number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Jan 02,"Lost My Marbles",""
2,1,2,22 Jan 02,"Castleblanca",""
3,1,3,23 Jan 02,"R-Fair City",""
4,1,4,24 Jan 02,"Snow Day to be Exact",""
5,1,5,25 Jan 02,"Sensible Flats",""
6,1,6,28 Jan 02,"Zeus on the Loose",""
7,1,7,29 Jan 02,"The Poddleville Case",""
8,1,8,30 Jan 02,"And They Counted Happily Ever After",""
9,1,9,31 Jan 02,"Clock Like An Egyptian",""
10,1,10,01 Feb 02,"Secrets of Symmetria",""
11,1,11,04 Feb 02,"A Day at the Spa",""
12,1,12,05 Feb 02,"Of All the Luck",""
13,1,13,06 Feb 02,"Eureeka",""
14,1,14,07 Feb 02,"Cool It",""
15,1,15,08 Feb 02,"Find Those Gleamers",""
16,1,16,11 Feb 02,"Codename: Icky",""
17,1,17,12 Feb 02,"Return to Sensible Flats",""
18,1,18,13 Feb 02,"Problem Solving in Shangri-La",""
19,1,19,14 Feb 02,"Send in the Clones",""
20,1,20,14 Mar 02,"Trading Places",""
21,1,21,03 Jul 02,"Less Than Zero",""
22,1,22,10 Jul 02,"Model Behavior",""
23,1,23,17 Jul 02,"Fortress of Attitude",""
24,1,24,24 Jul 02,"Size Me Up",""
25,1,25,31 Jul 02,"A Battle of Equals",""
26,1,26,07 Aug 02,"Out of Sync",""
27,2,1,14 Feb 03,"Hugs & Witches",""
28,2,2,31 Mar 03,"Totally Rad",""
29,2,3,01 Apr 03,"Harriet Hippo & the Mean Green",""
30,2,4,02 Apr 03,"True Colors",""
31,2,5,03 Apr 03,"All the Right Angles",""
32,2,6,07 May 03,"Mother's Day",""
33,2,7,14 May 03,"The Eye of Rom",""
34,2,8,21 May 03,"A Whale of a Tale",""
35,2,9,28 May 03,"Double Trouble",""
36,2,10,15 Sep 03,"Raising The Bar",""
37,2,11,16 Sep 03,"The Wedding Scammer",""
38,2,12,17 Sep 03,"The Guilty Party",""
39,2,13,18 Sep 03,"A Time To Cook",""
40,2,14,31 Oct 03,"Trick or Treat",""
41,3,1,03 May 04,"Ecohaven Cse",""
42,3,2,04 May 04,"The Borg of the Ring",""
43,3,3,05 May 04,"A World Without Zero",""
44,3,4,06 May 04,"A Piece of the Action",""
45,3,5,07 May 04,"The Creech Who Would Be Crowned",""
46,3,6,16 Sep 04,"The Grapes of Plath",""
47,3,7,23 Sep 04,"A Perfect Fit",""
48,3,8,30 Sep 04,"Be Reasonable",""
49,3,9,07 Oct 04,"The Snelfu Snafu (1)",""
50,3,10,14 Oct 04,"The Snelfu Snafu (2)",""
51,3,11,31 Dec 04,"Starlight Night",""
52,3,12,28 Oct 04,"Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets",""
53,4,1,15 Apr 05,"Balancing Act",""
54,4,2,25 Jul 05,"Hackers Transformation: Part 1 (The Icky Factor)",""
55,4,3,26 Jul 05,"Hackers Transformation: Part 2 (Penguin Tears)",""
56,4,4,27 Jul 05,"Hackers Transformation: Part 3 (Past Perfect Prediction)",""
57,4,5,28 Jul 05,"Hackers Transformation: Part 4 (Measure for Measure)",""
58,4,6,03 Oct 05,"A Change of Art",""
59,4,7,04 Oct 05,"The Case of the Missing Memory",""
60,4,8,05 Oct 05,"A Crinkle in Time",""
61,4,9,06 Oct 05,"A Broom Of One's Own",""
62,4,10,07 Oct 05,"A Tikiville Turkey Day",""
63,5,1,31 Oct 06,"The Halloween Howl",""
64,5,2,27 Nov 06,"A Clean Sweep",""
65,5,3,28 Nov 06,"Designing Mr. Perfect",""
66,5,4,29 Nov 06,"EcoHaven Ooze",""
67,5,5,30 Nov 06,"The Fairy Borg Father",""
68,5,6,16 Apr 07,"The Flying Parallinis",""
69,5,7,17 Apr 07,"Crystal Clear",""
70,5,8,18 Apr 07,"Inside Hacker",""
71,5,9,19 Apr 07,"On the Line",""
72,5,10,03 Sep 07,"A Fraction of a Chance",""
73,6,1,07 Nov 07,"Digit's B-Day Surprise",""
74,6,2,12 Dec 07,"When Penguins Fly",""
75,6,3,19 Feb 08,"Unhappily Ever After",""
76,6,4,20 Feb 08,"Escape From Merlin's Maze",""
77,6,5,21 Feb 08,"Step By Step",""
78,6,6,08 Apr 08,"Team Spirit",""
79,6,7,09 Apr 08,"Jimaya Jam",""
80,6,8,10 Apr 08,"A Perfect Score",""
81,6,9,11 Apr 08,"Chaos as Usual",""
82,6,10,27 Oct 08,"Spheres of Fears",""
83,7,1,20 Apr 09,"Gone With The Fog",""
84,7,2,21 Apr 09,"The Emperor Has Snow Clothes",""
85,7,3,22 Apr 09,"The X-Factor",""
86,7,4,23 Apr 09,"Blowin' in the Wind",""
87,7,5,18 Jun 09,"Fathers Day",""
88,7,6,05 Oct 09,"The Deedle Beast",""
89,7,7,06 Oct 09,"Spellbound",""
90,8,1,25 Jun 10,"The Hackers Challenge",""
91,8,2,02 Jul 10,"Face-Off",""
92,8,3,09 Jul 10,"Peace, Love, and Hackerness",""
93,8,4,16 Jul 10,"Hackerized!",""
94,8,5,23 Jul 10,"The Bluebird of Zappiness",""
95,9,1,04 Nov 13,"An Urchin Matter",""
96,9,2,05 Nov 13,"Going Solar",""
97,9,3,06 Nov 13,"Trash Creep",""
98,9,4,15 Apr 14,"The Cyberchase Movie: Part 1",""
99,9,5,15 Apr 14,"The Cyberchase Movie: Part 2",""
100,10,1,09 Nov 15,"Fit to Be Heroes",""
101,10,2,10 Nov 15,"A Recipe for Chaos",""
102,10,3,11 Nov 15,"A Seedy Business",""
103,10,4,12 Nov 15,"Parks and Recreation",""
104,10,5,13 Nov 15,"Bottled Up",""
105,11,1,23 Oct 17,"Watts of Halloween Trouble",""
106,11,2,26 Dec 17,"Creech's Creature Quandary",""
107,11,3,27 Dec 17,"A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos",""
108,11,4,28 Dec 17,"Plantasaurus!",""
109,11,5,29 Dec 17,"A Reboot Eve to Remember",""
110,11,6,16 Apr 18,"Housewarming Party",""
111,11,7,17 Apr 18,"Invasion of the Funky Flower",""
112,11,8,18 Apr 18,"A Renewable Hope",""
113,11,9,19 Apr 18,"The Migration Situation",""
114,11,10,20 Apr 18,"Back to Canalia's Future",""
115,12,1,19 Apr 19,"Space Waste Odyssey (1)",""
116,12,2,19 Apr 19,"Space Waste Odyssey (2)",""
117,12,3,22 Nov 19,"Giving Thanks Day",""
118,12,4,14 Feb 20,"A Garden Grows in Botlyn",""
119,12,5,17 Apr 20,"Missing Bats in Sensible Flats",""
120,12,6,17 Apr 20,"Water Woes",""
121,12,7,17 Apr 20,"Soil Turmoil",""
122,12,8,17 Apr 20,"Hacker Hugs a Tree",""
123,12,9,08 May 20,"Pursuit of the Prism of Power",""
124,12,10,08 May 20,"Composting in the Clutch`",""
125,12,11,08 May 20,"A Camping Conundrum",""
126,12,12,08 May 20,"Journey of a Thousand Food Miles",""