number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 Oct 01,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,12 Oct 01,"The Honeymoon's Over or Now What?",""
3,1,3,19 Oct 01,"Someone's at the Gyno with Reba",""
4,1,4,26 Oct 01,"You Make Me Sick",""
5,1,5,02 Nov 01,"The Steaks Are High",""
6,1,6,09 Nov 01,"The Man and the Moon",""
7,1,7,16 Nov 01,"Tea and Antipathy",""
8,1,8,07 Dec 01,"Don't Know Much About History",""
9,1,9,14 Dec 01,"Every Picture Tells a Story",""
10,1,10,11 Jan 02,"When Good Credit Goes Bad",""
11,1,11,18 Jan 02,"Meet the Parents",""
12,1,12,25 Jan 02,"A Mid-Semester's Night Dream",""
13,1,13,01 Feb 02,"Brock's Swan Song",""
14,1,14,15 Feb 02,"The Story of a Divorce",""
15,1,15,22 Feb 02,"You May Kick the Bride",""
16,1,16,15 Mar 02,"Vanny Dearest",""
17,1,17,12 Apr 02,"He's Having a Baby",""
18,1,18,19 Apr 02,"She Works Hard for Their Money",""
19,1,19,26 Apr 02,"Labor of Love",""
20,1,20,03 May 02,"The King and I",""
21,1,21,10 May 02,"Up a Treehouse with a Paddle",""
22,1,22,10 May 02,"It Ain't Over till the Redhead Sings",""
23,2,1,20 Sep 02,"House Rules",""
24,2,2,27 Sep 02,"Skating Away",""
25,2,3,04 Oct 02,"Proud Reba",""
26,2,4,11 Oct 02,"Reba Works for Brock",""
27,2,5,18 Oct 02,"It's Jake's Party, Cry If You Want to",""
28,2,6,01 Nov 02,"Safe Dating",""
29,2,7,08 Nov 02,"Mommy Nearest",""
30,2,8,15 Nov 02,"Switch",""
31,2,9,22 Nov 02,"Ring-a-Ding",""
32,2,10,13 Dec 02,"Cookies for Santa",""
33,2,11,10 Jan 03,"A Moment in Time",""
34,2,12,17 Jan 03,"The Vasectomy",""
35,2,13,24 Jan 03,"The Rings",""
36,2,14,31 Jan 03,"Seeing Red",""
37,2,15,07 Feb 03,"Terry Holliway",""
38,2,16,14 Feb 03,"Valentine's Day",""
39,2,17,21 Feb 03,"The Feud",""
40,2,18,28 Feb 03,"And the Grammy Goes to...",""
41,2,19,07 Mar 03,"The Wall",""
42,2,20,14 Mar 03,"The Best Defense",""
43,2,21,28 Mar 03,"For Sale, Cheap",""
44,2,22,25 Apr 03,"The Will",""
45,2,23,02 May 03,"Location, Location, Location",""
46,2,24,09 May 03,"Your Place or Mine?",""
47,3,1,12 Sep 03,"She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye",""
48,3,2,19 Sep 03,"War and Peace",""
49,3,3,26 Sep 03,"The Best and the Blondest",""
50,3,4,03 Oct 03,"Spies Like Reba",""
51,3,5,10 Oct 03,"Calling the Pot Brock",""
52,3,6,17 Oct 03,"Encounters",""
53,3,7,31 Oct 03,"The Ghost and Mrs. Hart",""
54,3,8,07 Nov 03,"The Cat's Meow",""
55,3,9,14 Nov 03,"Regarding Henry",""
56,3,10,21 Nov 03,"The Great Race",""
57,3,11,09 Jan 04,"All Growed Up",""
58,3,12,16 Jan 04,"The United Front",""
59,3,13,23 Jan 04,"To Tell You the Truth",""
60,3,14,30 Jan 04,"Brock's Mulligan",""
61,3,15,06 Feb 04,"The Shirt Off My Back",""
62,3,16,13 Feb 04,"Sister Act",""
63,3,17,20 Feb 04,"Fight or Flight",""
64,3,18,19 Mar 04,"The Big Fix-Up",""
65,3,19,26 Mar 04,"The Good Girl",""
66,3,20,30 Apr 04,"Happy Pills",""
67,3,21,07 May 04,"Girl's Night Out",""
68,3,22,14 May 04,"Core Focus",""
69,4,1,17 Sep 04,"The Accidental Role Model",""
70,4,2,24 Sep 04,"Mother's Intuition",""
71,4,3,01 Oct 04,"The Two Girl Theory",""
72,4,4,08 Oct 04,"Van's Agent",""
73,4,5,15 Oct 04,"Surprise",""
74,4,6,22 Oct 04,"Couples' Therapy",""
75,4,7,05 Nov 04,"All Fore One",""
76,4,8,12 Nov 04,"Hello, I Must Be Going",""
77,4,9,19 Nov 04,"Thanksgiving",""
78,4,10,14 Jan 05,"No Boys Upstairs",""
79,4,11,21 Jan 05,"Diamond Jim Brady",""
80,4,12,28 Jan 05,"Reba and the Nanny",""
81,4,13,04 Feb 05,"Date of Mirth",""
82,4,14,11 Feb 05,"Reba the Realtor",""
83,4,15,18 Feb 05,"Flowers for Van",""
84,4,16,25 Feb 05,"Who Killed Brock?",""
85,4,17,08 Apr 05,"The Pageant of Grandmas",""
86,4,18,15 Apr 05,"Reba's Rules of Real Estate",""
87,4,19,29 Apr 05,"Driving Miss Kyra",""
88,4,20,06 May 05,"Go Far",""
89,4,21,13 May 05,"Help Wanted",""
90,4,22,20 May 05,"Hello, My Name is Cheyenne",""
91,5,1,16 Sep 05,"Where There's Smoke",""
92,5,2,23 Sep 05,"Reba and the One",""
93,5,3,30 Sep 05,"As Is",""
94,5,4,07 Oct 05,"And God Created Van",""
95,5,5,14 Oct 05,"No Good Deed",""
96,5,6,28 Oct 05,"Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas",""
97,5,7,04 Nov 05,"Have Your Cake",""
98,5,8,11 Nov 05,"Grannies Gone Wild",""
99,5,9,18 Nov 05,"Invasion",""
100,5,10,09 Dec 05,"Issues",""
101,5,11,13 Jan 06,"Brock's Got Stones",""
102,5,12,20 Jan 06,"Parenting with Puppets",""
103,5,13,27 Jan 06,"Don't Mess with Taxes",""
104,5,14,03 Feb 06,"The Goodbye Guy",""
105,5,15,17 Feb 06,"Money Blues",""
106,5,16,24 Feb 06,"The Trouble with Dr. Hunky",""
107,5,17,17 Mar 06,"Reba the Landlord",""
108,5,18,24 Mar 06,"The Blonde Leading the Blind",""
109,5,19,14 Apr 06,"Here We Go Again",""
110,5,20,21 Apr 06,"Red Alert",""
111,5,21,28 Apr 06,"Two Weddings and a Funeral",""
112,5,22,05 May 06,"Reba's Heart",""
113,6,1,19 Nov 06,"Let's Get Physical",""
114,6,2,19 Nov 06,"Just Business",""
115,6,3,26 Nov 06,"Trading Spaces",""
116,6,4,03 Dec 06,"Roll with It",""
117,6,5,10 Dec 06,"The Break-Up",""
118,6,6,17 Dec 06,"Sweet Child O' Mine",""
119,6,7,07 Jan 07,"Locked and Loaded",""
120,6,8,14 Jan 07,"As We Forgive Those...",""
121,6,9,21 Jan 07,"Bullets Over Brock",""
122,6,10,28 Jan 07,"Cheyenne's Rival",""
123,6,11,11 Feb 07,"She's with the Band",""
124,6,12,18 Feb 07,"The Housewarming",""
125,6,13,18 Feb 07,"The Kids Are Alright",""