number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Sep 74,"The Golden Cage",""
2,1,2,18 Sep 74,"Music to Die By",""
3,1,3,25 Sep 74,"By Reason of Madness",""
4,1,4,02 Oct 74,"Edge of Evil",""
5,1,5,09 Oct 74,"A Life for a Life",""
6,1,6,23 Oct 74,"Death in High Places",""
7,1,7,30 Oct 74,"The Double Negative",""
8,1,8,06 Nov 74,"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall",""
9,1,9,13 Nov 74,"An Act of Love",""
10,1,10,27 Nov 74,"A Very Lonely Lady",""
11,1,11,04 Dec 74,"Counterploy",""
12,1,12,18 Dec 74,"A Covenant with Evil",""
13,1,13,15 Jan 75,"The Sleep of Reason",""
14,1,14,22 Jan 75,"A Fallen Idol",""
15,1,15,29 Jan 75,"Once Upon a Victim",""
16,1,16,05 Feb 75,"The Kidnapping",""
17,1,17,19 Feb 75,"A Lonely Victim",""
18,1,18,26 Feb 75,"The Outsiders",""
19,1,19,05 Mar 75,"Vengeance in White",""
20,1,20,12 Mar 75,"Four the Hard Way",""
21,1,21,26 Mar 75,"Death in Small Doses",""
22,1,22,02 Apr 75,"A Night of Terror",""
23,2,1,10 Sep 75,"Shadow of Fear",""
24,2,2,17 Sep 75,"Mark of Cain",""
25,2,3,24 Sep 75,"Five Yards of Trouble",""
26,2,4,01 Oct 75,"One Killer Too Many",""
27,2,5,08 Oct 75,"Chain of Command",""
28,2,6,29 Oct 75,"To See No Evil",""
29,2,7,05 Nov 75,"Terror on Wheels",""
30,2,8,12 Nov 75,"The Gamblers",""
31,2,9,10 Dec 75,"Terror by the Book",""
32,2,10,17 Dec 75,"Face of Evil",""
33,2,11,24 Dec 75,"Too Many Alibis",""
34,2,12,31 Dec 75,"A Deadly Vow",""
35,2,13,21 Jan 76,"The Falling Star",""
36,2,14,28 Jan 76,"Survival",""
37,2,15,04 Feb 76,"The Night Visitor",""
38,2,16,11 Feb 76,"Blood Money",""
39,2,17,18 Feb 76,"Any Number Can Die",""
40,2,18,25 Feb 76,"Six Strings of Guilt",""
41,2,19,03 Mar 76,"Deadly Journey",""
42,2,20,10 Mar 76,"The Pay-Off",""
43,2,21,17 Mar 76,"Shadow of a Doubt",""
44,2,22,24 Mar 76,"Jubilee Jones",""
S01,1,0,16 Mar 74,"Night Games (90 min)",""