number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,0,1,12 Mar 01,"A Great Deliverance (1)",""
2,0,2,13 Mar 01,"A Great Deliverance (2)",""
3,1,1,08 Apr 02,"Well-Schooled in Murder",""
4,1,2,15 Apr 02,"Payment in Blood",""
5,1,3,22 Apr 02,"For the Sake of Elena (88 min)",""
6,1,4,29 Apr 02,"Missing Joseph",""
7,2,1,10 Mar 03,"Playing for the Ashes",""
8,2,2,17 Mar 03,"In the Presence of the Enemy",""
9,2,3,24 Mar 03,"A Suitable Vengeance",""
10,2,4,31 Mar 03,"Deception on His Mind",""
11,3,1,04 Mar 04,"In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner",""
12,3,2,11 Mar 04,"A Traitor to Memory",""
13,3,3,18 Mar 04,"A Cry for Justice",""
14,3,4,25 Mar 04,"If Wishes Were Horses",""
15,4,1,17 Mar 05,"In Divine Proportion",""
16,4,2,24 Mar 05,"In the Guise of Death",""
17,4,3,31 Mar 05,"The Seed of Cunning",""
18,4,4,07 Apr 05,"Word of God",""
19,5,1,20 Jul 06,"Natural Causes",""
20,5,2,27 Jul 06,"One Guilty Deed",""
21,5,3,03 Aug 06,"Chinese Walls",""
22,5,4,10 Aug 06,"In the Blink of an Eye",""
23,6,1,09 Jun 07,"Limbo",""
24,6,2,16 Jun 07,"Know Thine Enemy",""