number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Jan 10,"The Chicken or the Dino",""
2,1,2,11 Jan 10,"Bones in the Backyard",""
3,1,3,18 Jan 10,"Masked Confusion",""
4,1,4,18 Jan 10,"Trouble Clef",""
5,1,5,25 Jan 10,"There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed",""
6,1,6,25 Jan 10,"Art for Pterosaur's Sake",""
7,1,7,01 Feb 10,"Tooth or Consequences",""
8,1,8,01 Feb 10,"Dinosicles",""
9,1,9,14 Feb 10,"The Case of the Mystery Dino",""
10,1,10,14 Feb 10,"Gas-o-saurus",""
11,1,11,08 Feb 10,"He Shoots, He Roars",""
12,1,12,08 Feb 10,"A Winter Tail",""
13,1,13,11 Apr 10,"A Pterosaur in the House",""
14,1,14,18 Apr 10,"Model Dino",""
15,1,15,18 Apr 10,"Copy Dino",""
16,1,16,11 Apr 10,"Lunch Bag Bandit",""
17,1,17,05 Jun 10,"Dino Dent",""
18,1,18,12 Jun 10,"Active Imagination",""
19,1,19,12 Jun 10,"Dino Trap",""
20,1,20,05 Jun 10,"Big Bad Spinosaurus",""
21,1,21,19 Jun 10,"Name-A-Saurus",""
22,1,22,19 Jun 10,"Where's Dino?",""
23,1,23,25 Sep 10,"Moody Dino",""
24,1,24,18 Sep 10,"Stop Motion Dino",""
25,1,25,25 Sep 10,"Twas a Dino",""
26,1,26,18 Sep 10,"To Flee or Not to Flee",""
27,1,27,11 Sep 10,"Fishing for Dinos",""
28,1,28,13 Sep 10,"Dino Doug",""
29,1,29,11 Sep 10,"Dino Trackers",""
30,1,30,11 Sep 10,"T-Rex Bedtime",""
31,1,31,04 Oct 10,"To Catch a Dino",""
32,1,32,16 Oct 10,"Cops and Dinos",""
33,1,33,20 Sep 10,"Dino Party",""
34,1,34,20 Sep 10,"Training Wings",""
35,1,35,16 Oct 10,"Prehistoric Zoo",""
36,1,36,04 Oct 10,"Ready? Set? Dino!",""
37,1,37,11 Oct 10,"The Dino Did It",""
38,1,38,11 Oct 10,"Air Dino",""
39,1,39,06 Nov 10,"Dino Watering Hole",""
40,1,40,06 Nov 10,"Dino Dance",""
41,1,41,13 Nov 10,"Captain Cory",""
42,1,42,13 Nov 10,"Dino Race",""
43,1,43,16 Jan 11,"Hard Hat Long Neck",""
44,1,44,16 Jan 11,"A Roaring Good Time",""
45,1,45,23 Jan 11,"Mini Dino",""
46,1,46,23 Jan 11,"The Three Little Paleontologists",""
47,1,47,30 Jan 11,"Dino Strike!",""
48,1,48,30 Jan 11,"Nothing But the Tooth",""
49,1,49,08 Feb 11,"Down on the Farm",""
50,1,50,08 Feb 11,"The Time Traveler's Dino",""
51,1,51,15 Feb 11,"Where the Dinosaurs Are",""
52,2,1,08 Mar 16,"Pterosaur Picnic; Sabre Tooth Doug",""
53,2,2,09 Mar 16,"Dino Talk; Paws and Claws",""
54,2,3,10 Mar 16,"Tracker Trek; Teach a Spino to Fish",""
55,2,4,25 Apr 16,"Flashy Dinos; Adventures in Dino-Sitting",""
56,2,5,27 Apr 16,"Beach Blanket Deino; Robots and Dinos",""
57,2,6,06 Mar 17,"Dino Tooth Fairy; Dino Pet Store",""
58,2,7,06 Mar 17,"Swimming With Plesiosaurs; Dino Trek: The Musical",""
59,2,8,07 Mar 17,"Dino Sightseeing; Quetza Grandma",""
60,2,9,08 Mar 17,"Carnivore Contest; Dino Racers",""
61,2,10,09 Mar 17,"Everyone Loves Marine Reptiles; Dino Clash",""