number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,16 Jan 94,"Athelney, Somerset - The Guerrilla Base of the King",""
2,1,2,23 Jan 94,"Ribchester, Lancashire - On the Edge of an Empire",""
3,1,3,30 Jan 94,"Much Wenlock, Shropshire - The New Town of a Norman Prince",""
4,1,4,06 Feb 94,"Llangorse Lake, Powys - The Fortress in the Lake",""
5,2,1,08 Jan 95,"Finlaggan, Islay, Scotland - Lords of the Isles",""
6,2,2,15 Jan 95,"Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire - The Saxon Graves",""
7,2,3,22 Jan 95,"Tockenham, Wiltshire - The Lost Villa",""
8,2,4,29 Jan 95,"Lambeth Palace, London - The Archbishop's Back Garden",""
9,2,5,05 Feb 95,"Hylton Castle, Sunderland",""
10,3,1,07 Jan 96,"Boleigh, Cornwall",""
11,3,2,14 Jan 96,"Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire",""
12,3,3,21 Jan 96,"Templecombe, Somerset",""
13,3,4,28 Jan 96,"Teignmouth, Devon",""
14,3,5,04 Feb 96,"Navan, County Armagh - Palace of the Irish Kings",""
15,3,6,11 Feb 96,"lavenham. Suffolk - Treasures of the Roman Field",""
16,4,1,05 Jan 97,"St Mary's City, Maryland, USA",""
17,4,2,12 Jan 97,"Launceston, Cornwall",""
18,4,3,19 Jan 97,"Soho, Birmingham",""
19,4,4,26 Jan 97,"Govan, Glasgow",""
20,4,5,02 Feb 97,"Malton, North Yorkshire",""
21,4,6,09 Feb 97,"Netheravon, Wiltshire",""
22,5,1,04 Jan 98,"Richmond, Surrey",""
23,5,2,11 Jan 98,"Greylake, Somerset",""
24,5,3,18 Jan 98,"Sanday, Orkney Islands",""
25,5,4,25 Jan 98,"Turkdean, Gloucestershire",""
26,5,5,01 Feb 98,"Deya, Mallorca, Spain",""
27,5,6,08 Feb 98,"Aston Eyre, Shropshire",""
28,5,7,22 Feb 98,"Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland",""
29,5,8,01 Mar 98,"High Worsall, North Yorkshire",""
30,6,1,03 Jan 99,"Burslem, Staffordshire - Wedgwood's First Factory",""
31,6,2,10 Jan 99,"Papcastle, Cumbria",""
32,6,3,17 Jan 99,"Thetford, Norfolk",""
33,6,4,24 Jan 99,"Cheddar Gorge, Somerset - Coopers Hole",""
34,6,5,31 Jan 99,"Plympton, Devon",""
35,6,6,07 Feb 99,"Smallhythe, Kent",""
36,6,7,14 Feb 99,"Beauport Park, East Sussex",""
37,6,8,21 Feb 99,"Reedham Marshes, Norfolk - Bombers in Reedham Marshes",""
38,6,9,28 Feb 99,"Turkdean, Gloucestershire - Revisited",""
39,6,10,07 Mar 99,"Kemerton, Worcestershire",""
40,6,11,14 Mar 99,"Bawsey, Norfolk",""
41,6,12,21 Mar 99,"Nevis Island, West Indies - Part 1",""
42,6,13,28 Mar 99,"Nevis Island, West Indies - Part 2",""
43,7,1,02 Jan 00,"Denia, Costa Blanca, Spain - The Muslim Port in Spain",""
44,7,2,09 Jan 00,"Cirencester, Gloucestershire - The Mosaic at the Bottom of the Garden",""
45,7,3,16 Jan 00,"Wierre Effroy, France - One of the First Spitfires Lost in France",""
46,7,4,13 Jan 00,"Waddon, Dorset - An Iron-Age Roundhouse and a Henge",""
47,7,5,30 Jan 00,"Birdoswald, Cumbria - Hadrian's Wall",""
48,7,6,06 Feb 00,"Elveden, Suffolk - In Search of the Earliest Traces of Mankind",""
49,7,7,13 Feb 00,"Coventry, West Midlands - The Missing Cathedral and the Diabetic Prior",""
50,7,8,20 Feb 00,"Basing House, Hampshire - The Royalists' Last Stand",""
51,7,9,27 Feb 00,"Flag Fenn, Cambridgeshire - A Bronze-Age Barrow and Walkway",""
52,7,10,05 Mar 00,"Sutton, Hereford - In Search of the Palace King Offa",""
53,7,11,12 Mar 00,"Greenwich, London - A Roman Temple in Sight of the Millenium Dome",""
54,7,12,19 Mar 00,"Hartlepool, Durham - Nuns in Northumbria",""
55,7,13,         ,"York (55 min)",""
56,8,1,07 Jan 01,"Normanton, Lincolnshire",""
57,8,2,14 Jan 01,"Alderton, Northamptonshire - The Man Who Bought a Castle",""
58,8,3,21 Jan 01,"Llygadwy, Wales - The Celtic Spring",""
59,8,4,28 Jan 01,"Waltham Villa, Gloucestershire",""
60,8,5,04 Feb 01,"Blaenafon, South Wales",""
61,8,6,11 Feb 01,"Rycote, Oxfordshire",""
62,8,7,18 Feb 01,"Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire",""
63,8,8,25 Feb 01,"Basildon, Berkshire - The Inner-City Villa",""
64,8,9,04 Mar 01,"Lindisfarne, Northumberland - Holy Island",""
65,8,10,11 Mar 01,"Bridgnorth, Shropshire",""
66,8,11,18 Mar 01,"Canterbury, Kent - Three Tales of Canterbury",""
67,8,12,25 Mar 01,"Winchester, Hampshire - The Leper Hospital",""
68,9,1,06 Jan 02,"Vauxhall, London - London's First Bridge",""
69,9,2,13 Jan 02,"Ancaster, Lincolnshire - The Roman Panic",""
70,9,3,20 Jan 02,"Kinlochbervie, Sutherland - Diving for the Armada",""
71,9,4,27 Jan 02,"Chicksands, Bedfordshire - The Naughty Monastery",""
72,9,5,03 Feb 02,"Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire - The Furnace in the Cellar",""
73,9,6,10 Feb 02,"Cheshunt, Hertfordshire - An Ermine Street Pub",""
74,9,7,17 Feb 02,"Helford, Cornwall - Iron-Age Market",""
75,9,8,24 Feb 02,"High Ercall, Shropshire - Siege House in Shropshire",""
76,9,9,03 Mar 02,"Throckmorton, Worcestershire - A Prehistoric Airfield",""
77,9,10,10 Mar 02,"Castleford, Yorkshire - A Lost Roman City",""
78,9,11,17 Mar 02,"Beaudesert, Warwickshire - Every Castle Needs a Lord",""
79,9,12,24 Mar 02,"Yaverland, Isle of Wight - Steptoe et Filius",""
80,9,13,31 Mar 02,"The New Forest, Hampshire - Seven Buckets and a Buckle",""
81,10,1,05 Jan 03,"Raunds, Northamptonshire - Garden Secrets",""
82,10,2,12 Jan 03,"Dinnington, Somerset - Mosaics, Mosaics, Mosaics",""
83,10,3,19 Jan 03,"Carsington, Derbyshire - Peak District Practices",""
84,10,4,26 Jan 03,"Fetlar, Shetland Islands - The Giant's Grave",""
85,10,5,02 Feb 03,"Greenwich, London - Joust Dig It",""
86,10,6,09 Feb 03,"Merton, South London - Digging Liberty",""
87,10,7,16 Feb 03,"Bath, Somerset - Death in a Crescent",""
88,10,8,23 Feb 03,"Athelney, Somerset - Back to Our Roots",""
89,10,9,02 Mar 03,"Kew Gardens, London - Looking for the White House",""
90,10,10,09 Mar 03,"Leven, Fife - Rescuing the Dead",""
91,10,11,16 Mar 03,"Castle Howard, Yorkshire - Not a Blot on the Landscape",""
92,10,12,23 Mar 03,"Sedgefield, County Durham - A View to a Kiln",""
93,10,13,30 Mar 03,"Appleby, Cumbria - Jailhouse Rocks",""
94,11,1,04 Jan 04,"Syon House, London - In Search of the Brigittine Abbey",""
95,11,2,11 Jan 04,"Whitestaunton, Somerset - A Roman Bath House and Edwardian Folly",""
96,11,3,18 Jan 04,"Loch Migdale, Sutherland - The Island in the Loch",""
97,11,4,25 Jan 04,"South Carlton, Lincolnshire - Saxon Burials on the Bridge",""
98,11,5,01 Feb 04,"Syndale, Kent - The Fort That Wasn't There",""
99,11,6,08 Feb 04,"Green Island, Dorset - The Island of Finds",""
100,11,7,15 Feb 04,"Oakamoor, Staffordshire - In Search of a Medieval Blast Furnace",""
101,11,8,22 Feb 04,"Goldcliff, Newport - Rescuing a Mesolithic Foreshore",""
102,11,9,29 Feb 04,"Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire - Fertile Soils, Rich Archaeology",""
103,11,10,07 Mar 04,"Nassington, Northamptonshire - King Cnut's Manor",""
104,11,11,14 Mar 04,"Ipswich, Suffolk - Back-Garden Archaeology",""
105,11,12,21 Mar 04,"Roxburgh, Scottish Borders - The Lost City of Roxburgh",""
106,11,13,28 Mar 04,"Cranborne Chase, Dorset - Brimming with Remains",""
107,12,1,02 Jan 05,"Chenies Manor, Buckinghamshire - The Manor That's Back to Front",""
108,12,2,09 Jan 05,"Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire - The Monastery and the Mansion",""
109,12,3,16 Jan 05,"Preston, Lancashire - The Bombers in the Marsh",""
110,12,4,23 Jan 05,"Drumlanrig, Dumfries - Fighting on the Frontier",""
111,12,5,30 Jan 05,"Northborough, Peterborough - A Neolithic Cathedral?",""
112,12,6,06 Feb 05,"River hamble, Hampshire - Frace Dieu, In Search of Henry V's Flagship",""
113,12,7,13 Feb 05,"Standish, Gloucestershire - Going Upmarket with the Romans",""
114,12,8,20 Feb 05,"Wemyss, Fife - Picts and Hermits: Cave Dwellers of Fife",""
115,12,9,27 Feb 05,"St. Osyth, Essex - Lost Centuries of St Osyth",""
116,12,10,06 Mar 05,"South Perrott, Dorset - The Puzzle of Picket's Farm",""
117,12,11,13 Mar 05,"Skipsea, Humberside - Norman Neighbours",""
118,12,12,20 Mar 05,"South Shields, Tyneside - Hunting the Romans - Tower Blocks and Togas",""
119,12,13,27 Mar 05,"Hanslope, Milton Keynes - Animal Farm",""
120,13,1,22 Jan 06,"Glendon Hall, Northamptonshire - The Bodies in the Shed - Glendon's Lost Graveyard",""
121,13,2,29 Jan 06,"Withington, Gloucestershire - Villas Out of Molehills",""
122,13,3,05 Feb 06,"Manchester, Greater Manchester - Rubble at the Mill - The Birth of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester",""
123,13,4,12 Feb 06,"Esher, Surrey - The First Tudor Palace?",""
124,13,5,19 Feb 06,"Utrecht, The Netherlands - The Boat on the Rhine - A Roman Boat in Utrecht",""
125,13,6,26 Feb 06,"Eastry, Kent - Court of the Kentish King",""
126,13,7,05 Mar 06,"Brimham, Yorkshire - The Monk's Manor - Brimham Medieval Monastic Farm",""
127,13,8,12 Mar 06,"Queenborough, Kent - Castle in the Round",""
128,13,9,19 Mar 06,"Blackpatch, Sussex - Sussex Ups and Downs",""
129,13,10,26 Mar 06,"Islip, Oxfordshire - Birthplace of the Confessor",""
130,13,11,02 Apr 06,"Ffrith, North Wales - Early Bath",""
131,13,12,09 Apr 06,"Alfoldean, Sussex - The Taxman's Tavern - A Roman Mansion",""
132,13,13,16 Apr 06,"Applecross, Skye - Scotch Broch - Iron Age Life at Applecross Near Skye",""
133,14,1,14 Jan 07,"Santon, Isle of Man - Finds of the Fairway",""
134,14,2,21 Jan 07,"Blacklands, Somerset - There's No Place Like Rome",""
135,14,3,28 Jan 07,"Hooke Court, Dorset - School Diggers",""
136,14,4,04 Feb 07,"Amlwch, Anglesey - The Druids Last Stand",""
137,14,5,11 Feb 07,"Sandgate, Kent - Shorncliffe Redoubt",""
138,14,6,18 Feb 07,"Stilton, Cambridgeshire - A Port and Stilton",""
139,14,7,25 Feb 07,"Wicken, Milton Keynes - A Tale of Two Villages",""
140,14,8,04 Mar 07,"Warburton, Cheshire - No Stone Unturned",""
141,14,9,11 Mar 07,"Dotton, Devon - Doomsday Mill",""
142,14,10,10 Mar 07,"Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire - The Cheyne Gang",""
143,14,11,25 Mar 07,"Godstone, Surrey - Road to Relics",""
144,14,12,01 Apr 07,"Poulton, Cheshire - The Abbey Habit",""
145,14,13,08 Apr 07,"Bodmin Moor, Cornwall - In the Shaddow of the Tor",""
146,15,1,06 Jan 08,"Codnor Castle, Derbyshire - Gold in the Moat",""
147,15,2,13 Jan 08,"Binchester, County Durham - Street of the Dead",""
148,15,3,20 Jan 08,"Barra, Outer Hebrides - Bodies in the Dunes",""
149,15,4,27 Jan 08,"Towcester, Northamptonshire - The Naughty Nuns of Northampton",""
150,15,5,03 Feb 08,"Cheltenham, Gloucestershire - Mysteries of the Mosaic",""
151,15,6,10 Feb 08,"South London - Blitzkreig on Shooters's Hill",""
152,15,7,17 Feb 08,"Hunstrete, Somerset - Keeping Up with the Georgians",""
153,15,8,24 Feb 08,"Stonton Wyville, Leicestershire - Saxons on the Edge",""
154,15,9,02 Mar 08,"Dungannon, Northern Ireland - Fort of the Earls",""
155,15,10,09 Mar 08,"Padstow, North Cornwall - From Constantinople to Cornwall",""
156,15,11,16 Mar 08,"Hamsterley, County Durham - Five Thousand Tons of Stone",""
157,15,12,23 Mar 08,"Wickenby, Lincolnshire - The Romans Recycle",""
158,15,13,30 Mar 08,"Portskewett, South Wales - Hunting King Harold",""
159,16,1,04 Jan 09,"Friars Wash, Flamstead, St Albans, Hertfordshire - The Trouble with Temples",""
160,16,2,11 Jan 09,"Scargill Castle, County Durham - The Wedding Present",""
161,16,3,18 Jan 09,"Knockdhu, County Antrim, Northern Ireland - Heroes' Hill",""
162,16,4,25 Jan 09,"Caerwent, South Wales - Toga Town",""
163,16,5,01 Feb 09,"Risehill North Yorkshire - Blood Sweat and Beers",""
164,16,6,08 Feb 09,"Salisbury Cathedral - Buried Bishops and Belfries",""
165,16,7,15 Feb 09,"Radcot, Oxfordshire - Anarchy in the UK",""
166,16,8,22 Feb 09,"Yarwell, Colworth, Bedfordshire - Mystery of the Ice Cream Villa",""
167,16,9,01 Mar 09,"Looe, Cornwall - Hermit Harbour",""
168,16,10,08 Mar 09,"Lincoln's Inn, London - Called to the Bar",""
169,16,11,15 Mar 09,"Warboys, The Fens, Cambridgeshire - Beacon of the Fens",""
170,16,12,22 Mar 09,"Ulnaby, County Durham - The Hollow Way",""
171,16,13,29 Mar 09,"Blythburgh, Suffolk - Skeletons in the Shed",""
172,17,1,18 Apr 10,"Corridors of Power: Westminster Abbey",""
173,17,2,25 Apr 10,"Mull",""
174,17,3,02 May 10,"Piercebridge",""
175,17,4,16 May 10,"Hopton Castle",""
176,17,5,09 May 10,"Sutton Courtenay",""
177,17,6,23 May 10,"Cunetio, Wiltshire",""
178,17,7,03 Oct 10,"Death and Dominoes: The First Pow Camp",""
179,17,8,10 Oct 10,"Something for the Weekend: Tregruk Castle",""
180,17,9,24 Oct 10,"Governor's Green, Portsmouth",""
181,17,10,17 Oct 10,"Priory Engagement: Burford, Oxfordshire",""
182,17,11,31 Oct 10,"There's a Villa Here Somewhere: Litlington, Cambridgeshire",""
183,17,12,07 Nov 10,"Commanding Heights: Dinmore, Herefordshire",""
184,17,13,17 Apr 11,"Rooting for the Romans",""
185,18,1,06 Feb 11,"Reservoir Rituals",""
186,18,2,13 Feb 11,"Saxon Death, Saxon Gold",""
187,18,3,20 Feb 11,"Romans on the Range",""
188,18,4,27 Feb 11,"Hitler's Island Fortress",""
189,18,5,06 Mar 11,"The Furnace in the Forest",""
190,18,6,13 Mar 11,"Under the Gravestones",""
191,18,7,20 Mar 11,"The House of the White Queen",""
192,18,8,27 Mar 11,"Castles and Cannons",""
193,18,9,03 Apr 11,"The Mystery of the Manor Moat",""
194,18,10,10 Apr 11,"Search for the Domesday Mill",""
195,18,11,24 Apr 11,"Castle of the Saxon Kings",""
196,18,12,01 May 11,"Looking Underground",""
197,18,13,08 May 11,"The Way We Lived",""
198,19,1,22 Jan 12,"Dig by Wire",""
199,19,2,29 Jan 12,"A Village Affair",""
200,19,3,05 Feb 12,"The Drowned Town",""
201,19,4,12 Feb 12,"The First King of Racing",""
202,19,5,19 Feb 12,"Chapel of Secrets",""
203,19,6,26 Feb 12,"A Copper Bottomed Dig",""
204,19,7,04 Mar 12,"The Only Earl Is Essex",""
205,19,8,18 Mar 12,"Secrets of the Dunes",""
206,19,9,25 Mar 12,"Rome's Wild West",""
207,19,10,01 Apr 12,"How to Lose a Castle",""
208,19,11,08 Apr 12,"King John's Lost Palace",""
209,19,12,22 Apr 12,"Secrets of the Saxon Gold",""
210,19,13,29 Apr 12,"Time Team's Guide to Burial",""
211,19,14,13 May 12,"The Greatest Find",""
212,20,1,11 Nov 12,"The Forgotten Gunners of WWI",""
213,20,2,06 Jan 13,"Brancaster",""
214,20,3,13 Jan 13,"A Capital Hill",""
215,20,4,20 Jan 13,"Henham's Lost Mansions",""
216,20,5,27 Jan 13,"Warriors",""
217,20,6,03 Feb 13,"Lost Mines of Lakeland",""
218,20,7,10 Feb 13,"Horseshoe Hall",""
219,20,8,17 Feb 13,"Mystery of the Thames-Side Villa",""
220,20,9,24 Feb 13,"The Lost Castle of Dundrum",""
221,20,10,03 Mar 13,"Wolsey's Lost Palace",""
222,20,11,10 Mar 13,"An Englishman's Castle",""
223,20,12,17 Mar 13,"Trial and Error: The Time Team Guide to Experimental Archaeology",""
224,20,13,24 Mar 13,"Twenty Years of Time Team",""
S04,4,0,23 Aug 97,"Time Team Live - Turkdean, Gloucestershire",""
S04,4,0,28 Dec 97,"Christmas Special - Much Wenlock",""
S05,5,0,29 Aug 98,"Time Team Live - Bawsey, Norfolk",""
S07,7,0,19 Dec 99,"Christmas Special 1999 - Barley Hall, York",""
S07,7,0,29 Dec 99,"Holme-next-the-Sea, Norfolk - The Mystery of Seahenge",""
S07,7,0,26 Mar 00,"York, Yorkshire",""
S07,7,0,25 Aug 00,"Canterbury, Kent",""
S08,8,0,24 Dec 00,"The Real King Arthur",""
S08,8,0,27 Dec 00,"The Time Team History of Britain",""
S08,8,0,27 Dec 00,"Tankerness, Orkney - The Mystery of Mine Howe",""
S08,8,0,07 Jan 01,"Behind the Scenes at Time Team",""
S08,8,0,01 Mar 01,"Alveston, Gloucestershire - The Bone Caves",""
S08,8,0,08 Mar 01,"Coventry - Coventry's Lost Cathedral",""
S08,8,0,17 Mar 01,"Ely, Cambridgeshire - The Island of the Eels",""
S08,8,0,28 Aug 01,"The New Forest, Hampshire",""
S09,9,0,23 Dec 01,"Dinosaur Hunting",""
S09,9,0,15 Apr 02,"Canterbury, Kent - The Big Dig in Canterbury",""
S09,9,0,22 Apr 02,"Londinium, Greater London - Edge of Empire",""
S09,9,0,31 Oct 02,"Isles of Scilly, Cornwall - The Wreck of the Colossus",""
S09,9,0,01 Nov 02,"Time Team Digs: The Bronze Age - Searching for Bronze",""
S09,9,0,08 Nov 02,"Time Team Digs : The Iron Age - Digging for Iron",""
S09,9,0,15 Nov 02,"Time Team Digs: The Early Romans - Invasion and Occupation",""
S09,9,0,22 Nov 02,"Time Team Digs: Roman Britain - Life Under the Eagle",""
S09,9,0,29 Nov 02,"Time Team Digs: The Dark Ages - Illuminating the Darkness",""
S09,9,0,06 Dec 02,"Time Team Digs: Medieval England - Winners and Losers",""
S09,9,0,13 Dec 02,"Time Team Digs: The Modern Era - Our Recent Past",""
S09,9,0,27 Dec 02,"Time Team Digs: Norman Conquest - 1066 and Beyond",""
S09,9,0,27 Dec 02,"Christmas Special - Ten Years of Time Team - Ten Years of Time Team",""
S10,10,0,10 Apr 03,"Hadrian's Well",""
S10,10,0,29 Dec 03,"Time Team, Big Dig - 2003",""
S11,11,0,22 Mar 04,"Sheffield, Yorkshire - Steel City",""
S11,11,0,19 Apr 04,"Loch Tay, Perthshire, Scotland - The House in the Loch",""
S11,11,0,03 May 04,"Ightham, Kent - Ightham Mote: The Ten Million Pound House",""
S11,11,0,31 May 04,"Normandy, France - D-Day, The Invasion Landings",""
S12,12,0,13 Jun 05,"Southend - King of Bling",""
S12,12,0,20 Jun 05,"Colchester, Essex - Britains Lost Roman Circus",""
S12,12,0,27 Jun 05,"Washingborough, Lincolnshire - Life on the Edge 1000 BC",""
S12,12,0,28 Nov 05,"Durrington Walls, Wiltshire - Journey to Stonehenge",""
S13,13,0,08 Jan 06,"Dinnington, Somerset - The Big Roman Villa",""
S13,13,0,29 Oct 06,"Shoreditch, London - Buried by the Blitz",""
S13,13,0,31 Dec 06,"The Big Royal Dig - The Review Show",""
S14,14,0,01 Mar 07,"Ramsgate, Kent - Pugin - The God of Gothic",""
S14,14,0,24 Apr 07,"Doggerland, North Sea - Britains Drowned World",""
S14,14,0,01 May 07,"Jamestown, Virginia, USA - Americas Birthplace",""
S14,14,0,27 Aug 07,"Prior Park, Bath - Secrets of the Stately Garden",""
S15,15,0,14 Jan 08,"Codename: Ainsbrook - Yorkshire",""
S15,15,0,25 Feb 08,"The Real Knights of the Round Table",""
S15,15,0,22 Apr 08,"The Lost Dock of Liverpool",""
S15,15,0,19 May 08,"Swords, Skulls and Strongholds",""
S15,15,0,10 Nov 08,"The Lost WWI Bunker",""
S15,15,0,26 Dec 08,"The Mystery of the Roman Treasure",""
S16,16,0,13 Apr 09,"Henry VIII's Lost Palaces",""
S16,16,0,01 Jun 09,"Secrets of Stonehenge",""
S16,16,0,19 Dec 09,"Dover Castle",""
S17,17,0,17 May 10,"Nelson's Hospital",""
S17,17,0,28 Jun 10,"The Secrets of Westminster Abbey",""
S17,17,0,11 Oct 10,"The Real Vikings",""
S18,18,0,16 Mar 11,"Wars of the Roses",""
S18,18,0,11 Apr 11,"Breathing Fire",""
S18,18,0,04 May 11,"Boudica's Lost Tribe",""
S18,18,0,10 Nov 11,"London's East End",""
S19,19,0,11 Mar 12,"Searching for Shakespeare's House: A Time Team Special",""
S19,19,0,17 Jun 12,"Dorset Ridgeway",""
S20,20,0,30 Jun 13,"The Secret of Lincoln Jail",""
S20,20,0,07 Jul 13,"The Lost Submarine of WWI",""
S20,20,0,01 Dec 13,"1066: The Lost Battlefield",""
S20,20,0,01 Dec 13,"The Madness of Bedlam",""
S20,20,0,23 Feb 14,"The Edwardian Grand Designer",""
S20,20,0,02 Mar 14,"Island of the Dead",""
S20,20,0,09 Mar 14,"Britain's Bronze Age Mummies",""
S20,20,0,13 Apr 14,"Secrets of the Body Snatchers",""
S20,20,0,07 Sep 14,"The Boats That Made Britain:",""