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    1st Season 1963

  1. "100,000 BC"
    gs: Derek Newark [ Za ], Alethea Charlton [ Hur ], Jeremy Young [ Kal ], Howard Lang [ Horg ], Eileen Way [ Old Mother ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    Investigating the background of pupil Susan Foreman, her two teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, find that she lives in a time machine called the TARDIS, with her grandfather, the Doctor. The Doctor is forced to take off with all four characters on board, and the ship arrives in 100,000 BC, where a tribe of cavemen, desperate to rediscover the secret of fire, kidnaps them...

    w: Anthony Coburn d: Waris Hussein

  2. "The Daleks"
    gs: Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek ], Michael Summerton [ Dalek ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], Peter Murphy [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voices ], David Graham [ Dalek voices ], John Lee [ Alydon ], Philip Bond [ Ganatus ], Virginia Wetherell [ Dyoni ], Alan Wheatley [ Temmosus ], Gerald Curtis [ Elyon ], Jonathan Crane [ Kristas ], Marcus Hammond [ Antodus ], Chris Browning [ Thal ], Katie Cashfield [ Thal ], Vez Delahunt [ Thal ], Kevin Glenny [ Thal ], Ruth Harrison [ Thal ], Lesley Hill [ Thal ], Steve Pokol [ Thal ], Jeanette Rossini [ Thal ], Eric Smith [ Thal ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    The TARDIS arrives on the planet Skaro, where its crew encounters the Thals, a beautiful passive race, and the Daleks, mutations reliant on machine casings for mobility. The Doctor becomes involved in the unending conflict between the two races and manages to persuade the Thals that it's time to fight back after a Dalek trap sees their leader killed.

    w: Terry Nation d: Christopher Barry, Richard Martin

  3. "Inside the Spaceship"
    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    A violent explosion knocks the TARDIS crew unconscious, and when they regain their senses, the Doctor discovers that the ship is heading towards its ultimate destruction, and the others begin to suspect one another of sabotage. It's up to the Doctor to find out what has really caused the problem.

    w: David Whitaker d: Richard Martin, Frank Cox

  4. "Marco Polo"
    gs: Mark Eden [ Marco Polo ], Derren Nesbitt [ Tegana ], Zeinia Merton [ Ping-Cho ], Leslie Bates [ Man at Lop ], Jimmy Gardner [ Chenchu ], Charles Wade [ Malik ], Philip Voss [ Acomat ], Phillip Crest [ Bandit ], Paul Carson [ Ling-Tau ], Gabor Baraker [ Wang-Lo ], Tutte Lemkow [ Kuiju ], Peter Lawrence [ Vizier ], MArtin Miller [ Kublai Khan ], Basil Tang [ Foreman ], Claire Davenport [ Empress ], O. Ikeda [ Yeng ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    In the 13th century, the TARDIS lands in China where it is taken by Marco Polo as a gift for the mighty Kublai Khan, and the journey the travelers embark on to get to his palace is fraught with danger, as the evil Tegana plots to steal the TARDIS and sabotage Polo's expedition. On finally reaching Khan's domain, the Doctor gambles the time machine away in a game of backgammon and has to figure out how to get it back.

    w: John Lucarotti d: Waris Hussein, John Crockett

  5. "The Keys of Marinus"
    gs: George Couloris [ Arbitan ], Martin Cort [ Voord ], Peter Stenson [ Voord ], Gordon Wales [ Voord ], Robin Phillips [ Altos ], Katherine Schofield [ Sabetha ], Heron Carvic [ Voice of Morpho ], Edmund Warwick [ Darrius ], Francis de Wolff [ Vasor ], Michael Allaby [ Larn ], Alan James [ Ice Soldier ], Anthony Verner [ Ice Soldier ], Peter Stetson [ Ice Soldier ], Michael Allaby [ Ice Soldier ], Henley Thomas [ Tarron ], Raf de la Torre [ Senior Judge ], Alan James [ Judge ], Peter Stenson [ Judge ], Fiona Walker [ Kala ], Martin Cort [ Aydan ], Donald Pickering [ Eyesen ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    The TARDIS lands on one of the islands on Marinus, which is surrounded by an acidic sea. Arbitan, a monk-like figure who is the Keeper of the Conscience of Marinus, captures the TARDIS. The travelers split up to try and find the four keys that can energise the machine, which have been spread across the planet at different points, and have to return before the commando-like Voords take over the machine.

    w: Terry Nation d: John Gorrie

  6. "The Aztecs"
    gs: Keith Pyott [ Autloc ], John Pingham [ Tlotoxl ], Ian Cullen [ Ixta ], Margot van der Burgh [ Cameca ], Tom Booth [ Victim ], David Anderson [ Captain ], Walter Randall [ Tonila ], Andre Boulay [ Perfect Victim ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    Materialising in an Aztec High Priest's tomb, the TARDIS becomes locked inside as the crew find a secret exit, and Barbara is proclaimed to be a reincarnation of the deceased, Yetaxa. The Doctor has to figure out how to get back to the TARDIS before Barbara's attempts to convince the race to stop sacrificing human leads to danger.

    w: John Lucarotti d: John Crockett

  7. "The Sensorites"
    gs: Stephen Dartnell [ John ], Ilona Rodgers [ Carol ], Lorne Cossette [ Captain Maitland ], Ken Tyllson [ Sensorite ], Joe Greig [ Sensorite ], Peter Glaze [ Sensorite ], Arthur Newall [ Sensorite ], Eric Francis [ Elder ], Bartlett Mullins [ Elder ], John Bailey [ Commander ], Martyn Huntley [ Survivor ], Giles Phibbs [ Survivor ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    The crew of an Earth spaceship from the 28th century are found to be under the control of a race of creatures called Sensorites when the TARDIS materialises on board. The Doctor finds the Sensorites are really passive telepaths who are terrified of how the humans on the ship might exploit their society, but there is already some trying to poison the creatures' water supply beneath their city. The Doctor intervenes...

    w: Peter R. Newman d: Mervyn Pinfield

  8. "The Reign of Terror"
    gs: Peter Walker [ Small Boy ], Laidlaw Dalling [ Rouvray ], Neville Smith [ d'Argenson ], Robert Hunter [ Sergeant ], Ken Lawrence [ Lieutenant ], James Hall [ Soldier ], Terry Bale [ Soldier ], Patrick Marley [ Soldier ], Howard Charlton [ Judge ], Jack Cunningham [ Jailer ], Jeffry Wickham [ Webster ], Dallas Cavell [ Overseer ], Denis Cleary [ Peasant ], James Cairncross [ Lemaitre/Stirling ], Roy Herrick [ Jean ], Donald Morley [ Renan ], John Barrard [ Shopkeeper ], Caroline Hunt [ Danielle ], Edward Brayshaw [ Colbert ], Keith Anderson [ Robespierre ], Ronald Pickup [ Physician ], John Law [ Barrass ], Tony Wall [ Bonaparte ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    Arriving in Paris during the time of Robespierre, the four travelers become separated. With the Doctor in disguise as an official, Ian is held as an English spy and Barbara and Susan are sentenced to death, and due to meet 'Madame Guillotine'. The four have to plot to escape from the city and return to the safety of the TARDIS.

    w: Dennis Spooner d: Henric Hirsch

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    2nd Season 1964

  9. "Planet of Giants"
    gs: Alan Tilvern [ Forester ], Frank Crawshaw [ Farrow ], Reginald Barratt [ Smithers ], Rosemary Johnson [ Hilda ], Fred Ferris [ Bert ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    The Doctor finally manages to land on modern day earth, but the TARDIS is only an inch high, and the miniaturised crew try to foil the schemes of Forrester, an insecticide maker, facing all kinds of dangers along the way...

    w: Louis Marks d: Mervyn Pinfield, Douglas Camfield

  10. "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"
    gs: Bernard Kay [ Carl Tyler ], Peter Fraser [ David Campbell ], Alan Judd [ Dortmun ], Martyn Huntley [ Roboman ], Peter Badger [ Roboman ], Reg Tyler [ Roboman ], Bill Moss [ Roboman ], Robert Aldous [ Rebel ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], Nick Evans [ Dalek ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek ], Peter Murphy [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek Voices ], David Graham [ Dalek Voices ], Ann Davies [ Jenny ], Michael Goldie [ Craddock ], Michael Davis [ Thompson ], Richard McNeff [ Baker ], Graham Rigby [ Larry Madison ], Nicholas Smith [ Wells ], Nick Evans [ Slyther ], Patrick O'Connell [ Ashton ], Jean Conroy [ Woman ], Meriel Hobson [ Woman ]

    rc: Susan, Ian, Barbara

    Earth has been conquered by the Daleks, with mankind almost wiped out by a space plague, and all but a handful of resistance fighters who survived have been turned into zombie-like Robomen, to work as drones for the aliens. As the TARDIS arrives, Ian and the Doctor are captured by the Daleks, while Barbara and Susan join the resistance. The Doctor manages to foil the Daleks plan to hollow out the core of the planet and build a propulsion system to make the Earth into a type of giant spaceship. As he prepares to leave with Ian and Barbara, he decides to leave Susan behind with David Campbell, whom she has fallen in love with, so that she can spend the rest of her life on Earth.

    w: Terry Nation d: Richard Matrin

  11. "The Rescue"
    gs: Ray Barrett [ Bennett/Koquillion ], Tom Sheridan [ Captain/Sand Monster ], John Stuart [ Didonian ], Colin Hughes [ Didonian ]

    rc: Ian, Barbara, Vicki

    On the planet Dido, the TARDIS crew split up and Barbara is nearly murdered by a vicious creature called Koquillion, but survives and finds two survivors on board the wreckage of a crashed spaceship. Vicki is friendly enough, but Bennett sees Barbara as a threat. When the Doctor and Ian arrive, the mystery of exactly who, or rather what Koquillion is, is quickly resolved. At the end of the story, Vicki joins the TARDIS crew.

    w: Davidm Whitaker d: Christopher Barry

  12. "The Romans"
    gs: Derek Sydney [ Sevcheria ], Nicholas Evans [ Didius ], Dennis Edwards [ Centurion ], Margot Thomas [ Stall-holder ], Edward Kelsey [ Slave-buyer ], Bart Allison [ Maximus Petullian ], Barry Jackson [ Ascaris ], Peter Diamond [ Delos ], Michael Peake [ Tavius ], Dorothy-Rose Gribble [ Woman Slave ], Gertan Klauber [ Galley Master ], Ernest Jennings [ Man in market ], John Caesar [ Man in market ], Tony Lambden [ Messenger ], Derek Francis [ Nero ], Brian Proudfoot [ Tigilinus ], Ann Tirard [ Locusta ], Kay Patrick [ Poppaea ]

    rc: Ian, Barbara, Vicki

    On holiday in ancient Rome, the Doctor is mistaken for the recently murdered lyre player, due to appear at the court of Emperor Nero, where he is taken with Vicki. Barbara is taken by slavers and ends up working at Nero's Palace and Ian's journey on a slave ship is curtailed when it sinks, and he ends up as a Gladiator in Rome. Eventually the four of them are reunited back at the villa; oblivious to what has happened to each other...

    w: Dennis Spooner d: Christopher Barry

  13. "The Web Planet"
    gs: Robert Jewell [ Zarbi ], Jack Pitt [ Zarbi ], Gerald Taylor [ Zarbi ], Hugh Lund [ Zarbi ], John Scott Martin [ Zarbi ], Kevin Manser [ Zarbi ], Roslyn de Winter [ Vrestin ], Arne Gordon [ Hrostar ], Arthur Blake [ Hrhoonda ], Jolyon Booth [ Prapilius ], Jocelyn Birdsall [ Hlynia ], Martin Jarvis [ Captain Hilio ], Ian Thompson [ Hetra ], Barbara Joss [ Nemini ], Catherine Fleming [ Voice of the Animus ]

    rc: Ian, Barbara, Vicki

    The planet of Vortis has been taken over by a parasitic intelligence called the Animus, which has enslaved the ant-like Zarbi, and caused the natural inhabitants, the Menoptera, to flee to another world. The Animus captures the Doctor and tries to take control of the TARDIS so it can control all of time and space, but he manages to defeat it and the Menoptera are able to take control of their home world once more.

    w: Bill Strutton d: Richard Martin

  14. "The Crusade"
    gs: John Flint [ William des Preaux ], Walter Randall [ El Akir ], Julian Glover [ Richard the Lionheart ], David Anderson [ Reynier de Marun ], Bruce Wightman [ William de Tornebu ], Reg Pritchard [ Ben Daheer ], Tony Caunter [ Thatcher ], Roger Avon [ Saphadin ], Bernard Kay [ Saladin ], Derek Ware [ Saracen Warrior ], Valentino Musetti [ Saracen Warrior ], Anthony Colby [ Saracen Warrior ], Jean Marsh [ Joanna ], Robert Lankesheer [ Chamberlain ], Zohra Segal [ Sheyrah ], Gabor Baraker [ Luigi Ferrigo ], Chris Konyils [ Saracen Guard ], Raymond Novak [ Saracen Guard ], George Little [ Haroun ], Petra Markham [ Safiya ], John Bay [ Earl of Leicester ], Sandra Hampton [ Maimuna ], Viviane Sorrel [ Fatima ], Diane McKenzie [ Hafsa ], Tutte Lemkow [ Ibrahim ], Billy Cornelius [ Soldier ]

    rc: Ian, Barbara, Vicki

    The Doctor becomes an advisor to Richard the Lionheart. His knights are ambushed by the Saracen hordes, and Ian sets out to rescue Barbara when she is kidnapped and taken to the court of El Akir. The situation becomes more complex when the Doctor accidentally reveals that Richard plans to marry his sister, Joanna, and the Saracen Saphadin learns of this information.

    w: David Whitaker d: Douglas Camfield

  15. "The Space Museum"
    gs: Peter Sanders [ Sita ], Peter Crays [ Dako ], Richard Shaw [ Lobos ], Jeremy Bulloch [ Tor ], Salvin Stewart [ Messenger ], Peter Diamond [ Technician ], Ivor Salter [ Commander ], Billy Cornelius [ Guard ], Murphy Grumbar [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voice ]

    rc: Ian, Barbara, Vicki

    On the planet Xeros, in a museum of the Morok Empire, the TARDIS crew find it mysterious that neither the Moroks nor the subservient Xerons can see them, and are alarmed when they find a museum exhibit containing themselves. The Doctor deduces that time shifts experienced as they arrived have put them on a different time track, slightly in their own future, but this is suddenly rectified and a fight to avoid their future enslavement begins...

    w: Glyn Jones d: Mervyn Pinfield

  16. "The Chase"
    gs: Robert Marsden [ Abraham Lincoln ], Hugh Walters [ William Shakespeare ], Roger Hammond [ Roger Bacon ], Vivienne Bennett [ Queen Elizabeth I ], Richard Coe [ TV announcer ], Themselves [ The Beatles ], Jack Pitt [ Mire Beast ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voices ], David Graham [ Dalek voices ], Ian Thompson [ Malsan ], Hywel Bennett [ Rynian ], Al Raymond [ Prondyn ], Arne Gordon [ Guide ], Peter Purves [ Morton Dill ], Dennis Chinnery [ Albert Richardson ], David Blake Kelly [ Captain Briggs ], Patrick Carter [ Bosun ], Douglas Ditta [ Willoughby ], Jack Pitt [ Stewart ], John Maxim [ Frankenstein's Monster ], Malcolm Rogers [ Dracula ], Roslyn de Winter [ Grey Lady ], Edmund Warwick [ Robot Doctor ], Murphy Grumbar [ Mechanoid ], Jack Pitt [ Mechanoid ], John Scott Martin [ Mechanoid ], Ken Tyllson [ Mechanoid ], David Graham [ Mechanoid voices ], Derek Ware [ Bus Conductor ]

    rc: Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven

    The Daleks are pursuing the TARDIS in their own Time Machine, moving from the planet Aridius, to the Empire State Building, the Mary Celeste, the Festival of Ghana and finally the planet of Mechanus, where the Doctor foils an attempt by the Daleks to destroy him using a robot double and a gigantic battle between the aliens and the Mechanoids takes place. At the conclusion, Ian and Barbara use the Dalek Time Machine to get back to present day earth, and the stranded space pilot Steven Taylor Joins the TARDIS crew as the ship leaves.

    w: Terry Nation d: Richard Martin

  17. "The Time Meddler"
    gs: Peter Butterworth [ The Meddling Monk ], Alethea Charlton [ Edith ], Peter Russell [ Eldred ], Michael Miller [ Wulnoth ], Michael Guest [ Hunter ], Norman Hartley [ Ulf ], Geoffrey Cheshire [ Viking Leader ], David Anderson [ Sven ], Ronald Rich [ Gunnar ]

    rc: Vicki, Steven

    Off the English coastline in 1066, the TARDIS crew hear strange stories about a mysterious monk when they explore a Saxon village and find artifacts from the future, such as a wristwatch and a tape recorder. The Monk is revealed to have his own TARDIS, and enjoys meddling with history, his latest scheme being to change the outcome of the Battle of Hastings.

    w: Dennis Spooner d: Douglas Camfield

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    Feature Film 1965

    "Doctor Who and the Daleks"
    cast: Peter Cushing [ Dr. Who ], Roy Castle [ Ian ], Jennie Linden [ Barbara ], Roberta Tovey [ Susan ], Barrie Ingham [ Alydon ], Michael Coles [ Ganatus ], Geoffrey Toone [ Temmosus ], Mark Peterson [ Elydon ], John Brown [ Antodus ], Yvonne Antrobus [ Dyoni ], Robert Jewel [ Dalek operator ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek operator ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek operator ]

    Dr. Who activates his new invention, the TARDIS, a time machine disguised as a police telephone box. Dr. Who, his two grand-daughters, and Barbara's boyfriend Ian are transported through time and space to the planet Skaro, where a peaceful race, the Thals, are under threat of nuclear attack from the planet's other inhabitants: the evil Daleks.

    w: Terry Nation, Milton Subotsky, Max Rosenberg d: Gordon Flemyng

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    3rd Season 1965

  18. "Galaxy 4"
    gs: Stephanie Bidmead [ Maaga ], Marina Martin [ Drahvin ], Susanna Carroll [ Drahvin ], Lyn Ashley [ Drahvin ], Jimmy Kaye [ Chumblie ], Angelo Muscat [ Chumblie ], William Shearer [ Chumblie ], Pepi Poupee [ Chumblie ], Tommy Reynolds [ Chumblie ], Robert Cartland [ Rill voice ], Anthony Paul [ Rill voice ], Barry Jackson [ Garvey ]

    rc: Vicki, Steven

    The Drahvins are stranded on a planet that is about to be destroyed, and want to escape by capturing the spaceship of the Rills, hideous walrus-like creatures, leaving them behind to die. The Rills exist in a special environment and use their robotic servants, the Chumblies, to carry out any maintenance outside their ship. The Doctor and the TARDIS crew soon come to the conclusion that the Rills may not be as evil as the Drahvins say, and that the situation might be exactly the opposite.

    w: William Emms d: Derek Martinus

  19. "Mission to the Unknown"
    gs: Edward de Souza [ Marc Cory ], Robert Cartland [ Malpha ], Jeremy Young [ Gordon Lowery ], Barry Jackson [ Garvey ], Ronald Rich [ Trantis ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voices ], David Graham [ Dalek voices ]

    On the planet Kembel, an agent of the Space Security Service, called Marc Cory, unearths evidence of the Daleks plotting to stage a concentrated attack on the solar system. His crew is killed one by one, by both the deadly Vaaga plants and the Daleks, and when the Daleks track him down he is exterminated, but the tape recording of his findings survives.

    w: Terry Nation d: Derek Martinus

  20. "The Myth Makers"
    gs: Cavan Kendall [ Achilles ], Alan Haywood [ Hector ], Ivor Salter [ Odysseus ], Fracis de Wolff [ Agamemnon ], Jack Melford [ Menelaus ], Tutte Lemkow [ Cyclops ], Max Adrian [ Priam ], Barrie Ingham [ Paris ], Frances White [ Cassandra ], Jon Luxton [ Messenger ], James Lynn [ Troilus ]

    rc: Vicki, Steven, Katarina

    The TARDIS is mistaken for the Temple of Zeus in Troy, in the midst of the Trojan War, and the Doctor is thought to be a God. Steven, disguised as a warrior, takes on Achilles, whom the Doctor helps to defeat Hector, and bring about the fall of Troy. Vicki falls in love with Troilus, and decides to stay behind, while an unexpected new companion arrives on board the TARDIS, as Katarina, a slave girl, helps the badly injured Steven on board the vessel.

    w: Donald Cotton d: Michael Leeston-Smith

  21. "The Dalek Masterplan"
    gs: Jean Marsh [ Sara Kingdom ], Brian Cant [ Kert Gantry ], Nicholas Courtney [ Bret Vyon ], Pamela Greer [ Lizan ], Philip Anthony [ Roald ], Kevin Stoney [ Mavic Chen ], Michael Guest [ Interviewer ], Julian Sherrier [ Zephon ], Roy Evans [ Trantis ], Douglas Sheldon [ Kirksen ], Dallas Cavell [ Bors ], Geoffrey Cheshire [ Garge ], Maurice Browning [ Karlton ], Jack Pitt [ Gearon ], Roger Avon [ Daxtar ], James Hall [ Borkar ], Bill Meilen [ Froyn ], John Herrington [ Rhynmal ], Terence Woodfield [ Celation ], Peter Butterworth [ Meddling Monk ], Roger Brierley [ Trevor ], Bruce Wightman [ Scott ], Jeffrey Isaac [ Khepren ], Derek Ware [ Tuthmos ], Walter Randall [ Hyksos ], Bryan Mosley [ Malpha ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voices ], David Graham [ Dalek voices ], Clifford Earl [ Sergeant ], Norman Mitchell [ Policeman ], Malcolm Rogers [ Policeman ], Kenneth Thornett [ Inspector ], Reg Pritchard [ Man in mackintosh ], Sheila Dunn [ Blossom Lefavre ], Leonard Grahame [ Darcy Tranton ], Royston Tickner [ Steinberger P. Green ], Mark Ross [ Ingmar Knopf ], Conrad Monk [ Assistant Director ], David James [ Arab Sheik ], Paula Topham [ Vamp ], Robert G. Jewell [ Clown ], Albert Barrington [ Professor Webster ], Buddy Windrush [ Prop Man ], Steven Machin [ Cameraman ], Jack le White [ Cameraman ], Paul Sarony [ Keystone Cop ], Malcolm Leopold [ Keystone Cop ], Harry Davies [ Make-up Man ], William Hall [ Cowboy ], Jean Pastell [ Saloon Girl ], M.J. Matthews [ Chaplin ]

    rc: Steven, Katarina

    Six months has passed since Marc Cory's death, when the TARDIS materialises on Kembel, and SSS Agent, Bret Vyon, is looking into his death. Mavic Chen, the Guardian of the Solar System, has betrayed his position and joined forces with the Daleks, who now have an awesome weapon in the shape of a Time Destructor, but need a Taranium Core to power it. Both Vyon and Katarina die in the early stages of the race to stop the Daleks, and Bret's sister, Sara Kingdom joins the TARDIS crew as the Doctor successfully steals the core. The vast Dalek forces set off after him in pursuit. The chase moves through the earth of the 1920s and on to ancient Egypt, where the travelers come across the Meddling Monk. In the end, Chen is killed by the Daleks when his usefulness is at an end, and Sarah Kingdom sacrifices her life to switch the Time Destructor off, once it has been energised.

    w: Terry Nation d: Derek Martinus

  22. "The Massacre"
    gs: Eric Thompson [ Gaston ], David Weston [ Nicholas ], John Tillinger [ Simon ], Edwin Fenn [ Landlord ], Christopher Tranchell [ Roger ], Erik Chitty [ Preslin ], Annette Robetson [ Anne Chaplet ], Clive Cazes [ Captain ], Reginald Jessop [ Servant ], William Hartnell [ Abbot of Amboise ], Andre Morell [ Tavannes ], Leonard Sachs [ Admiral de Coligny ], Cynthia Etherington [ Old lady ], Barry Justice [ Charles IX ], Joan Young [ Catherine de Medici ], Michael Bilton [ Toligni ], Norman Claridge [ Priest ], Roy Denton [ Man ], Ernest Smith [ Man ], Will Stampe [ Man ], John Slavid [ Officer ], Jack Tarran [ Guard ], Leslie Bates [ Guard ], Juba Kennelly [ Old Man ], Hugh Cecil [ Priest ], George Romane [ Usher ]

    rc: Steven, Dodo

    Exhausted, and in need of a rest, Steven and the Doctor retreat to 16th Century France, and arrive in the midst of a bitter feud between the Catholics and Protestants. They rescue a young servant girl, who has overheard plans made by the Catholic Queen Mother to massacre all Protestant citizens. Steven gets confused when the Abbot of Amboise arrives on the scene, as he is the exact double of the Doctor. The Doctor is unable to alter history and stop the bloodshed, and the TARDIS lands on modern day earth on Wimbledon Common, where a young woman charges in, mistaking the time machine for a real Police Box. Her surname is the same as the servant girl's, suggesting that she might have survived the massacre...

    w: John Lucarotti d: Paddy Russell

  23. "The Ark"
    gs: Eric Elliott [ Commander ], Inigo Jackson [ Zentos ], Roy Spencer [ Manyak ], Kate Newman [ Mellium ], Michael Sheard [ Rhos ], Ian Frost [ Baccu ], Edmund Coulter [ Monoid ], Frank George [ Monoid ], Terence Bayler [ Yendom ], Edmund Coulter [ Monoid 1 ], Ralph Carrigan [ Monoid 2 ], Frank George [ Monoid 3 ], John Caesar [ Monoid 4 ], John Halstead [ Monoid Voices ], Roy Skelton [ Monoid Voices ], Stephanie Heesom [ Guardian ], Paul Greenhalgh [ Guardian ], Terence Woodfield [ Maharis ], Brian Wright [ Dassuk ], Eileen Helsby [ Venussa ], Richard Beale [ Refusian voice ]

    rc: Steven, Dodo

    Mistaking the jungle they have landed in for the surface of a normal planet, the TARDIS crew find they are actually inside a gigantic spaceship. The miniaturised population of earth is being taken to Refusis to start a new population there with the Guardians monitoring their safety, while the reptilian Monoids act as their servants. Dodo's cold starts to infect them all and the travelers are put on trial but the Doctor soon puts this right, and they depart, only to materialise on the Space Ark again, hundreds of years in the future when the Monoids now rule, and the humans are their slaves...

    w: Paul Erickson d: Michael Imison

  24. "The Celestial Toymaker"
    gs: Michael Gough [ Toymaker ], Campbell Singer [ Joey the Clown / Sergeant Rugg / King of Hearts ], Carmen Silvera [ Clara the Clown / Mrs. Wiggs / Queen of Hearts ], Peter Stephens [ Knave of Hearts / Kitchen Boy / Cyril ], Reg Lever [ Joker ], Beryl Braham [ Dancing Doll ], Ann Harrison [ Dancing Doll ], Delia Lindon [ Dancing Doll ]

    rc: Steven, Dodo

    The Doctor is turned invisible, and realises that the TARDIS has become trapped in the domain of a being known as the Toymaker. He is separated from Steven and Dodo, who have to complete a series of tests to win the TARDIS back, while the Doctor plays the Trilogic Game. If any of the Travellers fail to win, they will become the Toymaker's playthings for all eternity...

    w: Brian Hayles d: Bill Sellers

  25. "The Gunfighters"
    gs: William Hurndell [ Ike Clanton ], Maurice Good [ Phineas Clanton ], David Cole [ Billy Clanton ], Sheena Marshe [ Kate ], Shane Rimmer [ Seth Harper ], David Graham [ Charlie ], John Alderson [ Wyatt Earp ], Anthony Jacobs [ Doc Holliday ], Richard Beale [ Bat Masterson ], Reed de Rouen [ Pa Clanton ], Laurence Payne [ Johnny Ringo ], Martyn Huntley [ Warren Earp ], Victor Carin [ Virgil Earp ]

    rc: Steven, Dodo

    The search for a dentist to cure the Doctor's bad toothache takes the TARDIS to Tombstone in the Wild West, and the only physician in the area happens to be Doc Holliday, fore whom the Doctor is mistaken. With Steven and Dodo working as entertainers to avoid being executed as outlaws, the Doctor has to get them away from the town before the legendary gunfight at the OK Corral takes place...

    w: Donald Cotton d: Rex Tucker

  26. "The Savages"
    gs: Ewen Solon [ Chal ], Patrick Godfrey [ Tor ], Peter Thomas [ Edal ], Geoffrey Frederick [ Exorse ], Frederick Jaeger [ Jano ], Robert Sidaway [ Avon ], Kay Patrick [ Flower ], Clare Jenkins [ Nanina ], Norman Henry [ Senta ], Edward Caddick [ Wylda ], Andrew Lodge [ Assistant ], Christopher Denham [ Assistant ], Tony Holland [ Assistant ], John Dillon [ Savage ], John Raven [ Savage ], Tim Goodman [ Guard ]

    rc: Steven, Dodo

    Returning to a planet he has been to once before, the Doctor finds a sinister situation has arisen since his last visit. The Elders are experimenting on the primitives of their race, and draining their life force to prolong their own lifespans. After the Doctor finds a way to stop this taking place, Steven decides to stay behind on the planet to try and bring the two races together...

    w: Ian Stuart Black d: Christopher Barry

  27. "The War Machines"
    gs: Anneke Wills [ Polly ], Alan Curtis [ Major Green ], John Harvey [ Professor Brett ], Sandra Bryant [ Kitty ], Ewan Proctor [ Flash ], William Mervyn [ Sir Charles Summer ], John Cater [ Professor Krimpton ], Ric Felgate [ American Journalist ], John Doye [ Interviewer ], Desmond Cullum-Jones [ Worker ], Roy Godfrey [ Tramp ], Gerald Taylor [ War Machine operator ], Gerald Taylor [ Voice of WOTAN ], John Rolfe [ Captain ], John Boyd-Brent [ Sergeant ], Frank Jarvis [ Corporal ], Robin Dawson [ Soldier ], Kenneth Kendall [ Himself ], George Cross [ Minister ], Edward Colliver [ Mechanic ], John Slavid [ Man in phonebox ], Dwight Whylie [ Announcer ], Carl Conway [ US correspondent ], Michael Rathborne [ Taxi driver ], Eddie Davis [ Worker ]

    rc: Ben, Dodo

    Finally arriving back in modern London, the Doctor is intrigued by the recently completed GPO Tower, and senses something is wrong. Investigating further, he finds that an artificial intelligence computer, called WOTAN, has been built within. Dodo is put under the machine's control, and after the Doctor has recovered from an attempt to take over his mind, he finds that WOTAN has unleashed a number of tank-like machines throughout central London. Helped by a sailor, Ben Jackson, and a secretary, Polly, the Doctor manages to defeat WOTAN, and sets off for the TARDIS alone, as Dodo has decided to stay behind, but Ben and Polly soon join him...

    w: Ian Stuart Black d: Michael Ferguson

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    Feature Film 1966

    "Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D."
    cast: Peter Cushing [ The Doctor ], Bernard Cribbins [ Tom Campbell ], Ray Brooks [ David ], Andrew Keir [ Wyler ], Roberta Tovey [ Susan ], Jill Curzon [ Louise ], Roger Avon [ Wells ], Keith Marsh [ Conway ], Philip Madoc [ Brockley ], Geoffrey Cheshire [ Roboman ], Eddie Powell [ Thompson ], Godfrey Quigley [ Dortmun ], Kenneth Watson [ Craddock ], Steve Peters [ Leader Roboman ], Robert Jewell [ Leader Dalek Operator ]

    After picking up a passenger in the early 1900's, the Doctor and his companions arrive on Earth in the year 2150 AD, only to discover that the planet has been invaded and its population enslaved by the dreaded Daleks. The time travelers assist human resistance groups to foil the Daleks' plan to mine the Earth's core.

    w: Terry Nation, Milton Subotsky, David Whitaker d: Gordon Flemyng

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    4th Season 1966

  28. "The Smugglers"
    gs: Terence de Marney [ Churchwarden ], George A. Cooper [ Cherub ], David Blake Kelly [ Jacob Kewper ], Mike Lucas [ Tom ], Paul Whitsun-Jones [ Squire ], Derek Ware [ Spaniard ], Michael Godfrey [ Pike ], Elroy Josephs [ Jamaica ], John Ringham [ Blake ], Jack Bligh [ Gaptooth ]

    rc: Ben, Polly

    Arriving on the Cornish Coast in the 17th Century, a seemingly harmless message from a church warden leads the TARDIS crew into a confrontation with some Pirates. The Doctor has to persuade Customs and Excise Officers to help him defeat Captain Pike, who is in league with the local Squire, before sentence is passed on Ben and Polly, who have been framed for the murder of the now dead Church warden...

    w: Brian Hayles d: Julia Smith

  29. "The Tenth Planet"
    gs: Robert Beatty [ General Cutler ], Dudley Jones [ Dyson ], David Dodimeade [ Barclay ], Alan White [ Schultz ], Earl Cameron [ Williams ], Shane Shelton [ Tito ], John Brandon [ Sergeant ], Steve Plytas [ Wigner ], Christopher Matthews [ Radar technician ], Reg Whitehead [ Krail ], Harry Brooks [ Talon ], Ellen Cullen [ Technician ], Glenn Beck [ Announcer ], Callen Angelo [ Terry Cutler ], Christopher Dunham [ R/T technicians ], Nicholas Edwards [ R/T technicians ], Harry Brooks [ Krang ], Reg Whitehead [ Jarl ], Gregg Palmer [ Gern/Shav ], Peter Hawkins [ Cybermen voices ], Roy Skelton [ Cybermen voices ], Bruce Wells [ Cyberman ], John Haines [ Cyberman ], John Knott [ Cyberman ], Sheila Knight [ Secretary ], Alec Coleman [ Corporal ]

    rc: Ben, Polly

    At a tracking station on the South Pole, radars pick up signals from a new planet heading into orbit, which drains the energy from a space shuttle, and then starts to do the same to the Earth. Its inhabitants are revealed to be the Cybermen, who need the energy to carry out their plan to turn humans into their own kind. A first invasion force is defeated, and after the Doctor manages to overcome a second, Mondas (Earth's long-lost twin world) is blown up. The experience seems to age the Doctor, and on returning to the TARDIS, Ben and Polly can only watch as he collapses and starts to regenerate...

    w: Kit Pedler, Pat Dunlap, Gerry Davis d: Derek Martinus

  30. "The Power of the Daleks"
    gs: Martin King [ Examiner ], Nicholas Hawtrey [ Quinn ], Bernard Archard [ Bragen ], Robert James [ Lesterson ], Pamela Ann Davy [ Janley ], Peter Bathurst [ Hensell ], Edward Kelsey [ Resno ], Richard Kane [ Valmar ], Peter Forbes-Robertson [ Guard ], Steven Scott [ Kebble ], Robert Russell [ Guard ], Robert Luckham [ Guard ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], Kevin Manser [ Dalek ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voice ]

    rc: Ben, Polly

    Still suspicious of the stranger claiming to be the Doctor, Ben and Polly keep a careful eye on him as the TARDIS arrives on Vulcan, where the Doctor is mistaken for being the Earth Examiner. Nobody takes heed of his warnings as he realises the implications of three Daleks being reactivated, after being found in a capsule in a Mercury swamp. Sure enough, a Dalek production line is quickly up and running, with the creatures attempting to over-run the colony before the Doctor can defeat them...

    w: David Whitaker d: Christopher Barry

  31. "The Highlanders"
    gs: William Dysart [ Alexander ], Donald Bisset [ Colin Mclaren ], Hannah Gordon [ Kirsty ], Michael Elwyn [ Ffinch ], Peter Welch [ Sergeant ], David Garth [ Gray ], Sydney Arnold [ Perkins ], Tom Bowman [ Sentry ], Dallas Cavell [ Trask ], Barbara Bruce [ Mollie ], Andrew Downie [ MacKay ], Peter Diamond [ Sailor ], Guy Middleton [ Attwood ], Eric Mills [ Wounded Highlander ], Nancy Gabriel [ Woman at inn ], Reg Dent [ English horseman ]

    rc: Ben, Polly, Jamie

    The TARDIS lands in Scotland during the Battle of Culloden in 1746, and the Doctor and his companions become involved with a group of slave traders. The Doctor sets about freeing the men and arming them, whilst revealing to the English Redcoats the identity of the man behind the operation, a solicitor called Grey. With everything resolved, the TARDIS leaves with an extra occupant, the piper Jamie McCrimmon...

    w: Elwyn Jones, Gerry Davis d: Hugh David

  32. "The Underwater Menace"
    gs: Joseph Furst [ Professor Zaroff ], Catherine Howe [ Ara ], Tom Watson [ Ramo ], Peter Stephens [ Lolem ], Colin Jeavons [ Damon ], Gerald Taylor [ Damon's assistant ], Graham Ashley [ Overseer ], Tony Handy [ Guard ], Alex Donald [ Guard ], Tony Douglas [ Guard ], Paul Anil [ Jacko ], P.G. Stephens [ Sean ], Noel Johnson [ Thous ], Roma Woodnutt [ Nola ], Bill Burridge [ Executioner Priest ], Jimmy Mack [ Refugee Priest ]

    rc: Ben, Polly, Jamie

    Materialising on an apparently uninhabited extinct volcano on Earth, the TARDIS crew are captured by primitive Atlanteans and taken below ground, where they find they are entering the lost city of Atlantis. They are saved from being sacrificed by Professor Zaroff, an insane scientist intent on destroying the world, who has made a false promise to the Atlanteans that he will raise their city from the ocean floor. The Doctor has to convince city's slaves and workers that Zaroff has to be stopped...

    w: Geoffrey Orme d: Julia Smith

  33. "The Moonbase"
    gs: Patrick Barr [ Hobson ], Andre Maranne [ Benoit ], Michael Wolf [ Nils ], John Rolfe [ Sam ], Alan Rowe [ Dr. Evans ], Mark Heath [ Ralph ], Barry Ashton [ Crew ], Derek Calder [ Crew ], Arnold Chazen [ Crew ], Leon Maybank [ Crew ], Victor Pemberton [ Crew ], Edward Philips [ Crew ], Ron Pinnell [ Crew ], Robin Scott [ Crew ], Alan Wells [ Crew ], John Wills [ Cyberman ], Peter Greene [ Cyberman ], Reg Whitehead [ Cyberman ], Keith Goodman [ Cyberman ], Sonnie Willis [ Cyberman ], Ronald Lee [ Cyberman ], John Clifford [ Cyberman ], Barry Noble [ Cyberman ], Peter Hawkins [ Cyberman voice ], Denis McCarthy [ Controller Rinberg's voice ]

    rc: Ben, Polly, Jamie

    The year is 2070, and a machine called the Gravitron, housed on the moon, is controlling the Earth's weather. Exploring the lunar surface, the TARDIS crew head towards the moon base when Jamie is injured. They find the staff on the moon-base under siege from a mysterious illness and sabotage. The Cybermen are revealed to be behind it, with a plan to use the Gravitron to help render the Earth powerless to an invasion attempt. The Doctor has very little time to stop them...

    w: Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis d: Morris Barry

  34. "The Macra Terror"
    gs: Peter Jeffrey [ Pilot ], Graham Armitage [ Barney ], Ian Fairbairn [ Questa ], Jane Enshawe [ Sunnae ], Sandra Bryant [ Chicki ], Karol Keyes [ Chicki ], Maureen Lane [ Majorette ], Terence Lodge [ Medok ], Gertan Klauber [ Ola ], Graham Leaman [ Controller ], Anthony Gardener [ Alvis ], Denis Goacher [ Control voice ], Richard Beale [ Broadcast voice ], Robert Jewell [ Macra ], John Harvey [ Official ], John Caesar [ Guard ], Steve Emerson [ Guard ], Danny Rae [ Guard ], Roger Jerome [ Cheerleader ], Terry Wright [ Cheerleader ], Ralph Carrigan [ Cheerleader ], Linda Reynolds [ Pilot's Secretary ], Paul Phillips [ Scientist ], Nina Huby [ Girl ]

    rc: Ben, Polly, Jamie

    On a planet where an Earth colony is run like a holiday camp, the Doctor begins to suspect that something is wrong when the TARDIS lands there. The colonists are under the control of the Macra, giant crab-like creatures, who use them to mine for the gas that is vital for the creatures' survival. With the Doctor imprisoned and Ben under the power of the Macra, Jamie and Polly have to try and save them both, before they too succumb to the Macra.

    w: Ian Stuart Black d: John Davis

  35. "The Faceless Ones"
    gs: James Appleby [ Policeman ], Colin Gordon [ Commandant ], George Sellway [ Meadows ], Wanda Ventham [ Jean Rock ], Victor Winding [ Spencer ], Peter Whitaker [ Gascoigne ], Donald Pickering [ Blade ], Christopher Tranchell [ Jenkins ], Madalena Nicol [ Pinto ], Bernard Kay [ Crossland ], Pauline Collins [ Samantha Briggs ], Gilly Fraser [ Ann Davidson ], Brigit Paul [ Announcer ], Barry Wilsher [ Heslington ], Michael Ladkin [ Pilot ], Leonard Trolley [ Reynolds ], Robin Dawson [ Chameleon ], Barry du Pre [ Chameleon ], Pat Leclere [ Chameleon ], Roy Pearce [ Chameleon ]

    rc: Ben, Polly, Jamie

    The TARDIS arrives in 1966, and lands on the runway of Gatwick Airport. The Doctor becomes suspicious of one of the tour groups, and it's revealed that Chameleon Tours is run by a group of aliens who have no identity, and they're using charter flights to kidnap both airline staff and passengers to steal their likenesses. Realising they're back on Earth on the day they left on their first trip in the TARDIS, Ben and Polly elect to stay behind, and as the Doctor and Jamie return to the time machine, they see it being driven away on the back of a lorry...

    w: David Ellis, Malcolm Hulke d: Gerry Mill

  36. "The Evil of the Daleks"
    gs: Alec Ross [ Bob Hall ], Griffith Davies [ Kennedy ], John Bailey [ Edward Waterfield ], Geoffrey Colville [ Perry ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ], Gerald Taylor [ Dalek ], Ken Tyllson [ Dalek ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Murphy Grumbar [ Emperor Dalek ], Roy Skelton [ Dalek voices ], Peter Hawkins [ Dalek voices ], Jo Rowbottom [ Mollie Dawson ], Marius Goring [ Theodore Maxtible ], Brigit Forsyth [ Ruth Maxtible ], Windsor Davies [ Toby ], Gary Watson [ Terrall ], Sonny Caldinez [ Kemel ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria

    Trying to trace the TARDIS eventually leads Jamie and the Doctor to Edward Waterfield, an antique dealer with items that are just too good. Both of them are then kidnapped and taken back to 1866, where it is revealed that Waterfield and his associate, Theodore Maxtible, are in league with the Daleks, who are holding his daughter, Victoria Waterfield, as a hostage to ensure he complies with their plans. Their plan is to distil the 'Human Factor' and destroy it, and use the Doctor, once he has the 'Dalek Factor' installed in him, to conquer both time and space. Taken to Skaro, where the Doctor confronts the Emperor Dalek, the situation is saved by Waterfield, who sacrifices himself to end the evil. With her Father dead, the Doctor promises to take care of Victoria, and she joins the TARDIS crew...

    w: David Whitaker d: Derek Martinus

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    5th Season 1967

  37. "The Tomb of the Cybermen"
    gs: Roy Stewart [ Toberman ], Aubrey Richards [ Professor Parry ], Cyril Shaps [ Viner ], Clive Merrison [ Callum ], Shirley Cooklin [ Kaftan ], George Roubicek [ Hopper ], George Pastell [ Klieg ], Alan Johns [ Rogers ], Bernard Holley [ Haydon ], Ray Grover [ Crewman ], Michael Kilgarriff [ Cyber Controller ], Hans De Vries [ Cyberman ], Tony Harwood [ Cyberman ], John Hogan [ Cyberman ], Richard Kerley [ Cyberman ], Ronald Lee [ Cyberman ], Charles Pemberton [ Cyberman ], Kenneth Seeger [ Cyberman ], Reg Whitehead [ Cyberman ], Peter Hawkins [ Cybermen voices ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria

    An earth expedition is trying to excavate the tombs of the Cybermen on the planet Telos, and when the TARDIS crew arrive, they are immediately suspected as a rival party. One member of the expedition, Klieg, deliberately reactivates the Cybermen, thinking that he can control them, but they attack the humans using the rodent-like Cybermats, which home in on brain waves. The Doctor has to overcome Klieg's schemes, and the ruthless Cybercontroller, and reseal the tombs before the TARDIS can leave the planet...

    w: Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis d: Morris Barry

  38. "The Abominable Snowmen"
    gs: Jack Watling [ Professor Travers ], Norman Jones [ Khrisong ], David Spenser [ Thonmi ], David Grey [ Rinchen ], Raymond Llewellyn [ Sapan ], Charles Morgan [ Songsten ], Wolfe Morris [ Padmasambhava ], David Baron [ Ralpachan ], Reg Whitehead [ Yeti ], Tony Harwood [ Yeti ], Richard Kerley [ Yeti ], John Hogan [ Yeti ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria

    The Doctor and his companions arrive in Tibet in the mid-1930s, where he plans to return a holy relic to the Det-Sen monastery, having been asked to look after it by Phadmasambhava decades previously. Travers, one of the members of an expedition attacked by Yetis, accuses the Doctor of murdering his partner. The Doctor is shocked to learn that Phadmasambhava is still alive; he is possessed by the 'Great Intelligence', who has used him to construct the robot Yetis roaming the wilderness and plans to take over the Earth. The Doctor must outwit the 'Intelligence' and tree his old friend from his torment...

    w: Mervyn Haisman, Henry Lincoln d: Gerald Blake

  39. "The Ice Warriors"
    gs: Wendy Gifford [ Miss Garrett ], Peter Barkworth [ Clent ], George Waring [ Arden ], Malcolm Taylor [ Walters ], Peter Diamond [ Davis ], Angus Lennie [ Storr ], Peter Sallis [ Penley ], Bernard Bresslaw [ Varga ], Roy Skelton [ Computer voice ], Roger Jones [ Zondal ], Sonny Caldinez [ Turoc ], Tony Harwood [ Rintan ], Michael Attwell [ Isbur ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria

    During the second ice age in the Earth's future, a computer is used at the Brittanicus Base; to keep the ice flows at bay. A towering alien warrior is excavated from the snow, thought to be long dead, but it slowly comes back to life. Varga's ship crash-landed in the ice centuries ago, and he is determined to revive his men, who are still frozen. He kidnaps Victoria when the TARDIS arrives, and the Doctor has to outwit him to get her back and stop Leader Clent at Brittanicus from using an ioniser to destroy the Martian ship...

    w: Brian Hayles d: Derek Martinus

  40. "The Enemy of the World"
    gs: Henry Stamper [ Anton ], Rhys McConnochie [ Rod ], Simon Cain [ Curly ], Mary Peach [ Astrid ], Bill Kerr [ Kent ], Colin Douglas [ Bruce ], Milton Johns [ Benik ], George Pravda [ Denes ], David Nettheim [ Fedorin ], Carmen Munroe [ Fariah ], Gordon Faith [ Guard Captain ], Elliot Cairnes [ Guard Captain ], Bill Lyons [ Guard ], Reg Lye [ Griffin ], Andrew Staines [ Sergeant ], Christopher Burgess [ Swann ], Adam Verney [ Colin ], Margaret Hickey [ Mary ], Dibbs Mather [ Guard ], Bob Anderson [ Guard ], William McGuirk [ Guard ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria

    After being attacked and rescued by a helicopter pilot called Astrid on an Australian beach, her boss, Giles Kent, reveals that the Doctor is a doppelganger for the corrupt political leader, Salamander, The Doctor tries to expose Salamander for what he really is, and in a final confrontation on board the TARDIS the dictator gets ejected into space.

    w: David Whitaker d: Barry Letts

  41. "The Web of Fear"
    gs: Jack Watling [ Professor Travers ], Tina Packer [ Anne Travers ], Frederick Schrecker [ Julius Silverstein ], Rod Beacham [ Lane ], Ralph Watson [ Knight ], Richardson Morgan [ Blake ], Jon Rollason [ Chorley ], Jack Woolgar [ Arnold ], Stephen Whittaker [ Weams ], Bernard G.High [ Soldier ], Joseph O'Connell [ Soldier ], John Levene [ Yeti ], John Lord [ Yeti ], Gordon Stothard [ Yeti ], Colin Warman [ Yeti ], Jeremy King [ Yeti ], Roger Jacombs [ Yeti ], Derek Pollitt [ Evans ], Bert Sims [ Newspaper Seller ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria, Lethbridge-Stewart

    Attacked by a mysterious web-like substance in space, the TARDIS has to materialise on Earth to escape and lands in a London underground station. The Doctor and his two companions meet up with Professor Travers, who explains that the web has caused London to be evacuated, after it started killing people on the Underground system, where Yetis have been sighted. The 'Great Intelligence' is once again on the planet, and the Doctor is assisted in defeating it by Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, without either of them realising how much they would come to rely on each other in the future.

    w: Mervyn Haisman, Henry Lincoln d: Douglas Camfield

  42. "Fury from the Deep"
    gs: Victor Maddern [ Robson ], Roy Spencer [ Harris ], Graham Leaman [ Price ], Peter Ducrow [ Guard ], June Murphy [ Maggie Harris ], John Garvin [ Carney ], Hubert Rees [ Chief Engineer ], John Abineri [ Van Lutyens ], Richard Mayes [ Baxter ], Bill Burridge [ Quill ], John Gill [ Oak ], Margaret John [ Megan Jones ], Brian Cullingford [ Perkins ]

    rc: Jamie, Victoria

    At a refinery off the North Sea, its boss, Robson, blames the Doctor for the disappearance of several staff members and for sabotaging the pipes. Others believe that there is something mysterious in the pipes, and whatever it is seems to control the mysterious Mr. Quill and Mr. Oak. They are the human agents for a lethal, mutant seaweed creature, which is trying to expand its race by taking over humans. The amplified sounds of Victoria's screams kill it, and when it comes to leaving, she opts to stay behind on the Earth.

    w: Victor Pemberton d: Hugh David

  43. "The Wheel in Space"
    gs: Freddie Foote [ Servo-Robot ], Eric Flynn [ Ryan ], Anne Ridler [ Dr. Corwyn ], Clare Jenkins [ Tanya Lernov ], Michael Turner [ Bennett ], Donald Sumpter [ Enrico Casali ], Kenneth Watson [ Duggan ], Michael Goldie [ Laleham ], Derrick Gilbert [ Vallance ], Kevork Malikyan [ Rudkin ], Peter Laird [ Chang ], James Mellor [ Flannigan ], Jerry Holmes [ Cyberman ], Gordon Stothard [ Cyberman ], Peter Hawkins [ Cybermen voices ], Roy Skelton [ Cybermen voices ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    The TARDIS materialises on an abandoned rocket, where the Doctor is attacked and knocked out by a Servo Robot. On arriving at a giant space station, where the Doctor receives medical treatment and recovers, both he and Jamie are alarmed by the rumours that metal rodents are on board. They soon find out they're Cybermats, and that the Cybermen are planning to use the station as part of an invasion attempt on the Earth. The Doctor defeats them and as he and Jamie leave, they find they have a stowaway in the form of Zoe Heriot.

    w: David Whitaker, Kit Pedler d: Tristan de Vere Cole

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    6th Season 1968

  44. "The Dominators"
    gs: Ronald Allen [ Rago ], Kenneth Ives [ Toba ], Arthur Cox [ Cully ], Philip Voss [ Wahed ], Malcolm Terris [ Etnin ], Nicholette Pendrell [ Tolata ], Felicity Gibson [ Kando ], Giles Block [ Teel ], Johnson Bayly [ Balan ], Walter Fitzgerald [ Senex ], Ronald Mansell [ Council Member ], John Cross [ Council Member ], Malcolm Watson [ Council Member ], Aubrey Danvers Walker [ Council Member ], Alan Gerrard [ Bovem ], Brian Cant [ Tensa ], John Hicks [ Quark ], Gary Smith [ Quark ], Freddie Wilson [ Quark ], Sheila Grant [ Quark voices ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    The Dominators have taken over the planet of Dulkis with their robotic Quarks, with a plan to detonate a vast nuclear device in the planet's core that would turn the world into nothing more than radioactive waste. This would then be used to power the Dominators' fleet of spacecraft. The Dulcians are natural pacifists, and so the Doctor must find a way to stop the Dominators' scheme.

    w: Norman Ashby d: Morris Barry

  45. "The Mind Robber"
    gs: Emrys Jones [ The Master of the Land ], John Atterbury [ White Robot ], Ralph Carrigan [ White Robot ], Bill Weisener [ White Robot ], Terry Wright [ White Robot ], Hamish Wilson [ Jamie ], Philip Ryan [ Redcoat ], Bernard Horsfall [ Gulliver ], Barbara Loft [ Child ], Sylvestra Le Touzel [ Child ], Timothy Horton [ Child ], Martin Langley [ Child ], Christopher Reynolds [ Child ], David Reynolds [ Child ], Paul Alexander [ Clockwork Soldier ], Ian Hines [ Clockwork Soldier ], Richard Ireson [ Clockwork Soldier ], Christine Pirie [ Rapunzel/Book Narrator ], Sue Pulford [ Medusa ], Richard Ireson [ Minotaur ], Christopher Robbie [ Karkus ], David Cannon [ Cyrano ], John Greenwood [ D'Artagnan/Lancelot ], Gerry Wain [ Blackbeard ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    To escape a lava rush from a volcano, the Doctor uses an emergency take-off, and the TARDIS lands in a white void. As they try to escape, the TARDIS disintegrates and the three travelers find they are now in the Land of Fiction. The Doctor has to defeat the Master of the Land, who is capable of creating characters out of nothing by simply thinking them into reality, by taking him on in the same way and calling up all the characters from literature he can think of. If he fails, the TARDIS crew will become absorbed into fiction, and the Doctor's mind will be absorbed...

    w: Peter Ling d: David Maloney

  46. "The Invasion"
    gs: Murray Evans [ Lorry Driver ], Walter Randall [ Patrolman ], Sally Faulkner [ Isobel Watkins ], Geoffrey Cheshire [ Tracy ], Kevin Stoney [ Tobias Vaughn ], Peter Halliday [ Packer ], Edward Burnham [ Professor Watkins ], Ian Fairbairn [ Gregory ], James Thornhill [ Sergeant Walters ], Robert Sidaway [ Captain Turner ], Sheila Dunn [ Operator ], Edward Dentith [ Rutlidge ], Peter Thompson [ Workman ], Dominic Allan [ Policeman ], Stacy Davies [ Perkins ], Clifford Earl [ Branwell ], Norman Hartley [ Peters ], Pat Gorman [ Cyberman ], Ralph Carrigan [ Cyberman ], Charles Finch [ Cyberman ], Richard King [ Cyberman ], John Spradbury [ Cyberman ], Peter Thornton [ Cyberman ], Peter Halliday [ Cyber Director voice ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton

    On the TARDIS scanner, the Doctor and his companions see a vast fleet of ships hidden behind the dark side of the Earth's moon. Materialising on the planet, the TARDIS crew try and find Professor Travers, whom they discover has leant his home to a colleague, Professor Watkins, while he and Anne are away. The Doctor learns from Watkins' niece, Isobel that Watkins is working for magnate Tobias Vaughn who is in reality using the scientist's work to make a device that can induce emotions in Cybermen. Vaughn is helping the aliens orchestrate an invasion of Earth, with their battle fleet waiting behind the moon, and wants the Cerebraton Mentor as a fail-safe to control them. As the Doctor tries to prevent his plans, he once again meets Lethbridge-Stewart, now a Brigadier, who has set up the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) to counter attack such threats and the two join forces to try and save mankind.

    w: Derrick Sherwin d: Douglas Camfield

  47. "The Krotons"
    gs: James Copeland [ Selris ], Gilbert Wynne [ Thara ], Terence Brown [ Abu ], Madeleine Mills [ Vana ], Philip Madoc [ Eelek ], Richard Ireson [ Axus ], James Cairncross [ Beta ], Maurice Selwyn [ Custodian ], Bronson Shaw [ Student ], Robert La Bassiere [ Kroton ], Miles Northover [ Kroton ], Robert Grant [ Kroton ], Roy Skelton [ Kroton voices ], Patrick Tull [ Kroton voices ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    The Gonds are all controlled by the Krotons, and each year, the brightest male and female students of their race are selected and sent into the Kroton's machine to work with them, or so they are led to believe. The Doctor discovers that they are actually being mentally absorbed, with their bodies then being vaporised. The Doctor has to fight to defeat them, before any other Gonds are destroyed...

    w: Robert Holmes d: David Maloney

  48. "The Seed of Death"
    gs: Alan Bennion [ Slaar ], Steve Peters [ Ice Warrior ], Tony Harwood [ Ice Warrior ], Sonny Caldinez [ Ice Warrior ], Philip Ray [ Eldred ], Louise Pajo [ Gia Kelly ], John Witty [ Computer voice ], Ric Felgate [ Brent ], Harry Towb [ Osgood ], Ronald Leigh-Hunt [ Radnor ], Terry Scully [ Fewsham ], Christopher Coll [ Phipps ], Martin Cort [ Locke ], Derrick Slater [ Guard ], Graham Leaman [ Marshal ], Hugh Morton [ Sir James Gregson ], Peter Whittaker [ Weather Station operator ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    A T-Mat station on the moon seems to have broken down, when in reality it's been invaded by Ice Warriors, under the command of their Ice Lord, Slaar. The T-Mat system transports anything to any point in an instant, and the breakdown has stopped food supplies being moved around worldwide. The Ice Warriors use the system to send deadly seedpods to various points around the globe, with the resulting fungus quickly sucking all the oxygen Out of the atmosphere. The TARDIS lands in a museum, and the Doctor has to pilot one of its old rockets to the moon to be able to defeat the Martians...

    w: Brian Hayles d: Michael Ferguson

  49. "The Space Pirates"
    gs: Brian Peck [ Dervish ], Dudley Foster [ Caven ], Jack May [ Hermack ], Donald Gee [ Warne ], George Layton [ Penn ], Nik Zaran [ Sorba ], Anthony Donovan [ Guard ], Gordon Gostelow [ Clancey ], Lisa Daniely [ Madeleine ], Steve Peters [ Guard ], Esmond Knight [ Dom Issigri ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    The TARDIS and the travelers become separated when they land in a space beacon, and an eccentric old miner is their only means of help. The international Space Corps are on his trail, wrongly believing Milo Clancey to have stolen one of the beacons. The Doctor has to travel to the planet Ta, where the true culprits, the Space Pirates led by the murderous Caven.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Michael Hart

  50. "The War Games"
    gs: Jane Sherwin [ Lady Buckingham ], David Savile [ Carstairs ], John Livesey [ German Soldier ], Bernard Davies [ German Soldier ], Terence Bayler [ Barrington ], Brian Forster [ Willis ], Noel Coleman [ General Smythe ], Hubert Rees [ Captain Ransom ], Esmond Webb [ Burns ], Richard Steele [ Gorton ], Peter Stanton [ Chauffeur ], Pat Gorman [ Policeman ], Tony McEwan [ Redcoat ], David Valla [ Crane ], Gregg Palmer [ Lucke ], David Garfield [ Von Weich ], Edward Brayshaw [ War Chief ], Philip Madoc [ War Lord ], James Bree [ Security Chief ], Bill Hutchinson [ Thompson ], Terry Adams [ Riley ], Leslie Schofield [ Leroy ], Vernon Dobtcheff [ Scientist ], Rudolph Walker [ Harper ], John Atterbury [ Alien ], Charles Pemberton [ Alien ], Michael Lynch [ Spencer ], Graham Weston [ Russell ], David Troughton [ Moor ], Peter Craze [ Du Pont ], Michael Napier-Brown [ Villar ], Stephen Hubey [ Petrov ], Bernard Horsfall [ Time Lord ], Trevor Martin [ Time Lord ], Clyde Pollitt [ Time Lord ], Clare Jenkins [ Tanya ], Freddie Wilson [ Quark ], John Levene [ Yeti ], Tony Harwood [ Ice Warrior ], Roy Pearce [ Cyberman ], Robert Jewell [ Dalek ]

    rc: Jamie, Zoe

    Materialising in No Man's Land during the First World War, the TARDIS crew are captured and General Smythe insists that they are executed, but the Doctor and his companions manage to escape. Moving through a strange area of mist, they suddenly find themselves entering Roman times. The Doctor uncovers the fact that they are in the middle of a vast war game being played out by aliens, using captured soldiers from various periods in Earth's history. The whole thing is masterminded by a renegade from the Doctor's own race, known as the War Chief, who answers to the War Lord. When he arrives, the Doctor realises he can't win, and calls for help from his people, the Time Lords, but tries to get away from the planet before they arrive. There is no escape, and they force his TARDIS to land back on his home planet, where he is put on trial for 'interference', the greatest crime a Time Lord can commit. Jamie and Zoe are returned to their own times, with their memories wiped of all bar their first adventure with the Doctor, who is exiled to earth, with a forced regeneration.

    w: Malcolm Hulke, Terrance Dicks d: David Maloney

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    7th Season 1970

  51. "Spearhead from Space"
    gs: Hugh Burden [ Channing ], Neil Wilson [ Seely ], John Breslin [ Captain Munro ], Antony Webb [ Dr. Henderson ], Helen Dorward [ Nurse ], Talfryn Thomas [ Mullins ], George Lee [ Corporal Forbes ], Iain Smith [ UNIT personnel ], Tessa Shaw [ UNIT personnel ], Ellis Jones [ UNIT personnel ], Allan Mitchell [ Wagstaffe ], Prentis Hancock [ Reporter ], Derek Smee [ Ransome ], John Woodnutt [ Hibbert ], Betty Bowden [ Meg Seely ], Hamilton Dyce [ Scobie ], Henry McCarthy [ Dr. Beavis ], Clifford Cox [ Soldier ], Edmund Bailey [ Waxworks Attendant ], Ellis Jones [ Voice of Dr. Lomax ]

    rc: Liz, Lethbridge-Stewart

    A swarm of Nestene meteorites lands in Oxley Woods, as does the newly regenerated Doctor, who collapses outside the TARDIS and is taken to a nearby hospital. The Brigadier is not convinced that the man who claims to be the Doctor is the same one that he knew. The Nestenes, who are able to control and bring plastic to life, have taken over a plastics factory and are mass-producing Autons. Disguised as shop-window dummies, the Autons start to slaughter the general public. The Doctor has to prevent the octopus-like Nestene consciousness from wiping out mankind.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Derek Martinus

  52. "The Silurians"
    gs: John Newman [ Spencer ], Bill Matthews [ Davis ], Peter Miles [ Dr. Lawrence ], Norman Jones [ Baker ], Thomasine Heiner [ Miss Dawson ], Fulton Mackay [ Dr. Quinn ], Roy Branigan [ Roberts ], Ian Cunningham [ Dr. Meredith ], Paul Darrow [ Hawkins ], Pat Gorman [ Silurian Scientist ], Dave Carter [ Old Silurian ], Nigel Johns [ Young Silurian ], Paul Barton [ Silurian ], Simon Cain [ Silurian ], John Churchill [ Silurian ], Peter Halliday [ Silurian voice ], Nancie Jackson [ Doris Squire ], Gordon Richardson [ Squire ], Richard Steele [ Hart ], Ian Talbot [ Travis ], Geoffrey Palmer [ The Masters ], Harry Swift [ Robins ], Brendan Barry [ Doctor ], Derek Pollitt [ Wright ], Alan Mason [ Corporal Nutting ]

    rc: Liz, Lethbridge-Stewart

    At a power station on Wenley Moor, energy from the generators is being siphoned off, with the help of Doctor Quinn, into the Silurian base deep in the rocks below, where the creatures are slowly being revived. They were the original dominant race on earth, but went into hibernation when they saw a satellite heading towards their world, thinking it would land and cause mass destruction. The satellite became the moon, and their machines never woke them. The Doctor makes con-tact and one of the older creatures is keen for their race to live in peace with the humans, but a younger Silurian and a Silurian scientist plot against this and release a lethal plague to rid the planet of what they see as an intruding race. The Doctor has to find a cure and bring peace to the situation, but the Brigadier has other plans for the fate of the reptiles.

    w: Malcolm Hulke d: Timothy Combe

  53. "The Ambassadors of Death"
    gs: Robert Cawdron [ Taltalian ], Ric Felgate [ Van Lyden ], Ronald Allen [ Ralph Cornish ], Michael Wisher [ John Wakefield ], Cheryl Molineaux [ Miss Rutherford ], John Abineri [ Carrington ], Ray Armstrong [ Grey ], Robert Robertson [ Collinson ], Juan Moreno [ Dobson ], James Haswell [ Champion ], Bernard Martin [ Control Room Assistant ], Dallas Cavell [ Quinlan ], Steve Peters [ Astronaut ], Neville Simons [ Astronaut ], Gordon Sterne [ Heldorf ], William Dysart [ Reegan ], Cyril Shaps [ Lennox ], John Lord [ The Masters ], Max Faulkner [ Soldier ], Joanna Ross [ First Assistant ], Carl Conway [ Second Assistant ], Ric Felgate [ Astronaut ], James Clayton [ Parker ], Peter Noel Cook [ Alien ], Peter Halliday [ Alien voice ], Neville Simons [ Michaels ], Steve Peters [ Lefee ], Geoffrey Beevers [ Johnson ], Roy Scammell [ Peterson ], Tony Harwood [ Flynn ]

    rc: Liz, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton

    Space Control are deeply worried about the fact that there has been radio silence from the Mars Probe Seven ship since it started the return journey to Earth seven months earlier. A recovery ship makes contact, but its radio also goes dead. The Doctor discovers that there are signals, but they're being rerouted to a warehouse, and the UNIT troops storm it. The Recovery Seven lands and General Carrington's men kidnap all three astronauts on board. They are in reality aliens, who have replaced the Earth astronauts, and Carrington plans to discredit them and bring in a policy that all aliens should be destroyed. The Doctor travels to the aliens' ship, finds the humans are safe, and manages to negotiate a peaceful swap with the aliens to get the crew back, but Carrington has other ideas.

    w: David Whitaker d: Michael Ferguson

  54. "Inferno"
    gs: Olaf Pooley [ Stahlman ], Christopher Benjamin [ Sir Keith Gold ], Ian Fairbairn [ Bromley ], Walter Randall [ Slocum ], Sheila Dunn [ Petra Williams ], Derek Newark [ Greg Sutton ], David Simeon [ Latimer ], Derek Ware [ Wyatt ], Roy Scammell [ Sentry ], Keith James [ Patterson ], Dave Carter [ Primord ], Pat Gorman [ Primord ], Philip Ryan [ Primord ], Peter Thompson [ Primord ], Walter Henry [ Primord ]

    rc: Liz, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton

    A potential energy source has been discovered at the Earth's core and Professor Stahlman has a drilling operation underway to release it, but a strange green slime is being brought up the mineshaft that induces extreme personality changes when it comes into contact with flesh. Skin turns green and anything the victims touch becomes red hot. The Doctor is using the drilling plant's energy banks to try and get the TARDIS console working again and is accidentally projected into a parallel universe, where he meets the fascist counterparts of both the Brigadier and Liz. The drilling there has nearly been completed, and the slime has turned people into rampaging creatures. The Doctor realises the Earth is doomed on that time line, and only just manages to escape. He has to stop Stahlman causing the destruction of the planet in his own time stream.

    w: Don Houghton d: Barry Letts, Douglas Camfield

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    8th Season 1971

  55. "Terror of the Autons"
    gs: Christopher Burgess [ Professor Phillips ], Andrew Staines [ Goodge ], Frank Mills [ Radiotelescope Director ], David Garth [ Time Lord ], Michael Wisher [ Rex Farrel ], Harry Towb [ McDermott ], Barbara Leake [ Mrs. Farrel ], Stephen Jack [ Farrel Sr ], Roy Stewart [ Strong Man ], Terry Walsh [ Auton ], Pat Gorman [ Auton ], Haydn Jones [ Auton voice ], Dermot Tuohy [ Brownrose ], Norman Stanley [ Telephone Man ], Tommy Reynolds [ Troll Doll ], Les Conrad [ Soldier ], Les Clark [ Daffodil Man/Auton ], Bob Blaine [ Daffodil Man/Auton ], Ian Elliott [ Daffodil Man/Auton ], Charles Pickess [ Daffodil Man/Auton ], Mike Stevens [ Daffodil Man/Auton ], Nick Hobbs [ Daffodil Man/Auton ], Tom O'Leary [ Daffodil Man/Auton ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates

    A renegade Time Lord called the Master arrives on Earth with a plan to use new Autons to instigate a second Nestene invasion attempt. The Doctor, working alongside his new assistant, Jo Grant, has to contend with all manner of Nestene devices, ranging from lethal plastic daffodils to animated troll dolls, before stopping the Master from allowing the Nestene consciousness to land on Earth.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Barry Letts

  56. "The Mind of Evil"
    gs: Eric Mason [ Green ], Roy Purcell [ Powers ], Bill Matthews [ Officer ], Barry Wade [ Officer ], Dave Carter [ Officer ], Martin Gordon [ Officer ], Leslie Weekes [ Officer ], Tony Jenkins [ Officer ], Les Conrad [ Officer ], Les Clark [ Officer ], Gordon Stothard [ Officer ], Richard Atherton [ Officer ], Neil McCarthy [ Barnham ], Clive Scott [ Linwood ], Fernanda Marlowe [ Corporal Bell ], Pik-Sen Lim [ Chin Lee ], Kristopher Kum [ Fu Peng ], Hadyn Jones [ Vosper ], William Marlowe [ Mailer ], Tommy Duggan [ Alcott ], David Calderisi [ Charlie ], Patrick Godfrey [ Cosworth ], Johnny Barrs [ Fuller ], Matthew Walters [ Prisoner ], Paul Blomley [ Police Superintendant ], Maureen Race [ Student ], Nick Hobbs [ American aide ], Billy Horrigan [ UNIT Corporal ], Peter Roy [ Policeman ], Michael Ely [ UNIT chauffeur ], Francis Williams [ African delegate ], Francis Williams [ The Master's chauffeur ], Laurence Harrington [ Voices ], Paul Tann [ Chinese aide ], Jim Delaney [ Passer-by ], Charles Saynor [ Commissionaire ], Basil Tang [ Chinese chauffeur ], Richard Atherton [ Police Inspector ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates, Master

    The Keller Machine extracts all evil impulses from the human mind and the Doctor and Jo visit a prison to watch the tests being carried out on convicts. A series of bizarre deaths at the prison follow, and the Doctor realises that the machine is using people's worst fears to frighten them to death. The creator of the machine is in reality the Master, who plans to kidnap a thunderbolt missile, which UNIT are escorting, and use it to threaten and then blackmail a world peace conference. The Keller Machine contains a mind parasite, which is quickly growing too powerful to control. Somehow, the Doctor has to destroy the machine and stop the Master...

    w: Don Houghton d: Timothy Combe

  57. "The Claws of Axos"
    gs: Peter Bathurst [ Chinn ], Michael Walker [ Radar Operator ], David G. March [ Radar Operator ], Paul Grist [ Bill Filer ], Fernanda Marlowe [ Corporal Bell ], Bernard Holley [ Axon Man/Voice of Axos ], Kenneth Benda [ Minister ], Tim Pigott-Smith [ Harker ], Nick Hobbs [ Driver ], Royston Farrell [ Technician ], Patricia Gordino [ Axon Woman ], John Hicks [ Axon Boy ], Debbie Lee London [ Axon Girl ], Roger Minnice [ Humanoid Axon ], Geoff Righty [ Humanoid Axon ], Steve King [ Humanoid Axon ], David Aldridge [ Humanoid Axon ], Douglas Roe [ Axon Glob ], Clinton Morris [ Axon Glob ], Clive Roger [ Axon Glob ], Eden Fox [ Axon Glob ], Stuart Myers [ Axon Glob ], Gloria Walker [ Secretary/Nurse ], Clinton Morris [ Corporal ], Peter Holmes [ Axon Monster ], Steve Smart [ Axon Monster ], Marc Boyle [ Axon Monster ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates, Master

    The organic Axon spaceship, with its beautiful gold-skinned crew, lands near a power station and asks for help to restore its depleted power supply. It offers Axonite, which has the properties to make living matter grow, as an exchange for energy. The Master is trapped on the ship and has lead the creatures to Earth, because behind the facade, they are really a power absorbing parasitic organism and they plan to drain the planet dry. The Doctor has to join forces with the Master to try and trap Axos in a time loop, but can their combined efforts succeed?

    w: Bob Baker, Dave Martin d: Michael Ferguson

  58. "Colony in Space"
    gs: Peter Forbes-Robertson [ Time Lord ], John Baker [ Time Lord ], Graham Leaman [ Time Lord ], John Scott Martin [ Robot ], David Webb [ Leeson ], Sheila Grant [ Jane ], John Line [ Martin ], John Ringham [ Ashe ], Nicholas Pennell [ Winton ], Helen Worth [ Mary Ashe ], Roy Skelton [ Norton ], Pat Gorman [ Primitive ], Bernard Kay [ Caldwell ], Morris Perry [ Dent ], Tony Caunter [ Morgan ], John Herrington [ Holden ], Stanley McGeagh [ Allen ], Pat Gorman [ Long ], Roy Heymann [ Alien Priest ], John Tordoff [ Leeson ], Norman Atkyns [ Guardian ], Stanley Mason [ Alien Priests ], Antonia Moss [ Alien Priests ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Master

    The Doomsday Weapon is one of the most powerful in existence, and the Master has discovered where it is. The Time Lords dispatch the Doctor, with Jo Grant, to the world of Exarius, where they find the earth colonists being killed off by giant lizards, or so they think. The Interplanetary Mining Corporation wants to get rid of the settlers and exploit the minerals of the planet. They use a mining robot to commit the murders, using vast reptilian claws, to try and scare them away. The war between the factions has to be settled and an Earth adjudicator arrives - The Master in disguise. The Doctor has to stop him reaching the weapon at all costs.

    w: Malcolm Hulke d: Michael Briant

  59. "The Daemons"
    gs: Damaris Hayman [ Miss Hawthorne ], Eric Hillyard [ Dr. Reeves ], David Simeon [ Alastair Fergus ], James Snell [ Harry ], Robin Wentworth [ Professor Horner ], Rollo Gamble [ Winstanley ], Don McKillop [ Bert ], John Croft [ Tom Girton ], Christopher Wray [ Groom ], Alec Linstead [ Osgood ], John Owens [ Thorpe ], Stephen Thorne [ Azal ], Matthew Corbett [ Jones ], Robin Squire [ TV cameraman ], Patrick Milner [ Corporal ], The Headington Quarry Men [ Morris Dancers ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates, Master

    The Devil's Hump barrow is due to be opened by an archaeologist live on BBC3, and as a result, psionic alien forces are unleashed and the village of Devil's End becomes trapped inside a vast force field dome, much to the delight of the new vicar, Reverend Magister, in reality the Master. He is trying to summon up Azal, last of the Daemons, to claim the right to inherit his powers, by using a black magic coven in the Church's crypt. With the creature being more than capable of destroying the world, the Doctor has to try and stop the Master.

    w: Guy Leopold d: Christopher Barry

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    9th Season 1972

  60. "Day of the Daleks"
    gs: Jean McFarlane [ Miss Paget ], Wilfrid Carter [ Sir Reginald Styles ], Tim Condren [ Guerilla ], John Scott Martin [ Chief Dalek ], Oliver Gilbert [ Dalek Voices ], Peter Messaline [ Dalek Voices ], Aubrey Woods [ Controller ], Deborah Brayshaw [ Technician ], Gypsie Kemp [ Radio Operator ], Anna Barry [ Anat ], Jimmy Winston [ Shura ], Scott Fredericks [ Boaz ], Valentine Palmer [ Monia ], Alex MacIntosh [ TV Reporter ], Rick Lester [ Ogron ], Maurice Bush [ Ogron ], Frank Menzies [ Ogron ], Bruce Wells [ Ogron ], Geoffrey Todd [ Ogron ], David Joyce [ Ogron ], Ricky Newby [ Dalek ], Murphy Grumbar [ Dalek ], Leon Maybank [ UNIT personnel ], Barbara Chambers [ UNIT personnel ], Desmond Verini [ Styles' aide ], David Melbourne [ UNIT Guard ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates

    With Sir Reginald Styles, a major diplomat at the World Peace Conference due to be held at Auderley House, attacked by what he describes as a ghost, the Doctor and Jo decide to spend a night there to see if it returns. It does, and in force, as a team of rebels from the 22nd century arrives, and say Styles is responsible for a war that will take place allowing the Daleks to take over the Earth. The Doctor travels to the future, joining the freedom fighters to try and defeat the Daleks, but the aliens travel back to the 20th century intent on mass destruction.

    w: Louis Marks d: Paul Bernard

  61. "The Curse of Peladon"
    gs: Henry Gilbert [ Torbis ], David Troughton [ Peladon ], Geoffrey Toone [ Hepesh ], Gordon St. Clair [ Grun ], Nick Hobbs [ Aggedor ], Stuart Fell [ Alpha Centauri ], Ysanne Churchman [ Voice of Alpha Centauri ], Murphy Grumbar [ Arcturus ], Terry Bale [ Voice of Arcturus ], Sonny Caldinez [ Ssorg ], Alan Bennion [ Izlyr ], George Giles [ Captain ], Wendy Danvers [ Amazonia ]

    rc: Jo

    Arriving on the planet Peladon, the Doctor is quickly mistaken as the Earth delegate of the Galactic Federation and Jo is thought to be a Princess. With two Ice Warriors present, the Doctor is immediately suspicious, thinking they are behind the various sabotage attempts to destroy Peladon's credibility and chances of joining the federation, but he has to look within the ranks of Peladon's high-ranking officials to find the real villain.

    w: Brian Hayles d: Lennie Mayne

  62. "The Sea Devils"
    gs: Clive Morton [ Trenchard ], Royston Tickner [ Robbins ], Edwin Richfield [ Hart ], Alec Wallis [ Bowman ], Neil Seiler [ Radio Operator ], Terry Walsh [ Barclay ], Brian Justice [ Wilson ], June Murphy [ Jane Blythe ], Hugh Futcher [ Hickman ], Declan Mulholland [ Clark ], Pat Gorman [ Sea Devil ], Brian Nolan [ Sea Devil ], Steven Ismay [ Sea Devil ], Frank Seton [ Sea Devil ], Jeff Witherick [ Sea Devil ], Eric Mason [ Smedley ], Donald Sumpter [ Ridgway ], Stanley McGeagh [ Drew ], David Griffin [ Mitchell ], Christopher Wray [ Lovell ], Colin Bell [ Summers ], Brian Vaughan [ Watts ], Martin Boddey [ Walker ], Norman Atkyns [ Rear Admiral ], Rex Rowland [ Girton ], John Caesar [ Myers ], Peter Forbes-Robertson [ Chief Sea Devil ]

    rc: Jo, Master

    The Doctor and Jo visit the Master on his remote island prison, where the Governor, Colonel Trenchard, says he's now a changed man. The Doctor investigates reports that shipping in the area has been attacked, and uncovers the fact that the Sea Devils, distant aquatic cousins of the Silurians, have been woken in their sea bed base. The Master is communicating with them, trying to persuade them to destroy mankind. Trenchard has been conned by the Master, believing his lies that agents are destroying the submarines and ships, so he has been compliant and helped him with his plans. The Doctor has to stop the Sea Devils when a series of depth charges convince them mankind should be eradicated.

    w: Malcolm Hulke d: Michael Briant

  63. "The Mutants"
    gs: Paul Whitsun-Jones [ Marshal ], Geoffrey Palmer [ Administrator ], Christopher Coll [ Stubbs ], Rick James [ Cotton ], James Mellor [ Varan ], Jonathon Sherwood [ Varan's Son ], Garrick Hagon [ Ky ], George Pravda [ Jaeger ], John Hollis [ Sondergaard ], Sidney Johnson [ Old Man ], David J. Graham [ Old Man ], Roy Pearce [ Solos Guard ], David Arlen [ Guard Warrior ], Damon Sanders [ Guard ], Martin Taylor [ Guard ], Peter Howell [ Investigator ], John Scott Martin [ Mutt ], Mike Torres [ Mutt ], Eddie Sommer [ Mutt ], Laurie Goode [ Mutt ], Nick Thompson Hill [ Mutt ], Mike Mungarvan [ Mutt ], Ricky Newby [ Mutt ], Bill Gosling [ Mutt ], Steve Ismay [ Bodyguard ], Terry Walsh [ Overlord guard ], Joe Santo [ Exit guard ]

    rc: Jo

    Armed with a container from the Time Lords, which will only open for one special person, the Doctor and Jo are taken in the TARDIS to a space station orbiting the planet Solos. The planet is meant to have its independence, but the evil Marshal is not willing to give up his control of the natives so easily. The Solonians are going through a bizarre period of mutations, genetically reshaping into giant insects, and the Marshal plans to wipe them out using a bomb to purity the atmosphere. The container turns out to be for the rebel leader, Ky. The Doctor has to stop the Marshal, and allow the mutants to evolve into their next stage of existence...

    w: Bob Baker d: Christopher Barry

  64. "The Time Monster"
    gs: Wanda Moore [ Dr. Ingram ], Ian Collier [ Stuart Hyde ], John Wyse [ Dr. Percival ], Terry Walsh [ Window cleaner ], Neville Barber [ Dr. Cook ], Barry Ashton [ Proctor ], Donald Eccles [ Krasis ], Keith Dalton [ Neophite ], Aidan Murphy [ Hippias ], Marc Boyle [ Kronos ], George Cormack [ Dalios ], Gregory Powell [ Knight ], Simon Legree [ Sergeant ], Dave Carter [ Officer ], George Lee [ Farmworker ], Derek Murcott [ Crito ], Dave Prowse [ Minotaur ], Terry Walsh [ Minotaur ], Melville Jones [ Guard ], Ingrid Bower [ Face of Kronos ], Darren Plant [ Baby Benton ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates, Master

    The Master uses the Transmission Of Matter Through Interstitial Time (TOMTIT) machine, to try and ensnare the power of the Chronovore, Kronos, a creature that feeds off time. To be able to complete his power, the Master heads back to Atlantis where he plots with Queen Galleia. When the Doctor arrives to try and stop him, the inevitable destruction of Atlantis is brought about in the ensuing confrontation.

    w: Robert Sloman d: Paul Bernard

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    10th Season 1973

  65. "The Three Doctors"
    gs: William Hartnell [ The First Doctor ], Patrick Troughton [ The Second Doctor ], Stephen Thorne [ Omega ], Graham Leaman [ Time Lord ], Tony Lang [ Time Lord ], Lincoln Wright [ Time Lord ], Richard Orme [ Time Lord ], Peter Evans [ Time Lord ], Clyde Pollitt [ Chancellor ], Roy Purcell [ President ], Laurie Webb [ Ollis ], Patricia Prior [ Mrs. Ollis ], Rex Robinson [ Dr. Tyler ], Denys Palmer [ Palmer ], Alan Chuntz [ Omega's champion ], Cy Town [ Gell guard ], Ricky Newby [ Gell guard ], John Scott Martin [ Gell guard ], Murphy Grumbar [ Gell guard ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton

    The Time Lords are under siege, with their power being drained into a world of antimatter where the embittered galactic engineer, Omega, who discovered the energy source in the first place, is absorbing it and planning his revenge. The UNIT Headquarters comes under attack from Omega's shapeless guards, as they hunt the Doctor down and trap him inside the TARDIS. His second incarnation is sent by the Time Lords to help, but their personalities clash, and the first Doctor acts as a mediator, trapped in a time bubble and only able to give advice from a monitor screen. They travel to Omega's domain, where they have to combine their wits to try and stop him.

    w: Dave Martin, Bob Baker d: Lennie Mayne

  66. "Carnival of Monsters"
    gs: Stuart Fell [ Functionary ], Michael Wisher [ Kalik ], Andrew Staines [ Captain ], Ian Marter [ Andrews ], Jenny McCracken [ Claire Daly ], Peter Halliday [ Pletrac ]

    rc: Jo

    With the Doctor's exile on Earth now lifted, he takes Jo on a test flight in the TARDIS, and they land on a cargo ship in 1926, but the crew keep going through the same set of motions again and again, with history repeating itself. They are trapped in a miniscope, on the planet Inter Minor, and have become part of a peepshow. One of the politicians sees his chance to seize power by releasing the deadly Drashigs from the machine, which run riot through the capitol. The Doctor has to fight to stop the carnage.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Barry Letts

  67. "Frontier in Space"
    gs: John Rees [ Hardy ], James Culliford [ Stewart ], Roy Pattison [ Draconian Pilot ], Peter Birrel [ Draconian Prince ], Vera Fusek [ President ], Michael Hawkins [ Williams ], Louis Mahoney [ Newscaster ], Karol Hagar [ Secretary ], Ray Lonnen [ Gardiner ], Barry Ashton [ Kemp ], Lawrence Davidson [ Draconian First Secretary ], Timothy Craven [ Guard ], Luan Peters [ Sheila ], Caroline Hunt [ Technician ], Madhav Sharma [ Patel ], Richard Shaw [ Cross ], Dennis Bowen [ Governor ], Harold Goldblatt [ Professor Dale ], Laurence Harrington [ Guard ], Bill Wilde [ Draconian Captain ], Stephen Thorne [ Ogrons ], Michael Kilgarriff [ Ogrons ], Rick Lester [ Ogrons ], John Woodnutt [ Emperor ], Ian Frost [ Draconian Messenger ], Clifford Elkin [ Earth Cruiser Captain ], Bill Mitchell [ Newscaster ], Ramsay Williams [ Brook ], Stanley Price [ Pilot ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Murphy Grumbar [ Dalek ], Michael Wisher [ Dalek voice ]

    rc: Jo, Master

    To avoid a crash, the TARDIS materialises on a craft that is attacked by Ogrons, though a strange sound makes the crew see them as being reptilian Draconians, a race whose relationship with the Earth is worsening. With the TARDIS stolen by the Ogrons, the Doctor and Jo are taken to Earth, where their story falls on disbelieving ears. The Doctor is taken to a prison colony, while the Master rescues Jo, and then goes on to free the Doctor. He is working for a 'Third Party', with his task being to start a war between the humans and Draconians, but the Doctor manages to arbitrate and, with representatives of both sides, he heads to the Ogron's planet, where the Master reveals the 'Third Party' are the Daleks.

    w: Malcolm Hulke d: Paul Bernard

  68. "Planet of the Daleks"
    gs: Bernard Horsfall [ Taron ], Prentis Hancock [ Vaber ], Tim Preece [ Codal ], Roy Skelton [ Wester ], Jane How [ Rebec ], Hilary Minster [ Marat ], Alan Tucker [ Latep ], Tony Starr [ Dalek Supreme ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Murphy Grumbar [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Roy Skelton [ Dalek voices ], Michael Wisher [ Dalek voices ]

    rc: Jo

    Tracking the Daleks to the jungle world of Spiridon, the Doctor and Jo meet a party of Thals on a suicide mission to destroy the small number of Daleks there. With the help of Wester, one of the invisible Spiridons, Jo and the others discover the fact that there are tens of thousands of Daleks in hibernation beneath their base, waiting to be reactivated with their plan being to conquer space. The Doctor realises the answer might lie in activating an ice volcano...

    w: Terry Nation d: David Maloney

  69. "The Green Death"
    gs: Stewart Bevan [ Professor Clifford Jones ], Jerome Willis [ Stevens ], John Scott Martin [ Hughes ], Ben Howard [ Hinks ], Tony Adams [ Elgin ], Mostyn Evans [ Dai Evans ], Ray Handy [ Milkman ], Talfryn Thomas [ Dave ], Roy Evans [ Bert ], John Dearth [ Voice of BOSS ], John Rolfe [ Fell ], Terry Walsh [ Guard ], Billie Horrigan [ Guard ], Brian Justice [ Guard ], Alan Chuntz [ Guard ], Mitzi McKenzie [ Nancy ], Jean Burgess [ Cleaner ], Roy Skelton [ James ], Richard Beale [ Minister of Ecology ]

    rc: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates

    In Wales, a community of miners becomes suspicious when one of their number dies from an infection that turns his skin bright green. They blame Global Chemicals for dumping waste in the mines, and Jo joins the group protesting against their continual pollution, led by Professor Jones. The Doctor and the Brigadier discover that the waste is causing mutations, with giant maggots and flies slowly starting to infest the mines. Captain Yates is sent undercover into the company, but is hypnotised by the computer running it, BOSS. The Doctor manages to overcome it, after defeating Yates' attempts to kill him on BOSS's orders. Everything returns to normal with all of the maggots now destroyed. Jo decides that she and the Professor are going to get married, and that it's time to leave UNIT and the Doctor.

    w: Robert Sloman d: Michael Briant

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    11th Season 1974

  70. "The Time Warrior"
    gs: Kevin Lindsay [ Linx ], David Daker [ Irongron ], John J. Carney [ Bloodaxe ], Sheila Fay [ Meg ], Gordon Pitt [ Eric ], Jeremy Bulloch [ Hal ], Steve Brunswick [ Sentry ], Jacqueline Stanbury [ Mary ]

    rc: Sarah, Lethbridge-Stewart

    A Sontaran, named Linx, crash lands in 12th century England, and starts kidnapping scientists from the late 20th century to help with repairs to his ship. The Doctor, with a stowaway in the form of reporter Sarah Jane Smith, tracks Linx to the Castle of local warlord Irongron in his TARDIS. The Sontaran would rather use the Doctor's mind than co-operate peacefully, and Sarah joins the rival castle owned by the nobility to try and defeat Irongron. Not only does the Doctor have to stop Linx, he also has to convince Sarah that he's not the villain!

    w: Robert Holmes d: Alan Bromly

  71. "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"
    gs: Noel Johnson [ Charles Grover ], Peter Miles [ Professor Whitaker ], Martin Jarvis [ Butler ], Pat Gorman [ UNIT Corporal ], James Marcus [ Peasant ], Ben Aris [ Shears ], John Caesar [ Soldier ], Gordon Reid [ Phillips ], George Bryson [ Ogden ], Terry Walsh [ Looter ], John Bennett [ General Finch ], Martin Taylor [ Corporal Norton ], Dave Carter [ Duffy ], Terence Wilton [ Mark ], Brian Badcoe [ Adam ], Colin Bell [ Bryson ], Timothy Craven [ Robinson ], Trevor Lawrence [ Lodge ]

    rc: Sarah, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates

    Returning to an apparently deserted London, the Doctor and Sara Jane are arrested as looters and put on trial, but they escape from the vehicle transporting them when a Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks it. On finding the Brigadier, he explains that the evacuation took place when dinosaurs started to appear on the streets, although they soon vanish without trace. The whole thing is part of a plot by Sir Charles Grover and a group of scientists to revert the Earth to a time before technology corrupted society, and it's up to the Doctor to try and defeat their Operation Golden Age.

    w: Malcolm Hulke d: Paddy Russell

  72. "Death to the Daleks"
    gs: Arnold Yarrow [ Bellal ], Roy Heymann [ Gotal ], Duncan Lamont [ Galloway ], John Abineri [ Railton ], Julian Fox [ Hamilton ], Joy Harrison [ Jill Tarrant ], Neil Seiler [ Stewart ], Mostyn Evans [ High Priest ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Murphy Grumbar [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Michael Wisher [ Dalek voices ]

    rc: Sarah

    All of the TARDIS power banks are drained, and it has to land on the planet Exxilon, where a vast city absorbs all of the energy of passing spacecraft, forcing them down on the rocky terrain. The Doctor and Sarah meet a stranded Earth expedition, who is trying to find Parranium, the only known cure to a deadly space plague. When the Daleks arrive, unable to use their guns due to the power drain, an unholy alliance between them and the humans occurs, but can the Daleks be trusted?

    w: Terry Nation d: Michael Briant

  73. "The Monster of Peladon"
    gs: Ralph Watson [ Ettis ], Donald Gee [ Eckersley ], Gerald Taylor [ Vega Nexos ], Nina Thomas [ Queen Thalira ], Frank Gatliff [ Ortron ], Michael Crane [ Blor ], Stuart Fell [ Alpha Centauri ], Ysanne Churchman [ Voice of Alpha Centauri ], Terry Walsh [ Captain ], Rex Robinson [ Gebek ], Graeme Eton [ Preba ], Nick Hobbs [ Aggedor ], Roy Evans [ Rima ], Sonny Caldinez [ Sskel ], Alan Bennion [ Azaxyr ], Max Faulkner [ Miner ]

    rc: Sarah

    The TARDIS lands on Peladon, fifty years after the Doctor's last visit. Queen Thalira, the daughter of King Peladon, is trying to control the miners of the planet, who are rebelling against using Federation equipment, as it offends Aggedor's spirit, which appears and kills anyone who operates the machines. The Doctor uncovers a conspiracy by enemy agents, led by Eckersley and a group of Ice Warriors, led by Azaxyr. The Doctor has to try and defeat them and return peace to Peladon.

    w: Brian Hayles d: Lennie Mayne

  74. "Planet of the Spiders"
    gs: John Dearth [ Lupton ], Terence Lodge [ Moss ], Andrew Staines [ Keaver ], Christopher Burgess [ Barnes ], Carl Forgione [ Land ], Cyril Shaps [ Professor Clegg ], Kevin Lindsay [ Cho-je ], John Kane [ Tommy ], Pat Gorman [ Soldier ], Chubby Oates [ Policeman ], Terry Walsh [ Man with boat ], Michael Pinder [ Hopkins ], Stuart Fell [ Tramp ], Ysanne Churchman [ Spider voice ], Kismet Delgado [ Spider voice ], Maureen Morris [ Spider voice ], Ralph Arliss [ Tuar ], Geoffrey Morris [ Sabor ], Joanna Monro [ Rega ], Gareth Hunt [ Arak ], Jenny Laird [ Neska ], Walter Randall [ Captain ], Max Faulkner [ Second Captain ], Maureen Morris [ Great One ], George Cormack [ K'Anpo ]

    rc: Sarah, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates

    Jo Grant sends the blue crystal from Metebilis Three that the Doctor gave to her as a wedding present back to him. A giant spider from that planet materialises at a meditation centre, and takes over Lupton, commanding him to retrieve the said gem. The Doctor, Sarah and Lupton end up on the planet where the spiders rule, and their powerful queen, 'The Great One' needs the missing crystal to complete a giant one which will give it immense power. The Doctor confronts it, and the radiation from its cave destroys his body. The TARDIS manages to get him back to the UNIT lab, where the Brigadier and Sarah watch in amazement as he collapses and regenerates...

    w: Robert Sloman d: Barry Letts

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    12th Season 1975

  75. "Robot"
    gs: Edward Burnham [ Professor Kettlewell ], Alec Linstead [ Jellicoe ], Patricia Maynard [ Miss Winters ], Michael Kilgariff [ Robot ], John Scott Martin [ Guard ]

    rc: Sarah, Harry, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton

    Some powerful creature is stealing all the components to build a disintegrator gun, and the newly regenerated Doctor deduces that it must be something big. The K Robot Sarah is investigating fits the bill. The Robot is being used by a group of elitist scientists who want to a new ruling order of only the highest intelligences. When the robot's creator, Professor Kettlewell, is killed, it goes on the rampage. The Doctor has to take on the vast creature, when the Brigadier unwittingly causes it to grow to gigantic proportions.

    w: Terrance Dicks d: Christopher Barry

  76. "The Ark in Space"
    gs: Kenton Moore [ Noah ], Christopher Masters [ Libri ], John Gregg [ Lycett ], Richardson Morgan [ Rogin ], Stuart Fell [ Wirrn ], Nick Hobbs [ Wirrn ], Peter Tuddenham [ Voices ], Gladys Spencer [ Voices ], Brian Jacobs [ Dune ]

    rc: Sarah, Harry

    The test flight for the new Doctor in the TARDIS lands him, along with Sarah and Harry, on the space station Nerva, in the distant future. The Earth has been laid to waste by solar flares and the Nerva holds an enormous cryogenic store of all the survivors, waiting to be revived when enough time has passed for the planet to be habitable again. An alien parasitic insect, the Wirrn, invaded the station and laid its eggs in one of the sleeping humans. The Doctor has to race to stop the creatures from using the rest of the humans as incubators for their larvae.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Rodney Bennett

  77. "The Sontaran Experiment"
    gs: Kevin Lindsay [ Styre/Marshal ], Peter Walshe [ Erak ], Terry Walsh [ Zake ], Glyn Jones [ Krans ], Peter Rutherford [ Roth ], Donald Douglas [ Vural ], Brian Ellis [ Prisoner ]

    rc: Sarah, Harry

    Sent to Earth to try and repair the Nerva's transmat beam, they find it a wasteland of weeds, but habitable and seemingly deserted. The Doctor and his two companions soon discover that there is a group of Galsec colonists stranded there, and that one by one they're being captured and tortured by a Sontaran, Styre, who's carrying out experiments to assess whether humans would be a threat to a Sontaran invasion force. The Doctor has to take the warrior on in combat to try and defeat him.

    w: Bob Baker d: Rodney Bennet

  78. "Genesis of the Daleks"
    gs: John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Max Faulkner [ Dalek ], Keith Ashley [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Roy Skelton [ Dalek voices ], Peter Miles [ Nyder ], Guy Siner [ Ravon ], Dennis Chinnery [ Gharman ], Stephen Yardley [ Sevrin ], James Garbutt [ Ronson ], Drew Wood [ Tane ], Jeremy Chandler [ Gerrill ], Pat Gorman [ Thal Soldier ], Hilary Minster [ Thal Soldier ], John Gleeson [ Thal Soldier ], Andrew Johns [ Kravos ], Peter Mantle [ Kaled Guard ], Harriet Philpin [ Bettan ], Max Faulkner [ Thal Guard ], Michael Lynch [ Thal Politician ], Ivor Roberts [ Mogran ], Tom Georgeson [ Kavell ]

    rc: Sarah, Harry, Davros

    Diverted from the transmat beam taking them back to the Nerva, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry find themselves on Skaro. The Time Lords have given the Doctor a mission to stop or at least hinder the creation of the Daleks, and in the Kaled bunker, he witnesses the crippled scientist Davros proudly showing off his new Mark Three travel machine, housing the genetically mutated body of a Kaled - primitive, but it's undoubtedly a Dalek. As Davros betrays his own race, and then wipes out the Thals, the Doctor has to try and find it within himself to commit genocide and wipe out the Daleks forever.

    w: Terry Nation d: Devid Maloney

  79. "Revenge of the Cybermen"
    gs: Alec Wallis [ Warner ], Ronald Leigh-Hunt [ Stevenson ], Jeremy Wilkin [ Kellman ], William Marlowe [ Lester ], David Collings [ Vorus ], Michael Wisher [ Magrik/Colville/Vogan voice ], Christopher Robbie [ Cyberleader ], Melville Jones [ Cyberman ], Kevin Stoney [ Tyrum ], Brian Grellis [ Sheprah ], Tony Lord [ Cyberman ], Pat Gorman [ Cyberman ], Michael E. Briant [ Monitor voice ], Michael Wisher [ Voices ]

    rc: Sarah, Harry

    The Time Ring given to the travelers by the Time Lord when they arrived on Skaro returns them to Nerva, but it's in an earlier time period when the station was still a beacon. A plague has killed off a large percentage of the crew, leaving only four survivors, one of which is the treacherous Kellman. He is working for the Vogans, using Cybermats to kill off the humans, whilst laying a trap for the Cybermen, who want to destroy Voga, the planet of gold -the only substance that can kill them. The Cybermen arrive, and send the Doctor down to Voga with two of the beacon's crew as living bombs. He has to overcome that situation, and save Sarah and Harry, who are still on the beacon, before the Cybermen find out.

    w: Gerry Davis d: Michael E Briant

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    13th Season Fall 1975

  80. "Terror of the Zygons"
    gs: John Woodnutt [ Duke of Forgill/Broton ], Hugh Martin [ Munro ], Tony Sibbald [ Huckle ], Angus Lennie [ Angus McRanald ], Robert Russell [ The Caber ], Bruce Wightman [ Radio Operator ], Lillias Walker [ Sister Lamont ], Bernard G. High [ Corporal ], Peter Symonds [ Soldier ], Keith Ashley [ Zygon ], Ronald Gough [ Zygon ]

    rc: Sarah, Harry, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton

    Arriving back on Earth, following a mayday call from the Brigadier, the TARDIS lands near Loch Ness. The famous 'Nessie' is apparently destroying oil Rigs, and the Doctor's investigations reveal some startling facts; the creature is actually a vast Cyborg, under the control of the Zygons, whose spacecraft is at the bottom of the Loch. They have a shape shifting ability, which they use to full advantage to take over positions of authority, and the Doctor has to thwart their plans to take over the Earth for colonisation. Rather than travel back to UNIT Headquarters in the TARDIS, Harry decides to head back to London with the Brigadier on a train, leaving the Doctor and Sarah to take off on their own.

    w: Robert Banks Stewart d: Douglas Camfield

  81. "Planet of Evil"
    gs: Terence Brook [ Braun ], Tony McEwan [ Baldwin ], Frederick Jaeger [ Sorenson ], Ewen Solon [ Vishinsky ], Prentis Hancock [ Salamar ], Michael Wisher [ Morelli/Voice of Ranjit ], Graham Weston [ De Haan ], Louis Mahoney [ Ponti ], Haydn Wood [ O'Hara ], Melvyn Bedford [ Reig ], Mike Lee Lane [ Monster ], Ray Knight [ Sorenson monster ], Douglas Stark [ Sorenson monster ]

    rc: Sarah

    The Doctor answers a distress call from the edge of the universe, and the TARDIS lands on Zeta Minor, where a scientific expedition has been picked off one by one by an alien force. When a rescue ship arrives from Morestra, the Doctor and Sarah are immediately accused of being guilty of the murders. When the ship tries to take-off, it's dragged back to the planet's surface, because the only survivor of the expedition, Professor Sorenson, has taken samples of anti-matter - the planet acts as a gateway between worlds of anti-matter and matter - and a powerful creature from the other universe wants them back. The Doctor has to persuade the Morestrans to hand back the anti-matter, and overcome Sorenson, now mutating through exposure to anti-matter.

    w: Louis Marks d: David Maloney

  82. "Pyramids of Mars"
    gs: Bernard Archard [ Professor Marcus Scarman ], Vik Tablian [ Ahmed ], Peter Maycock [ Namin ], Michael Bilton [ Collins ], Peter Copley [ Dr. Warlock ], Michael Sheard [ Laurence Scarman ], George Tovey [ Ernie Clements ], Gabriel Woolf [ Sutekh/Voice of Horus ], Nick Burnell [ Mummy ], Melvyn Bedford [ Mummy ], Kevin Selway [ Mummy ]

    rc: Sarah

    The TARDIS finally returns to the UNIT Headquarters, but it's 1911, and the Doctor and Sarah are in the old priory that the building was later built over. Lawrence Scarman and his associate, Doctor Warlock, are protesting to Namin, an uncivil Egyptian, over his apparent take-over of the priory in the absence of its owner, Lawrence's brother, Marcus Scarman. Namin worships the evil God, Sutekh, whom he manages to summon and then is promptly killed for his trouble. Sutekh uses the body of Marcus Scarman, captured when he broke into his tomb in Egypt, as the creature is actually an Osirian who was imprisoned in the tomb by his own race. Capturing the Doctor, Sutekh forces him to take the TARDIS to Mars, where a series of traps have to be solved to free him from his prison. Unfortunately, if he does escape, it will mean the end of the universe.

    w: Stephen Harris d: Paddy Russell

  83. "The Android Invasion"
    gs: Martin Friend [ Styggron ], Roy Skelton [ Chedaki ], Max Faulkner [ Adams ], Peter Welch [ Morgan ], Milton Johns [ Guy Crayford ], Stuart Fell [ Kraal ], Patrick Newell [ Faraday ], Dave Carter [ Grierson ], Heather Emmanuel [ Tessa ], Hugh Lund [ Matthews ]

    rc: Sarah, Benton, Harry

    The TARDIS lands in the picturesque village of Devesham, which has a space defence centre stationed nearby. The Doctor soon realises something is wrong with the behaviour of the local people, and discovers that they are all android duplicates, and that they're not on Earth at all. The Kraals of the planet Oseidon have laid their own world to waste, and are planning to stage an invasion of Earth, spearheading the way with the androids, which include Benton and Harry. The Doctor has to stop them when they arrive on Earth, before a lethal plague can be unleashed that will eradicate mankind.

    w: Terry Nation d: Barry Letts

  84. "The Brain of Morbius"
    gs: Philip Madoc [ Solon ], Colin Fay [ Condo ], Gilly Brown [ Ohica ], Cynthia Grenville [ Maren ], Michael Spice [ Voice of Morbius ], Stuart Fell [ Morbius monster ], John Scott Martin [ Kriz ], Sue Bishop [ Sister ], Janie Kells [ Sister ], Gabrielle Mowbray [ Sister ], Veronica Ridge [ Sister ], Alan Crisp [ Headless monster ]

    rc: Sarah

    On the planet Karn, the brilliant Surgeon Mehendri Solon is searching for a suitable head to house the brain of Morbius, a renegade Time Lord executed on the planet years before with Solon retrieving the only surviving organ before the rest of the body was atomised. When the Doctor and Sarah arrive, Solon sees the perfect cranium for Morbius on the Time Lord. The Doctor has to contend with the Sisterhood of Karn, suspicious of his motives for visiting their world, thinking the Time Lords have sent him to steal their elixir of life, and then the mobile form of Morbius, when Solon puts the brain in a container fixed to a body constructed out of many parts retrieved from the wreckage of space crashes on the planet's surface.

    w: Robin Bland d: Christopher Barry

  85. "The Seeds of Doom"
    gs: Tony Beckley [ Harrison Chase ], John Challis [ Scorby ], John Gleeson [ Charles Winlett / Krynoid humanoid ], Michael McStay [ Derek Moberley ], Hubert Rees [ John Stevenson ], Kenneth Gilbert [ Dunbar ], Seymour Green [ Hargreaves ], Michael Barrington [ Sir Colin Thackeray ], Mark Jones [ Arnold Keeler ], Ian Fairbairn [ Dr. Chester ], Alan Chuntz [ Chauffeur ], Sylvia Coleridge [ Amelia Ducat ], David Masterman [ Guard ], Harry Fielder [ Guard ], Ray Barron [ Sergeant Henderson ], Mark Jones [ Krynoids voice ], Keith Ashley [ Secretary / Krynoid monster ], Ronald Gough [ Krynoid monster ]

    rc: Sarah

    Sent to the Antarctic by the World Ecology Bureau, the Doctor and Sarah find that a Krynoid pod has been excavated from the ice. Once unleashed, its spores infect flesh and take over, mutating into sentient vegetable life. With the potential disaster averted there, the Doctor traces a second pod to Harrison Chase, a multi-millionaire in England, who is obsessed by all forms of plant life. He lets the pod infect another man, who mutates until he becomes a full Krynoid and starts to manipulate vegetation, using it to kill humans. The Doctor has to destroy the creature before its infection spreads worldwide.

    w: Robert Banks Stewart d: Douglas Camfield

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    14th Season 1976

  86. "The Masque of Mandragora"
    gs: Jon Laurimore [ Count Federico ], Gareth Armstrong [ Giuliano ], Tim Pigott-Smith [ Marco ], Norman Jones [ Hieronymous ], Antony Carrick [ Captain Rossini ], Robert James [ High Priest ], Pat Gorman [ Guard ], James Appleby [ Guard ], John Clamp [ Guard ], Peter Walshe [ Pikeman ], Jay Neill [ Pikeman ], Brian Ellis [ Brother ], Peter Tuddenham [ Mandragora's voice ], Peggy Dixon [ Dancer ], Jack Edwards [ Dancer ], Alistair Fullarton [ Dancer ], Michael Reid [ Dancer ], Kathy Wolff [ Dancer ], Stuart Fell [ Entertainer ]

    rc: Sarah

    Part of the malevolent Mandragora Helix energy gets on board the TARDIS, and the Doctor accidentally transports it to Italy in the fifteenth century, where it uses the ancient cult of Demnos to instigate plans to take over the Earth, A celebration by the local nobility will see a party where all the guests will be the great thinkers and artists of the period. The Doctor has to stop the Mandragora energy before it can kill them all, and as a result, some of the greatest inventions will never be made, and the Earth will remain in the dark ages for eternity.

    w: Louis Marks d: Rodney Bennett

  87. "The Hand of Fear"
    gs: Roy Pattison [ Zazzka ], Roy Skelton [ Rokon ], David Purcell [ Abbot ], Renu Setna [ Intern ], Rex Robinson [ Dr. Carter ], Robin Hargrave [ Guard ], Glyn Houston [ Professor Watson ], Frances Pidgeon [ Miss Jackson ], Roy Boyd [ Driscoll ], John Cannon [ Elgin ], Judith Paris [ Eldrad ], Stephen Thorne [ Eldrad ], Libby Ritchie [ Hospital Nurse ], Derek Suthern [ Technician ], John Delieu [ Technician ], Barry Summerford [ Security Guard ], Michael Dewild [ Security Guard ], Peter Roy [ Frozen Kastrian ]

    rc: Sarah

    The TARDIS land in a quarry on Earth as several large explosions take place, and Sarah gets buried under rubble. She grips a fossilised hand, which the detonation unearthed, and it starts to control her mind, making her take it to a nuclear reactor. Feeding on the radiation, the hand grows a new body, in the shape of Eldrad, a Kastrian criminal, who demands that the Doctor takes her back to her home planet so she can exact her revenge on her race, for executing her in the first place. Kastria is, however, a dead world, but a series of traps set in case Eldrad ever returned lead to the creature's demise. The Doctor is summoned back to Gallifrey, and leaves Sarah on Earth, unable to take her with him.

    w: Bob Baker, Dave Martin d: Lennie Mayne

  88. "The Deadly Assassin"
    gs: Llewellyn Rees [ President ], Angus Mackay [ Cardinal Borusa ], Bernard Horsfall [ Chancellor Goth ], George Pravda [ Castellan Spandrell ], Derek Seaton [ Commander Hilred ], Eric Chitty [ Co-ordinator Engin ], Hugh Walters [ Commentator Runcible ], John Dawson [ Time Lord ], Michael Bilton [ Time Lord ], Maurice Quick [ Gold Usher ], Peter Maycock [ Solis ], Helen Blatch [ Voice ]

    rc: Master #2

    The Doctor has a premonition that someone is about to assassinate the President on Gallifrey, so he tries to find the murderer before he can carry out his plan. The assassination, however, goes ahead and the Doctor is framed so that he is caught with the gun in his hand. The Doctor buys time before his inevitable execution for the crime, by declaring himself as a candidate for Presidential election, and then finds that the Master is behind the whole set-up. The Doctor has to stop the Master from absorbing a new cycle of bodily regenerations from the Eye of Harmony, and stop him from destroying Gallifrey.

    w: Robert Holmes d: David Maloney

  89. "The Face of Evil"
    gs: Leslie Schofield [ Calib ], Victor Lucas [ Andor ], Brendan Price [ Tomas ], Colin Thomas [ Sole ], David Garfield [ Neeva ], Lloyd McGuire [ Lugo ], Tom Kelly [ Guard ], Brett Forrest [ Guard ], Leon Eagles [ Jabel ], Mike Elles [ Gentek ], Peter Baldock [ Acolyte ], Tom Baker [ Voice of Xoanon ], Rob Edwards [ Voice of Xoanon ], Pamela Salem [ Voice of Xoanon ], Anthony Frieze [ Voice of Xoanon ], Roy Herrick [ Voice of Xoanon ], Alan Charles [ Crowd voices ], David Nichol [ Assassins ], Harry Fielder [ Assassins ]

    rc: Leela

    On a primitive world, the tribe of the Sevateem fears the mighty God, Xoanon, while the Tesh work for it. The Doctor has been there before, when he helped repair a vast computer by giving it his personality, but it's now totally schizoid and trying to create the perfect species. The Doctor repairs the machine, and bridges the gap between the tribes so they can live in peace. One of the Sevateem, Leela, joins him to travel on the TARDIS.

    w: Chris Boucher d: Pennant Roberts

  90. "The Robots of Death"
    gs: Russell Hunter [ Commander Uvanov ], Pamela Salem [ Toos ], David Bailie [ Dask ], Rob Edwards [ Chub ], Brian Croucher [ Borg ], Tariq Yunus [ Cass ], David Collings [ Poul ], Tania Rogers [ Zilda ], Miles Fothergill [ SV7 ], Gregory de Polnay [ D84 ], Mark Blackwell Baker [ Robot ], John Bleasdale [ Robot ], Mark Cooper [ Robot ], Peter Langtry [ Robot ], Jeremy Ranchev [ Robot ], Richard Seager [ Robot ]

    rc: Leela

    The decadent crew of the vast sandminer, ploughing across an alien wasteland mining for minerals, are served by a series of robots, with varying degrees of intelligence; the Dums are basic labourers, the Vocs have a certain amount of intelligence, while the Super-Vocs actually co-ordinate the whole mining operation. As the TARDIS arrives, the Doctor and Leela become immediate suspects for the murders that are taking place amongst the crew. None of them will believe the Doctor's theory that some of the robots have been reprogrammed to kill their masters, or the possibility that it's one of the crew that's doing it.

    w: Chris Boucher d: Michael E. Briant

  91. "The Talons of Weng-Chiang"
    gs: John Bennett [ Li H'sen Chang ], Deep Roy [ Mr. Sin ], Michael Spice [ Weng-Chiang/Greel ], Trevor Baxter [ Professor Litefoot ], Christopher Benjamin [ Henry Gordon Jago ], Tony Then [ Lee ], Alan Butler [ Buller ], Chris Gannon [ Casey ], John Wu [ Coolie ], Conrad Asquith [ PC Quick ], David McKail [ Sergeant Kyle ], Patsy Smart [ Ghoul ], Judith Lloyd [ Teresa ], Vaune Craig-Raymond [ Cleaning Woman ], Penny Lister [ Singer ], Vincent Wong [ Ho ], Stuart Fell [ Giant rat ]

    rc: Leela

    In Victorian England, the Doctor starts to investigate the background to a number of disappearances by young girls and a murder. Working with a pathologist, Professor Lightfoot, and a theatre manager, Henry Jago, they discover that the oriental magician Li H'sen Chang is part of a tong cult worshipping the ancient God, Weng-Chiang. Magnus Greel, a war criminal from the future, who was terribly mutated by the Journey he made into the past in a primitive time machine, is posing as the God and he is behind the disappearing girls, whose life-force he drains to keep him alive, The Doctor has to stop him from endangering countless lives as he tries to get back to the future...

    w: Robert Holmes d: David Maloney

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    15th Season 1977

  92. "Horror of Fang Rock"
    gs: Colin Douglas [ Reuben/Voice of the Rutan ], John Abbott [ Vince ], Ralph Watson [ Ben ], Alan Rowe [ Colonel Skinsale ], Sean Caffrey [ Lord Palmerdale ], Annette Woollett [ Adelaide ], Rio Fanning [ Harker ]

    rc: Leela

    Still traveling at the turn of the century, the TARDIS lands on the rocks outside a lighthouse and, along with the survivors of a shipwreck, they find themselves being murdered one by one. The murderer is a Rutan, one of the shape-changing creatures locked in a never-ending war with the Sontarans. The Doctor has to stop its murderous rampage before it can send a signal to its mothership for Earth to be colonised.

    w: Terrence Dicks d: Paddy Russell

  93. "The Invisible Enemy"
    gs: Michael Sheard [ Lowe ], Frederick Jaeger [ Professor Marius ], Brian Grellis [ Safran ], Jay Neill [ Silvey ], Edmund Pegge [ Meeker ], Anthony Rowlands [ Crewman ], John Leeson [ Nucleus voice ], John Scott Martin [ Nucleus operator ], Nell Curran [ Nurse ], Jim McManus [ Ophthamologist ], Roderick Smith [ Cruikshank ], Kenneth Waller [ Hedges ], Elizabeth Norman [ Marius' Nurse ], Roy Herrick [ Parsons ], Pat Gorman [ Medic ]

    rc: Leela, K9

    An intelligent space virus infects the crew of a space station and then attacks the Doctor, implanting itself in his brain. With the help of Professor Marius, the Doctor and Leela are cloned, miniaturised and injected into the Doctor's blood stream to try and find the creature in his brain. The Nucleus escapes and starts to multiply its swarm so it can take over the medical centre, and then the universe now that it has a physical form. After destroying the creature, the Doctor is asked to look after Marinus' robot dog, K9, so the TARDIS leaves with a new passenger.

    w: Bob Baker, Dave Martin d: Derrick Goodwin

  94. "Image of the Fendahl"
    gs: Wanda Ventham [ Thea Ransome/Fendahl Core ], Denis Lill [ Dr. Fendelman ], Edward Arthur [ Colby ], Scott Fredericks [ Stael ], Edward Evans [ Moss ], Derek Martin [ Mitchell ], Daphne Heard [ Martha Tyler ], Graham Simpson [ Hiker ], Geoffrey Hinsliff [ Jack Tyler ], David Elliott [ Security Guard ], Roy Pearce [ Security Guard ]

    rc: Leela, K9

    Time experiments around an ancient skull, led by Doctor Fendelman with his team of scientists based at Fetch Priory, unwittingly release the power of the Fendahl, an energy force that drains the energy of life itself from humans. As the slug-like Fendahleens start to materialise, and Thea Ransome becomes possessed by the power which turns her into a human manifestation of its evil, the Doctor uses science and the folklore magic of old Martha Tyler to overcome the threat.

    w: Chris Boucher d: George Spenton-Foster

  95. "The Sun Makers"
    gs: Roy Macready [ Cordo ], Richard Leech [ Gatherer Hade ], Jonina Scott [ Marn ], Michael Keating [ Goudry ], William Simons [ Mandrel ], Adrienne Burgess [ Veet ], Henry Woolf [ Collector ], David Rowlands [ Bisham ], Colin McCormack [ Commander ], Derek Crewe [ Synge ], Carole Hopkin [ Nurse ], Tom Kelly [ Guard ], John Leeson [ Computer voice ]

    rc: Leela, K9

    The Usurians' lives seems to revolve around money, and the economy of Megropolis One on Pluto has an astronomical tax rate that has reduced the workers to poverty, while the Gatherer of Taxes leads an opulent lifestyle, and answers only to the wheelchair bound Collector, who is obsessed with profit, no matter what the cost on human lives. The Doctor and Leela Join forces with the rebels in the city, and manage to defeat the Collector, who reverts to his natural form, which appears to be nothing more than a lump of seaweed.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Pennant Roberts

  96. "Underworld"
    gs: James Maxwell [ Jackson ], Alan Lake [ Herrick ], Imogen Bickford-Smith [ Tala ], Jonathan Newth [ Orfe ], Jimmy Gardner [ Idmon ], Norman Tipton [ Idas ], Godfrey James [ Tarn ], James Marcus [ Rask ], Jay Neill [ Klimt ], Frank Jarvis [ Ankh ], Richard Shaw [ Lakh ], Stacy Tendeter [ Naia ], Christine Pollon [ Voice of the Oracle ]

    rc: Leela, K9

    The race banks of the Minyans went missing centuries ago on a ship called the P7E, and the TARDIS materialises on another Minyan ship carrying out an epic search for it. The P7E is at the heart of a planet, which has formed around it and the descendants of the original crew are now either its slaves or cybernetic seers, working to the orders of the Oracle, the ship's computer which is now worshipped and runs their lives. The Doctor helps the Minyans in the fight to retrieve the race banks from the computer's control room.

    w: Bob Baker, Dave Martin d: Norman Stewart

  97. "The Invasion of Time"
    gs: Milton Johns [ Kelner ], John Arnatt [ Borusa ], Stan McGowan [ Vardan Leader ], Chris Tranchell [ Andred ], Dennis Edwards [ Gomer ], Tom Kelly [ Vardan ], Reginald Jessup [ Savar ], Charles Morgan [ Gold Usher ], Hilary Ryan [ Rodan ], Max Faulkner [ Nesbin ], Christopher Christou [ Chancery Guard ], Michael Harley [ Bodyguard ], Ray Callaghan [ Ablif ], Gai Smith [ Presta ], Michael Mundell [ Jasko ], Eric Danot [ Guard ], Derek Deadman [ Stor ], Stuart Fell [ Sontaran ]

    rc: Leela, K9

    The Doctor returns to Gallifrey, with his behaviour becoming more and more erratic, and claims his rightful place as the President of Gallifrey, then promptly betrays his own race by letting an invasion force of Vardans land on Gallifrey. A rebellion is started by one of the guard commanders, Andred, to try and depose the Doctor, and Leela is banished to the wastelands of the planet, but the Doctor is setting a trap for the Vardans. When he succeeds in defeating them, everything seems as though it will go back to normal but while the defence barriers around Gallifrey were down, an invasion force of Sontarans landed, and they try and take over the power of the Time Lords. The Doctor has to use a D-Mat gun to stop them, and as he goes to leave, both Leela, who is in love with Andred, and K9 decide to stay on Gallifrey. As the TARDIS takes off, the Doctor pulls out a box, containing all the components he needs to build a K9 Mark II.

    w: David Agnew d: Gerald Blake

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    16th Season 1978

  98. "The Ribos Operation"
    gs: Cyril Luckham [ White Guardian ], Iain Cuthbertson [ Garron ], Nigel Plaskitt [ Unstoffe ], Paul Seed [ Graff Vynda-K ], Robert Keegan [ Sholakh ], Prentis Hancock [ Captain ], Timothy Bateson [ Binro ], Ann Tirard [ Seeker ], Oliver Maguire [ Shrieve ], John Hamill [ Shrieve ], Barry Summerford [ Shrieve ], David Young [ Shrieve ], Roy Brent [ Shrieve ], Yuri Gridneff [ Shrieve ], Nick Wilkinson [ Shrivenzale ], Stuart Fell [ Shrivenzale ]

    rc: Romana I, K9

    The Doctor is sent on a quest by the White Guardian, a being of immense power who exists outside the dimensions of space and time, to collect the six segments of the Key to Time, which have been scattered throughout the universe. He has a new assistant, in the shape of the Time Lady, Romana, and a new model of KQ. The first segment is found on the planet Ribos, in the form of a lump of Jethrik, a precious stone that Garron and Unstoffe are using to help try and con the Graff Vynda-K into buying the planet, by making him believe that there are Jethrik mines throughout the world.

    w: Robert Holmes d: George Spenton-Foster

  99. "The Pirate Planet"
    gs: Bruce Purchase [ Captain ], Andrew Robertson [ Mr. Fibuli ], Rosalind Lloyd [ Nurse ], David Sibley [ Pralix ], Bernard Finch [ Mentiad ], Ralph Michael [ Balaton ], Primi Townsend [ Mula ], David Warwick [ Kimus ], Clive Bennett [ Citizen ], Adam Kurakin [ Guard ], Vi Delmar [ Queen Xanxia ]

    rc: Romana I, K9

    The second segment is the entire planet of Calufrax, but the Doctor and Romana are mystified when they find the planet of Zanak in its place. The Captain, a blustering figure with a partially cybernised head and left arm, rules from his headquarters, assisted by Mr. Fibuli and his ever present Nurse. The Doctor discovers that Zanak is a vast hollow ship, which materialises around planets, and then absorbs all their natural energy, until all that's left is a small lump of rock. The Doctor has to defeat the Captain and find the second segment, while K9 has to battle the Polyphase Avatron, the Captain's deadly metal parrot.

    w: Douglas Adams d: Pennant Roberts

  100. "The Stones of Blood"
    gs: Susan Engel [ Vivien Fay ], Beatrix Lehmann [ Professor Rumford ], Nicholas McArdle [ De Vries ], Ives-Cameron [ Martha Elaine ], Gerald Cross [ Megara voice ], David McAlister [ Megara voice ], James Murray [ Campers ], Shirin Taylor [ Campers ], Gerald Cross [ Voice of the Guardian ], James Muir [ Druid ], Ian Munroe [ Druid ], Margaret Pilleau [ Druid ], Judy Cowne [ Druid ], Decima Delaney [ Druid ], Mike Mungarvan [ Druid ]

    rc: Romana I, K9

    Professor Amelia Rumford is working around the stone circle, known as the Nine Travellers, with her assistant Vivien Fay, when the Doctor and Romana arrive on the scene. Local devil worship has activated some of the stones with blood sacrifices, as they are in reality the Ogri, who need to absorb nutrients from haemoglobin to live. The Doctor discovers that there is a spaceship hovering over the circle in hyperspace, thus making it invisible to people in this dimension. On board, the fact becomes clear that one of the prisoners, Cessair of Diplos has escaped, and the Megara, shapeless justice machines, accuse the Doctor of aiding her and sentence him to death. Cessair is really Vivien Fay, and the Doctor has to convince the Megara that this is her true identity to save his life.

    w: David Fisher d: Darrol Blake

  101. "The Androids of Tara"
    gs: Peter Jeffrey [ Count Grendel ], Neville Jason [ Prince Reynart ], Simon Lack [ Zadek ], Paul Lavers [ Farrah ], Lois Baxter [ Madame Lamia ], Decland Mulholland [ Till ], Martin Matthews [ Kurster ], Cyril Shaps [ Archimandrite ], Mary Tamm [ Strella ]

    rc: Romana I, K9

    The planet of Tara holds the fourth segment of the Key as a statue, and the Doctor becomes involved in the feud that exists between Count Grendel and Prince Reynart. Grendel has kidnapped Reynart in an attempt to seize the throne, but the Prince's followers have substituted an android in his place so that the coronation can go ahead. Grendel manages to sabotage the device. Reynart's true love is Princess Strella, whom Grendel also holds captive and much to his surprise; he finds that Romana is a doppelganger for her when they meet. The Doctor has to defeat Grendel and ensure the Prince inherits his rightful title, as well as rescuing Romana, before he can leave to search fur the fifth segment.

    w: David Fisher d: Michael Hayes

  102. "The Power of Kroll"
    gs: Neil McCarthy [ Thawn ], Philip Madoc [ Fenner ], Grahame Mallard [ Harg ], Glyn Owen [ Rohm-Dutt ], John Leeson [ Dugeen ], Terry Walsh [ Mensch ], Carl Rigg [ Varlik ], John Abineri [ Ranquin ], Frank Jarvis [ Skart ]

    rc: Romana I, K9

    On one of the moons of Delta Magna, a primitive tribe called the Swampies worship the monstrous Kroll, and they are opposed to all forms of alien technology, which makes life awkward for an earth refinery set up there. A human gun runner called Rohm-Dutt is supplying the Swampies with all the weapons they need to overthrow the humans, who mistake the Doctor for being Dutt when the TARDIS lands in the middle of the swamp lands. Kroll rises from the depths, and the Doctor has to somehow get the key tracer near it to revert it to its natural form. The creature is only that big due to the fact that it swallowed the fifth segment centuries before.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Norman Stewart

  103. "The Armageddon Factor"
    gs: Valentine Dyall [ Black Guardian ], Lalla Ward [ Princess Astra ], John Woodvine [ Marshal ], William Squire [ The Shadow ], Ian Saynor [ Merak ], Davyd Harries [ Shapp ], Barry Jackson [ Drax ], Ian Liston [ Hero ], Susan Skipper [ Heroine ], John Cannon [ Guards ], Harry Fielder [ Guards ], Iain Armstrong [ Technician ], Pat Gorman [ Pilot ], Stephen Calcutt [ Super Mute ]

    rc: Romana I, K9

    The planet of Atrios had been fighting its direct neighbour, Zeos, for years. When the TARDIS arrives, the Doctor is lured onto Zeos, where he finds that a computer K9 is able to communicate with is actually what the Atrians are fighting - a strategic planner. The war is kept going by the Shadow, a malevolent agent of the Black Guardian, and the Doctor is able to overthrow him with the help of another Time Lord, Drax. The Shadow reveals that the sixth segment is Princess Astra, and she is converted into the crystal. With everything settled between the planets, the Doctor leaves and puts the key together, and the White Guardian appears on the scanner screen. When it becomes clear that he was the Black Guardian all along, the Doctor disperses the key through space once again, and the evil guardian swears revenge.

    w: Bob Baker, Dave Martin d: Michael Hayes

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    17th Season 1979

  104. "Destiny of the Daleks"
    gs: Tim Barlow [ Tyssan ], Peter Straker [ Commander Sharrel ], Suzanne Danielle [ Agella ], Tony Osoba [ Lan ], Roy skelton [ Dalek voices ], David Gooderson [ Dalek voices ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Mike Mungarvan [ Dalek ], Toby Byrne [ Dalek ], Tony Starr [ Dalek ], Penny Casdagli [ Jall ], David Yip [ Veldan ], Cassandra [ Movellan Guard ]

    rc: Romana II, K9 #2, Davros

    With the TARDIS now fitted with a Randomiser, so that the Black Guardian will not be able to trace their flight paths, the first landing the Doctor makes is on Skaro. They explore and eventually become separated, with the Doctor meeting the Movellans, and Romana becoming the prisoner of the Daleks. The Daleks are trying to excavate the bunker where Davros was burled as they are at war with the Movellans, and their battle computers have reached stalemate. Both factions have realised that human intuitions would give one side an advantage, and Davros is the ideal scientist to induce this in either of the robotic races. The Doctor has to try and stop them finding Davros, but time is running out.

    w: Terry Nation d: Ken Grieve

  105. "City of Death"
    gs: Julian Glover [ Scaroth / Count Scarlioni / Captain Tancredi ], Catherine Schell [ Countess Scarlioni ], Tom Chadbon [ Duggan ], David Graham [ Professor Kerensky ], Kevin Flood [ Hermann ], Peter Halliday [ Soldier ], Pamela Stirling [ Louvre Guide ], John Cleese [ Gallery visitor ], Eleanor Bron [ Gallery visitor ], Peter Halliday [ Jagaroth voice ], Tom Chadbon [ Jagaroth voice ], Walter Henry [ Cafe Patron ], James Charlton [ Artist ], Jane Bough [ Maid ]

    rc: Romana II, K9 #2

    A plot set up by Count Scarlioni to steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Gallery in Paris leads the Doctor to his home, where he discovers that time experiments are being carried out in the Count's cellar by Professor Kerensky. The Count is really Scaroth, one of twelve splinters of a Jagaroth pilot scattered throughout earth's history when his ship exploded in prehistoric times. He is financing the experiments by selling duplicate Mona Lisas he had Leonardo da Vinci bash out, but he can only do this if he owns the one in the Louvre, otherwise the buyers will suspect. He wants to go back in time and stop his ship from being destroyed, but as the explosion triggered the creation of life on Earth, the Doctor has to stop him at all costs.

    w: David Agnew d: Michael Hayes

  106. "The Creature from the Pit"
    gs: Myra Frances [ Lady Adrasta ], Eileen Way [ Karela ], Geoffrey Bayldon [ Organon ], David Telfer [ Huntsman ], John Bryans [ Torvin ], Edward Kelsey [ Edu ], Tim Munro [ Ainu ], Tommy Wright [ Guard Master ], Terry Walsh [ Doran ], Morris Barry [ Tollund ], Philip Denyer [ Guard ], Dave Redgrave [ Guard ]

    rc: Romana II, K9 #2

    Metal is practically priceless on the planet Chloris, as it is such a rare object, and when the Tythonian Ambassador arrived wishing to swap metal ore for vegetation, Lady Adastra had it thrown down a pit fearing that such trading would threaten her hold on the population. The Doctor finds a way to communicate with the creature, which explains that there has been such a protracted silence from him communicating with his race, that they have sent a neutron star towards Chloris to destroy it. The Doctor has to join forces with the creature to save the planet.

    w: David Fisher d: Christopher Barry

  107. "Nightmare of Eden"
    gs: David Daker [ Rigg ], Lewis Fiander [ Tryst ], Jennifer Lonsdale [ Della ], Geoffrey Bateman [ Dymond ], Barry Andrews [ Stott ], Stephen Jenn [ Secker ], Geoffrey Hinsliff [ Fisk ], Peter Craze [ Costa ], Pamela Ruddock [ Computer voice ], Richard Barnes [ Crewman ], Sebastian Stride [ Crewman ], Eden Phillips [ Crewman ], Annette Peters [ Passenger ], Lionel Sansby [ Passenger ], Peter Roberts [ Passenger ], Maggie Petersen [ Passenger ], Billy Gray [ Wounded passenger ], James Muir [ Mandrel ], Derek Suthern [ Mandrel ], David Korff [ Mandrel ], Jan Murzynowski [ Mandrel ], Robert Goodman [ Mandrel ]

    rc: Romana II, K9 #2

    Emerging from Hyperspace at the same moment, a star liner and a freighter crash in space and fuse together. The TARDIS lands on board, and the Doctor and Romana find that huge creatures called Mandrels have escaped from a Continuous Event Transmitter, and are roaming the ship killing the passengers. Mandrels disintegrate into a powder when they die and that powder is also a highly addictive drug called Vraxoin. The Doctor determines to smash the drug ring that is smuggling the live creatures.

    w: Bob Baker d: Alan Bromly

  108. "The Horns of Nimon"
    gs: Simon Gipps-Kent [ Seth ], Janet Ellis [ Teka ], Graham Crowden [ Soldeed ], Michael Osborne [ Sorak ], Malcolm Terris [ Co-pilot ], Bob Hornery [ Pilot ], Clifford Norgate [ Nimon voices ], John Bailey [ Sezom ], Robin Sherringham [ Nimon ], Bob Appleby [ Nimon ], Trevor St. John Hacker [ Nimon ]

    rc: Romana II, K9 #2

    Regular freighter loads of sacrificial offerings are being taken from the planet Aneth to Skonnos, where the high-priest, Soldeed, sends them into the lair of the Nimon, bull-like creatures whom he believes to be Gods. The Doctor proves they are planning to invade Skonnos, and Romana makes a trip to the last planet they laid to waste, where she learns of their only weakness, which must be exploited to destroy them.

    w: Anthony Read d: Kenny McBain

  109. "Shada"
    gs: Denis Carey [ Professor Chronotis ], Daniel Hill [ Chris Parsons ], Victoria Burgoyne [ Clare Keightley ], Christopher Neame [ Skagra ], Gerald Campion [ Porter ], Derek Pollitt [ Caldera ], John Hallett [ Constable ], David Strong [ Passenger ], Shirley Dixon [ Ship ], James Coombes [ Voice of Krargs ], Harry Fielder [ Krarg Commander ], Lionel Sansby [ Krarg ], James Muir [ Krarg ], Derek Suthern [ Krarg ], Reg Woods [ Krarg ]

    rc: Romana II, K9 #2

    The Doctor and Romana visit a Time Lord called Professor Chronotis, now living in retirement as a Cambridge College lecturer. He asks them to take back a powerful book to his home planet called 'The Ancient Law of Gallifrey', and the Doctor is horrified when he finds out it ever left the planet in the first place. Skagra, a malevolent mind-thief, wants to use the book to travel to Shada, a prison planet where he will free the legendary Salyavin, a rogue Time Lord. Chronotis is in reality Salyavin, who now just wants to live out the rest of his years in peace, and the Doctor has to follow Skagra to Shada to try and stop his scheme.

    w: Douglas Adams d: Pennant Roberts

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    18th Season 1980

  110. "The Leisure Hive"
    gs: Adrienne Corri [ Mena ], David Haig [ Pangol ], Laurence Payne [ Morix ], John Collin [ Brock ], Nigel Lambert [ Hardin ], Martin Fisk [ Vargos ], David Allister [ Stimson ], Ian Talbot [ Klout ], Andrew Lane [ Chief Foamasi ], Roy Montague [ Argolin Guide ], Harriet Reynolds [ Tannoy voice ], Clifford Norgate [ Generator voice ], David Bulbeck [ Foamasi ], David Korff [ Foamasi ], James Muir [ Foamasi ], Alys Dyer [ Baby ]

    rc: Romana II, K9

    After a disappointing holiday attempt in Brighton, with K9 getting waterlogged in the sea, the Doctor and Romana head for the planet Argolis, famed for its leisure complex. The Argolins are being forced to sell out to the Foamasi, an enemy of the race for generations, and Pangol uses the Argolin Generator to mass-clone himself as an army to wage war against the creatures. The Doctor, who has accidentally been aged five hundred years, has to race to stop Pangol, and uncover the Foamasi agent in their midst.

    w: David Fisher d: Lovett Bickford

  111. "Meglos"
    gs: Edward Underdown [ Zastor ], Jacqueline Hill [ Lexa ], Crawford Logan [ Deedrix ], Colette Gleeson [ Caris ], Bill Fraser [ Grugger ], Frederick Treves [ Brotadac ], Simon Shaw [ Tigellan Guard ], Christopher Owen [ Earthling ], Tony Allef [ Gaztak ], Ranjit Nakara [ Gaztak ], Hi Ching [ Gaztak ], Bruce Callender [ Gaztak ], John Holland [ Gaztak ], James Muir [ Gaztak ], Terence Creasey [ Deon ], Eddie Sommer [ Deon ], Ray Knight [ Deon ], Chris Marks [ Deon ], Stephen Nagy [ Deon ], Sylvia Marriot [ Deon ], Lewis Hooper [ Deon ], Michael Brydon [ Guard ], David Cleeve [ Guard ], Stephen Kane [ Savant ], John Laing [ Savant ], David Cole [ Savant ], Howard Barnes [ Savant ], Michael Gordon Browne [ Tigellan ], Harry Fielder [ Tigellan ], Laurie Goode [ Tigellan ], Peter Gates-Flemming [ Tigellan ], Geoff Whitestone [ Tigellan ]

    rc: Romana II, K9

    Gigantic screens dominate the wasteland of Zolfa-Thura, and a group of Gaztec mercenaries take a kidnapped human there, where Meglos, a cactus-like creature, uses the man's form as a blueprint for a new body. With the TARDIS trapped, Meglos takes on the Doctor's form and heads for Tigella, where he steals the Dodecahedron, the Tigellans main power source. With it, he plans to rule the universe, whilst the Doctor has to convince the Tigellans that it was not really him who stole it...

    w: John Flanagan, Andrew McCulloch d: Terence Dudley

  112. "Full Circle"
    gs: Richard Willis [ Varsh ], Bernard Padden [ Tylos ], June Page [ Keara ], James Bree [ Nefred ], Alan Rowe [ Garif ], Leonard Maguire [ Draith ], George Baker [ Login ], Tony Calvin [ Dexeter ], Norman Bacon [ Marsh child ], Andrew Forbes [ Omril ], Adrian Gibbs [ Rysik ], Barney Lawrence [ Marshman ], Steve Kelly [ Marshman ], Stephen Calcutt [ Marshman ], Keith Guest [ Marshman ], Graham Cole [ Marshman ], James Jackson [ Marshman ], Stephen Watson [ Marshman ]

    rc: Romana II, K9, Adric

    The TARDIS is trapped in an alternate universe called E-Space, and lands on the planet Alzarius, where the populace live on board the Starliner, a vast spaceship that crashed on the planet centuries before. Ruled by the Deciders, the passive race retreat into the ship as Mistfall approaches, and the Marshmen rise from the swamps. The Doctor deduces that the humanoids are actually mutations from the Marshmen, in part of a lifecycle unique to the planet. The Deciders have known all along and are also hiding the fact that the Starliner could take off at any time. The Doctor helps them to leave the planet, and dematerialises unaware that he has a stowaway on board - a young Alzarian named Adric.

    w: Andrew Smith d: Peter Grimwade

  113. "State of Decay"
    gs: William Lindsay [ Zargo ], Rachel Davies [ Camilla ], Emrys Jones [ Aukon ], Iain Rattray [ Habris ], Thane Bettany [ Tarak ], Arthur Hewlett [ Kalmar ], Stacy Davies [ Veros ], Clinton Greyn [ Ivo ], Rhoda Lewis [ Marta ], Dean Allen [ Karl ], Stuart Blake [ Zoldaz ], Stuart Fell [ Roga ], Alan Chuntz [ Guard ]

    rc: Romana II, K9, Adric

    The TARDIS lands on a mediaeval world, where the local peasants are terrified of their masters, the Three Who Rule, to whom they must sacrifice their young to Join them in their castle as guards...but some are never heard of again. The Castle is really the remains of a spaceship, drawn into E-Space centuries before, and the three lords are the original pilots, under the control of the Great Vampire, buried way below ground. The creature is beginning to stir, and the Doctor has to stop one of the greatest threats the galaxy would ever face from breaking free from the ground.

    w: Terrance Dicks d: Peter Moffatt

  114. "Warriors' Gate"
    gs: Clifford Rose [ Rorvik ], Kenneth Cope [ Packard ], David Weston [ Biroc ], Jeremy Gittins [ Lazlo ], Freddie Earlle [ Aldo ], Harry Waters [ Royce ], David Kincaid [ Lane ], Vincent Pickering [ Sagan ], Robert Vowles [ Gundan ]

    rc: Romana II, K9, Adric

    The TARDIS arrives at the gateway between E-Space and N-Space, and encounters a group of Privateers, brutally using a cargo of time sensitive Tharils to try to locate precisely the gateway. The Doctor encounters the Tharil Empire at its height, by traveling through time mirrors, and sees how the Gundan Robots, built by the Tharils human slaves to kill their captors, slaughtered them. The Tharils are now a peaceful race, and the Doctor realises he has to try and save the last of their kind, who are being held captive on the Privateers' ship, but its Captain is going to try and get back to N-Space by blasting through the mirrors with their engines, and this destroys their ship. Romana and K9 stay with the Tharils, while the Doctor and Adric leave in the TARDIS.

    w: Steve Gallagher d: Paul Joyce

  115. "The Keeper of Traken"
    gs: Anthony Ainley [ Tremas ], Sheila Ruskin [ Kassia ], Denis Carey [ The Keeper ], John Woodnutt [ Seron ], Margot Van Der Burgh [ Katura ], Robin Soans [ Luvic ], Roland Oliver [ Neman ], Geoffrey Beevers [ Melkur ], Liam Prendergast [ Foster ], Philip Bloomfield [ Foster ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Master

    The Keeper of Traken materialises inside the TARDIS, asking the Doctor for help, as he believes the harmony of his world is in danger. The threat is the Melkur, an alien who turned to stone, calcifying when he landed on the planet, as he was unable to cope with the inherent goodness of the race. On Traken, with a new Keeper soon due to take over, the Doctor uncovers a plot by Kassia to manoeuvre the Melkur to take over the Keeper's power. Melkur is actually housing the Master's TARDIS. He is still in his decaying form and, although defeated at the end, manages to escape and meld into the body of Tremas, thus taking on a new physical form...

    w: Johnny Byrne d: John Black

  116. "Logopolis"
    gs: John Fraser [ Monitor ], Delore Whiteman [ Aunt Vanessa ], Tom Georgeson [ Detective Inspector ], Christopher Hurst [ Security Guard ], Adrian Gibbs [ Watcher ], Ray Knight [ Policeman ], Peter Roy [ Policeman ], Derek Suthern [ Policeman ], Robin Squire [ Pharos Technician ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Master

    In order to repair the TARDIS' chameleon circuit, the Doctor goes to Logopolis, where the Logopolitans pure math is used to create matter. Measuring a Police Box on Earth to get the dimensions exactly right, the TARDIS materialises around the Master's, which is disguised as the blue box in question. The Doctor seems to be followed by a mysterious white figure, the Watcher, and no matter how often Adric asks who he is, the Doctor never answers, although it's clear he knows. Air stewardess Tegan Jovanka's car breaks down near where the TARDIS is, and the Master murders her aunt - a crime that the Doctor is accused of committing. He escapes to Logopolis, unwittingly taking both the Master and Tegan with him. The Master starts destroying the planet, and begins to cause the universe to collapse, as the combined forces of the Logopolitans is keeping entropy at bay, so the Doctor has to use a beam projected from the Pharos Project radar dish on earth to slow the effect down. As the Doctor tries to stop the Master hijacking the equipment to hold the universe to ransom, he falls from the tower. The Watcher, a future projection of the Time Lord, merges with him, and Tegan. Nyssa and Adric watch in amazement as the Doctor regenerates...

    w: Christopher H. Bidmead d: Peter Grimwade

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    19th Season 1982

  117. "Castrovalva"
    gs: Derek Waring [ Shardovan ], Michael Sheard [ Mergrave ], Frank Wylie [ Ruther ], Dallas Cavell [ Head of Security ], Souska John [ Child ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Master

    Tegan and Nyssa help the newly regenerated Doctor back to the TARDIS, but the Master kidnaps Adric, who uses the boy's mental abilities to project a fake Adric on board and programme the Doctor's time machine to head back to the Hydrogen inrush that created the universe, which will destroy the craft. The Doctor starts to recover, and tells Tegan how to escape. When the TARDIS lands on Castrovalva, the local inhabitants are all too happy to help with the Doctor's recovery but he realises something is wrong. The whole city is another one of Adric's projections.

    w: Christopher H. Bidmead d: Fiona Cumming

  118. "Four to Doomsday"
    gs: Stratford Johns [ Monarch ], Philip Locke [ Bigon ], Paul Shelley [ Persuasion ], Annie Lambert [ Enlightenment ], Burt Kwouk [ Lin Futu ], Illarrio Bisi Pedro [ Kurkutji ], Nadia Hammam [ Villagra ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan

    Monarch, leader of the Urbankans, is heading towards the Earth in a vast spaceship with his assistants Enlightenment and Persuasion. When the TARDIS arrives, the Doctor and his companions find the vessel populated with android replicants of the original humans Monarch kidnapped1~ throughout history on his previous visits to the planet. Their original personalities are stored on a micro-circuit inside their bodies. Although Monarch is convincing with his explanations that his is a peaceful mission, the Doctor discovers that he intends to colonise the Earth with the frog-like Urbankans, after wiping out mankind with a deadly poison...

    w: Terence Dudley d: John Black

  119. "Kinda"
    gs: Richard Todd [ Sanders ], Nerys Hughes [ Todd ], Mary Morris [ Panna ], Simon Rouse [ Hindle ], Adrian Mills [ Aris ], Lee Cornes [ Trickster ], Sarah Prince [ Karuna ], Anna Wing [ Anatta ], Roger Milner [ Anicca ], Jeffrey Stewart [ Dukkha ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan

    After collapsing in the console room, Nyssa remains on board the TARDIS, while the Doctor explores the jungle world of Deva Loka with Tegan and Adric. Sleeping in a forest clearing, Tegan's mind is invaded by an evil force called the Mara. The Doctor and Adric become trapped in an earth colony base, where one of the crew has become power crazed and dangerous, and when they escape with the base's scientist, Todd, they meet Panna, a prophet, who speaks of the Mara's return. Tegan passes the Mara on to a young member of the primitive, but peaceful Kinda tribe, who tries to lead them in a rebellion. The Doctor manages to defeat the power, which manifests itself as a vast snake but Tegan is fearful that some element of the force may still be in her mind.

    w: Christopher Bailey d: Peter Grimwade

  120. "The Visitation"
    gs: Michael Robbins [ Richard Mace ], Michael Melia [ Terileptil ], David Summer [ Terileptil ], Michael Leader [ Terileptil ], Peter Van Dissel [ Android ], James Charlton [ Miller ], John Savident [ Squire John ], Anthony Calf [ Charles ], John Baker [ Ralph ], Valerie Fyfer [ Elizabeth ], Richard Hampton [ Villager ], Neil West [ Poacher ], Eric Dodson [ Headman ], Jeff Wayne [ Scytheman ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan

    In the 17th century, the TARDIS lands in a woodland, where they meet out-of-work actor and highwayman, Richard Mace, who explains that England is in the grip of a plague. A party of three Terileptil convicts, on the run from the tinclavic mines of the planet Raaga, has crashed nearby and they are using the peasants to help prepare an escape attempt from the Earth. The Doctor traces them to Pudding Lane in London, where a confrontation leads to the creatures' demise, and the start of a certain fire that would be remembered throughout English history.

    w: Eric Saward d: Peter Moffatt

  121. "Black Orchid"
    gs: Vanessa Paine [ Ann ], Barbara Murray [ Lady Cranleigh ], Michael Cochrane [ Lord Cranleigh ], Gareth Milne [ George Cranleigh ], Moray Watson [ Sir Robert Muir ], Ivor Salter [ Sergeant Markham ], Ahmed Khalil [ Latoni ], Brian Hawksley [ Brewster ], Andrew Tourell [ Constable Cummings ], Timothy Block [ Tanner ], James Muir [ Police driver ], Caron Heggie [ Ann's maid ], Derek Hunt [ Footman ], David Wilde [ Digby ], Jim Morris [ Stationmaster ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan

    The TARDIS arrives in the 1920s, materialising at a railway station, where a case of mistaken identity leads the Doctor and his companions to being the guests of the Cranleigh family, with the Time Lord indulging in his passion for the game of cricket for an afternoon. However, the Cranleighs are hiding a dark secret in their mansion, with a hideously deformed relative locked in a back room, who escapes and mistakes Nyssa for Ann Talbot, her doppelganger and his old love. The Doctor has to try and persuade him to bring her down off the blazing rooftop...

    w: Terence Dudley d: Ron Jones

  122. "Earthshock"
    gs: Beryl Reid [ Briggs ], James Warwick [ Scott ], Clare Clifford [ Kyle ], June Bland [ Berger ], Mark Hardy [ Cyber Lieutenant ], Steve Morley [ Walters ], Suzi Arden [ Snyder ], Ann Holloway [ Mitchell ], Anne Clements [ Trooper Bane ], Mark Straker [ Trooper Carter ], Alec Sabin [ Ringway ], Mark Fletcher [ Crewmember Vance ], Christopher Whittingham [ Crewmember Carson ], Carolyn Mary Simmonds [ Android ], Barney Lawrence [ Android ], Steve Ismay [ Cyberman ], Peter Gates-Flemming [ Cyberman ], Jeff Wayne [ Cyberman ], David Bache [ Cyberman ], Graham Cole [ Cyberman ], Norman Bradley [ Cyberman ], Michael Gordon Browne [ Cyberman ]

    rc: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Cyber Leader

    An archaeological expedition into a cave region has been slaughtered one by one, with a pair of featureless androids stalking through the shadows. A military investigation starts to meet the same fate, until the TARDIS arrives and the Doctor finds that the robots are protecting a powerful bomb, which the Doctor defuses and traces the signals being sent to it from a vast space freighter. On board, he encounters the Cybermen, who turn the freighter into a bomb, intent on crashing it into the Earth, but Adric's tampering with the guidance systems sends the ship back in time where it is destroyed in the Earth's outer atmosphere, and it in turn wipes out the dinosaurs, as it has gone back to prehistoric times. Adric was on board, and to the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa's horror, they are unable to save him.

    w: Eric Saward d: Peter Grimwade

  123. "Time-Flight"
    gs: Anthony Ainley [ Kalid ], Nigel Stock [ Professor Hayter ], Richard Easton [ Captain Stapley ], Keith Drinkel [ Flight Engineer Scobie ], Michael Cashman [ First Officer Bilton ], Peter Dahlsen [ Horton ], Brian McDermott [ Sheard ], John Flint [ Captain Urquhart ], Judith Byfield [ Angela Clifford/Tannoy voice ], Peter Cellier [ Andrews ], Hugh Hayes [ Anithon ], Andre Winterton [ Zarak ], Matthew Waterhouse [ Adric ], Graham Cole [ Melkur ], Chris Bradshaw [ Terileptil ], Tommy Winward [ Security man ], Barney Lawrence [ Dave Culshaw ]

    rc: Nyssa, Tegan, Master

    The TARDIS arrives at Heathrow, and the Doctor becomes involved in investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Concorde. Using the TARDIS to follow a time trail, the plane is found in prehistoric times, where the Master is using the passengers and flight crew as slaves to try and utilise the powers of the Xeraphin to rebuild his TARDIS engines. The Doctor manages to defeat him and banish him to Xeriphas, and get everyone back to modern day Heathrow, where Tegan is accidentally left behind when the TARDIS takes off.

    w: Peter Grimwade d: Ron Jones

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    20th Season 1983

  124. "Arc of Infinity"
    gs: Leonard Sachs [ President Borusa ], Michael Gough [ Hedin ], Ian Collier [ Omega ], Colin Baker [ Maxil ], Paul Jerricho [ Castellan ], Neil Daglish [ Damon ], Elspet Gray [ Thalia ], Max Harvey [ Zorac ], Andrew Boxer [ Robin Stuart ], Alastair Cumming [ Colin Frazer ], John D. Collins [ Talor ], Maya Woolfe [ Hotel receptionist ], Malcolm Harvey [ The Ergon ], Guy Groen [ 2nd receptionist ]

    rc: Nyssa, Tegan

    On Gallifrey, Councillor Hedin is helping the long-thought dead Omega to return via the arc of infinity, but he needs a body print to give him a physical form, so he 'bonds' with the Doctor, and retreats to a hideout on the Earth in Amsterdam. The Doctor is brought back to his home world, where he is sentenced to death to try and stop Omega passing over from his universe of anti-matter by using his bio-scan. The Doctor escapes, and tracks Omega down on Earth, with the help of Tegan, whom he and Nyssa meet up with. With the renegade Time Lord defeated, Tegan rejoins the TARDIS crew.

    w: Johnny Byrne d: Ron Jones

  125. "Snakedance"
    gs: John Carson [ Ambril ], Colette O'Neil [ Tanha ], Preston Lockwood [ Dojjen ], Martin Clunes [ Lon ], Brian Miller [ Dugdale ], Hilary Sesta [ Fortune Teller ], George Ballantine [ Hawker ], Johnathon Morris [ Chela ], Barrie Smith [ Puppeteer ], Brian Grellis [ Megaphone man ], Bob Mills [ Lon's bodyguard ], Barney Lawrence [ Attendant ], Chris Holmes [ Attendant ], Ray Lavender [ Snakedancer ], Derek Holt [ Demon ], Fred Reford [ Demon ]

    rc: Nyssa, Tegan

    The Mara takes possession of Tegan's mind once again as the TARDIS arrives on Manussa, the Mara's homeworld, where the power plans to re-emerge and take over the planet during a madri gras. Assisted by the hermit Dojjen, the Doctor prepares himself for a final confrontation as the giant snake materialises for a second time. In the aftermath, it becomes clear that Tegan is now free of its influence forever.

    w: Christopher Bailey d: Fiona Cumming

  126. "Mawdryn Undead"
    gs: Valentine Dyall [ Black Guardian ], David Collings [ Mawdryn ], Angus MacKay [ Headmaster ], Stephen Garlick [ Ibbotson ], Roger Hammond [ Doctor Runciman ], Sheila Gill [ Matron ], Peter Walmsley [ First Mutant ], Brian Darnley [ Second Mutant ], Lucy Baker [ Child Nyssa ], Sian Pattenden [ Child Tegan ]

    rc: Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Lethbridge-Stewart

    Turlough, who appears to be nothing more than a schoolboy, is actually an alien stranded on Earth, whom the Black Guardian starts to manipulate in a plan to get revenge against the Doctor. Arriving at the school, the Doctor meets the Brigadier, who is now a maths teacher there. He's investigating a transmat beacon, which a mysterious, seemingly abandoned spaceship comes into focus with once every seven years. Separated in time, Tegan and Nyssa find an occupant in the capsule in 1977, and mistake him for the Doctor, thinking that he's been badly injured, and they seek help from the Brigadier of that period. The creature is actually Mawdryn, part of a race banished by the Time Lords on the spaceship, for their meddling with time experiments. The Doctor has to help the creatures find a way to die, and keep the two Brigadiers apart, because if they met, the resulting collision of Time Energy could be deadly. As everything is resolved, Turlough accepts the Doctor's offer to join the TARDIS crew.

    w: Peter Grimwade d: Peter Moffatt

  127. "Terminus"
    gs: Valentine Dyall [ Black Guardian ], Liza Goddard [ Kari ], Dominic Guard [ Olvir ], Rachael Weaver [ Inga ], Martin Muncaster [ Tannoy voice ], Martin Potter [ Eirak ], Andrew Burt [ Valgard ], Tim Munro [ Sigurd ], Peter Benson [ Bor ], R.J. Bell [ The Garm ]

    rc: Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough

    Still under the influence of the Black Guardian, Turlough follows his instructions on sabotaging the TARDIS, which causes the ship to start to break up and lock onto the side of another vessel. Nyssa becomes lost on the other craft, and the Doctor and his remaining companions start to search for her on board. When the Doctor finds her, they become the captives of two space pirates, who have been abandoned on the ship by their crew, and realise that they're on a Lazar transporter, taking humans who have been contaminated with a virus to die on the colony of Terminus. Nyssa catches the disease, while the Doctor finds out that Terminus was responsible for the 'Big Bang' that started life in the universe, when a radioactive load was detonated. A second imminent detonation could reverse the effect and end everything. When he manages to avert this and get the TARDIS back, Nyssa opts to stay and try and help the other Lazars, now that she is cured.

    w: Steve Gallagher d: Mary Ridge

  128. "Enlightenment"
    gs: Cyril Luckham [ White Guardian ], Valentine Dyall [ Black Guardian ], Keith Barron [ Striker ], Lynda Baron [ Wrack ], Christopher Brown [ Marriner ], Tony Caunter [ Jackson ], Clive Kneller [ Collier ], James McClure [ First Officer ], Lee John [ Mansell ], John Cannon [ Helmsman ], Byron Sotiris [ Critas ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough

    The TARDIS materialises on what appears to be an Edwardian clipper ship, where the crew are strangely Jolly and the officers somewhat distant. When the Doctor meets Captain Striker, he explains how they are part of a race for a glorious prize -Enlightenment. The ship is a space craft, and there is a whole fleet from different points in the Earth's history, sailing on the solar winds. One, a pirate woman called Captain Wrack, is an agent for the Black Guardian, and she is systematically destroying all of the competition. The Doctor overcomes Wrack, and is confronted by both the Black and the White Guardian, the Black Guardian offers Enlightenment to Turlough, but he refuses and throws it at him, apparently destroying him, and showing loyalty to the Doctor. As the White Guardian leaves, he reminds the Doctor that the Black Guardian will always be after him for revenge.

    w: Barbara Clegg d: Fiona Cumming

  129. "The King's Demons"
    gs: Anthony Ainley [ Sir Giles Estra ], Frank Windsor [ Ranulf ], Gerald Flood [ King John ], Isla Blair [ Isabella ], Christopher Villiers [ Hugh ], Michael J. Jackson [ Sir Geoffrey ], Peter Burroughs [ Jester ], Tony Annis [ Gaoler ], Chris Padmore [ Kamelion ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough, (vo) Kamelion, Master

    King Richard is fighting the Crusades, whilst there are two King Johns in England. One is the true villain, whilst the other is Kamelion, a shape changing android under the control of the Master, who plans to use him to alter the course of history. Discovered by the Master on Xeriphas, the android is mind controlled, and after a bat-tie of wills, the Doctor frees him from the Master and Kamelion joins the TARDIS crew.

    w: Terence Dudley d: Tony Virgo

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    20th Anniversary Special 1983

  130. "The Five Doctors"
    cast: Richard Hurndall [ Doctor #1 ], William Hartnell [ archive footage of Doctor #1 ], Patrick Troughton [ Doctor #2 ], Jon Pertwee [ Doctor #3 ], Tom Baker [ archive footage of Doctor #4 ], Peter Davison [ Doctor #5 ], Philip Latham [ Lord President Borusa ], Dinah Sheridan [ Chancellor Flavia ], Paul Jerrico [ Castellan ], Richard Mathews [ Rassilon ], David Savile [ Colonel Crichton ], Roy Skelton [ Dalek voices ], Keith Hodiak [ Raston Robot ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek operator ], Ray Float [ Sergeant ], Stuart Blake [ Commander ], Stephen Meredith [ Technician ], John Tallents [ Guard ], William Kenton [ Cyber Scout ], Mark Hardy [ Cyber Lieutenant ], Mark Bassenger [ Cyberman ], Norman Bradley [ Cyberman ], Graham Cole [ Cyberman ], Gilbert Gillan [ Cyberman ], Emyr Morris Jones [ Cyberman ], Myrddin Jones [ Cyberman ], Johnny Mack [ Time Lord ], Ian Marshall-Fisher [ Cyberman ], Charles Milward [ Time Lord ], Richard Naylor [ Cyberman ], Alan Riches [ Cyberman ], Mark Whincup [ Cyberman ], Lloyd Williams [ Cyberman ], Frederick Wolfe [ Time Lord ], Lee Woods [ Yeti/Cyberman ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough, Susan, Sarah, Lethbridge-Stewart, Romana II, Master, Jamie, Zoe, Liz, Yates, Cyber Leader, K9

    The fifth Doctor begins to suffer from side-effects as somebody starts to take his past incarnations and companions out of time, and heads for Gallifrey. In the Death Zone, the remains of a game the Time Lords played in the Dark Times, pitting alien races against each other in mortal combat, the second Doctor, accompanied by the Brigadier, and the third Doctor, with Sarah Jane Smith, make their separate ways to the Tomb of Rassilon, encountering a Yeti and a troop of Cybermen along the way. The first Doctor, reunited with Susan, after battling a Dalek, finds his way to the TARDIS, where he joins with Tegan to head to the tomb as well, while Turlough and Susan look after the TARDIS. The fifth Doctor comes across the Master, sent into the Death Zone by the Inner Council of Time Lords to help the Doctor, with the incentive being a new cycle of regenerations if he succeeds. After an attack by the Cybermen, where the Doctor uses his transmat device to return to the capitol, the Master joins up with them and heads for the Dark Tower as well. Eventually, with the Cybermen destroyed and the Master held captive, the combined efforts of Doctors one, two, three and five (the fourth Doctor is trapped in time) defeats the true villain, President Borusa, and everyone departs for their rightful places in time.

    w: Terrance Dicks d: Peter Moffatt

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    21st Season 1984

  131. "Warriors of the Deep"
    gs: Tom Adams [ Vorshack ], Ingrid Pitt [ Solow ], Ian McCulloch [ Nilson ], James Coombes [ Paroli ], Steve Kelly [ Sea Devil ], Chris Wolfe [ Sea Devil ], Jules Walters [ Sea Devil ], Mike Braben [ Sea Devil ], Dave Ould [ Sea Devil ], William Perrie [ Myrka ], John Asquith [ Myrka ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough

    The crew of an undersea base on Earth in the 21st century is continually on edge, due to the never-ending threat of nuclear attack by a rival power bloc. The TARDIS arrives, and the Doctor not only has to overcome the problems caused by enemy spies trying to sabotage Sea Base Four, but also an invasion attempt by the combined forces of the Sea Devils and the Silurians. Their plan is to trigger a nuclear war, which would cleanse the Earth, and allow them to claim it as their own world once again...

    w: Johnny Byrne d: Pennant Roberts

  132. "The Awakening"
    gs: Polly James [ Jane Hampden ], Denis Lill [ Sir George Hutchinson ], Glyn Houston [ Colonel Wolsey ], Jack Galloway [ Joseph Willow ], Frederick Hall [ Andrew Verney ], Keith Jayne [ Will Chandler ], Christopher Saul [ Trooper ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough

    The TARDIS lands in Little Hodcombe, where Tegan plans to visit her grandfather, but a local Civil War re-enactment is getting out of hand, with Sir George Hutchinson pushing the realism a little too far. The Doctor discovers that the local Church was built over a powerful alien creature, the Malus, which creates negative emotions and feeds off them. With the war games raging, enough power has been absorbed by the Malus to regain its strength, and the Doctor has to stop it before its influence can break free and devastate the Earth...

    w: Eric Pringle d: Michael Owen Morris

  133. "Frontios"
    gs: John Gillett [ Gravis ], Peter Gilmore [ Brazen ], Lesley Dunlop [ Norna ], William Lucas [ Range ], Jeff Rawle [ Plantagenet ], Maurice O'Connell [ Cockerill ], Richard Ashley [ Orderly ], Alison Skilbeck [ Deputy ], Raymond Murtagh [ Retrograde ], George Campbell [ Tractator ], Michael Malcolm [ Tractator ], Stephen Speed [ Tractator ], William Bowen [ Tractator ], Hedi Khursandi [ Tractator ], Jim Dowdall [ Warnsman ], John Beardmore [ Captain Revere ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough

    The TARDIS lands on Frontios. One of the last surviving colonies from Earth crashed there years before, and the Doctor finds them fighting for survival against an unseen villain. Meteorite attacks and strange disappearances underground have gone without explanation, and the Doctor finds the humans are being manipulated by the powers of the Tractators, giant woodlouse-like creatures with extraordinary mental abilities to control gravity. The Gravis, the Tractator's leader, finds out about the TARDIS, and disassembles it until the Doctor agrees to show him how to travel through time, but once the vessel is back together the creature becomes powerless and the Doctor abandons him on an uninhabited planet, leaving the humans on Frontios in peace.

    w: Christopher H. Bidmead d: Ron Jones

  134. "Resurrection of the Daleks"
    gs: Maurice Colbourne [ Lytton ], Rodney Bewes [ Stien ], Rula Lenska [ Styles ], Del Henney [ Colonel Archer ], Chloe Ashcroft [ Professor Laird ], Philip McGough [ Sergeant Calder ], Jim Findley [ Mercer ], Leslie Grantham [ Kiston ], Sneh Gupta [ Osborn ], Roger Davenport [ Trooper ], John Adam Baker [ Crew member ], Linsey Turner [ Crew member ], William Sleigh [ Galloway ], Brian Miller [ Dalek voices ], Royce Mills [ Dalek voices ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Tony Starr [ Dalek ], Toby Byrne [ Dalek ], Nicholas Curry [ Chemist ], Michael Jeffries [ Policeman ], Mike Braben [ Policeman ], Mike Mungarvan [ Soldier ], Simon Crane [ Soldier ], Pat Judge [ Man with metal detector ]

    rc: Tegan, Turlough, Davros

    Caught in a Time Corridor, the TARDIS is dragged to Earth, where the Doctor joins forces with an escaped prisoner from the future called Stein, and follows the corridor back to its source - a Dalek battle cruiser which has rescued Davros from a space prison. Davros slowly begins to turn one Dalek after another onto his side, so he can destroy the Daleks who no longer follow his orders. The Daleks have made duplicates of all the TARDIS crew, with the plan being to invade Gallifrey, and conquer time itself, and many lives are lost as the Doctor battles against them and eventually wins. Tegan is unable to cope with seeing so many deaths, and leaves the TARDIS crew, remaining on modern Earth...

    w: Eric Saward d: Matthew Robinson

  135. "Planet of Fire"
    gs: Peter Wyngarde [ Timanov ], Barbara Shelley [ Sorasta ], James Bate [ Amyand ], Dallas Adams [ Professor Foster ], Edward Highmore [ Malkon ], Jonathan Caplan [ Roskal ], John Alkin [ Lomand ], Michael Bangerter [ Curt ], Simon Sutton [ Lookout ], Max Arthur [ Zuko ], Ray Knight [ Trion ]

    rc: Turlough, Peri, (vo) Kamelion, Master

    On Lanzarote, Turlough meets Peri Brown, a botany student from America, who is taken to Sam as the Master regains control of Kamelion. On that planet, Turlough meets his brother, and realises that in amongst the primitive society are clues that could reveal his roots to him, as his true background has eluded him so far. The Master has been shrunken to only a few inches in height, and plans to use the numismaton gases of the planet to regain his size, and increase his power. The Doctor realises that it will be impossible to defeat him if he gains such energy. In defeating the Master, Kamelion is destroyed, and the Doctor has to bid farewell to Turlough, who decides to stay with his people. Peri leaves with the Doctor, as a new companion on board the TARDIS...

    w: Peter Grimwade d: Fiona Cumming

  136. "The Caves of Androzani"
    gs: Christopher Gable [ Sharaz Jek ], John Normington [ Morgus ], Robert Glenister [ Salateen ], Maurice Roeves [ Stotz ], Roy Holder [ Krelper ], Martin Cochrane [ Chellak ], Barbara Kinghorn [ Timmin ], David Neal [ President ], Ian Staples [ Soldier ], Colin Taylor [ Magma creature ], Keith Harvey [ Android ], Andrew Smith [ Android ], Stephen Smith [ Android ]

    rc: Peri

    On the planet Androzani Minor, the Doctor and Peri become caught up in the conflict between the disfigured arms dealer-cum renegade, Sharaz Jek, and his nemesis, Morgus, whom he longs to be able to destroy. They both fight for control of the supplies of a drug called Spectrox, which reduces the aging process and prolongs life. As the battle between the two factions rage, Jek becomes infatuated with Peri, who contracts Spectrox toxaemia, and slowly starts to die. The Doctor, who also has the disease, races to get the milk of the queen bat from the lower depths of the cave system, the only known cure for it, but as he gets Peri back to the TARDIS, with both Jek and Morgus dead in the aftermath of a final confrontation, there is only enough of the antidote for her. As she recovers, she watches in amazement as the body of the fifth Doctor dies from the disease, and he starts to regenerate...

    w: Robert Holmes d: Graeme Harper

  137. "The Twin Dilemma"
    gs: Maurice Denham [ Edgeworth/Azmael ], Kevin McNally [ Hugo Lang ], Edwin Richfield [ Mestor ], Barry Stanton [ Noma ], Oliver Smith [ Drak ], Seymour Green [ Chamberlain ], Paul Conrad [ Romulus ], Andrew Conrad [ Remus ], Dennis Chinnery [ Sylvest ], Helen Blatch [ Fabian ], Dione Inman [ Elena ], Roger Nott [ Prisoner ], John Wilson [ Guard ], Steve Wickham [ Gastropod ], Ridgewell Hawkes [ Gastropod ]

    rc: Peri

    The Sixth Doctor proves to be erratic and wildly unpredictable, with Peri suffering the main brunt of his explosive temper. The TARDIS lands on a planet where the two of them find the wreckage of a space crash, and take the sole survivor on board, before traveling to Jaconda, where the slug-like Mestor and his Gastropods have enslaved the population. An old friend of the Doctor's, Azmael, a retired Time Lord, has been forced to kidnap a pair of twins who are mathematical geniuses, so Mestor can use their calculations to throw Jaconda into its sun, with the resulting explosion being large enough to spread Gastropod eggs throughout the galaxy...

    w: Anthony Steven d: Peter Moffatt

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    22nd Season

  138. "Attack of the Cybermen"
    gs: Maurice Colbourne [ Lytton ], Brian Glover [ Griffiths ], Terry Molloy [ Russell ], James Beckett [ Payne ], Jonathan David [ Stratton ], Michael Attwell [ Bates ], Sarah Berger [ Rost ], Esther Freud [ Threst ], Faith Brown [ Flast ], Sarah Greene [ Varne ], Stephen Churchett [ Bill ], Stephen Wale [ David ], Michael Kilgarriff [ Cyber Controller ], Brian Orrell [ Cyber Lieutenant ], John Ainley [ Cyberman ], Roger Pope [ Cyberman ], Thomas Lucy [ Cyberman ], Ian Marshall-Fisher [ Cyberman ], Pat Gorman [ Cyberman ], Mike Braben [ Policeman ], Michael Jeffries [ Policeman ], Trisha Clarke [ Cryon ], Irela Williams [ Cryon ], Maggie Lynton [ Cryon ]

    rc: Peri, Cyber Leader

    The Cybermen have established a base in London's sewers in 1985, planning to divert Halley's Comet so that it destroys the Earth, and thus saves Mondas from being obliterated in 1986. The Doctor and Peri become involved with Commander Lytton, who is working for the Cryons on Telos, who were enslaved by the Cybermen and forced to build the Tombs there. On that planet, the Doctor once again encounters the Cybercontroller, and Lytton sacrifices his life to save the Cryons, much to the Doctor's surprise.

    w: Paula Moore, Eric Saward d: Matthew Robinson

  139. "Vengeance of Varos"
    gs: Martin Jarvis [ Governor ], Nabil Shaban [ Sil ], Jason Connery [ Jondar ], Forbes Collins [ Chief Officer ], Stephen Yardley [ Arak ], Sheila Reid [ Etta ], Geraldine Alexander [ Areta ], Owen Teale [ Maldak ], Graham Cull [ Bax ], Nicholas Chagrin [ Quillam ], Hugh Martin [ Priest ], Keith Skinner [ Rondel ], Bob Tarff [ Executioner ], Jack McGuire [ Madman ], Alan Troy [ Madman ]

    rc: Peri

    With a continual stream of executions and scenes of torture broadcast directly into their homes keep the population of Varos subdued, the Governor of the planet is fighting to save the economy, negotiating with the slug-like Galatron Mining delegate, Sil, over the price he is willing to pay for Zyton Seven, an ore natural to the planet. The Doctor needs some of the same mineral to power the TARDIS, and arrives on Varos to get some, but gets caught up with a band of rebels in the punishment dome and has to convince the Governor to take the upper hand in bartering for his planet's export materials.

    w: Philip Martin d: Ron Jones

  140. "The Mark of Rani"
    gs: Terence Alexander [ Lord Ravensworth ], Gawn Grainger [ George Stephenson ], Peter Childs [ Jack Ward ], Gary Cady [ Luke Ward ], Richard Steele [ Guard ], William Ilkley [ Tim Bass ], Hus Levent [ Edwin Green ], Kevin White [ Sam Rudge ], Martyn Whitby [ Drayman ], Cordelia Ditton [ Older Woman ], Sarah James [ Young Woman ], Nigel Johnson [ Josh ], Alan Talbot [ Tom ]

    rc: Peri, Master, Rani

    During the industrial revolution, the workers at Lord Ravensworth's mines are staging increasingly violent Luddite attacks. The Doctor discovers an old enemy from his academy days, the Rani, is tampering with the workers' minds so that they are unable to rest or sleep. When she joins forces with the Master, using her chemical skills to try and destroy the Doctor, the danger he faces has effectively been doubled...

    w: Pip & Jane Baker d: Sarah Hellings

  141. "The Two Doctors"
    gs: Patrick Troughton [ The Second Doctor ], John Stratton [ Shockeye ], Jacqueline Pearce [ Chessene ], Laurence Payne [ Dastari/Computer voice ], James Saxon [ Oscar ], Carmen Gomez [ Anita ], Clinton Greyn [ Stike ], Tim Raynham [ Varl ], Aimee Delamain [ Don Arana ], Nicholas Fawcett [ Technician ], Fernando Monast [ Scientist ], Jay McGrath [ Dead Androgum ]

    rc: Peri, Jamie

    The Time Lords are concerned about time experiments being carried out on the space station J7, by Professors Kartz and Reimer, and send the second Doctor, traveling with Jamie, to try and stop them. The head of the station, Dastari, has been augmenting the primitive Androgum slave, Chessene, with added intelligence, and she, in turn, has betrayed the station to the Sontarans, who invade and take the Doctor captive. The sixth Doctor arrives, and finds Jamie stranded there, having reverted to almost primitive instincts to survive. With Peri and his former companion, he traces Chessene and Dastari to Seville in Spain, where the Sontarans Stike and Van are waiting for an operation to be carried out on the second Doctor, which will trace a vital chromosome that will enable them to use the Kartz/Reimer time machine, but he is augmented into an Androgum, and leaves on a good hunt with Shockeye, another one of the race from the space station. Both Doctors have to join forces to stop Chessene's schemes, as the Sontarans are betrayed and killed by her as well.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Peter Moffatt

  142. "Timelash"
    gs: Jean Anne Crowley [ Vena ], Eric Deacon [ Mykros ], Robert Ashby [ The Borad ], Paul Darrow [ Tekker ], David Chandler [ Herbetrt George Wells ], Denis Carey [ Old Man ], David Ashton [ Kendron ], Peter Robert Scott [ Brunner ], Dicken Ashworth [ Sezon ], Tracy Louise Ward [ Katz ], Christine Kavanagh [ Aram ], Steven Mackintosh [ Gazak ], Dean Hollingsworth [ Android ], James Richardson [ Guardolier ], Martin Gower [ Tyheer/Bandril Ambassador ], Neil Hallett [ Maylin Ranis ]

    rc: Peri

    The Doctor last visited Karfel during his third incarnation, and found it to be a hospitable, friendly place. When he returns with Peri, the society is now ruled by the Borad, seemingly a benevolent elderly man, but in reality a hideous mutant cross between a human and a reptile. Anyone who crosses him is thrown into the Timelash, a device that either hurls you to some distant point in space or destroys you. The Doctor pursues Vena as she is thrown in and finds her on Earth in the early pant of the 20th century, where she has met H. G. Wells. The Doctor takes him back to Karfel and enlists his help to defeat the Borad...

    w: Glen McCoy d: Pennant Roberts

  143. "Revelation of the Daleks"
    gs: Eleanor Bron [ Kara ], Clive Swift [ Jobel ], Alexei Sayle [ DJ ], Jenny Tomasin [ Tasambeker ], William Gaunt [ Orcini ], John Ogwen [ Bostock ], Stephen Flynn [ Grigory ], Bridget Lynch-Blosse [ Natasha ], Trevor Cooper [ Takis ], Colin Spaull [ Lilt ], Hugh Walters [ Vogel ], Alec Linstead [ Head of Stengos ], Ken Barker [ Mutant ], Royce Mills [ Dalek voices ], Roy Skelton [ Dalek voices ], Penelope Lee [ Computer voice ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Tony Starr [ Dalek ], Toby Byrne [ Dalek ]

    rc: Peri, Davros

    On the planet Necros, Davros has set up a base in the cryogenics centre where wealthy people pay to be frozen until a cure can be found for their various ailments. He is selling the bodies to Kara as a base protein, which she then sells to solve various famines at great profit, and also building up a new army of white Daleks at the same time. Kara sends two assassins, Orcini and Bostock, to kill Davros thinking that all that is left of him is a head in a life support machine, but Davros is exactly as he always was, and promptly defeats the two men. The Doctor and Peri are caught in the middle of everything, as a rival faction of Daleks arrive, and all hell breaks loose as they try to capture Davros to take him back to Skaro to face trial.

    w: Eric Saward d: Graeme Harper

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    Special 1985

    "A Fix With Sontarans" (15 min)
    gs: Jimmy Saville [ Himself ], Gareth Jenkins [ Himself ]

    rc: Tegan

    Aired as part of "Jim'll Fix It", wherein viewer Gareth Jenkins gets his wish, to have an adventure with the Doctor. So Gareth is brought on board the TARDIS, where he meets Doctor #6 and Tegan Jovanka. Together they fight off a Sontaran threat, when a couple of the blighters are on board the TARDIS.

    w: _______________ d: _______________

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    23rd Season 1986

  144. "The Mysterious Planet"
    gs: Joan Sims [ Katryca ], Glen Murphy [ Dibber ], Tom Chadbon [ Merdeen ], Roger Brierley [ Drathro ], David Rodigan [ Broken Tooth ], Adam Blackwood [ Balazar ], Timothy Walker [ Grell ], Billy McColl [ Humker ], Sion Tudor Owen [ Tandrell ]

    rc: Peri, Valeyard, Inquisitor, Glitz

    Taken out of time, the TARDIS is brought to a vast space station, where the Doctor faces a trial by the Time Lords for crimes of interference. The Inquisitor is effectively the Judge, whilst the Valeyard is the Prosecutor. The Doctor can only watch, with his memory of the immediate past prior to his arrival gone for the moment, as the Valeyard uses an incident from his past as the first part of his evidence, projected before the jury by the Matrix data bank... On the planet Ravolox, the Doctor and Peri encounter Drathro, a huge robot, whose mission is to guard Time Lord Secrets stolen by invaders from the Andromedan Galaxy years before, which have been placed in his care. A race of servile humans tends to the tunnels surrounding his base, and a group of primitives on the surface of the planet try to attack it every so often, but with little success. Two con men, Glitz and Dibber, arrive planning to steal the secrets, but Drathro is prepared to destroy everything to protect them, so the Doctor has to intervene.

    w: Robert Holmes d: Nicholas Mallett

  145. "Mindwarp"
    gs: Brian Blessed [ King Yrcanos ], Nabil Shaban [ Sil ], Christopher Ryan [ Kiv ], Patrick Ryecart [ Crozier ], Alibe Parsons [ Matrona Kani ], Richard Henry [ Mentor ], Trevor Laird [ Frax ], Gordon Warnecke [ Tusa ], Thomas Branch [ The Lukoser ]

    rc: Peri, Valeyard, Inquisitor

    The Valeyard continues with his evidence, as he shows the events immediately prior to the Doctor's arrival at the space station. As the events unfold on the Matrix screen, the Doctor's memory slowly returns... On Sil's home planet, Thoros-Beta, a scientist has been employed to find a way of transferring the mind of the species head Mentor, Lord Kiv, into another body, but Crozier has yet to find the perfect host. Kiv's brain is expanding slowly, and the continual pain is stopping him from carrying out the all important commerce negotiations, with the inevitable profit that the Mentors thrive on. The Mentors also hold King Yrcanos, of the Krontep, on Thoros-Beta. The mighty warrior becomes infatuated with Peri, who becomes the ideal candidate to house Kiv's brain when both the King and Doctor's skulls prove unsatisfactory. The Doctor's behaviour becomes strange, as Time Lords start to manipulate him, and he is then taken out of time to leave Peri to her fate. Yrcanos is seen fighting his way towards Crozier's laboratory, where Kiv's transplant is now complete, and on seeing the dehumanised Peri; he seems to blast everyone in the room to death with a phaser.

    w: Philip Martin d: Ron Jones

  146. "Terror of the Vervoids"
    gs: Honor Blackman [ Professor Lasky ], Michael Craig [ Commodore ], Denys Hawthorne [ Rudge ], Yolande Palfrey [ Janet ], Tony Scoggo [ Enzu/Grenville ], Malcolm Tierney [ Doland ], David Allister [ Bruchner ], Arthur Hewlett [ Kimber ], Simon Slater [ Edwardes ], Barbara Ward [ Mutant ], Sam Howard [ Atza ], Leon Davis [ Ortezo ], Hugh Beverton [ Guard ], Martin Weedon [ Guard ], Mike Mungarvan [ Duty Officer ], Peppi Borza [ First Vervoid ], Bob Appleby [ Second Vervoid ], Barbara Ward [ Ruth Baxter ], Gess Whitfield [ Vervoid ], Paul Hillier [ Vervoid ], William Perrie [ Vervoid ], Jery Manley [ Vervoid ]

    rc: Mel, Valeyard, Inquisitor

    It is now the Doctor's turn to present his defence, and although still in shock from witnessing Peri's apparent death, he selects events from his future, which appear on the screen... Something is murdering the passengers on the Hyperion III space liner. Three Botanists unwittingly unleash the deadly plant life forms, the Vervoids, who start to slaughter any humans they find, and the Doctor and his 'new' companion, Mel, have to fight off the creatures and stop the ship from being destroyed by entering a black hole.

    w: Pip & Jane Baker d: Chris Clough

  147. "The Ultimate Foe"
    gs: Geoffrey Hughes [ Popplewick ], James Bree [ The Keeper of the Matrix ]

    rc: Mel, Valeyard, Inquisitor, Master, Glitz

    It is now the Doctor's turn to present his defence, and although still in shock from witnessing Peri's apparent death, he selects events from his future, which appear on the screen... Something is murdering the passengers on the Hyperion III space liner. Three Botanists unwittingly unleash the deadly plant life forms, the Vervoids, who start to slaughter any humans they find, and the Doctor and his 'new' companion, Mel, have to fight off the creatures and stop the ship from being destroyed by entering a black hole.

    w: Robert Holmes, Pip & Jane Baker d: Chris Clough

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    24th Season 1987

  148. "Time and the Rani"
    gs: Mark Greenstreet [ Ikona ], Donald Pickering [ Beyus ], Richard Gauntlett [ Urak ], Wanda Ventham [ Faroon ], John Segal [ Lanisha ], Karen Clegg [ Sarn ], Peter Tuddenham [ Voice ], Jacki Webb [ Voice ]

    rc: Mel, Rani

    A power beam draws the TARDIS towards Lakertya, where it lands heavily and induces regeneration for the Doctor, who is taken captive by the Rani and her lead Tetrap, Urak, as they enter the craft. The Doctor is taken to the Rani's base, while Mel befriends Ikona, a Lakertyan, in the waste-land surrounding the TARDIS landing site. The Rani has assembled many of the great thinkers from history, with her plan being to drain their minds and form one vast brain. This will be turned into a giant Time Manipulator when the missiles positioned on her base strike an asteroid of strange matter in the planet's orbit. The bewildered Doctor, who is fooled for a time into believing that the Rani is Mel, has to try and defeat her and come to terms with the shock of his regeneration.

    w: Pip & Jane Baker d: Andrew Morgan

  149. "Paradise Towers"
    gs: Howard Cooke [ Pex ], Richard Briers [ Chief Caretaker ], Clive Merrison [ Deputy Chief Caretaker ], Joseph Young [ Young Caretaker ], Annabel Yuresha [ Bin Liner ], Julie Brennon [ Fire Escape ], Blue Kang Leader ], Astra Sheridan [ Yellow Kang ], Brenda Bruce [ Tilda ], Elizabeth Spriggs [ Tabby ], Judy Cornwell [ Maddy ], Simon Coady [ Video Commentary ]

    rc: Mel

    Paradise Towers was planned as the perfect residential home, but while a majority of the occupants are away fighting a war, the complex's Caretakers seem to have taken control. Groups of vandals, known as Kangs, roam the corridors with three gangs being designated by color codes: Red, blue and yellow, although all the yellow Kangs have been killed. The Chief Caretaker is under the control of Kroagnon, the Great Architect, who designed Paradise Towers, and is imprisoned as a vast machine in the cellar. The cleaning robots feed humans they have killed to this machine - both Kangs and residents alike. When the Great Architect takes over the Chief Caretaker, the Doctor has to try and stop him from killing the few survivors left in the place...

    w: Stephen Wyatt d: Nicholas Mallett

  150. "Delta and the Bannermen"
    gs: Don Henderson [ Gavrok ], Belinda Mayne [ Delta ], David Kinder [ Billy ], Sara Griffiths [ Ray ], Richard Davies [ Burton ], Stubby Kaye [ Weismuller ], Morgan Deare [ Hawk ], Hugh Lloyd [ Goronwy ], Johnny Dennis [ Murray ], Anita Graham [ Bollit ], Ken Dodd [ Tollmaster ], Leslie Meadows [ Adlon ], Brian Hibbard [ Keillor ], Martyn Geraint [ Vinny ], Clive Condon [ Callon ], Richard Mitchley [ Arrex ], Robin Aspland [ The Lorells ], Keff McCulloch [ The Lorells ], Justin Myers [ The Lorells ], Ralph Salmins [ The Lorells ], Jessica McGough [ Young Chimeron ], Amy Osborn [ Young Chimeron ], Laura Collins [ Chimeron Princess ], Carley Joseph [ Chimeron Princess ], Tracey Wilson [ Vocalist ], Jodie Wilson [ Vocalist ], Russell Brook [ Chimeron ], Ian McClaren [ Chimeron ], Tim Scott [ Chimeron ]

    rc: Mel

    The Bannermen are hunting the last of the Chimerons, a queen, after eradicating her entire race, and follow her as she joins a group of Navarino tourists. Disguised as humans, they are on their way to a holiday camp on Earth during the 1950s. The space traveling coach they're in crash-lands in Wales outside the 'Shangri-La' camp, where they decide to stay while the Doctor helps Murray, the coach Driver, repair the damaged engines. The Bannermen arrive and kill the Navarinos, and the Doctor has to fight to save Delta and her new, rapidly growing daughter from them.

    w: Malcolm Kohll d: Chris Clough

  151. "Dragonfire"
    gs: Edward Peel [ Kane ], Patricia Quinn [ Belazs ], Tony Osoba [ Kracauer ], Stephanie Fayerman [ McLuhan ], Sean Blowers [ Zed ], Stuart Organ [ Bazin ], Nigel Miles-Thomas [ Pudovkin ], Shirin Taylor [ Customer ], Miranda Borman [ Stellar ], Ian Mackenzie [ Anderson ], Chris MacDonnell [ Arnheim ], Leslie Meadows [ Creature ], Daphne Oxenford [ Archivist ], Lynn Gardner [ Announcer ]

    rc: Mel, Ace, Glitz

    Iceworld is renowned as a huge shopping centre, and the Doctor and Mel meet Glitz there, who is embarking on a treasure hunt. They join him, along with a young girl called Ace. The treasure in question is also being sought by Kane, as it can release him from his prison, and takes the form of a crystal, which is revealed as being stored inside the head of a bio-mechanoid creature that roams the lower ice caverns of the planet. With Kane defeated, Mel decides to travel with Glitz and leave the TARDIS, so Ace takes her place as the Doctor's companion...

    w: Ian Briggs d: Chris Clough

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    25th Season 1988

  152. "Remembrance of the Daleks"
    gs: Simon Williams [ Gilmore ], George Sewell [ Ratcliffe ], Dursley McLinden [ Mike ], Pamela Salem [ Rachel ], Karen Gledhill [ Allison ], Michael Sheard [ Headmaster ], Harry Fowler [ Harry ], Joseph Marcell [ John ], William Thomas [ Martin ], Jasmine Breaks [ The Girl ], Peter Hamilton Dyer [ Embery ], Peter Halliday [ Vicar ], Derek Keller [ Kaufman ], Terry Molloy [ Emperor Dalek ], John Scott Martin [ Dalek ], Cy Town [ Dalek ], Tony Starr [ Dalek ], Hugh Spight [ Dalek ], David Harrison [ Dalek ], Norman Bacon [ Dalek ], Nigel Wild [ Dalek ], Royce Mills [ Dalek voices ], Roy Skelton [ Dalek voices ], Brian Miller [ Dalek voices ], John Leeson [ Dalek voices ], Kathleen Bidmead [ Mrs. Smith ], John Evans [ Undertaker ], Richie Kennedy [ Milkman ], Ron Berry [ Gravedigger ]

    rc: Ace, Davros

    The TARDIS travels back to the winter of 1963, and lands near Coal Hill School, shortly after the original crew departed from Earth. The Doctor left the Hand of Omega behind, a sentient device with immense powers from Gallifrey, which two factions of Daleks are also searching for. The Doctor realises that there must be humans helping both sides, and he allows the device to be captured by the white Imperial Daleks, whose Emperor is revealed to be Davros, who thinks he now has the power for universal conquest.

    w: Ben Aaronovitch d: Andrew Morgan

  153. "The Happiness Patrol"
    gs: Sheila Hancock [ Helen A ], Ronald Fraser [ Joseph C ], David John Pope [ Kandy Man ], Harold Innocent [ Gilbert M ], Lesley Dunlop [ Susan Q ], Georgina Hale [ Daisy K ], Rachel Bell [ Priscilla P ], Richard D Sharp [ Earl Sigma ], John Normington [ Trevor Sigma ], Tim Barker [ Harold V ], Jonathan Burn [ Silas P ], Philip Neve [ Wences ], Ryan Freedman [ Wulfric ], Mary Healey [ Killjoy ], Steve Swinscoe [ Snipers ], Mark Carroll [ Snipers ], Tim Scott [ Forum Doorman ], Annie Hulley [ Newscaster ], Cy Town [ Execution victim ]

    rc: Ace

    On the Earth colony of Terra Alpha, if anybody fails to meet the dictate of their leader Helen A to be happy, they are executed by the Happiness Patrol. The Doctor and Ace arrive and become separated. Ace joins up with an unhappy member of the patrol and retreating to the sewers, where they encounter the rodent-like Pipe People and the Doctor helps an underground movement who believe in free emotion. His greatest problem, however, is to overcome the Kandyman, a sugar-based robotic creation, with several lethal sugar-based forms of death he likes to inflict on humans. The Doctor is an ideal candidate.

    w: Graeme Curry d: Chris Clough

  154. "Silver Nemesis"
    gs: Fiona Walker [ Lady Peinforte ], Gerard Murphy [ Richard ], Anton Diffring [ De Flores ], Metin Yenal [ Karl ], Leslie French [ Mathematician ], Martyn Read [ Security Man ], Mark Hardy [ Cyber Lieutenant ], Chris Chering [ First Skinhead ], Symond Lawes [ Second Skinhead ], Dolores Gray [ American Tourist ], Courtney Pine [ Jazz Quartet ], Adrian Reid [ Jazz Quartet ], Ernest Mothle [ Jazz Quartet ], Frank Tontoh [ Jazz Quartet ], Brian Orrell [ Cyberman ], Danny Boyd [ Cyberman ], Scott Mitchell [ Cyberman ], Bill Malin [ Cyberman ], Tony Carlton [ Cyberman ], Paul Barrass [ Cyberman ], Dave Ould [ Walkman ], John Ould [ Walkman ], Mary Reynolds [ HM the Queen ]

    rc: Ace, Cyber Leader

    When the Doctor and Ace are attacked, while they are quietly listening to some live jazz at a riverside Inn, they realise someone is controlling the men responsible. The mystery deepens as the Cyber men, the 17th century Lady Peinforte and her man servant Richard, and a group of modern-day Nazis, led by De Flores, all congregate in England, 1988, in search of the nemesis statue. The statue is a validium based Gallifreyan artifact that is, in effect, a powerful living metal. The Doctor and Ace have to out manoeuvre all three parties to ensure the statue does not fall into the wrong hands.

    w: Kevin Clarke d: Chris Clough

  155. "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy"
    gs: T.P. McKenna [ The Captain ], Jessica Martin [ Mags ], Christopher Guard [ Bellboy ], Dee Sadler [ Flowerchild ], Ian Reddington [ Chief Clown ], Deborah Manship [ Morgana ], Ricco Ross [ Ringmaster ], Chris Jury [ Deadbeat ], Daniel Peacock [ Nord ], Gian Sammarco [ Whizzkid ], David Ashford [ Dad ], Janet Hargreaves [ Mum ], Kathryn Ludlow [ Little Girl ], Peggy Mount [ Stallholder ], Dean Hollingsworth [ Bus Conductor ], Alan Heap [ Tumbling Clown ], Paul Sadler [ Clown ], Philip Sadler [ Clown ], Patrick Ford [ Clown ]

    rc: Ace

    The Doctor and Ace arrive at the Psychic Circus on the planet Segonax, where various travelers arrive and take part in a talent contest in the main arena, A seemingly human family passes judgment, with a failure to entertain resulting in instant death. The Doctor realises they are really the Gods of Ragnarok, and that the clowns of the Circus are merely gathering more victims to amuse them or be destroyed. The Doctor's turn comes in the ring, while Ace races to get help.

    w: Stephen Wyatt d: Alan Wareing

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    26th Season 1989

  156. "Battlefield"
    gs: Jean Marsh [ Morgaine ], Christopher Bowen [ Mordred ], Angela Bruce [ Brigadier Winifred Bambera ], Marcus Gilbert [ Ancelyn ], Ling Tai [ Shou Yuing ], Angela Douglas [ Doris ], June Bland [ Elizabeth Rowlinson ], Noel Collins [ Pat Rowlinson ], James Ellis [ Peter Warmsly ], Marek Anton [ The Destroyer ], Dorota Rae [ Flight Lieutenant Lavel ], Robert Jezek [ Sergeant Zbrigniev ], Paul Tomany [ Major Husak ], Stefan Schwartz [ Knight Commander ]

    rc: Ace, Lethbridge-Stewart

    Two factions of Knights land on Earth, staging a fight in the middle of a UNIT convoy that is transporting a nuclear missile across the countryside. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart comes out of retirement to work alongside the Doctor and Ace, as they take on the Morgaine, who seeks the legendary Excalibur, buried in the bottom of a lake with the body of King Arthur inside a spacecraft. If the Doctor does not comply, she threatens to unleash a dimension wrecking demon called the Destroyer, and it's Lethbridge-Stewart who bravely faces the creature as it prepared to eradicate mankind.

    w: Ben Aaronovitch d: Michael Kerrigan

  157. "Ghost Light"
    gs: Ian Hogg [ Josiah Samuel Smith ], Sharon Duce [ Control ], John Hallam [ Light ], Carl Forgione [ Nimrod ], Sylvia Syms [ Mrs. Pritchard ], Katharine Schlesinger [ Gwendoline ], Michael Cochrane [ Redvers Fenn-Cooper ], Frank Windsor [ Inpector Mackenzie ], John Nettleton [ Reverend Matthews ], Brenda Kempner [ Mrs. Grose ]

    rc: Ace

    In a mansion called Gabriel Chase in London, during the Victorian era, the Doctor and Ace become guests of Josiah Smith and his bizarre household; the austere Mrs. Pritchard; his ward, Gwendoline; the deranged Redvers Fenn Cooper, convinced he is still an explorer; and Nimrod, a Neanderthal butler, who takes care of a strange creature locked away in the futuristic cellar. The basement is really a spaceship, which Light had been using as a base while he catalogued Earth's species, but one of them escaped, trapping Control and ensured Light remained inert while the creature evolved into Josiah. When the Doctor sets Light free, the almost ethereal being wants to know what went wrong with his survey, and is prepared to destroy everything to find out.

    w: Marc Platt d: Alan Wareing

  158. "The Curse of Feneric"
    gs: Dinsdale Landen [ Doctor Judson ], Alfred Lynch [ Commander Millington ], Tomek Bork [ Sorin ], Joann Kenny [ Jean ], Joanne Bell [ Phyllis ], Peter Czajkowski [ Sergeant Prozorov ], Nicholas Parsons [ Reverend Wainwright ], Cory Pulman [ Kathleen Dudman ], Marek Anton [ Vershinin ], Stevan Rimkus [ Captain Bates ], Marcus Hutton [ Sergeant Leigh ], Janet Henfrey [ Ms. Hardaker ], Anne Reid [ Nurse Crane ], Mark Conrad [ Petrossian ], Christien Anholt [ Perkins ], Aaron Hanley [ Baby ], Cy Town [ Haemovore ], Raymond Trickett [ Ancient Haemovore ]

    rc: Ace

    The TARDIS lands at a naval base at the height of World War Two, where the crippled Doctor Judson is trying to decode the elaborate Viking inscription discovered on the walls of a local tomb. Commander Millington, who runs the base, has become obsessed with cracking the code, but there is a darker side to their work. The encryption machine Judson is working with has been booby-trapped, so that when a group of Russian Commandos in the area try to steal it, a lethal nerve gas will be released from within when they get it back to their base. Fenric, an ancient evil, causes the Haemovores, vampiric creatures from the depths of the sea, to rise and move in on the base, where he has manipulated the Doctor into arriving through time, influencing Ace ever since she joined him on the TARDIS, The Doctor knows he has to destroy Fenric once and for all.

    w: Ian Briggs d: Nicholas Mallett

  159. "Survival"
    gs: Julian Holloway [ Sergeant Paterson ], Lisa Bowerman [ Karra ], Will Barton [ Midge ], Sakuntala Ramanee [ Shreela ], David John [ Derek ], Gareth Hale [ Harvey ], Norman Pace [ Len ], Kate Eaton [ Ange ], Adele Silva [ Squeak ], Michelle Martin [ Neighbour ], Kathleen Bidmead [ Woman ]

    rc: Ace, Master

    The TARDIS arrives back in Ace's old home of Perivale, and all of her old friends seem to have disappeared. A strange cheetah-like creature appears from nowhere and pursues her on horseback, transporting her to its home planet as it catches her, Humans are being transported there, where the Cheetah People hunt them down for sport, and the Doctor finds that the Master is controlling them. The longer you stay on the world, the more feline and savage you become, and with the Master and Ace already showing signs, the Doctor has to race to get the humans back to Earth as he begins to become affected as well. At the end, with everything back as it should be, the Doctor and Ace head off towards the TARDIS, and on to new adventures... perhaps?

    w: Rona Munro d: Alan Wareing

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    30th Anniversary Special 1993

  160. "Dimensions in Time"
    cast: Jon Pertwee [ Doctor #3 ], Tom Baker [ Doctor #4 ], Peter Davison [ Doctor #5 ], Colin Baker [ Doctor #6 ], Sylvester McCoy [ Doctor #7 ], John Frank Rosenblum [ Vanir ], Derek Handley [ Ogron ], Michael Fillis [ Sea Devil ]

    rc: Rani, Lethbridge-Stewart, K9, Yates, Ace, Tegan, Susan, Liz, Jo, Sarah, Leela

    Description coming soon!

    w: David Mansell, John Nathan-Turner s: David Mansell, John Nathan-Turner, John Frank Rosenblum d: ______________

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    Revival Movie 1996

  161. "Doctor Who" (120 min)
    cast: Paul McGann [ Doctor #8 ], Sylvester McCoy [ Doctor #7 ], Eric Roberts [ The Master / Bruce ], Daphne Ashbrook [ Dr. Grace Holloway ], Yee Jee Tso [ Chang Lee ], John Novak [ Salinger ], Michael David Simms [ Dr. Swift ], Catherine Lough [ Wheeler ], Dolores Drake [ Curtis ], William Sasso [ Pete the Morgue Attendant ], Jeremy Radick [ Gareth ], Eliza Roberts [ Miranda ], Bill Croft [ Motorcycle Policeman ], David Hurtubise [ Professor Wagg ], Joel Wirkkunen [ Ted ], Dee Jay Jackson [ Security Guard ], Gordon Tipple [ The Old Master ], Mi Jung Lee [ News Anchor ], Joanna Piros [ News Anchor ]

    While enroute to take the Master's remains back to Gallifrey the remains escape and crash the TARDIS in San Francisco at the end of 1999. There, the Doctor is accidentally killed, and following his regeneration, he must recover his memory in time to stop the Master from opening the TARDIS' Eye of Harmony.

    w: Matthew Jacobs d: Geoffrey Sax

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