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Something So Right

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by Russell Wodell

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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1996 to: Jul 1998 37 eps NBC, ABC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Mel Harris as Carly Davis-Farrell
  • Jere Burns as Jack Farrell
  • Billy L. Sullivan as Will Davis
  • Marne Patterson as Nicole Farrell
  • Emily Ann Lloyd as Sarah Davis

    recurring characters:

  • Carol Ann Susi as Grace, Carly's assistant
  • Michael Milhoan as Dante Pacino, Carly's first husband
  • Barry Jenner as Sheldon Kramer, Carly's second husband
  • Christine Dunford as Stephanie Farrell, Jack's ex-wife
  • Lenny Wolpe as Sandzimier
  • James Pickens Jr. as Jim
  • Michael Cade as Sean Ballard, Nicole's boyfriend

    "Something So Right provides all the trials and tribulations that come in a modern day household of three kids, a mom and a dad, an ex-wife and two ex-husbands. It all started as just another parent-teacher conference when Carly Davis met her son's teacher, Jack Farrell. However, their chemistry was undeniable and Carly and Jack fell in love. With a reaffirmed belief in love and marriage, the twice-divorced Carly married the divorced Jack and they lived happily ever after... with just a little effort. Carly is the mother of two children, 15-year-old Will from her first marriage to semi-employed musician Dante Pacino, and 12-year-old Sarah from her second marriage to intense businessman Sheldon Kramer. Now on her third marriage, Carly has not only gained a husband but also a 16-year-old stepdaughter Nicole, and Jack's ex-wife, the neurotic actress Stephanie Farrell." (ABC press materials)

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      1st Season 1996 NBC

      Production credits:
      big phone productions/Universal Television
      Created by Judd Pillot & John Peaslee
      Executive producers: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee
      Co-executive producer: Bob Tischler
      Produced by Marica Govons
      Associate producer: Penny Segal
      Coordinating producer: Erin Wilkey
      Supervising producers: Kevin Kelton, Daryl Rowland, Lisa DeBendictis

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Shashawnee Hall [ Jim ], Jeremy Linson [ Davis ], Seth Green [ Napoleon ], Janelle Paradee [ Jeather ], C.J. Grayson [ Leonard ], Bill Macy [ Leo ]

      rc: Grace, Sheldon, Dante

      Twice-divorced Carly, a functioning dysfunctional, is bent on balancing her high-pressure career as a corporate party planner with her third marriage. Luckily, husband Jack is a solid, down-to-earth high school English teacher with patience to spare and a bit of insight into dealing with some prickly problems. First, there's the fact that Carly's 14-year-old son Will has a major crush on his sexy 16-year-old stepsister Nicole, and brainy 11-year-old Sarah yearns to move in with her real dad and his second family.

      b: 17 Sep 96 pc: 83590 w: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: James Widdoes
    2. "Something About Jack's Ex"
      gs: Richard Kuhlman [ Stan ]

      rc: Stephanie, Jim

      Carly is excited to further bond with Nicole by preparing a family sweet sixteen birthday party for her new stepdaughter, but her elation is temporarily halted by a suspicious visit from Nicole's mother Stephanie on the eve of the party. Meanwhile, Jack is nervously sandwiched in the middle of his ex-wife and his new wife, as everyone struggles to be on their best behavior for Nicole's impending birthday celebration.

      b: 24 Sep 96 pc: K1202 w: Jane Espenson d: James Widdoes
    3. "Something About Seared Ahi"
      gs: Holland Taylor [ Abigail ]

      rc: Dante, Sheldon, Jim

      Carly is the subject of an article on "superwomen."

      b: 15 Oct 96 pc: K1201 w: Kevin Kelton d: James Widdoes
    4. "Something About a Family Photo"
      gs: Beth Grant [ Nurse Gruber ], Matt Champagne [ Newton ], Roger Eschbacher [ Curtis ]

      Carly is moved by the holiday spirit and decides that she wants a family Christmas photo taken -- in October. But her plans start to go awry when Will gets decked in the halls at school.

      b: 22 Oct 96 pc: K1205 w: ______________ d: James Widdoes
    5. "Something About Schmoozing"
      gs: Warren Munson [ Dean Pappas ], Wayne Tippit [ Iverson ], Ken Thorley [ Wicklin ]

      rc: Jim

      Jack and Carly feel like they're two ships passing in the night when Carly gets swamped at work and Jack tries to prove he's worth his salt at school in order to get a promotion.

      b: 29 Oct 96 pc: K1207 w: Kevin Kelton d: James Widdoes
    6. "Something About 12-H"
      gs: Lou Bonacki [ Police Officer ]

      rc: Stephanie, Sheldon, Mr. Sandzimier

      With the death of their next-door neighbor, Jack and Carly's lives turn into the Ex-Files -- as each of their former spouses puts in a bid on the adjoining apartment.

      b: 12 Nov 96 pc: K1209 w: Bob Tischler s: James Widdoes d: James Widdoes
    7. "Something About Protection"

      Carly wonders about her son's life when Jack finds a condom in Will's room.

      b: 19 Nov 96 pc: K1206 w: Daryl Rowland & Lisa DeBenedictus d: James Widdoes
    8. "Something About Thanksgiving"
      gs: Bob Barker [ Carly's Dad ], Shirley Jones [ Carly's Mom ]

      The family's Thanksgiving trip to Carly's beach house reunites relatives.

      b: 26 Nov 96 pc: K1210 w: ______________ d: James Widdoes
    9. "Something About Cheating"
      gs: Dee Dee Rescher [ Bertha ], Carl Mueller [ Plaskoo ], Ellen Albertini Dow [ Woman ]

      Jack faces a dilemma when he discovers Will cheating on a test, and forces Carly to come to terms with Will's less-than-impressive study habits.

      b: 3 Dec 96 pc: K1203 w: John Peaslee & Judd Pillot d: John Rich
    10. "Something About an Older Guy"
      gs: Jeremy Linson [ Davis ]

      rc: Sean

      Carly's caught between a rock and a hard place when she overhears Nicole making secret plans to go on a date with Sean, an older guy, and has to decide whether to tell Jack.

      b: 10 Dec 96 pc: K1204 w: ______________ d: Max Tash
    11. "Something About a Christmas Miracle"
      gs: Brittany Alyse Smith [ Girl ]

      rc: Grace, Sandzimier

      Christmas really goes to the dogs for Jack and Carly when a lost puppy they find in the elevator winds up ripping apart their living room and destroying all their holiday gifts.

      b: 17 Dec 96 pc: K1212 w: ______________ d: Max Tash
    12. "Something About Dante Proposing to Heather"

      rc: Dante

      Dante proposes to his girlfriend Heather using Carly's former engagement ring.

      b: 7 Jan 97 pc: K1213 w: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: James Widdoes
    13. "Something About Reverse Psychology"

      rc: Stephanie

      Jack's patience with Nicole wears thin when he learns she's taken a modeling job behind his back---and gotten her mother to sign the authorization papers.

      b: 21 Jan 97 pc: K1214 w: ______________ d: Hal Cooper
    14. "Something About Cold Storage"
      gs: Christine Dunford [ Steph ], Adam Smith [ Himself ], Mary Gross [ Polly ]

      Jack wants to close a sperm-bank account he opened years ago while married to Steph; but his ex gets cold feet when asked to give up her claim to the "deposit".

      b: 4 Feb 97 pc: K1211 w: Daryl Rowland & Lisa DeBenedictus d: John Rich
    15. "Something About How Jack and Carly Met"

      rc: Dante

      After a romantic interlude on Valentine's Day, Jack and Carly reminisce About the beginning of their relationship and how they knew that there was something so right About it.

      b: 11 Feb 97 pc: K1215 w: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: Max Tash
    16. "Something About a Silver Anniversary"
      gs: Shirley Jones [ Kate ], Bob Barker [ Ben ], Eric Christmas [ Judge ], Barbara Feldon [ Beverly ]

      Carly sees a golden opportunity to keep her divorced parents from rekindling their affair: she throws a silver-anniversary bash for her dad and stepmom.

      b: 18 Feb 97 pc: K1217 w: Kevin Kelton & Jane Espenson d: Max Tash
    17. "Something About Leeza"
      gs: Leeza Gibbons [ Herself ], Jason Wendt [ Floor Manager ]

      rc: Dante, Sheldon

      Sarah arranges for the family to be on the Leeza show about blended families.

      b: 25 Feb 97 pc: K1216 w: Bob Tischler d: Max Tash
    18. "Something About My Two Dads"
      gs: Louis Crugnali [ Lorenzo ]

      rc: Dante

      Carly mediates when Dante becomes jealous over Will's relationship with Jack.

      b: 11 Mar 97 pc: K1219 w: Bob Tischler s: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: Max Tash
    19. "Something About Two April Fools"
      gs: Kevin Nealon [ Unknown ], Megan Parlen [ Cindy ], Jeremy Linson [ Davis ]

      Jack and Carly's friend seeks their support when his wife (whom they dislike) leaves him on April Fools' Day. But after they vow not to criticize her, he asks for their opinion.

      b: 1 Apr 97 pc: K1220 w: ______________ d: Max Tash
    20. "Something About Carly on a Hot Tar Roof"
      gs: Sam Lloyd [ Unknown ]

      rc: Sheldon

      Carly plans to have Sarah's father attend her 12th birthday party; but after Carly mails the invites, Sheldon wants the date changed; and when she finishes notifying guests, he changes it again.

      b: 8 Apr 97 pc: K1222 w: ______________ d: Max Tash
    21. "Something About New Beds and Old Friends"
      gs: Rita Rudner [ Unknown ], John O'Hurley [ David ], Kate Benton [ Daidy ], Jill Walter [ Waitress ]

      Jack is forced to hobnob with snobs when Carly is reunited with a pretentious couple with whom she was friends when she was married to Sheldon.

      b: 15 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: Max Tash
    22. "Something About Secrets & Rules"
      gs: Megan Parlen [ Cindy ]

      rc: Dante, Sean

      Nicole seeks Carly's advice when her boyfriend asks her to go on a camping trip with him and his family, and she fears he may have more in mind than canoeing.

      b: 22 Apr 97 pc: K1221 w: ______________ d: Max Tash
    23. "Something About Inter-Ex-Spousal Relations"
      gs: Lucy Lawless [ Xena ], Ann B. Davis [ Maxine ]

      rc: Stephanie, Sheldon

      Carly and Jack go to Sheldon's cabin for a romantic weekend, but the only adults they can find to look after the kids are their exes.

      b: 29 Apr 97 pc: K1221 w: ______________ d: ______________
    24. "Something About Getting the Hell Out of Here"
      gs: Brian George [ Cable Guy ], Damon P. Saleem [ Eddie ]

      rc: Stephanie, Sheldon, Sean

      Hours before Jack and Carly are set to leave for an adults-only vacation, Carly and the kids decide it should be a family getaway -- but they keep their feelings to themselves. Meanwhile, numerous building malfunctions delay their departure.

      b: 6 May 97 pc: K1223 w: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: Max Tash

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      2nd Season Spring 1998 ABC

    25. "Something About Hitting the Sauce"
      gs: Nick Gaza [ Paul Lardazzio ]

      rc: Sheldon

      The blended family prepares a batch of Jack's barbecue sauce for a food fair. But one of Carly's two former husbands gets the happy couple hot under the collar when he offers to help fund their stand at the event -- for a price.

      b: 3 Mar 98 pc: K2909 w: Chip Keyes d: James Widdoes
    26. "Something About Ex-Appeal"

      rc: Sheldon, Stephanie

      When Sheldon and Stephanie begin loitering about the apartment, Jack gets rid of them by getting the two to go out together -- never expecting them to fall for each other. Meanwhile, Will works on a motorized walker for Granny Davis.

      b: 3 Mar 98 pc: K2903 w: Ari Posner & Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: Max Tash
    27. "Something About A Double Standard"
      gs: Leslie Bibb [ Tina ], Seann William Scott [ Preston ], Sal Toti [ Mr. Foti ]

      Jack, Carly, his ex, her ex, their mutual kids and a double standard add up to multiple laughs when Will wants to date an older woman and Nicole wants to date an older man. Problem? In this family? Are you kidding? Jack thinks it's pretty cool when his stepson, Will, starts going out with an older girl, but Jack has a big problem when his daughter, Nicole, wants to date an older man. Jack encourages Will to ask out 20-year-old Tina, but forbids Nicole to date a 22-year-old. When she objects, Jack makes a deal: if Will actually gets a date, Nicole can go on hers. Meanwhile, Sarah -- an amateur trumpeter -- keeps losing her instrument.

      b: 10 Mar 98 pc: K2904 w: Daniel Gerson d: Gerry Cohen
    28. "Something About the 'Men' in Menstruation"
      gs: Richard Kind [ Paul Lassiter ], Elya Baskin [ Yuri ]

      Carly has to cater the mayor's party, but Jack's sure he can manage the household---though he's at a loss when Sarah discloses that she has just begun menstruating.

      b: 17 Mar 98 pc: K2902 w: Tony Sheehan d: Max Tash

      NOTE: Guest Lassiter crosses over in his character from Spin City.
    29. "Something About Hoops and Jumping Through Them"
      gs: Jim Jansen [ Father Mike ]

      rc: Sheldon

      Jack is thrilled when the girl's basketball team he coaches, which is led by his stepdaughter Sarah, appears headed toward a championship. But things take a bad bounce when Sarah's father Sheldon wants her to play for a rival team he's coaching.

      b: 20 Mar 98 pc: K2911 w: Chris Cluess & Stu Kreisman d: Tom Moore
    30. "Something About the Past and a Present"
      gs: Tracy Kolis [ Gail ], Pat Crawford Brown [ Mrs. Van Owl ], Lou Cutell [ Emil ]

      rc: Dante

      A crazy woman from Jack's past demands he return a watch that she gave to him, but he later gave to Will who gave it to Dante who pawned it for a drum machine. And, to boot, this unpleasantness occurs 14 months into Jack and Carly's marriage -- the same time Carly's other relationships soured.

      b: 24 Mar 98 pc: K2905 w: ______________ d: ______________
    31. "Something About Disowning Your Father and Flying to Paris Blues"
      gs: Allen Lulu [ Leo ], Lillian Adams [ Mrs. Ross ], Timothy Davis-Reed [ Todd ], Jill Walter [ Linda ]

      rc: Sheldon

      When Sarah is stood up by her father, Sheldon, one time too many, she hires a lawyer and begins proceedings to disown Sheldon and make Jack her real dad. Jack awkwardly gets Sheldon to sign the legal papers, not realizing that Sarah has changed her mind. Meanwhile, the family feuds with an elderly neighbor who has been stealing their newspaper.

      b: 31 Mar 98 pc: K2908 w: Tony Sheehan d: James Widdoes
    32. "Something About Egg on Your Farce"
      gs: Eve Gordon [ Lorraine ], Bruce Jarchow [ Ed ], Alicia Leigh Willis [ Jennifer ]

      Carly and Jack are honored to entertain the wealthy parents of Will's new girlfriend. But they don't know what to think when a porcelain egg that Carly prizes turns up missing and the girl's mother is the prime suspect. Will later retrieves the decorative piece---only to find it's not the same one.

      b: 7 Apr 98 pc: K2913 w: ______________ d: ______________
    33. "Something About A Second Year"
      gs: Jeremy Linson [ Davis ], Mike Batay [ Delivery Man ]

      rc: Dante

      Jack and Carly hope to celebrate their first anniversary with a romantic evening alone, but their various children and former spouses constantly complicate matters. After much finagling, Jack and Carly are set for an intimate anniversary celebration at home. But Will puts a damper on things after he's caught stealing a gift for them.

      b: 14 Apr 98 pc: K2901 w: Judd Pillot & John Peaslee d: Max Tash
    34. "Something About An Ex-Goddess"
      gs: Maria Ford [ Zora ]

      rc: Stephanie

      After learning her TV character Thena, Warrior Goddess is being replaced by a younger version, a distraught Stephanie is comforted by spending time with Nicole and Sheldon -- but she's driving them nuts by smothering them with attention.

      b: 21 Apr 98 pc: K2910 w: ______________ d: ______________
    35. "Something About Railroading Carly"

      Carly doesn't want to be thought of as the wicked stepmother; so to prove it, she overrules Jack's wishes and allows Nicole to go to a rock concert. What Carly doesn't know is that the concert is not in New York but in Philadelphia.

      b: 28 Apr 98 pc: K2906 w: Tony Sheehan d: Max Tash
    36. "Something About a Rocky Road"
      gs: Beth Grant [ Nurse Gruber ]

      Sheldon asks Carly and Jack to cover for him after he lies to Stephanie about trysts he's having with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

      b: 5 May 98 pc: K2912 w: ______________ d: ______________
    37. "Something About Burning Meat, Bridges and Rugs"
      gs: Melanie Mayrou [ Rachel Travers ], Joshua Preven [ Delivery Man ]

      Jack is only too happy to have Carly's oldest friend Rachel stay with them for a while -- until he actually meets the incredibly annoying Rachel, whose new-age lifestyle quickly grates on his nerves.

      b: 7 Jul 98 pc: K2907 w: Ari Posner & Eric Preven d: Max Tash

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