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EastEnders (BBC iPlayer)
2024x63: 17/04/2024
A shocked Jay realises he needs to tell his family some news, the Beales gather to remember Lucy, the fundraiser event takes a dark turn, and Elaine supports a friend in need.

Breakfast (BBC One)
2024x108: Episode 108

Milkshake! (Channel 5)
2024x108: Episode 108

Mammoth (BBC iPlayer) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
PE teacher Tony Mammoth is back from the dead with his old job back. He's determined he'll approach it the same way as in the 1970s, including parents' evening. Along the way, he finds out he has a lot more in common with a pupil's mum than he thought.

Mammoth (BBC iPlayer)
1x02: Episode 2
Sparked by his jealousy of a dead man he's never met, Tony Mammoth tries to make up for lost time.

Mammoth (BBC iPlayer)
1x03: Episode 3

Brave Bunnies (Channel 5)
2x23: The Recycle Rangers
Bop and Boo meet a young donkey named David, who happily helps his family by tidying around their recycling depot.


Newsround (CBBC)
2024x101: Episode 101


Lorraine (ITV1)
14x77: Episode 77


Milkshake! Secret Life of the Forest (Channel 5)
1x03: Water Wings
We meet a variety of water-dwelling birds including kingfishers, dippers, wagtails, heron and ducks. Plus a fish that can fly: the leaping salmon!


Jeremy Vine (Channel 5)
2024x77: Episode 77


Morning Live (BBC One)
6x08: Episode 8


This Morning (ITV1)
36x77: Episode 77


Big Little Crimes (BBC One)
2x08: Episode 8
When an off-duty officer sees a small drug deal, it leads police to a huge cannabis farm. And a case of car clocking triggers a battle of wits between a cop and a serial crook.


Politics Live (BBC Two)
2024x47: Episode 47

Storm Huntley (Channel 5)
2024x77: Episode 77


Channel 4 News Summary (Channel 4)
2024x77: Episode 77


Loose Women (ITV1)
28x77: Episode 77


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2024x78: Episode 78


ITV Lunchtime News (ITV1)
2024x78: Episode 78


5 News Lunchtime (Channel 5)
2024x77: Episode 77


Doctors (BBC One)
24x197: On Reflection
Kirsty is not impressed with Paige, Nina panics about Suni's decision, but Michelle helps Suni see the bright side. Luca helps a daughter caring for her mother, but something about her isn't quite right.


Countdown (Channel 4)
89x77: Episode 77


The Bidding Room (BBC One)
5x13: Canoe
Nigel Havers presides as five sellers aim to get the best price for their items, including a 15ft canoe, an iconic bookcase and some pottery.


5 News (Channel 5)
2024x77: Episode 77

The Chase (ITV1)
16x78: Episode 78


Pointless (BBC One)
31x11: Episode 11
The brainy quiz returns - but this time host Alexander Armstrong is joined by co-host Hugh Dennis. As always, contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else could think of.


BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2024x78: Episode 78


ITV Evening News (ITV1)
2024x78: Episode 78


Channel 4 News (Channel 4)
2024x108: Episode 108

The One Show (BBC One)
2024x75: Episode 75

An Là (BBC Alba)
2024x108: 17/04/2024


Emmerdale (ITV1)
53x77: Wed 17th Apr

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)
30x75: Wed 17 Apr 2024


The Catch-Up (BBC Three)
2024x75: Episode 75


Springtime on the Farm (Channel 5)
7x03: Episode 3
Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson keep a close eye on Bambi, the pregnant miniature donkey who should be due to give birth any day. A jockey speaks about finding solace in farming, following an accident on the racecourse. JB Gill heads into the woods with his son Ace to spend some quality time together in nature.

Coronation Street (ITV1)
65x47: Wed 17 Apr

Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star (BBC Three)
6x02: Episode 2
The MUAs compete to create campaign looks for global retailer Foot Locker. They need to impress sneaker influencer Sherlina Nym and Foot Locker marketing exec Slavka Jancikova.

Andi Oliver's Fabulous Feasts (BBC Two)
1x04: Stoke
Andi's in the home of UK ceramics, Stoke-on-Trent, to put on a festival for an arts project. Can she overcome her creative demons to make a feast that channels the area's artistry?

Scotland's Greatest Escape (BBC Scotland)
2x08: The Grand Final
Grado hosts as the winners of the seven categories meet for the grand final. The judges must now decide which deserves the title of Scotland's Greatest Escape.


The 1980s Supermarket (Channel 5)
1x03: Episode 3
This time it's the late 80s and it's a tale of two shopping baskets - the yuppies are splashing the cash on high-end food and hard-up millions are buying budget basics.

We tell the story of how ice cream giant Walls catered for any budget when they launched their cheap but sophisticated ice cream dessert Viennetta. And food scientist Dr Chris Clarke reveals the magic behind Ice Magic – the mysterious chocolate source that turned to a solid as soon as it touched your ice cream.

We uncover the plethora of posh products that hit the supermarket shelves in the late 80s, including Chardonnay and sundried tomatoes. And TV chef Rustie Lee shows us what can be done with them when she whips up a treat in the kitchen.

Budget Britain of the 80s goes under the microscope when we revisit value convenience range Happy Shopper and discover the famous name they employed in their advertisement to help them take on the supermarket big boys.

We reveal how the superstores started selling the latest must-have gadgets – from Sony Walkmans and VHS players to Casio watches and ZX Spectrums. We then let Rustie loose on two other iconic gadgets from the 80s – a Breville toasted sandwich maker and a SodaStream, as she rustles up a tuna crunch melt and a cola ice cream float.

We tell the story of Britain went crackers for a cuppa as coffee outsold tea for the first time in our supermarkets. Our experts reminisce over the iconic Nescafé Gold Blend adverts and Dr Chris reveals how instant freeze-dried coffee is made.

Salvage Hunters: The Restorers (Quest)
6x20: Dodgem Dealings
Serkan has a pair of huge pub lanterns for metalsmith Ted to work on.

The Bad Foot Clinic (Really)
1x05: Kicking Up A Stink
Sharon's smelly feet are making her and her husband's lives a misery. But strange smells, verrucae and hooked toes are all in a day's work for Marion.

Predator vs Prey (National Geographic Wild)
1x03: Crocodile
Discover the patient, precise tactics used by crocodiles when hunting and ambushing herds that pass through their territory.

Stacey Solomon's Renovation Rescue (Channel 4)
1x02: Episode 2
Jo and Darryl in Devon are in desperate need of help after building inspectors condemned £127,000 worth of work on their sea-view home, leaving them with just £30,000 to start all over again. Stacey shows them how to make the most of their money by taking on jobs themselves including fitting their own kitchen and flooring.

Race Across the World (BBC One)
4x02: Episode 2

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life (BBC Two)
6x04: Hope
As one of the country's largest hospitals, surgeons at University Hospital Southampton carry out over 34,000 operations every year, many of which are the last hope for patients. Maxillofacial consultant Sanjay Sharma is one consultant who takes on some of the most challenging cases involving the face, jaw, and mouth. Sixty-seven-year-old Sue, a longstanding patient of Sanjay's, faces a crumbling jaw - leading to infection and loss of function - following an earlier operation to remove cancer. Now, Sanjay faces the demanding task of rebuilding Sue's jaw once again. But when problems develop with her blood flow, Sue's reconstruction hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, gastrointestinal surgery specialist Tim Underwood must perform an oesophagectomy for his patient, 67-year-old Monique, as she has advanced cancer in her oesophagus, or swallowing tube. To potentially cure Monique, Tim will need to remove the cancerous section of her oesophagus and then repurpose her stomach to create a new swallowing tube. But taking out the oesophagus is not straightforward.

Drama Queens (ITVBe)
1x02: Episode 2
Brooke Vincent's Corrie family show support at a wellness event, and Jamelia makes an emotional return to her past.

Murder Uncut (Sky Crime)
1x05: The Step Mom
Letecia Stauch reported that her 11-year-old stepson hadn't come home, but what followed was a trial of deceit, secrets and murder.

Teen First Dates (E4)
3x07: Episode 7
First into the restaurant is Chelsi, a 16-year-old dance student with an infectious laugh. Hoping to keep her amused is Derbyshire lad Mitch. Will he match up to Chelsi's strict dress code?


Red Flag (W) series premiere
1x01: Nearly Beaten to Death and Still Together
Esther's boyfriend Sam has an alter ego - 'Bad Sam'. On a cocktail of drugs, he attacks her. From prison Sam rekindles their relationship and Esther returns to the man who nearly killed her.

Secrets of a Murder Detective (True Crime)
1x05: Best Laid Plans

Weird Britain (BLAZE)
1x04: Devon
Andy McGrath explores Devon's pre-history in an ancient cavern, takes a crime-through-time tour of Dartmoor's prison museum, and uncovers the terrifying legend behind Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles.

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2024x78: Episode 78

ITV News at Ten (ITV1)
2024x78: Episode 78

Danny Dyer: How to Be a Man (Channel 4)
1x02: Episode 2
Danny looks at what the future for men might look like. He meets stay-at-home dads in Newcastle, a sex therapist in Brighton, and goes alternative shopping with young DJ Woody Cook. He meets with psychologists at Sunderland University to try to understand the male mental health crisis, before observing a very different approach to therapy for men. Danny's journey ends with an emotional day at a Jungian male retreat, where like-minded men are trying to figure out how men can evolve their masculinity, rather than abandon it, in the search for a happy future for men.


Newsnight (BBC Two)
2024x75: Episode 75


Weather for the Week Ahead (BBC One)
2024x110: Episode 110

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