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Japan Railway Journal (NHK World) season premiere
2022x01: Must-see Railway News: The Latter Half of 2021
See railway-related news from across Japan, covered by NHK from July to December 2021. Join us as we take a look back at post-pandemic measures implemented by railway companies, fun tourist trains, as well as new trains, and say goodbye to some beloved old trains.


Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (DDTUniverse)
2022x05: TJPW Tokyo Joshi 2022 Winter


She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man (Tokyo MX)
1x02: I Lied...


New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW World)
2022x04: New Years Golden Series Day 1


Shaman King (TV Tokyo)
1x40: Humility


Saiyuki (AT-X)
6x03: Humans and Demons


Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (AT-X)
2x02: Burning Light

Japanology Plus (NHK World)
2022x03: VTubers
VTubers create online content using a computer-generated avatar. Motion capture technology enables them to record their gestures and expressions, and then apply those movements to the animated avatar. The concept emerged in the mid 2010s, and then experienced a rapid increase in popularity. Our guest, Professor Inami Masahiko, explains the appeal of interacting online using an avatar, and talks about the technology's potential. We also see how VTubing is being used to promote regional revitalization.


KeiƗYaku: Abunai Aibou (YTV)
1x02: Episode 2


Orient (TV Tokyo)
1x03: The Outside World

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