number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,18 Jan 95,"Ring Around the Nosey",""
2,1,2,25 Jan 95,"The Rake, the Fake and the Gopher Snake",""
3,1,3,01 Feb 95,"Pizza Man",""
4,1,4,08 Feb 95,"Crappy Anniversary",""
5,1,5,15 Feb 95,"Like Father, Like Hell",""
6,1,6,22 Feb 95,"The Paw That Rocks the Cradle",""
7,1,7,01 Mar 95,"IQ, UQ, We All Q",""
8,1,8,15 Mar 95,"Byte Me",""
9,1,9,22 Mar 95,"Trial by Jerri",""
10,1,10,29 Mar 95,"Don't Be Alarmed",""
11,1,11,03 May 95,"Nice Guys Finish Lust",""
12,1,12,10 May 95,"The Bully Pulpit",""
13,1,13,17 May 95,"Trust a Move",""
14,2,1,06 Sep 95,"Robert in the 'Hood",""
15,2,2,13 Sep 95,"A Kiss is Just a Kiss",""
16,2,3,20 Sep 95,"Don't Take My Wife, Please",""
17,2,4,27 Sep 95,"Track Dreams",""
18,2,5,04 Oct 95,"Wendell and Muriel's Wedding",""
19,2,6,25 Oct 95,"The Taxi Man",""
20,2,7,08 Nov 95,"Poppa Was a Rolling Stone",""
21,2,8,15 Nov 95,"Welcome Back, Robert",""
22,2,9,22 Nov 95,"Not With My Daughter",""
23,2,10,29 Nov 95,"Just Say Yes, No or Maybe",""
24,2,11,20 Dec 95,"The Man Who Canceled Christmas",""
25,2,12,10 Jan 96,"One Man and a Baby",""
26,2,13,31 Jan 96,"Little Bitty Pretty One",""
27,2,14,07 Feb 96,"Substitute's Pet",""
28,2,15,14 Feb 96,"The Lost Weekend",""
29,2,16,21 Feb 96,"I'm O'Tay, You're O-Tay",""
30,2,17,28 Feb 96,"Torn Between Two Brothers",""
31,2,18,13 Mar 96,"An American Class President",""
32,2,19,21 Apr 96,"We Don't Need Another Hero",""
33,2,20,01 May 96,"I Never Danced for My Mother",""
34,2,21,08 May 96,"Ode to Billy Stankbreath",""
35,2,22,15 May 96,"Reconcilable Differences",""
36,3,1,08 Sep 96,"The Critic",""
37,3,2,15 Sep 96,"Our Gang",""
38,3,3,22 Sep 96,"Voice in the 'Hood",""
39,3,4,29 Sep 96,"Love, African-American Style",""
40,3,5,06 Oct 96,"Inspiration",""
41,3,6,13 Oct 96,"Labor Daze",""
42,3,7,20 Oct 96,"Clothes Call",""
43,3,8,03 Nov 96,"Nick the Brick",""
44,3,9,10 Nov 96,"Chimney Boy",""
45,3,10,17 Nov 96,"Goodfella",""
46,3,11,24 Nov 96,"The Parade-y Bunch",""
47,3,12,08 Dec 96,"Fight the Power",""
48,3,13,12 Jan 97,"Baby Oprah",""
49,3,14,19 Jan 97,"Home Loan",""
50,3,15,02 Feb 97,"A Star is Torn",""
51,3,16,09 Feb 97,"Nick the Player",""
52,3,17,16 Feb 97,"Double Date",""
53,3,18,23 Feb 97,"Tango & Cash",""
54,3,19,27 Apr 97,"When Robert Met Jerri",""
55,3,20,04 May 97,"The Peterson Redemption",""
56,3,21,11 May 97,"Mother and Law",""
57,3,22,18 May 97,"Rappin' It Up",""
58,4,1,07 Sep 97,"House Arrest",""
59,4,2,14 Sep 97,"Curfew-sion",""
60,4,3,21 Sep 97,"No Soul on Ice",""
61,4,4,28 Sep 97,"Beauty Call",""
62,4,5,05 Oct 97,"Wendell and I Spy",""
63,4,6,12 Oct 97,"Father Wendell",""
64,4,7,26 Oct 97,"Zaria Peterson's Day Off",""
65,4,8,02 Nov 97,"The Play's the Thang",""
66,4,9,09 Nov 97,"Don't Go There",""
67,4,10,16 Nov 97,"Fast Cash",""
68,4,11,23 Nov 97,"Bad Rap",""
69,4,12,07 Dec 97,"Me and Ms. Robinson",""
70,4,13,11 Jan 98,"Money Shot",""
71,4,14,18 Jan 98,"Stand by Boo",""
72,4,15,01 Feb 98,"A Sister Scorned",""
73,4,16,08 Feb 98,"Flaked Out",""
74,4,17,15 Feb 98,"Color Him Father",""
75,4,18,22 Feb 98,"I Want My Z-TV",""
76,4,19,01 Mar 98,"An Affair to Forget",""
77,4,20,26 Apr 98,"Hurricane Linda",""
78,4,21,03 May 98,"Here Comes Z Bride",""
79,4,22,17 May 98,"'Hood Sweet 'Hood (1)",""
80,5,1,30 May 99,"'Hood Sweet 'Hood (2)",""
81,5,2,06 Jun 99,"Front Window",""
82,5,3,13 Jun 99,"Talkin' Trash",""
83,5,4,20 Jun 99,"Poco-No-No",""
84,5,5,27 Jun 99,"Mommy Dearest",""
85,5,6,27 Jun 99,"Deserving Honors",""
86,5,7,04 Jul 99,"Integrity to Block",""
87,5,8,04 Jul 99,"Old Men Can't Jump",""
88,5,9,11 Jul 99,"To Kiss or Not to Kiss",""
89,5,10,18 Jul 99,"Something About Queenie",""
90,5,11,25 Jul 99,"Wedding Bell Blues",""