number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 Sep 67,"Ride the Long Trail",""
2,1,2,15 Sep 67,"A Bell for Jeff Sonnett",""
3,1,3,22 Sep 67,"A Grave for James Sonnett",""
4,1,4,29 Sep 67,"The Natural Way",""
5,1,5,06 Oct 67,"Of Lasting Summers and Jim Sonnett",""
6,1,6,13 Oct 67,"Message at Noon",""
7,1,7,20 Oct 67,"A Son for a Son",""
8,1,8,27 Oct 67,"Meeting at Devil's Fork",""
9,1,9,03 Nov 67,"First Love",""
10,1,10,10 Nov 67,"The Favor",""
11,1,11,17 Nov 67,"Ride the Man Down",""
12,1,12,24 Nov 67,"The Turkey Shoot",""
13,1,13,01 Dec 67,"And a Killing Rode Into Town",""
14,1,14,08 Dec 67,"Find a Sonnett, Kill a Sonnett",""
15,1,15,15 Dec 67,"Sunday in Paradise",""
16,1,16,22 Dec 67,"The Secret of Hangtown Mine",""
17,1,17,29 Dec 67,"The Hero",""
18,1,18,05 Jan 68,"What's in a Name?",""
19,1,19,12 Jan 68,"End of the Rope",""
20,1,20,19 Jan 68,"And He Shall Lead the Children",""
21,1,21,26 Jan 68,"Look for the Hound Dog",""
22,1,22,02 Feb 68,"Stopover in a Troubled Town",""
23,1,23,09 Feb 68,"Alone",""
24,1,24,23 Feb 68,"The Sins of the Father",""
25,1,25,01 Mar 68,"The Warriors",""
26,1,26,08 Mar 68,"A Fool and His Money",""
27,2,1,27 Sep 68,"Reunion",""
28,2,2,04 Oct 68,"The Trap",""
29,2,3,11 Oct 68,"Chapter and Verse",""
30,2,4,18 Oct 68,"Pariah",""
31,2,5,01 Nov 68,"Joby",""
32,2,6,08 Nov 68,"The Straw Man",""
33,2,7,15 Nov 68,"A Difference of Opinion",""
34,2,8,22 Nov 68,"Home Free",""
35,2,9,29 Nov 68,"Guilt",""
36,2,10,06 Dec 68,"Meeting in a Small Town",""
37,2,11,13 Dec 68,"The Fearless Man",""
38,2,12,20 Dec 68,"Where There's Hope",""
39,2,13,03 Jan 69,"Join the Army",""
40,2,14,10 Jan 69,"Time Is the Rider",""
41,2,15,17 Jan 69,"Robber's Roost",""
42,2,16,31 Jan 69,"Trail's End",""
43,2,17,07 Feb 69,"A Town in Terror (1)",""
44,2,18,14 Feb 69,"A Town in Terror (2)",""
45,2,19,21 Feb 69,"Jim Sonnett's Lady",""
46,2,20,28 Feb 69,"The Trial",""
47,2,21,07 Mar 69,"One Angry Juror",""
48,2,22,14 Mar 69,"The Sodbuster",""
49,2,23,21 Mar 69,"The Man Who Killed James Sonnett",""
50,2,24,16 Sep 69,"Three Stand Together",""