number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 Jul 67,"The Good Ones Are All Dead",""
2,1,2,15 Jul 67,"Goodbye, Nobby Clarke",""
3,1,3,22 Jul 67,"Death of Robert E. Lee",""
4,1,4,29 Jul 67,"Goodness Burns Too Bright",""
5,1,5,05 Aug 67,"But's He's a Lord, Mr. Callan",""
6,1,6,12 Aug 67,"You Should Have Got Here Sooner",""
7,2,1,08 Jan 69,"Red Knight, White Knight",""
8,2,2,15 Jan 69,"The Most Promising Girl of Her Year",""
9,2,3,22 Jan 69,"You're Under Starter's Orders",""
10,2,4,29 Jan 69,"Little Bits and Pieces of Love",""
11,2,5,05 Feb 69,"Let's Kill Everybody",""
12,2,6,12 Feb 69,"Heir Apparent",""
13,2,7,19 Feb 69,"Land of Light and Peace",""
14,2,8,26 Feb 69,"Blackmailers Should Be Discouraged",""
15,2,9,05 Mar 69,"Death of a Friend",""
16,2,10,12 Mar 69,"Jack-on-Top",""
17,2,11,19 Mar 69,"Once a Big Man, Always a Big Man",""
18,2,12,26 Mar 69,"Running Dog",""
19,2,13,02 Apr 69,"The Worst Soldier I Ever Saw",""
20,2,14,09 Apr 69,"Nice People Die at Home",""
21,2,15,16 Apr 69,"Death of a Hunter",""
22,3,1,08 Apr 70,"Where Else Could I Go?",""
23,3,2,15 Apr 70,"Summoned to Appear",""
24,3,3,22 Apr 70,"The Same Trick Twice",""
25,3,4,29 Apr 70,"A Village Called G",""
26,3,5,13 May 70,"Suddenly - At Home",""
27,3,6,20 May 70,"Act of Kindness",""
28,3,7,27 May 70,"God Help Your Friends",""
29,3,8,03 Jun 70,"Breakout",""
30,3,9,24 Jun 70,"Amos Green Must Live",""
31,4,1,01 Mar 72,"That'll Be the Day",""
32,4,2,08 Mar 72,"Call Me Sir!",""
33,4,3,15 Mar 72,"First Refusal",""
34,4,4,22 Mar 72,"Rules of the Game",""
35,4,5,29 Mar 72,"If He Can, So Could I",""
36,4,6,05 Apr 72,"None of Your Business",""
37,4,7,12 Apr 72,"Charlie Says It's Goodbye",""
38,4,8,19 Apr 72,"I Never Wanted the Job",""
39,4,9,26 Apr 72,"The Carrier",""
40,4,10,03 May 72,"The Contract",""
41,4,11,10 May 72,"Call Me Enemy (Richmond File 1)",""
42,4,12,17 May 72,"Do You Recognise the Woman? (Richmond File 2)",""
43,4,13,24 Apr 72,"A Man Like Me (Richmond File 3)",""