number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Sep 98,"Putting Two 'n Two Together",""
2,1,2,02 Oct 98,"The Tutor",""
3,1,3,09 Oct 98,"Prelude to a Kiss",""
4,1,4,16 Oct 98,"First Crush",""
5,1,5,23 Oct 98,"Breaking Them Up Is Hard to Do",""
6,1,6,30 Oct 98,"Nightmare on Carrie's Street",""
7,1,7,06 Nov 98,"The Heartbreak Kid",""
8,1,8,13 Nov 98,"You've Got a Friend",""
9,1,9,20 Nov 98,"Model Behavior",""
10,1,10,27 Nov 98,"Peeping Twins",""
11,1,11,11 Dec 98,"A Very Carrie Christmas",""
12,1,12,08 Jan 99,"Let's Dance",""
13,1,13,15 Jan 99,"Split Decision",""
14,1,14,29 Jan 99,"My Boyfriend's Back",""
15,1,15,12 Feb 99,"No Man's Land",""
16,1,16,19 Feb 99,"Carrie Moves In",""
17,1,17,26 Feb 99,"Mr. Right Under Your Nose",""
18,1,18,12 Mar 99,"Welcome Matt",""
19,1,19,19 Mar 99,"The Odd Couples",""
20,1,20,26 Mar 99,"When a Man Leaves a Woman",""
21,1,21,02 Apr 99,"The Goodbye Girl",""
22,1,22,09 Jul 99,"Kevin Burke's Day Off",""