number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,19 Dec 16,"John and Angel",""
2,1,2,02 Jan 17,"Chris and Katie",""
3,1,3,03 Jan 17,"Mike and Shana",""
4,1,4,10 Jan 17,"Jarrod and Shantell",""
5,1,5,17 Jan 17,"Ebony and Deanna",""
6,1,6,24 Jan 17,"Matt and Jean",""
7,1,7,31 Jan 17,"Nathan and Erica",""
8,1,8,07 Feb 17,"Katie and Kevin",""
9,1,9,14 Feb 17,"Darnell and Dion",""
10,1,10,21 Feb 17,"Xandi and Ashle",""
11,2,1,08 May 17,"Ryan and Stephenie",""
12,2,2,15 May 17,"Noah and Lisa",""
13,2,3,22 Jun 17,"Milton and Aaryn",""
14,2,4,29 Jun 17,"Lenny and Sharon",""
15,2,5,06 Jul 17,"Delvar And Bonnie",""
16,2,6,13 Jul 17,"Jeff and Jamie",""
17,2,7,20 Jul 17,"Chris and Paris",""
18,2,8,27 Jul 17,"Angela and Jodi",""
19,2,9,10 Aug 17,"Tomeka and Andre",""
20,2,10,17 Aug 17,"Erin and Rachel",""
21,2,11,24 Aug 17,"Sheriese and Kieara",""
22,2,12,22 Nov 17,"Ruben and Sandy",""
23,2,13,04 Dec 17,"Deck the Wall: A Holiday Spectacular",""
24,2,14,27 Dec 17,"Prince and Chris",""
25,2,15,01 Jan 18,"Niko and Kassie",""
26,2,16,08 Jan 18,"Victor and Evelyn",""
27,2,17,15 Jan 18,"Jakia and Shana",""
28,2,18,22 Jan 18,"Brooke and Cody",""
29,2,19,29 Jan 18,"Steve and Nick",""
30,2,20,05 Feb 18,"Kirk and Brooke",""
31,3,1,15 Mar 20,"Rebekah and Chris",""
32,3,2,22 Mar 20,"Bill and Meghan",""
33,3,3,29 Mar 20,"Matt and Nick",""
34,3,4,05 Apr 20,"Essence and Valencia",""
35,3,5,19 Apr 20,"Nellie and Taylor",""
36,3,6,26 Apr 20,"Damon and Deidra",""
37,3,7,03 May 20,"Holly and Michael",""
38,3,8,17 May 20,"Neangela and Marcus",""
39,3,9,24 May 20,"Alex and Jodie",""
40,3,10,24 May 20,"Peter and Bob",""
41,3,11,01 Jun 20,"Hecthan and Hector",""
42,3,12,08 Jun 20,"Michael and Jahmar",""
43,3,13,15 Jun 20,"Janeris and Jesenia",""
44,3,14,22 Jun 20,"Goldin and Linda",""
45,3,15,29 Jun 20,"Karen and Lori",""
46,3,16,24 Sep 20,"Tiffany and CJ",""
47,3,17,01 Oct 20,"Keaton and Taylor",""
48,3,18,21 Oct 20,"Jeremie and Nikki",""
49,3,19,28 Oct 20,"Denise and Tisha",""
50,4,1,04 Jan 21,"Lisa and Dan",""
51,4,2,11 Jan 21,"Brittany and CJ",""
52,4,3,18 Jan 21,"Tamara and Leo",""
53,4,4,25 Jan 21,"Travis and Michael",""
54,4,5,01 Feb 21,"KD and CJ",""
55,4,6,08 Feb 21,"Debbie and Ghadir",""
56,4,7,15 Feb 21,"Jason and Jay",""
57,4,8,15 Feb 21,"Terra and Brandi",""
58,4,9,22 Feb 21,"Team Usa Celebration: Apolo And Bianca",""
59,4,10,27 May 21,"Red Nose Day: Jon & Stephanie",""
60,4,11,09 Aug 21,"Tammy and Doug",""
61,4,12,16 Aug 21,"Evalyna and Shawn",""
62,4,13,23 Aug 21,"Mikail and Shakira",""
63,4,14,30 Aug 21,"Annalee and Lily",""
64,4,15,06 Sep 21,"Jordan and Maurcus",""
65,4,16,13 Sep 21,"Ted and Hayden",""
66,4,17,12 Nov 21,"Carmen and Toni",""
67,4,18,19 Nov 21,"Melvin and Meredith",""
68,4,19,10 Dec 21,"Andrea and Terry",""
69,4,20,01 Feb 22,"Amber and Chelsea (59 min)",""