number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Jul 69,"Potent Perfume",""
2,1,2,01 Aug 69,"The Photographer",""
3,1,3,08 Aug 69,"Aristocracy and Crime",""
4,1,4,15 Aug 69,"Torremolinos, Costa Del Sol or Southport?",""
5,2,1,07 Jan 71,"The Wedding",""
6,2,2,14 Jan 71,"Look Before You Leap",""
7,2,3,21 Jan 71,"The Holiday Fund",""
8,2,4,28 Jan 71,"The Engagement",""
9,2,5,04 Feb 71,"The Good Samaritans",""
10,2,6,11 Feb 71,"Three's a Crowd",""
11,2,7,18 Feb 71,"The New Neighbour",""
12,2,8,25 Feb 71,"The New Flat",""
13,2,9,04 Mar 71,"The Dog",""
14,2,10,11 Mar 71,"Grandad",""
15,2,11,18 Mar 71,"Mother's Day",""
16,2,12,25 Mar 71,"Promotion",""
17,3,1,11 Feb 72,"One's a Crowd",""
18,3,2,18 Feb 72,"Birds on the Dole",""
19,3,3,25 Feb 72,"Good Little Girls Should Be in Bed",""
20,3,4,03 Mar 72,"Birds on a Strike",""
21,3,5,10 Mar 72,"Fella-a-Day Girl",""
22,3,6,17 Mar 72,"Birds and Bottom Drawers",""
23,3,7,24 Mar 72,"The Christening",""
24,3,8,31 Mar 72,"Birds on Horseback",""
25,3,9,07 Apr 72,"St. Valentine's Day",""
26,3,10,14 Apr 72,"Birds in the Club",""
27,3,11,28 Apr 72,"The Driving Test",""
28,3,12,05 May 72,"Liverpool or Everton",""
29,3,13,12 May 72,"The Parrot",""
30,4,1,02 Jan 74,"Anybody Here Seen Thingy?",""
31,4,2,09 Jan 74,"Friends at First Sight",""
32,4,3,16 Jan 74,"Life Is Just a Bowl of Sugar",""
33,4,4,23 Jan 74,"Where's Beryl?",""
34,4,5,30 Jan 74,"Girl Saturday",""
35,4,6,06 Feb 74,"Pack Up Your Troubles",""
36,4,7,13 Feb 74,"Have Hen Will Travel",""
37,4,8,20 Feb 74,"Love Is...",""
38,4,9,27 Feb 74,"Anyone for Freedom?",""
39,4,10,06 Mar 74,"Follow That Ring",""
40,4,11,13 Mar 74,"The Bride That Went Away",""
41,4,12,20 Mar 74,"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie",""
42,4,13,03 Apr 74,"And Then There Was One",""
43,5,1,05 Sep 75,"It Takes All Kinds",""
44,5,2,12 Sep 75,"Look After the Children...",""
45,5,3,19 Sep 75,"You've Got to Laugh",""
46,5,4,26 Sep 75,"Love Is a Many Stupid Thing",""
47,5,5,03 Oct 75,"Dinner for Three",""
48,5,6,10 Oct 75,"The Lily and the Dandelion",""
49,5,7,17 Oct 75,"Everybody Is Beautiful",""
50,6,1,13 Feb 76,"Facing Up to Life",""
51,6,2,20 Feb 76,"The Maypole",""
52,6,3,27 Feb 76,"Honey",""
53,6,4,05 Mar 76,"The Never-Ending End",""
54,6,5,12 Mar 76,"Badgers and Otters",""
55,7,1,17 Oct 76,"Friends and Lovers",""
56,7,2,24 Oct 76,"She Dreams a Lot",""
57,7,3,31 Oct 76,"A Mark on the World",""
58,7,4,07 Nov 76,"Love 'Em -- And Almost Leave 'Em",""
59,7,5,14 Nov 76,"Oh, The Shame of It",""
60,7,6,21 Nov 76,"Cry, Please",""
61,7,7,28 Nov 76,"The Nearly Hat",""
62,7,8,05 Dec 76,"Yellow and Green Make Blue",""
63,8,1,23 Sep 77,"Something Beginning",""
64,8,2,30 Sep 77,"The Flower Picker",""
65,8,3,07 Oct 77,"You've No Idea What I've Been Through",""
66,8,4,14 Oct 77,"God Bless Us and Save Us",""
67,8,5,21 Oct 77,"They Decide Up There What Goes on Down Here",""
68,8,6,28 Oct 77,"The Edge",""
69,8,7,04 Nov 77,"The Struggle",""
70,9,1,24 Nov 78,"There's No Place Like Away from Home",""
71,9,2,01 Dec 78,"The Sixth Day",""
72,9,3,08 Dec 78,"Various Kinds of Old",""
73,9,4,15 Dec 78,"Weeds",""
74,9,5,29 Dec 78,"Somewhere to Live...Somewhere to Love",""
75,9,6,05 Jan 79,"The Best Things in Life Are Not Free",""
76,10,1,06 May 96,"Hello Again",""
77,10,2,13 May 96,"Mrs. Boswell Comes to Call",""
78,10,3,20 May 96,"Spare That Tree!",""
79,10,4,27 May 96,"On the Town",""
80,10,5,03 Jun 96,"Going Into Hospital",""
81,10,6,17 Jun 96,"Out of Hospital",""
82,10,7,24 Jun 96,"Moving Out?",""