My visit to the set of NYPD Blue.

13 Feb 2003


Everyone one I met at while spending time at Stage 9 were very nice, both members of the cast & crew. Ray LaTulipe acted as my host throughout my visit, unless he was busy providing background for a scene. He took all the photos with me in them (except of course the one he and I are in).

Jacqueline and Charlotte were just finishing up a scene in "Interview 3" when I arrived.
Someone asked me about the look on my face in this photo. I told them I was in shock, as this sort of thing never happens to me.

I'm sitting at Sipowicz's desk.

Mark-Paul and Dennis arrived to shoot a scene in the "Pokey room."

Ray LaTulipe (Josh) and Henry Murph (Hank!) the backbone of the 15 Squad.

Billy Concha is Off. Miller and a certified Barista. He makes a great mocha!

Medavoy and me. Gordon had just arrived for his day's work... had Henry...

...and Esai.

Here Easi and I are standing near the makeup trailer by Stage 9. The building in the background is Marilyn Monroe's bungalow.

This is lobby of the 15th precinct.

A shot of the studio lot, note the Star Wars mural in the background.

A shot of one of the studio's New York streets, which you've see redressed and used in the series.

Another view.

I also encountered Andrea Thompson at a Sci-Fi convention in Van Nuys. Before her stint on Blue, she was in Babylon 5.
While at the FOX lot I took some pictures related to their longest running primetime animated series The Simpsons and you can view those pictures here.