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Breakfast (BBC One)
2022x137: 17/05/2022

Good Morning Britain (ITV)
2022x96: 17/05/22


Hollyoaks (All 4)
28x97: Episode 97


Odo (Channel 5)
1x32: Feather's Feather
Odo needs a feather from a Golden Eagle to compete his collection.


Lorraine (ITV)
12x96: 17/05/22


Morning Live (BBC One)
4x22: Episode 22

Jeremy Vine (Channel 5)
2022x97: Episode 97


Rip Off Britain Live (BBC One)
10x07: Episode 7

This Morning (ITV)
34x96: 17/05/22


Momolu & Friends (ITV Be)
1x04: Banni's Bird House
When a flock of cute birds move into Banni's house their chirping causes her to lose sleep. Her friends decide to find a new home for the birdies.


Homes Under the Hammer (BBC One)
25x15: Episode 15
Martel is in Brixton in south London to see a four-bed end terrace bought by a husband and wife team as a family home. Dion is in Chesterton in Staffordshire to look at a three-bed semi of non-standard construction. Tommy is in Chelmsford, Essex, where two brothers are tackling a three-bed end terrace as their first development project.

Jeremy Vine Extra (Channel 5)
2022x85: Episode 85


Channel 4 News Summary (Channel 4)
2022x95: 17/05/2022


Politics Live (BBC Two)
2022x65: 17/05/2022

Litter Louts: At War with the Law (Channel 5)
1x07: Episode 7
In Hertfordshire, waste enforcement officer David is called out to investigate two major fly-tips dumped on local farms.


Steph's Packed Lunch (Channel 4)
2022x86: Episode 86

Loose Women (ITV)
26x91: 17/05/22


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2022x97: 17/05/2022


5 News Lunchtime (Channel 5)
2022x97: Episode 97


ITV Lunchtime News (ITV)
2022x97: 17/05/2022


Welsh First Minister's Questions (BBC Two Wales)
2022x13: Episode 13

Doctors (BBC One)
23x45: Sick of It All
Jimmi and Maeve get caught up in an unexpected ordeal, Ruhma relies on Valerie to help train some midwives, and Zara has to deal with the distress of a pregnant patient.


Countdown (Channel 4)
85x97: 17/05/2022
Anne Robinson and Rachel Riley host the words-and-numbers game where contestants pit their wits against the clock. Nicki Chapman is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.


Escape to the Country (BBC One)
22x48: Derbyshire
Having sold up his home in the large Bedfordshire town of Luton, today's buyer has already relocated to a rental in Derbyshire, but has called on the expertise of Sonali Shah to help him source his very own property in the countryside, where he can entertain family and friends. For a real flavour of local life, they sample traditional Bakewell puddings and tarts, as well as some exotic cuisine from much further afield.


Garden Rescue (BBC One)
7x07: Burton-on-Trent
Tariq and Kim from Burton-on-Trent dream of a child-friendly Moroccan-style space as a nod to Tariq's North African heritage, but their garden is currently a ramshackle spot with a troublesome lawn and no real character. With £5,000 to play with, can Charlie and Chris create a fun zone for the children and a relaxing Moroccan-inspired haven for Mum and Dad?


The Great House Giveaway (Channel 4)
3x13: Episode 13
Structural engineer Ollie and housewife Gill team up to transform a property that has seen better days in Newcastle, hoping to turn a profit in six months.

Tipping Point (ITV)
12x27: Episode 27

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun (Channel 5)
8x27: Episode 27
Ex-army officer Diane hosts a black-tie function for a Benidorm charity very dear to her. Back on the Costa del Sol, Andy and Lynda try to tempt new customers to their restaurant.


5 News (Channel 5)
2022x94: Episode 94


BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2022x97: 17/05/2022


ITV Evening News (ITV)
2022x97: 17/05/2022


Channel 4 News (Channel 4)
2022x137: 17/05/2022

The One Show (BBC One)
2022x91: 17/05/2022

Dogs with Extraordinary Friends (Channel 5)
1x03: Episode 3
The stories of unlikely companionships between canines and other species. In the third episode, black Labrador Bella enjoys splashing around with her best friend Bubbles, a 32-year-old African elephant. Cameras also follow Bonny, an anxious potbellied pig, who finds comfort in a Basset Hound named Molly.


The Catch-Up (BBC Three)
2022x72: 17/05/2022


EastEnders (BBC One)
2022x78: 17/05/2022
As Linda admits her true feelings to Mick, Janine has a cunning plan to get rid of her once and for all. An overwhelmed Stacey worries if she has made the right choice.

Emmerdale (ITV)
53x104: Tue 17 May


Britain's Top Takeaways (BBC Two)
1x06: Mexican
Sara Cox and Darren Harriott host Mexican night. Five of the nation's top-rated takeaways roll into Manchester to compete in an epic battle of tacos and quesadillas, as fabulous authentic Mexican dishes drawing inspiration from all corners of Mexico are cooked up for tonight's take-out menu. Competing for the top takeaway accolade are Lincolnshire father-and-daughter duo Rodolfo and Amaya of El Ajolote. Married couple Erik and Sandra own hip-hop-inspired Homies on Donkies Mexican takeaway in Walthamstow. From Brighton, owner Aoife and chef Benjy of La Choza offer seafood-inspired Mexican. Representing Hertfordshire are owner Alastair and head chef Edgar of The Mexican in Ware. Finally, serving up their grannies' authentic Mexican dishes are best pals Aldo and Joel from Tacos MX in Fulham. Judging the Mexican cuisine and deciding a winner will be a host of Great British takeaway-loving families who will eat, rate and score the food from the comfort of their dining table or sofa alongside guest judges Heaton Moor Tennis Club. But who will the families rate as their top Mexican takeaway tonight?

32x02: The Big Build - Corby
Jordan Hutchison is an inspirational teenager. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, but this has not stopped him defying expectations and raising huge sums of money for charity. He currently lives with his parents, Jackie and Colin, and his siblings at his grandmother's house. He sleeps on an air bed, while the parents share rooms with the younger children. The family home is a shell after a series of building issues meant the family ran out of money with no way of finishing the work. Dad Colin is Jordan's primary carer and has saved his life a number of times when Jordan suffered epileptic seizures in his sleep. Mum Jacqueline isn't physically strong enough to help Jordan and so works in a children's home, saving every penny to spend on finishing their home. Their current living situation and the financial stress of the unfinished build is taking its toll on the whole family, and Jacqueline recently collapsed. Jordan is a growing lad with a very strong mind, and he just wants his independence, like any other young man his age, but he doesn't have the space or facilities in which to develop. The house needs extensive work before the family can move in. Hundreds of tradespeople and volunteers from Corby and across the UK have come to help the DIY SOS team and designer Gabrielle Omar create a house that will finally be a home.

King of the Roads (ITV4)
2022x03: 2022 - Tandragee 100 (Part 1)
Action from the Tandragee 100, the second Irish road race of the year.

The Yorkshire Vet (Channel 5)
14x04: Episode 4
Matt needs to perform an emergency C-section on a cow struggling to deliver her calf. Elsewhere, Julian meets a unique sheep called Cliff, and Peter treats a French bulldog puppy called Blue with a large lump on his eye.


61st Street (AMC UK)
1x08: Man on Fire
Franklin faces a setback. Moses takes the stand - and a verdict is read.

Derry Girls (Channel 4)
3x06: Halloween
There is no bigger night in Derry than Halloween, and the gang have miraculously secured tickets to the gig of the century and the chance to meet their idol, Fatboy Slim. But when Da Gerry arrives unannounced, it becomes clear that life will never be the same again for the friends.

Beat the Chasers (ITV)
5x02: Episode 2
Bradley Walsh returns to host as contestants put their skills to the test for huge cash prizes, with hundreds of thousands of pounds on offer as we see the return of ‘Super Offers' made to those who get all five questions correct in the Cashbuilder round.

The Nine (BBC Scotland)
2022x74: 17/05/2022

Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof (BBC One)
1x06: Episode 6
In the final episode of the series, the celebrities try to freeze their fear and complete the ultimate challenge of jumping from a 500ft high bridge.

Jay Blades: No Place Like Home (Channel 5)
1x03: Episode 3
In his final journey, Jay follows in the footsteps of his young adult self, walking the streets where he used to live and discovering their hidden secrets. Jay revisits a former flat that he shared in Peabody Estate in Bethnal Green, and discovers the philanthropic story of Peabody, lifting the deserving poor out of poverty. Later, Jay makes his way to the famous cemetery Abney Park, and recalls the ghosts of Hackney past that he encountered on his journeys and the rich history of the place that shaped his youth and made him the man he is today.

Ambulance: Code Red (5Star)
2x14: Episode 14
A workplace accident leaves a man with a laceration exposing his rib cage, and the critical care team respond to reports of a group of women being attacked with machetes.

Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains (Comedy Central) season premiere
4x01: Steph McGovern, Russell Kane, Sindhu Vee
The return of the panel show in which celebrities revisit their teenage years, with Steph McGovern, Russell Kane and Sindhu Vee joining Rhod on the first edition.


Munya and Filly Get Chilly (BBC Three)
1x06: Episode 6
Comedy duo Yung Filly and Munya Chawawa bring behind-the-scenes content from Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof for the last time. There's mischief afoot as Filly and Munya go rogue at the village and stage a takeover, encouraging the celebrities to take part in their escapades. They head to the wilderness for a barefoot winter walk with Wim and face their final extreme challenge, Snowstorm, before wrapping up the series with the celebs around the campfire.

Darren McGarvey's Addictions (BBC Scotland)
1x02: Drugs
Darren uncovers why Scotland has the highest drug-related death rate in Europe. He begins his journey on the front line of the drug crisis by spending a shift with the ambulance service during a busy Friday evening in Glasgow. He then travels to Fife, where he is trained to use Naloxone, a life-saving treatment that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose, and meets Reece who has been saved by the treatment twice. Darren revisitis his time in rehab in 2018, returning to talk with the therapist who aided his recovery, before visiting neuroscientist Dr Lucy Troup to learn exactly what happens inside the brain when drugs are taken. Historian Dr Jim Mills walks him through a potted history of drugs in Scotland since 1575 and shines a light on how drug addiction evolved from a medical issue to a criminal one. In Govan, Darren meets former police officer Simon Maclean, who, after years working undercover as a drug dealer, now thinks a radical overhaul of Scotland's drugs laws is needed. Taking a trip inside Barlinnie Prison, Darren meets some of the prisoners to learn about the role addiction plays in so many crimes, and how our current system fails to address this. Darren then spends a day at the Simon Community Access Hub where he meets former heroin users Kevin and Alex, who explain how the charity helped their recovery. He also meets Jim, a former heroin user who became a staff member at the hub and who now uses a revolutionary scanner to show intravenous drug users how to safely inject drugs and where to seek support. Darren then meets Dr Saket Priyadarshi, the clinical lead for Glasgow's alcohol and drug recovery services, to find out why there are so many methadone users in Scotland and what the alternatives are, before heading to the banks of the River Ayr to discover a rehab model that is changing the recovery landscape.

ITV News at Ten (ITV)
2022x97: 17/05/2022

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2022x97: 17/05/2022


Newsnight (BBC Two)
2022x93: 17/05/2022
The day's important national and international news stories. With Mark Urban.


Cheltenham Literature Festival 2021 (Sky Arts) series premiere
1x01: Bernardine Evaristo: Manifesto
Highlights from the literary event, beginning with Booker Prize-winning author Bernardine Evaristo reflecting on her three decades as a trailblazing storyteller.


Press X to Continue (BBC Three)
1x05: Episode 5
Steffan Powell helps you choose games that are worth your time and money.


Weather for the Week Ahead (BBC One)
2022x140: 18/05/2022

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