Three decades after a giant fleet of mixed alien races arrived and threw the world into chaos, a former Marine and his adoptive alien daughter settle down in what used to be the city of St. Louis, where they help the new mayor keep law and order among humans and aliens.

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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01                15/Apr/13   Pilot (120 min) [Recap]
2      1-02                22/Apr/13   Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go  [Recap]
3      1-03                29/Apr/13   The Devil in the Dark  [Recap]
4      1-04                06/May/13   A Well Respected Man  [Recap]
5      1-05                13/May/13   The Serpent's Egg  [Recap]
6      1-06                20/May/13   Brothers in Arms  [Recap]
7      1-07                03/Jun/13   Good Bye Blue Sky  [Recap]
8      1-08                10/Jun/13   I Just Wasn't Made for These Times  [Recap]
9      1-09                17/Jun/13   If I Ever Leave This World Alive  [Recap]
10     1-10                24/Jun/13   The Bride Wore Black  [Recap]
11     1-11                01/Jul/13   Past Is Prologue  [Recap]
12     1-12                08/Jul/13   Everything Is Broken  [Recap]

• Season 2

13     2-01                19/Jun/14   The Opposite of Hallelujah  [Recap]
14     2-02                26/Jun/14   In My Secret Life  [Recap]
15     2-03                03/Jul/14   The Cord and the Ax  [Recap]
16     2-04                10/Jul/14   Beasts of Burden  [Recap]
17     2-05                17/Jul/14   Put the Damage On  [Recap]
18     2-06                24/Jul/14   This Woman's Work  [Recap]
19     2-07                31/Jul/14   If You Could See Her Through My Eyes  [Recap]
20     2-08                07/Aug/14   Slouching Towards Bethlehem  [Recap]
21     2-09                14/Aug/14   Painted From Memory  [Recap]
22     2-10                21/Aug/14   Bottom of the World  [Recap]
23     2-11                21/Aug/14   Doll Parts  [Recap]
24     2-12                28/Aug/14   All Things Must Pass  [Recap]
25     2-13                28/Aug/14   I Almost Prayed  [Recap]

• Season 3

26     3-01                12/Jun/15   The World We Seize  [Recap]
27     3-02                12/Jun/15   The Last Unicorns  [Recap]
28     3-03                19/Jun/15   The Broken Bough  [Recap]
29     3-04                26/Jun/15   Dead Air  [Recap]
30     3-05                03/Jul/15   History Rhymes  [Recap]
31     3-06                10/Jul/15   Where the Apples Fell  [Recap]
32     3-07                17/Jul/15   The Beauty of Our Weapons  [Recap]
33     3-08                24/Jul/15   My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You  [Recap]
34     3-09                31/Jul/15   Ostinato in White  [Recap]
35     3-10                07/Aug/15   When Twilight Dims the Sky Above  [Recap]
36     3-11                14/Aug/15   Of a Demon in My View  [Recap]
37     3-12                21/Aug/15   The Awakening  [Recap]
38     3-13                28/Aug/15   Upon the March We Fittest Die  [Recap]

Other Episodes

Special S1                 08/Apr/13    The Making Of Defiance (30 min)
Special S1                 28/Mar/14    The Lost Ones: No Man (5 min) [Recap]
Special S1                 28/Mar/14    The Lost Ones: Loose Ends Unravel (5 min) [Recap]
Special S1                 28/Mar/14    The Lost Ones: The Watchman (5 min) [Recap]
Special S1                 28/Mar/14    The Lost Ones: Black Eyes (5 min) [Recap]
Special S1                 28/Mar/14    The Lost Ones: The Searcher (5 min) [Recap]

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