number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Sep 90,"A Question of Intelligence",""
2,1,2,14 Sep 90,"Fair Exchange",""
3,1,3,21 Sep 90,"A Room with a View",""
4,1,4,28 Sep 90,"The Ice-Man Cometh",""
5,1,5,05 Oct 90,"The Beagle Has Landed",""
6,1,6,12 Oct 90,"Now You See It",""
7,1,7,19 Oct 90,"A Private Member's Bill",""
8,2,1,03 May 91,"The Wright Stuff",""
9,2,2,10 May 91,"Red Spy at Night",""
10,2,3,17 May 91,"Piglet in a Trough",""
11,2,4,24 May 91,"The Wrong Combination",""
12,2,5,31 May 91,"Trouble with Reception",""
13,2,6,07 Jun 91,"The Hunt for Red Decoder",""
14,2,7,14 Jun 91,"Under Cover Activity",""
15,3,1,29 Mar 92,"Guerillas in the Mist",""
16,3,2,05 Apr 92,"Sweet and Sour Piglet",""
17,3,3,12 Apr 92,"Sex, Spies and Videotape",""
18,3,4,19 Apr 92,"In Which We Serve",""
19,3,5,26 Apr 92,"The Plane Truth",""
20,3,6,03 May 92,"Under New Management",""
21,3,7,10 May 92,"With Friends Like These",""