number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Apr 99,"Scoop Saves the Day",""
2,1,2,19 Apr 99,"Travis Paints the Town",""
3,1,3,26 Apr 99,"Bob Saves the Hedgehogs",""
4,1,4,10 May 99,"Pilchard in a Pickle",""
5,1,5,17 May 99,"Muck Gets Stuck",""
6,1,6,24 May 99,"Wendy's Busy Day",""
7,1,7,07 Jun 99,"Bob's Bugle",""
8,1,8,14 Jun 99,"Buffalo Bob",""
9,1,9,05 Jul 99,"Travis and Scoop's Race Day",""
10,1,10,12 Jul 99,"Bob's Birthday",""
11,1,11,19 Jul 99,"Naughty Spud",""
12,1,12,26 Jul 99,"Scary Spud",""
13,1,13,02 Aug 99,"Bob's Barnraising",""
14,2,1,11 Oct 99,"Spud the Spanner",""
15,2,2,18 Oct 99,"Wallpaper Wendy",""
16,2,3,25 Oct 99,"Runaway Roley",""
17,2,4,01 Nov 99,"Bob's Big Surprise",""
18,2,5,08 Nov 99,"Dizzy's Statues",""
19,2,6,15 Nov 99,"Lofty to the Rescue",""
20,2,7,22 Nov 99,"Wendy's Big Match",""
21,2,8,29 Nov 99,"Tea Set Travis",""
22,2,9,06 Dec 99,"Dizzy's Birdwatch",""
23,2,10,13 Dec 99,"Clocktower Bob",""
24,2,11,20 Dec 99,"Wendy's Tennis Court",""
25,2,12,27 Dec 99,"Bob's White Christmas",""
26,2,13,28 Dec 99,"Pilchard Goes Fishing",""
27,3,1,24 Dec 99,"Bob's Boots",""
28,3,2,31 Dec 99,"Mucky Muck",""
29,3,3,05 Jan 00,"Bob's Day Off",""
30,3,4,08 Jan 00,"Magnetic Lofty",""
31,3,5,15 Jan 00,"Roley's Tortoise",""
32,3,6,22 Jan 00,"Special Delivery Spud",""
33,3,7,05 Feb 00,"Pilchard's Breakfast",""
34,3,8,12 Feb 00,"Scoop's in Charge",""
35,3,9,02 Mar 00,"Scoop Has Some Fun",""
36,3,10,10 Mar 00,"Dizzy's Crazy Paving",""
37,3,11,17 Mar 00,"Spud and Squawk",""
38,3,12,24 Mar 00,"Muck's Sleep-Over",""
39,3,13,01 Apr 00,"Trailer Travis",""
40,4,1,12 Sep 00,"Roley and the Rock Star",""
41,4,2,19 Sep 00,"Scoop's Stegosaurus",""
42,4,3,26 Sep 00,"Sneezing Scoop",""
43,4,4,03 Oct 00,"Roley's Animal Rescue",""
44,4,5,10 Oct 00,"Scarecrow Dizzy",""
45,4,6,17 Oct 00,"One Shot Wendy",""
46,4,7,24 Oct 00,"Spud Lends a Hand",""
47,4,8,31 Oct 00,"Bob and the Bandstand",""
48,4,9,07 Nov 00,"Farmer Pickles' Pigpen",""
49,4,10,14 Nov 00,"Bob on the Run",""
50,4,11,21 Nov 00,"Forget-Me-Knot Bob",""
51,4,12,28 Nov 00,"Scruffty the Detective",""
52,4,13,05 Dec 00,"Watercolour Wendy",""
53,5,1,06 Jan 01,"Scruffty's Big Dig",""
54,5,2,13 Jan 01,"Inspector Spud",""
55,5,3,20 Jan 01,"Cock-a-Doodle Spud",""
56,5,4,27 Jan 01,"Wendy's Surprise Party",""
57,5,5,03 Feb 01,"Skateboard Spud",""
58,5,6,10 Feb 01,"Muck's Monster",""
59,5,7,17 Feb 01,"Spud the Dragon",""
60,5,8,24 Feb 01,"Pilchard Steals the Show",""
61,5,9,03 Mar 01,"Bob's Hide",""
62,5,10,10 Mar 01,"Bob's Auntie",""
63,5,11,17 Mar 01,"Bob and the Big Freeze",""
64,5,12,24 Mar 01,"Clumsy Roley",""
65,5,13,31 Mar 01,"Eskimo Bob",""
66,6,1,02 Sep 02,"Bob's Pizza",""
67,6,2,03 Sep 02,"Bob's Metal Detector",""
68,6,3,04 Sep 02,"Mr. Beasley's DIY Disaster",""
69,6,4,05 Sep 02,"Wendy's Removal Service",""
70,6,5,06 Sep 02,"Lofty and the Rabbits",""
71,6,6,07 Sep 02,"Lofty and the Giant Carrot",""
72,6,7,08 Sep 02,"Bob's Egg and Spoon Race",""
73,6,8,09 Sep 02,"Trix's Tiles",""
74,6,9,10 Sep 02,"Mr. Sabatini's Smashing Day",""
75,6,10,11 Sep 02,"Roley to the Rescue",""
76,6,11,12 Sep 02,"Spud's Big Splash",""
77,6,12,13 Sep 02,"Spud the Musketeer",""
78,6,13,14 Sep 02,"Wendy's Magic Birthday",""
79,7,1,03 Feb 03,"Mr. Beasley's New Friends",""
80,7,2,04 Feb 03,"Spud the Pilot",""
81,7,3,05 Feb 03,"Trix and the Otters",""
82,7,4,06 Feb 03,"Speedy Skip",""
83,7,5,07 Feb 03,"Mr. Ellis' Exhibition",""
84,7,6,10 Feb 03,"Bob and the Badgers",""
85,7,7,11 Feb 03,"Bob and the Goalie",""
86,7,8,12 Feb 03,"Dizzy Goes Camping",""
87,7,9,13 Feb 03,"Pilchard's Pets",""
88,7,10,14 Feb 03,"Snowman Scoop",""
89,7,11,17 Feb 03,"Lofty's Long Load",""
90,7,12,18 Feb 03,"Hamish's New Home",""
91,7,13,20 Feb 03,"Dizzy the Sheepdog",""
92,8,1,01 Sep 03,"Bob the Photographer",""
93,8,2,08 Sep 03,"Mr. Bentley's Trains",""
94,8,3,15 Sep 03,"Wendy's Big Night Out",""
95,8,4,22 Sep 03,"Racing Muck",""
96,8,5,29 Sep 03,"Mr. Beasley's Noisy Pipes",""
97,8,6,06 Oct 03,"Lofty's Jungle Fun",""
98,8,7,13 Oct 03,"Ballroom Bob",""
99,8,8,20 Oct 03,"Molly's Fashion Show",""
100,8,9,27 Oct 03,"Spud and the Doves",""
101,8,10,03 Nov 03,"First Aid Molly",""
102,8,11,10 Nov 03,"Mr Bentley: Dogsitter",""
103,8,12,17 Nov 03,"Travis Gets Lucky",""
104,8,13,24 Nov 03,"Scruffty on Guard",""
105,9,1,03 Apr 04,"Scoop the Disco Digger",""
106,9,2,04 Apr 04,"Bob the Farmer",""
107,9,3,10 Apr 04,"Lofty the Artist",""
108,9,4,11 Apr 04,"Spud's Statue",""
109,9,5,17 Apr 04,"Pilchard and the Field Mice",""
110,9,6,18 Apr 04,"Trix's Pumpkin Pie",""
111,9,7,24 Apr 04,"Where's Muck?",""
112,9,8,25 Apr 04,"Travis's Busy Day",""
113,9,9,01 May 04,"Muck's Surprise",""
114,9,10,02 May 04,"Skip's Big Idea",""
115,9,11,08 May 04,"Roley's Important Job",""
116,9,12,09 May 04,"Trix and the Bug",""
117,9,13,20 Dec 04,"Mr. Bentley's Winter Fair",""
118,10,1,02 May 05,"Bob's Big Plan",""
119,10,2,03 May 05,"Bob's Fresh Start",""
120,10,3,04 May 05,"Lofty's Shelter",""
121,10,4,05 May 05,"Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie",""
122,10,5,06 May 05,"Scoop's Recruit",""
123,10,6,09 May 05,"Where's Robert?",""
124,10,7,10 May 05,"Wendy's Welcome",""
125,10,8,11 May 05,"Roley's New Friend",""
126,10,9,12 May 05,"Two Scoops",""
127,10,10,13 May 05,"Benny's Back!",""
128,10,11,16 May 05,"Spud's Straw Surprise",""
129,10,12,17 May 05,"Off-Road Scrambler",""
130,10,13,18 May 05,"Meet Marjorie",""
131,10,14,19 May 05,"Muck's Mud Hut",""
132,10,15,20 May 05,"Wendy's Party Plan",""
133,11,1,01 Aug 05,"Scrambler in the Doghouse",""
134,11,2,02 Aug 05,"Benny's Important Job",""
135,11,3,03 Aug 05,"Put-It-Together Spud",""
136,11,4,04 Aug 05,"Roley's Round-Up",""
137,11,5,05 Aug 05,"Dizzy the Detective",""
138,11,6,08 Aug 05,"Two-Jobs Travis",""
139,11,7,09 Aug 05,"Scrambler and the Colorful Cave",""
140,11,8,10 Aug 05,"Spud's Bumper Harvest",""
141,11,9,11 Aug 05,"Muck's Convoy",""
142,11,10,12 Aug 05,"While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play",""
143,11,11,15 Aug 05,"Bob's Three Jobs",""
144,11,12,16 Aug 05,"Scoop Knows It All",""
145,12,1,31 Jul 06,"Dizzy's Sleepover",""
146,12,2,01 Aug 06,"Lofty the Star",""
147,12,3,02 Aug 06,"Sumsy's Willow Tree",""
148,12,4,03 Aug 06,"Slow Down Scrambler!",""
149,12,5,04 Aug 06,"Travis and the Tropical Fruit",""
150,12,6,07 Aug 06,"Scoop the Teacher",""
151,12,7,08 Aug 06,"Sir Muck",""
152,12,8,09 Aug 06,"Bashing Crashing Benny",""
153,12,9,10 Aug 06,"Spud's Cork Tree",""
154,12,10,11 Aug 06,"Bob's Top Team",""
155,12,11,14 Aug 06,"Sumsy and the Beast",""
156,12,12,15 Aug 06,"Listen with Scrambler",""
157,12,13,16 Aug 06,"Roley's Bird's Eye View",""
158,12,14,17 Aug 06,"Roley's Bird's Eye View",""
159,12,15,18 Aug 06,"Mr. Bentley's Assistant",""
160,12,16,21 Aug 06,"Roley's Moleys",""
161,13,1,22 Aug 06,"Spud Rushes It",""
162,13,2,23 Aug 06,"Scrambler's Seaweed Delivery",""
163,13,3,24 Aug 06,"Massive Muck",""
164,13,4,25 Aug 06,"Roley's Apple Press",""
165,13,5,28 Aug 06,"Travis's Giddy Day",""
166,13,6,29 Aug 06,"Muck's Drying Tunnel",""
167,13,7,30 Aug 06,"Benny's Jungle Trouble",""
168,13,8,31 Aug 06,"Dizzy the Walking Bus",""
169,13,9,01 Sep 06,"Packer's First Day",""
170,13,10,04 Sep 06,"The Bob House",""
171,14,1,03 Sep 07,"Mr Bentley's Big Parade",""
172,14,2,04 Sep 07,"Scrambler the Goat Herder",""
173,14,3,05 Sep 07,"Packer's Big Delivery",""
174,14,4,06 Sep 07,"Spud the Woodsman",""
175,14,5,07 Sep 07,"Muck's Mootastic Dairy",""
176,14,6,10 Sep 07,"Roley the Green Cat",""
177,14,7,11 Sep 07,"Put-It-Together Bob",""
178,14,8,12 Sep 07,"Dodger the Milk Truck",""
179,14,9,13 Sep 07,"The Three Musketrucks",""
180,14,10,14 Sep 07,"Scoop Slips Up",""
181,14,11,17 Sep 07,"Dodger's Dairy Disaster",""
182,14,12,18 Sep 07,"Bob's Beach Hut",""
183,15,1,19 Sep 07,"The House That Lofty Built",""
184,15,2,20 Sep 07,"Bob's Big Idea",""
185,15,3,21 Sep 07,"Roley Brings the House Down",""
186,15,4,24 Sep 07,"Muck's Machine Wash",""
187,15,5,25 Sep 07,"Lofty's Comet",""
188,15,6,26 Sep 07,"Lofty the Lifeguard",""
189,15,7,27 Sep 07,"Star Struck Spud",""
190,15,8,28 Sep 07,"Go, Mr. Bentley, Go!",""
191,15,9,01 Oct 07,"Tumbler and the Skate Park",""
192,15,10,02 Oct 07,"Fantastic Flex",""
193,15,11,03 Oct 07,"Packer's Trailer Trouble",""
194,15,12,04 Oct 07,"Scoop's Best Team Ever",""
195,15,13,05 Oct 07,"Spud and the Hotel",""
196,15,14,08 Oct 07,"Tumbler's Perfect Promenade",""
197,15,15,09 Oct 07,"Clean as a Whistle Bristle",""
198,16,1,05 Aug 08,"Zoomer's Snowy Adventure",""
199,16,2,06 Aug 08,"Radio Bob",""
200,16,3,07 Aug 08,"Tumbler and the Ice Rink",""
201,16,4,11 Aug 08,"Spud the DJ",""
202,16,5,12 Aug 08,"Silent Scoop",""
203,16,6,13 Aug 08,"Scrambler Gets Prepared",""
204,16,7,14 Aug 08,"Sumsy's Special Building",""
205,16,8,18 Aug 08,"Lofty's Banana Tree",""
206,16,9,19 Aug 08,"Roley's Flat Garden",""
207,16,10,20 Aug 08,"Super Splasher",""
208,16,11,14 May 09,"Breezy Bristle",""
209,16,12,25 Aug 08,"Splasher's Two Stops",""
210,16,13,26 Aug 08,"An Inspector Calls",""
211,17,1,12 Apr 10,"Scratch's Hidden Treasures",""
212,17,2,13 Apr 10,"Scrambler's Best Idea",""
213,17,3,14 Apr 10,"Scoop the Artist",""
214,17,4,15 Apr 10,"High Tide for Lofty",""
215,17,5,16 Apr 10,"Roley's Rovers",""
216,17,6,19 Apr 10,"Start from Scratch",""
217,17,7,20 Apr 10,"Night Time Scratch",""
218,17,8,21 Apr 10,"Lofty and the Monster",""
219,17,9,22 Apr 10,"Dizzy in Charge",""
220,17,10,23 Apr 10,"Lofty's Helpful Day",""
221,17,11,26 Apr 10,"Scoop's Sea Rescue",""
222,17,12,27 Apr 10,"Scratch's Star Turn",""
223,17,13,28 Apr 10,"Pineapple Scratch",""
224,17,14,29 Apr 10,"Scrambler's Stage Surprise",""
225,17,15,30 Apr 10,"Wendy's Birthday Surprise",""
226,17,16,24 May 10,"Scratch Goes Solo",""
227,17,17,25 May 10,"Dizzy and the Wheelies",""
228,17,18,26 May 10,"Muck's Beach Tower",""
229,17,19,27 May 10,"Here Comes Muck",""
230,17,20,28 May 10,"Scrambler Gets Clean",""
231,18,1,19 Nov 11,"Lofty and the Diggers Three",""
232,18,2,20 Nov 11,"Scoop and the Roller Coaster",""
233,18,3,21 Nov 11,"Rubble and the Seagull Surprise",""
234,18,4,22 Nov 11,"Roley and the Impossible Bump",""
235,18,5,23 Nov 11,"Muck's Train to Trouble",""
236,18,6,24 Nov 11,"A Dinosaur for Scratch",""
237,18,7,25 Nov 11,"Whizzy Dizzy",""
238,18,8,17 Dec 11,"Travis' New Garage",""
239,18,9,21 Jan 12,"Scratch and the Dream Home",""
240,18,10,24 Feb 12,"Stage Struck Dizzy",""
241,18,11,08 Mar 12,"Roley and the Fox",""
242,18,12,15 Mar 12,"Super Scrambler",""
243,18,13,26 Mar 12,"Roley's Weather Rap",""
244,18,14,02 Jun 12,"Bob's Big Bounce",""
245,18,15,05 Jun 12,"Scrambler and the Clue",""
246,18,16,06 Jun 12,"Lofty and the Teddy Bear Rescue",""
247,18,17,07 Jun 12,"Muck and the Old School Wall",""
248,18,18,08 Jun 12,"Scoop's Big Job",""
249,18,19,09 Jun 12,"Dizzy Finds a Pirate",""
250,18,20,10 Jun 12,"Roley and the Seagull",""
S05,5,0,22 Oct 01,"A Christmas To Remember (63 min)",""
S08,8,0,11 Mar 03,"The Knights of Can-A-Lot (44 min)",""
S09,9,0,28 Sep 04,"Snowed Under (52 min)",""
S09,9,0,27 Nov 04,"Bob the Builder: The Live Show (66 min)",""
S10,10,0,31 Dec 05,"When Bob Became A Builder (50 min)",""