6th Season 1993

    Production credits:
    Executive producer: Barry Kemp
    Co-executive producers: Craig T. Nelson, Judd Pillot & John Peaslee
    Supervising producers: Joseph Staretski, Oliver Goldstick, Phil Rosenthal
    Co-producer: Scott Buck
    Associate producer: Shari Tavey
    Creative consultants: Miriam Trogdon, Bill Bryan
    Executive story consultant: Warren Bell
    Story editor: Eric Horsted

  1. "Baby on Board?"

    Hayden is rattled as he tries to nurse his new team to victory, even as Christine announces she wants to have a baby.

    b: 14 Sep 93 pc: 69201 w: ______________ d: Alan Rafkin
  2. "Belly of the Beast"

    Hayden stands up in court for Luther's defendant dog Quincy, who bit the MSU bandleader; Christine dozes during Hayden's advances.

    b: 21 Sep 93 pc: 69203 w: Oliver Goldstick & Phil Rosenthal d: Craig T. Nelson
  3. "Nice Job If You Can Get It"
    gs: Robert Ridgely [ Carter Brooks ], John McGaffney [ Reporter #1 ], Harry Woolf [ Reporter #2 ]

    rc: Mrs. Thorkelson

    Hayden's overactive ego has him convinced that Christine's success is not her own doing.

    b: 28 Sep 93 pc: 69202 w: Jeremy Stevens d: Alan Rafkin
  4. "The Luck Stops Here"

    Luther and Hayden have vastly different views on the reasons for the team's success.

    b: 5 Oct 93 pc: 69204 w: ______________ d: Alan Rafkin
  5. "If She Can Make It There..."
    gs: Lance Wilson-White [ Campbell ]

    Kelly's desire to work in New York upsets Hayden.

    b: 12 Oct 93 pc: 69205 w: Jay Kleckner & Jerry Strauss d: Alan Rafkin
  6. "Uneasy Riders"
    gs: John Densmore [ Chuck ], Katie Jane Johnston [ Girl ]

    rc: Judy Watkins

    Hayden and Dauber buy motorcycles.

    b: 26 Oct 93 pc: 69207 w: Eric Horsted d: Craig T. Nelson
  7. "Piece O' Cake"
    gs: Jussie Smollett [ Billy ], Mary Pat Gleason [ Winnie ], Olivia V. White [ Yvette ], Bob Black [ Chuck ], John Ross [ Bob ]

    rc: Mrs. Thorkelson, Howard

    Luther, feeling a bit lonely, befriends a boy (Smollett) in need of a father

    b: 2 Nov 93 pc: 69214 w: Jeremy Stevens d: Tony Dow
  8. "Running On Empty"
    gs: Brandon Douglas [ Dr. Freeman ], Tiffany Terry [ Nurse ], Mark Voland [ Man ]

    Christine gingerly suggests that she and Hayden visit a fertility clinic.

    b: 9 Nov 93 pc: 69206 w: Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski d: Andrei Belgrader
  9. "It Came From New York"

    Kelly, having taken a bite out of the Big Apple, comes home for Thanksgiving a changed woman -- one that Hayden doesn't particularly like.

    b: 16 Nov 93 pc: 69208 w: Teresa O'Neill d: Alan Rafkin
  10. "The Playbook"
    gs: James McDonnell [ Sportscaster #1 ], Bruce Jarchow [ Sportscaster #2 ], Jonathan Emerson [ Concierge ], James Acheson [ Reporter #1 ], R. Martin Klein [ Reporter #2 ]

    The playbook falls into enemy hands on the eve of Hayden's biggest game.

    b: 30 Nov 93 pc: 69216 w: James L. Freedman d: Alan Rafkin
  11. "The Pioneer Bowl"
    gs: Tom Isbell [ Dr. Toomin ], Monica Horan [ Nurse ], Wesley Thompson [ Paramedic ], Al Michaels [ Himself ], David Powledge [ Booster #1 ], Fitz Houston [ Booster #2 ], Patrick Pankhurst [ Reporter ], Miles Perlich [ Delivery Man ], Jay Kleckner [ Guy ]

    rc: Shirley Burleigh

    On the day of the Pioneer Bowl, an accident puts Luther in the hospital with a concussion -- but the team wins the National Championship anyway.

    b: 7 Dec 93 pc: 69210 w: Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski d: Jeff Meyer

    NOTE: Guest Kleckner is one of the show's producers.
  12. "Christmas of the Van Damned"
    gs: Rance Howard [ Herman ], Tim Bagley [ Roy ], Lance Davis [ Tom ], Nedra Volz [ Gertrude ], Dick Van Dyke [ Partygoer (uncredited) ]

    Luther makes a nuisance of himself after tracing his family tree and learning of a large group of Van Dams living in the area.

    b: 14 Dec 93 pc: 69215 w: ______________ d: Craig T. Nelson
  13. "The Babywreckers"

    Hayden is rattled when he and Christine agree to watch an infant for the weekend.

    b: 4 Jan 94 pc: 69218 w: ______________ d: Tony Dow
  14. "Coach For a Day (1)"
    gs: William Schallert [ Bert Wilkins ], Pauline Brailsford [ Dr. Maltby ], Tony Longo [ Joe Bowden ]

    Luther is offered the job of head football coach at nearby small Aberdeen college.

    b: 11 Jan 94 pc: 69211 w: Oliver Goldstick & Phil Rosenthal d: Craig T. Nelson
  15. "Coach For a Day (2)"
    gs: William Schallert [ Bert Wilkins ], Andrea Parker [ Penny ], Peter Jason [ Harry Heftler ], Rachel Duncan [ Little Girl ], Blanche Rubin [ Mildred ], Philip Angelotti [ Scott ], Sylvester Terkay [ Walter ], Cordell Hull [ Boy ]

    Luther is embarrassed to confess his new job: managing a miniature golf course.

    b: 18 Jan 94 pc: 69212 w: Oliver Goldstick & Phil Rosenthal d: Craig T. Nelson
  16. "My Cup Runneth Over"

    Hayden has an embarrassing moment on Christine's Valentine's Day show when his fertility device burst on-air.

    b: 8 Feb 94 pc: 69221 w: ______________ d: Jeff Meyer
  17. "Like Father, Like Daughter"
    gs: Lisa Kudrow [ Lauren ], Wendy Davis [ Julie ], Steve Bean [ Mark ], Bud Leslie [ Peter ], Gail Shapiro [ Helen ]

    Kelly can't attend when Hayden goes to New York to receive the Coach of the Year award.

    b: 15 Feb 94 pc: 69219 w: Scott Buck d: Alan Rafkin
  18. "The Devil and Mrs. Burleigh"

    rc: Shirley Burleigh

    While Howard and Hayden are away at a conference, Shirley confides in Christine that she's become attracted to another man.

    b: 22 Feb 94 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Craig T. Nelson
  19. "Blue Chip Blues"
    gs: James Pickens Jr. [ Rick Williams ], Terrence Dashon Howard [ Johnny Williams ], Janet Hubert [ Karen Williams ], Gannon Brown [ Troy Williams ], Brandon Hammond [ Charles Williams ], Kamario Risiner [ Anthony Williams ]

    Hayden's top recruit no longer wants to play football.

    b: 1 Mar 94 pc: 69224 w: Alan Kirschenbaum d: Alan Rafkin
  20. "The Stand-In"
    gs: Troy Aikman [ Himself ], John Valdetero [ Lab Technician ]

    rc: Mrs. Thorkelson

    Fed up with trying to increase his fertility, Hayden looks into getting a sperm donor -- quarterback Troy Aikman.

    b: 8 Mar 94 pc: 69213 w: Scott Buck d: Alan Rafkin
  21. "Something Old, Something New"
    gs: Gretchen Gergman [ Jennifer ]

    rc: Judy Watkins

    An old girlfriend's visit rekindles Dauber's feelings and jeopardizes his relationship with Judy.

    b: 22 Mar 94 pc: 69225 w: Scott Buck & Eric Horsted & Jeremy Stevens d: Alan Rafkin
  22. "One of the Guys"

    Christine goes fishing with the guys and catches the biggest fish.

    b: 5 Apr 94 pc: 69226 w: Brad Johnson d: Alan Rafkin
  23. "My Best Friend's Girl"
    gs: Nicole Niblack [ Girl ], Mark Nasser [ Delivery Man ]

    rc: Ruthanne

    Hayden and Christine have lukewarm reactions to Luther's outrageously uninhibited date.

    b: 3 May 94 pc: 69227 w: Scott Buck & Eric Horsted d: Alan Rafkin
  24. "Goodbye, Mr. Putts"

    The women coaches challenge the men to a golf match. The stakes: parking spaces.

    b: 10 May 94 pc: 69228 w: Joseph Staretski & Jeremy Stevens d: Craig T. Nelson
  25. "Head Like a Wheel"
    gs: Rick Mears [ Himself ], Bobby Unser [ Himself ], Charles Napier [ Buzz Durkin ], Joanna Daniels [ Erika ], Yul Vazquez [ Alberto Roca ], Chip Albers [ Joe ]

    rc: Mrs. Thorkelson

    On his 49th birthday, Hayden wants to drive a race car.

    b: 17 May 94 pc: 69222 w: Oliver Goldstick & Phil Rosenthal d: Craig T. Nelson
  26. "Coach -- The One-Hour Special (1)"
    gs: Mary Hart [ Herself ], Nanette Fabray [ Unknown ], Joe Farago [ Unknown ], Jeams Karen [ Unknown ], Bill Wiley [ Unknown ]

    Mary Hart interviews the cast on the occasion of the series' 100th episode.

    b: 24 May 94 pc: _________ w: Barry Kemp & Brad Johnson d: Alan Rafkin
  27. "Coach -- The One-Hour Special (2)"
    gs: Mary Hart [ Herself ], Nanette Fabray [ Unknown ], Joe Farago [ Unknown ], Jeams Karen [ Unknown ], Bill Wiley [ Unknown ]

    Mary Hart interviews the cast on the occasion of the series' 100th episode.

    b: 24 May 94 pc: _________ w: Barry Kemp & Brad Johnson d: Alan Rafkin

    NOTE: The following additional production personnel were credited:
    Contributing Writers (in alphabetical order):

    Kathryn Baker, Warren Bell, Bob Bendetson, Bill Bryan, Scott Buck, Sheldon Bull, Sean Clark, Pat Doughery, Art Everett, Bruce Ferber, James L. Freedman, Mark Ganzel, Oliver Goldstick, Eric Horsted, Brad Johnson, Barry Kemp, Alan Kirschenbaum, David Lesser, Thad Mumford, Lyle Oliver, Teresa O'Neill, Tom Palmer, John Peaslee, Judd Pillot, Richard Ruskind, Martin Rips, Don Rhymer, Jordan Rush, Nell Scovell, Joseph Staretski, Elliot Stern, Jeremey Stevens, Miriam Trogdon, Jon Vandergriff, Seth Weisbord, Bud Wiser

    Contributing Directors (in alphabetical order):

    Andrei Belgrader, Andrew Chulack, Tony Dow, Jim Drake, James Gardner, Barry Kemp, Michael Lembeck, Will Mackenzie, Jeff Meyer, Craig T. Nelson, Alan Rafkin, Arlene Sanford, Michael T. Vetrie, John P. Whitesell II, Michael Zinberg

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