number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Jun 66,"Arguments, Arguments",""
2,1,2,13 Jun 66,"Hair Raising",""
3,1,3,20 Jun 66,"A House with Love in It",""
4,1,4,27 Jun 66,"Intolerance",""
5,1,5,04 Jul 66,"Two Toilets...That's Posh",""
6,1,6,18 Jul 66,"From LIverpool with Love",""
7,1,7,01 Aug 66,"Claustrophobia",""
8,2,1,26 Dec 66,"Peace and Goodwill",""
9,2,2,02 Jan 67,"Sex Before Marriage",""
10,2,3,09 Jan 67,"I Can Give It Up Any Time I Like",""
11,2,4,16 Jan 67,"The Bulldog Breed",""
12,2,5,23 Jan 67,"Caviar on the Dole",""
13,2,6,30 Jan 67,"A Woman's Place Is in the Home",""
14,2,7,06 Feb 67,"A Wapping Mythology (The Workers' King)",""
15,2,8,13 Feb 67,"In Sickness and in Health",""
16,2,9,20 Feb 67,"State Visit",""
17,2,10,27 Feb 67,"Alf's Dilemma",""
18,3,1,05 Jan 68,"The Phone",""
19,3,2,12 Jan 68,"The Blood Donor",""
20,3,3,19 Jan 68,"Monopoly",""
21,3,4,26 Jan 68,"The Funeral",""
22,3,5,02 Feb 68,"Football",""
23,3,6,09 Feb 68,"The Puppy",""
24,3,7,16 Feb 68,"Aunt Maud",""
25,4,1,13 Sep 72,"To Garnett a Grandson",""
26,4,2,20 Sep 72,"Pigeon Fancier",""
27,4,3,27 Sep 72,"Holiday in Bournemouth",""
28,4,4,11 Oct 72,"Dock Pilfering",""
29,4,5,18 Oct 72,"Up the Hammers",""
30,4,6,25 Oct 72,"Alf's Broken Leg",""
31,5,1,02 Jan 74,"TV Licence",""
32,5,2,09 Jan 74,"The Royal Wedding",""
33,5,3,23 Jan 74,"Strikes and Blackouts",""
34,5,4,30 Jan 74,"Three Day Week",""
35,5,5,05 Feb 74,"Gran's Watch",""
36,5,6,12 Feb 74,"Party Night",""
37,5,7,28 Feb 74,"Paki-Paddy",""
38,6,1,08 Jan 75,"Phone Call to Else",""
39,6,2,15 Jan 75,"Marital Bliss",""
40,6,3,22 Jan 75,"Wedgie Ben",""
41,6,4,29 Jan 75,"The Wake",""
42,6,5,05 Feb 75,"Christmas Club Books",""
43,6,6,12 Feb 75,"The Letter",""
44,7,1,05 Nov 75,"Moving in with Min",""
45,7,2,12 Nov 75,"Min the Housekeeper",""
46,7,3,19 Nov 75,"Drunk in Charge of a Bicycle",""
47,7,4,26 Nov 75,"Window",""
48,7,5,03 Dec 75,"A Hole in One",""
49,7,6,17 Dec 75,"Unemployment",""
S01,1,0,22 Jul 65,"Pilot",""