajama Party Bingo",""
73,3,24,13 Mar 77,"To Vegas with Love",""
74,4,1,02 Oct 77,"The Return of Ida",""
75,4,2,09 Oct 77,"The Job",""
76,4,3,16 Oct 77,"Lady's Choice",""
77,4,4,23 Oct 77,"One is a Number",""
78,4,5,30 Oct 77,"Ida Works Out",""
79,4,6,06 Nov 77,"Rhoda Likes Mike",""
80,4,7,13 Nov 77,"The Weekend",""
81,4,8,04 Dec 77,"Home Movies",""
82,4,9,11 Dec 77,"Johnny's Solo Flight",""
83,4,10,25 Dec 77,"Who's Shy?",""
84,4,11,08 Jan 78,"Blind Date",""
85,4,12,14 Jan 78,"Ida Alone",""
86,4,13,22 Jan 78,"All Work and No Play",""
87,4,14,29 Jan 78,"Happy Anniversary",""
88,4,15,05 Feb 78,"The Jack Story",""
89,4,16,12 Feb 78,"Rhoda Cheats",""
90,4,17,19 Feb 78,"Gary and Ida",""
91,4,18,26 Feb 78,"As Time Goes By",""
92,4,19,05 Mar 78,"Two's Company",""
93,4,20,12 Mar 78,"Brenda and the Bank Girl",""
94,4,21,02 Apr 78,"So Long, Lucky",""
95,4,22,09 Apr 78,"Jack's Back",""
96,4,23,16 Apr 78,"Five for the Road (1)",""
97,4,24,23 Apr 78,"Five for the Road (2)",""
98,5,1,23 Sep 78,"Martin Doesn't Live Here Anymore",""
99,5,2,30 Sep 78,"In Search of Martin",""
100,5,3,07 Oct 78,"Rhoda vs. Ida",""
101,5,4,14 Oct 78,"Brenda Gets Engaged",""
102,5,5,21 Oct 78,"Meet the Goodwins",""
103,5,6,28 Oct 78,"Ida's Roommate",""
104,5,7,11 Nov 78,"Martin Comes Home",""
105,5,8,02 Dec 78,"Jack's New Image",""
106,5,9,09 Dec 78,"The Total Brenda",""
107,5,10,         ,"The Date in the Iron Mask",""
108,5,11,         ,"Martin Swallows His Heart",""
109,5,12,         ,"Earl's Helping Hand",""
110,5,13,         ,"Brenda Runs Away",""