number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Sep 69,"Richie's Story",""
2,1,2,24 Sep 69,"Naked Came We Into the World",""
3,1,3,01 Oct 69,"Funny Boy",""
4,1,4,08 Oct 69,"The Coat",""
5,1,5,15 Oct 69,"The Flu",""
6,1,6,22 Oct 69,"First We'll Eat, Then We'll Strike",""
7,1,7,29 Oct 69,"Teacher's Dropping Out",""
8,1,8,05 Nov 69,"Our Teacher is Obsolete",""
9,1,9,12 Nov 69,"Triple Date",""
10,1,10,19 Nov 69,"Fathers and Sons",""
11,1,11,26 Nov 69,"Alice in Blunderland",""
12,1,12,03 Dec 69,"Clothes Make the Boy",""
13,1,13,10 Dec 69,"Seventeen Going On Twenty-Eight",""
14,1,14,17 Dec 69,"The Exchange Teacher",""
15,1,15,24 Dec 69,"El Genio",""
16,1,16,31 Dec 69,"Arizona State Loves You",""
17,1,17,07 Jan 70,"Operation Sandpile",""
18,1,18,14 Jan 70,"Play it Loose",""
19,1,19,21 Jan 70,"Goodbye, Mr. Hip",""
20,1,20,28 Jan 70,"Once Upon a Time There Was Air You Couldn't See",""
21,1,21,11 Feb 70,"The Whole World Can Hear You",""
22,1,22,18 Feb 70,"Ralph",""
23,1,23,25 Feb 70,"I Love You Charlie, I Love You Abbie",""
24,1,24,04 Mar 70,"The New Boy",""
25,1,25,11 Mar 70,"Funny Money",""
26,1,26,18 Mar 70,"Just Between Friends",""
27,2,1,23 Sep 70,"Write On, Brother",""
28,2,2,30 Sep 70,"The Laughing Majority",""
29,2,3,07 Oct 70,"The Lincoln Story",""
30,2,4,14 Oct 70,"Adam's Lib",""
31,2,5,21 Oct 70,"Choose One: And They Lived (Happily/Unhappily) Ever After",""
32,2,6,28 Oct 70,"Captain of the Team",""
33,2,7,04 Nov 70,"Only a Rose",""
34,2,8,11 Nov 70,"The Fuzz That Grooved",""
35,2,9,18 Nov 70,"Half Way",""
36,2,10,25 Nov 70,"Dreams of Glory",""
37,2,11,02 Dec 70,"The Valedictorion",""
38,2,12,16 Dec 70,"Mel Wertz and the Nickel-Plated Toothpick",""
39,2,13,23 Dec 70,"What Would We Do Without Bobbie?",""
40,2,14,06 Jan 71,"Cheating",""
41,2,15,13 Jan 71,"How About That Cherry Tree",""
42,2,16,20 Jan 71,"Mr. Bomberg",""
43,2,17,27 Jan 71,"The Long Honeymoon",""
44,2,18,03 Feb 71,"Opportunity Room",""
45,2,19,10 Feb 71,"The Last Full Moon",""
46,2,20,17 Feb 71,"Hip Hip Hooray",""
47,2,21,03 Mar 71,"Paul Revere Rides Again",""
48,2,22,10 Mar 71,"I Hate You, Silas Marner",""
49,2,23,17 Mar 71,"You Can Take a Big Boy Out of the Country but...",""
50,2,24,24 Mar 71,"If It's Not Here, Where is It?",""
51,2,25,31 Mar 71,"Laura Fay, You're Okay!",""
52,2,26,07 Apr 71,"A Sort of Loving",""
53,3,1,17 Sep 71,"KWWH",""
54,3,2,24 Sep 71,"The Stutterer",""
55,3,3,01 Oct 71,"America's Guest",""
56,3,4,08 Oct 71,"Welcome Back, Miss Brown",""
57,3,5,15 Oct 71,"Hi, Dad",""
58,3,6,22 Oct 71,"Suitable for Framing",""
59,3,7,29 Oct 71,"Hail and Farewell",""
60,3,8,05 Nov 71,"Who's Benedict Arnold?",""
61,3,9,12 Nov 71,"Stay Awhile, Mr. Dream-Chaser",""
62,3,10,19 Nov 71,"Dixon's Raiders",""
63,3,11,03 Dec 71,"What is a Man?",""
64,3,12,10 Dec 71,"The Sins of the Father",""
65,3,13,17 Dec 71,"They Love Me, They Love Me Not",""
66,3,14,31 Dec 71,"The Fading of the Elegant Beast",""
67,3,15,07 Jan 72,"House Made of Dark Mist",""
68,3,16,14 Jan 72,"Where is it Written?",""
69,3,17,21 Jan 72,"And in This Corner...",""
70,3,18,28 Jan 72,"We Hold These Truths...",""
71,3,19,04 Feb 72,"Suing Means Saying You're Sorry",""
72,3,20,11 Feb 72,"I Gave My Love...",""
73,3,21,18 Feb 72,"The Witch of Whitman High",""
74,3,22,25 Feb 72,"The Quitter",""
75,3,23,03 Mar 72,"There's No Fool Like...",""
76,4,1,15 Sep 72,"A Little Flyer on the Market",""
77,4,2,22 Sep 72,"I Wonder if January 15 Will Ever Come Again?",""
78,4,3,29 Sep 72,"Just Call Me Mr. Sahigmetsu",""
79,4,4,06 Oct 72,"And He's Not Even Lovable",""
80,4,5,13 Oct 72,"Hands Across the Sea",""
81,4,6,20 Oct 72,"The Imposter",""
82,4,7,27 Oct 72,"Lift, Thrust, and Drag",""
83,4,8,03 Nov 72,"You Don't Know Me, He Said",""
84,4,9,10 Nov 72,"Walt Whitman Goes Bananas",""
85,4,10,17 Nov 72,"Bleep",""
86,4,11,24 Nov 72,"Shoestring Catch",""
87,4,12,01 Dec 72,"Elizabeth Brown is Failing",""
88,4,13,08 Dec 72,"Mr. Wrong",""
89,4,14,22 Dec 72,"The Nichols Girl",""
90,4,15,05 Jan 73,"Pardon Me, Your Apathy is Showing",""
91,4,16,12 Jan 73,"Rights of Others",""
92,4,17,19 Jan 73,"Man, If You're So Smart...",""
93,4,18,02 Feb 73,"The Hand That Feeds",""
94,4,19,09 Feb 73,"Fifteen Years and What Do You Get?",""
95,4,20,16 Feb 73,"Someone Special",""
96,4,21,23 Feb 73,"A Hairy Escape",""
97,4,22,02 Mar 73,"The Noon Goon",""
98,4,23,09 Mar 73,"To Go with the Bubbles",""
99,5,1,14 Sep 73,"I've Got the Hammer, If You've Got the Thumb",""
100,5,2,21 Sep 73,"Of Smoke-Filled Rooms",""
101,5,3,28 Sep 73,"Can Nun Be One Too Many?",""
102,5,4,05 Oct 73,"No Island is an Island",""
103,5,5,26 Oct 73,"Twenty-Five Words or Less",""
104,5,6,02 Nov 73,"Pete's Protege",""
105,5,7,09 Nov 73,"Love is a Many Splintered Thing",""
106,5,8,16 Nov 73,"Pi in the Sky",""
107,5,9,30 Nov 73,"Mismatch Maker",""
108,5,10,07 Dec 73,"Here's to the Boy Most Likely",""
109,5,11,21 Dec 73,"El Greco to Jason",""
110,5,12,28 Dec 73,"MPG",""
111,5,13,04 Jan 74,"I Didn't Raise My Girl to Be a Soldier",""
112,5,14,11 Jan 74,"Cry, Uncle",""