number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,02 Mar 11,"Meeting with a Small Machine",""
2,1,2,09 Mar 11,"The Lost Achilles",""
3,1,3,16 Mar 11,"Hell's Destroyer",""
4,1,4,16 Mar 11,"The Cursed Golden Knights",""
5,1,5,23 Mar 11,"The Dark Assassin",""
6,1,6,06 Apr 11,"Showdown: Sniper vs. Sniper",""
7,1,7,13 Apr 11,"My Name is",""
8,1,8,20 Apr 11,"The Great Labyrinth, Angel Star",""
9,1,9,27 Apr 11,"The Steel Monster Ijiteus",""
10,1,10,04 May 11,"The Mysterious Transfer Student, Jin Kaidou",""
11,1,11,11 May 11,"Magician in a Box",""
12,1,12,18 May 11,"The Dark Field: The Underground Viscidus",""
13,1,13,25 May 11,"Joker: The Attack of the Evil Clones",""
14,1,14,01 Jun 11,"Play-Off: The Emperor",""
15,1,15,08 Jun 11,"The Power to Save the World",""
16,1,16,15 Jun 11,"The Infiltrated Black Fortress",""
17,1,17,22 Jun 11,"The Fated Reunion",""
18,1,18,29 Jun 11,"Artemis Opening",""
19,1,19,06 Jul 11,"The Fierce Fight: Jin and Rex",""
20,1,20,13 Jul 11,"The Troublesome Tournament",""
21,1,21,20 Jul 11,"Explosive: The Super Plasma Burst",""
22,1,22,27 Jul 11,"The Mysterious Player: Yuuya Haibara",""
23,1,23,03 Aug 11,"The Face Off: Battle Royal",""
24,1,24,10 Aug 11,"The Shocking Last Battle",""
25,1,25,17 Aug 11,"The Start of a New Battle",""
26,1,26,24 Aug 11,"The Flash LBX, Pandora",""
27,1,27,31 Aug 11,"Awaken: A New Machine",""
28,1,28,07 Sep 11,"Odin's Sortie",""
29,1,29,14 Sep 11,"The Legendary Super Hacker, Otacross",""
30,1,30,21 Sep 11,"Break In, God Gate",""
31,1,31,28 Sep 11,"Aim for Akihabara Kingdom",""
32,1,32,12 Oct 11,"The Opening of Akihabara Kingdom",""
33,1,33,19 Oct 11,"Gouda vs Sendou",""
34,1,34,26 Oct 11,"Clash, Ban vs Jin",""
35,1,35,02 Nov 11,"Shock, the Sun God Apollo Kaiser",""
36,1,36,09 Nov 11,"Humanity's Hope, Eternal Cycler",""
37,1,37,16 Nov 11,"Fort Tank Bardoma",""
38,1,38,23 Nov 11,"When the Seekers Revive",""
39,1,39,30 Nov 11,"Stand Up, Ban",""
40,1,40,07 Dec 11,"Exposed Ambition",""
41,1,41,14 Dec 11,"When the Devil Takes Flight",""
42,1,42,21 Dec 11,"The Final Mission With Everything on the Line",""
43,1,43,04 Jan 12,"The Great Battle in the Skies",""
44,1,44,11 Jan 12,"Those Who Change the World",""
45,2,1,18 Jan 12,"The LBX Rebellion",""
46,2,2,25 Jan 12,"Ban and Hiro, Double Launch",""
47,2,3,01 Feb 12,"The Chosen Warriors",""
48,2,4,08 Feb 12,"Terror in the Sky",""
49,2,5,15 Feb 12,"The N City Line Investigation",""
50,2,6,22 Feb 12,"Take Off, the Duck Shuttle",""
51,2,7,29 Feb 12,"Reunion at the Dragon Tower",""
52,2,8,07 Mar 12,"Ami the Enemy",""
53,2,9,14 Mar 12,"Infiltrate Omega Dain",""
54,2,10,21 Mar 12,"The Masked Slave Player",""
55,2,11,04 Apr 12,"Hiro's Hidden Power",""
56,2,12,11 Apr 12,"The Shock of 500km/hr",""
57,2,13,18 Apr 12,"Angra Texas of the Prairie",""
58,2,14,25 Apr 12,"Clash! Hiro vs Ran",""
59,2,15,02 May 12,"The Battle Triangle",""
60,2,16,09 May 12,"The Shocking Vampire Cat",""
61,2,17,16 May 12,"Protect the President",""
62,2,18,16 May 12,"The Artemis Warfare",""
63,2,19,23 May 12,"Decisive Battle! Ban vs. Hiro",""
64,2,20,30 May 12,"Who Will Win the Glory?",""
65,2,21,06 Jun 12,"The World's Greatest Training",""
66,2,22,13 Jun 12,"Confrontation at the Clock Tower",""
67,2,23,20 Jun 12,"The Uprising LBX Killer",""
68,2,24,27 Jun 12,"The Surprise Unison! Sigma Orbis",""
69,2,25,04 Jul 12,"The LBX of Friendship & Bonds",""
70,2,26,11 Jul 12,"THe Brilliant Players",""
71,2,27,18 Jul 12,"The Important LBX",""
72,2,28,25 Jul 12,"The Conquered City",""
73,2,29,02 Aug 12,"The Truth of Detector",""
74,2,30,16 Aug 12,"Father, Son and Their LBX",""
75,2,31,24 Aug 12,"Fort Upon the Sea",""
76,2,32,29 Aug 12,"Destroy Killer Droid",""
77,2,33,05 Sep 12,"Secret of the Paradise",""
78,2,34,12 Sep 12,"Infiltrate the National Defense Headquarter",""
79,2,35,19 Sep 12,"The Threatening LBX, Proto I",""
80,2,36,03 Oct 12,"Launch Into Space",""
81,2,37,10 Oct 12,"Ikaros Descends",""
82,2,38,17 Oct 12,"Capturing Paradise",""
83,2,39,24 Oct 12,"The Ultimate Power, Zeus",""
84,2,40,31 Oct 12,"Adam and Eve's Awakening",""
85,2,41,07 Nov 12,"Countdown to Doom",""
86,2,42,14 Nov 12,"InaDan Autum Explosive Combined Special! !",""
87,2,43,21 Nov 12,"The Boy with the Glowing Eyes",""
88,2,44,28 Nov 12,"Devil in the Sky",""
89,2,45,05 Dec 12,"Perfect World",""
90,2,46,12 Dec 12,"The Ultimate Prototype",""
91,2,47,19 Dec 12,"Retrieving the Blueprints",""
92,2,48,09 Jan 13,"Sure Kill! The Luminus Shooter",""
93,2,49,16 Jan 13,"Life-or-Death Struggle in the Mine",""
94,2,50,23 Jan 13,"The LBX-less City",""
95,2,51,30 Jan 13,"The Super-Complete O-Legion!",""
96,2,52,06 Feb 13,"The LBX of Hope",""
97,2,53,13 Feb 13,"Break Trough Destiny Gate",""
98,2,54,20 Feb 13,"Mizel's Secret",""
99,2,55,27 Feb 13,"The Birth of Two Power",""
100,2,56,06 Mar 13,"The Wicked Trial",""
101,2,57,13 Mar 13,"Final Showdown - Tokio City",""
102,2,58,20 Mar 13,"LBX for Eternity",""
103,3,1,03 Apr 13,"The Day We Arrived on the Battlefield",""
104,3,2,10 Apr 13,"Dreadful War Time",""
105,3,3,17 Apr 13,"The Violet Devil of Death",""
106,3,4,24 Apr 13,"Entrusting the New Weapons",""
107,3,5,01 May 13,"The Black Wind Camp Trap",""
108,3,6,08 May 13,"Formation Attack",""
109,3,7,15 May 13,"The Fort Tank, Eld Hand",""
110,3,8,22 May 13,"Deploy the Riding Armor",""
111,3,9,29 May 13,"LBX Graveyard",""
112,3,10,05 Jun 13,"Large Droid Invades",""
113,3,11,12 Jun 13,"Old Tales",""
114,3,12,19 Jun 13,"Bandit, the Intruder",""
115,3,13,26 Jun 13,"Where I Belong",""
116,3,14,03 Jul 13,"Battle at Angel Piece",""
117,3,15,10 Jul 13,"Fated Showdown",""
118,3,16,17 Jul 13,"The Sleepy Giran Forest",""
119,3,17,24 Jul 13,"The Formless LBX",""
120,3,18,31 Jul 13,"The Revealed Truth",""
121,3,19,07 Aug 13,"For the Sake of the World",""
122,3,20,14 Aug 13,"Battle in the Death Forest",""
123,3,21,21 Aug 13,"Awakening! Overload",""
124,3,22,28 Aug 13,"A New Unit",""
125,3,23,04 Sep 13,"Targeted Hikaru",""
126,3,24,11 Sep 13,"Porton's Pride",""
127,3,25,18 Sep 13,"Road to Recovery",""
128,3,26,09 Oct 13,"Doubt the Second World",""
129,3,27,16 Oct 13,"Resurrected Soldier",""
130,3,28,23 Oct 13,"Clash! Muraku vs Kyouji",""
131,3,29,30 Oct 13,"Revival of the Violet Devil",""
132,3,30,06 Nov 13,"Seledy's Identity",""
133,3,31,13 Nov 13,"Our Own World Alliance",""
134,3,32,20 Nov 13,"The Moment the World Changes",""
135,3,33,27 Nov 13,"Arata's Decision",""
136,3,34,04 Dec 13,"True Battle",""
137,3,35,11 Dec 13,"Real Wars in the Box",""
138,3,36,18 Dec 13,"Final Battle",""
139,3,37,25 Dec 13,"To Our Future",""