number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Sep 86,"Teen Wolf's Family Secret",""
2,1,2,20 Sep 86,"Grandpa's in the Doghouse",""
3,1,3,27 Sep 86,"The Werewolf Buster",""
4,1,4,04 Oct 86,"Shopworn Wolf",""
5,1,5,11 Oct 86,"The Beast Within",""
6,1,6,18 Oct 86,"Up a Family Tree",""
7,1,7,25 Oct 86,"Wolf Pride",""
8,1,8,01 Nov 86,"Wolf of My Dreams",""
9,1,9,08 Nov 86,"Leader of the Pack",""
10,1,10,15 Nov 86,"The Curse of the Red Paw",""
11,1,11,22 Nov 86,"The All-American Werewolf",""
12,1,12,29 Nov 86,"Under My Spell",""
13,1,13,06 Dec 86,"Teen Wolf Punks Out",""
14,2,1,19 Sep 87,"Teen Wolf's Curse",""
15,2,2,26 Sep 87,"It's No Picnic Being Teen Wolf",""
16,2,3,03 Oct 87,"Toot Toot, Tut Tut and All That Rot",""
17,2,4,10 Oct 87,"Down on the Farm",""
18,2,5,17 Oct 87,"Diary of a Mad Werewolf",""
19,2,6,24 Oct 87,"Teen Wolf, Come Home",""
20,2,7,31 Oct 87,"Scott and the Howlers",""
21,2,8,07 Nov 87,"Howlin' Cousins",""