number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Feb 07,"Officer Jay",""
2,1,2,08 Feb 07,"Humanitarian of the Year",""
3,1,3,15 Feb 07,"Positively Negative",""
4,1,4,22 Feb 07,"Not Without My Daughter",""
5,1,5,01 Mar 07,"Muffin' Man",""
6,1,6,07 Mar 07,"Batteries",""
7,2,1,03 Oct 07,"Bored of the Rings",""
8,2,2,10 Oct 07,"Joan of Arf",""
9,2,3,17 Oct 07,"Face Wars",""
10,2,4,24 Oct 07,"Doodie",""
11,2,5,31 Oct 07,"Ah, Men",""
12,2,6,07 Nov 07,"Maid to Border",""
13,2,7,08 Oct 08,"High, It's Sarah",""
14,2,8,09 Oct 08,"The Mongolian Beef",""
15,2,9,16 Oct 08,"Making New Friends",""
16,2,10,23 Oct 08,"Patriot Tact",""
17,2,11,30 Oct 08,"Pee",""
18,2,12,06 Nov 08,"There's No Place Like Homeless",""
19,2,13,13 Nov 08,"Fetus Don't Fail Me Now",""
20,2,14,20 Nov 08,"I Thought My Dad Was Dead, But It Turns Out He's Not",""
21,2,15,04 Dec 08,"Kangamangus",""
22,2,16,11 Dec 08,"Vow Wow",""
23,3,1,04 Feb 10,"The Proof is in the Penis",""
24,3,2,11 Feb 10,"The Silverman and the Pillows",""
25,3,3,18 Feb 10,"A Slip Slope",""
26,3,4,25 Feb 10,"Nightmayor",""
27,3,5,11 Mar 10,"Smellin' of Troy",""
28,3,6,19 Mar 10,"A Fairly Attractive Mind",""
29,3,7,26 Mar 10,"Songs in the Key of Yuck",""
30,3,8,02 Apr 10,"Just Breve",""
31,3,9,09 Apr 10,"A Good Van is Hard to Find",""
32,3,10,15 Apr 10,"Wowschwitz",""