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aired from: Sep 1991 to: May 1999 204 eps ABC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Tim Allen as Tim Taylor
  • Patricia Richardson as Jill Taylor
  • Earl Hindman as Wilson Wilson
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Randy William Taylor [ episodes 1 - 178, recurring otherwise ]
  • Zachary Ty Bryan as Bradley "Brad" Michael Taylor
  • Taran Noah Smith as Mark Taylor
  • Richard Karn as Al Borland [ season 2+, recurring season 1 ]
  • Debbe Dunning as Heidi [ season 7+, recurring seasons 3 - 6 ]

    recurring characters:

  • Pamela (Anderson) Lee as Lisa [ seasons 1 & 2, episode #150 ]
  • Mickey Jones as Pete Bilker [ episode 8+ ]
  • Gary McGurk as Dwayne Hoover [ episode 8+ ]
  • Casey Sander as Rock Lannigan [ episode 8+ ]
  • Sherry Hursey as Ilene Markham [ episodes 51 - 144 ]
  • Jim Labriola as Benny [ episode 70+ ]
  • Blake Clark as Harry [ episode 77+ ]
  • William O'Leary as Marty Taylor [ episode 79+ ]
  • Charlie Robinson as Bud Harper [ episode 102+ ]

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      1st Season 1991

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: John Cothran Jr. [ Phil ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      After Jill explicitly tells Tim not to touch the dishwasher, he breaks it in an attempt to make it more powerful-more of a "man's" dishwasher. Jill is at a job interview, but she doesn't get the job and when Tim tries to comfort her, it makes matters worse. After speaking with Wilson, Tim tries to talk to her again and succeeds.

      b: 17 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: John Pasquin
    2. "Mow Better Blues"

      rc: Al

      Trying to improve the lawnmower, Tim gets mad at Jill for always borrowing his things and never returning them. When Mark plays with Tim's torque wrench, he drops it and it breaks. Knowing that Tim will be upset, he hides it in the dryer but when Jill finds it, Tim immediately suspects Brad and Randy who know it was Mark and they tell Tim. When trying the new lawnmower, it roars backwards and crashes.

      b: 26 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    3. "Off Sides"
      gs: Eric Christmas [ Sir Larry Houdini ], John Marshall Jones [ Rick ], Deborah Lacey [ Alice ], Rudolph Willrich [ Franco ]

      rc: Al

      Tim forgot that Jill planned a romantic dinner and hasn't got a baby-sitter, so Jill hires a magician to entertain the boys. Tim would rather stay home to watch the football game on TV, so he brings a transistor radio to the restaurant. At home, the magician is locked inside a trunk and the boys try to get him out of there by letting him fall from a tree.

      b: 1 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    4. "Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof"
      gs: Sam McMurray [ Rondall Kittleman ], Rocky Giordani [ Delivery Man #1 ], Bari K. Willerford [ Delivery Man #2 ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim has bought a satellite dish and while he is installing it, he overhears Jill's job interview with her job-search seminar teacher, Rondall. Tim thinks it is suspicious that Rondall will interview her on a Saturday and he gets jealous. Jill assures Tim that there is nothing between them. Later, after Rondall tells Jill that she has been sending him signals after hitting on her, she throws him out.

      b: 8 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Allison M. Gibson d: John Pasquin
    5. "Wild Kingdom"
      gs: Rickey Collins [ Cub Scout #1 ], Everett Wong [ Cub Scout #2 ], Cody Burger [ Cub Scout #3 ], Stephen Root [ Exterminator ], Adam Wylie [ Jimmy Wagner ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      After hearing noises in the basement, Tim thinks he has a mouse there. The boys think it is a snake, and so does Wilson. When the exterminator can't find the snake, everybody thinks it is gone-until it crawls into Tim's shirt. Mark's friends, the Cub Scouts, want Tim to kill the snake himself although he is scared of it.

      b: 15 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    6. "Adventures in Fine Dining"

      rc: Al

      After they're banned from Wacky Jack's Pizza Pagoda, Tim promises Jill he'll teach the boys some table manners but the session ends with the boys mimicking everything Tim says. Therefore, Tim talks to Wilson who tells him that the boys don't have respect for their food because they don't have to hunt it down and kill it. Therefore Tim brings out a raw chicken to teach the boys how to eat properly.

      b: 22 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Peter Tolan d: John Pasquin
    7. "Nothing More Than Feelings"
      gs: Art LaFleur [ Jim ], Ron Taylor [ Kyle ]

      rc: Al

      On Tool Time, Tim talks about "his friend's wife" who drove her car while the oil light was on. After Jim and Kyle, two audience members, start to complain that their wives don't respect their tools, Tim admits that "his friend's wife" really is Jill and that she drools in her sleep. When Jill sees that on TV, she gets really furious, and after talking with Wilson, Tim admits that he was wrong to say that on TV.

      b: 29 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Peter Tolan d: John Pasquin
    8. "Flying Sauces"

      rc: Al, Lisa, Pete, Dwayne, Rock

      The K & B Construction guys are invited on Tool Time to show how to make hot gourmet meals while on the job site. They use the tools of their trade to make meals anyone would be proud of. At home, Jill is fed up with Brad and Randy not treating Mark good enough so she has a talk with them. Brad and Randy tell Mark that they, along with Tim and Jill, are aliens from outer space. However, Mark wants to get revenge so Tim and Jill dress up like aliens.

      b: 5 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback & Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    9. "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble"
      gs: Al Fann [ Felix ]

      rc: Al

      Jill is tired of Tim's shaving gunk in the sink so she says that she would like two sinks in the bathroom and Tim gets the idea of improving the whole bathroom as a one-day Tool Time project. However, since the new tub won't fit in the house, the water is turned off, and the stove explodes, Jill leaves the house with the kids but she soon regrets doing it. Brad wears his hair in spikes to impress a girl named Jennifer.

      b: 19 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    10. "Reach Out and Teach Someone"
      gs: Ja'net DuBois [ Judith ], Jennifer Nash [ Greta ], Carol Mansell [ Rose ]

      rc: Al

      Tim has just bought a frame for the hot rod he is going to build. Jill wants him to fix the clogged sink instead or at least teach her how to do it. So Tim makes a special Tool Time show with women in the audience. He wants to teach them how to do basic plumbing. At this show, Al meets Greta Post for the first time. Brad is worried about a test in school-he hopes to do well despite being called an idiot by Randy.

      b: 26 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Allison M. Gibson d: John Pasquin
    11. "Look Who's Not Talking"
      gs: Shawn Shea Hill [ Stage Manager (uncredited) ] rc: Al, Lisa

      Jill has to write a speech for the Library Association but is afraid of standing in front of all those women. Tim solves this problem by dressing himself and Mark up as two women and listening to Jill's speech. While Jill is writing, Tim has promised to clean up the house. Instead, he decides to rewire the vacuum cleaner, which almost sucks up Mark.

      b: 10 Dec 91 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    12. "Yule Better Watch Out"
      gs: David Warshofsky [ Fireman #1 ], Gary Bayer [ Fireman #2 ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim wants to beat neighbor Doc Johnson in Christmas lighting and puts a giant Santa and sleigh on the roof. But when the Santa starts rotating, it practically beats up Tim. Mark is working on his list for Santa when Randy and Brad tell him that Santa is dead. Mark doesn't believe it and asks Tim and Jill, who answer the best they can. Mark decides to ask Wilson who tells him that the spirit of Santa lives in us all, even though St. Nicholas died.

      b: 17 Dec 91 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    13. "Up Your Alley"
      gs: Lewis Dix Jr. [ Roger ], Sean Baca [ Chuck ], Nick Shields [ Manager ]

      rc: Al, Rock, Pete, Dwayne

      It's family night. Tim and the kids want to play video games and Jill wants to play charades. To compromise, they go to the bowling alley. Since Jill knows how Tim behaves in a competition, she suggests that they don't keep score. When Jill scores two strikes in a row and the guys from K & B Construction appear, Tim wants to impress them. So the family night becomes a match between Tim and Jill. The boys get in trouble at the video arcade when a boy won't let them play a game but they get even with him.

      b: 7 Jan 92 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback & Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    14. "For Whom the Belch Tolls (a.k.a. Hasta La Vista, Neighbor)"
      gs: Christopher McDonald [ Stu Cutler ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim's old college friend, Stu Cutler, calls Tim to say he is in town for a few days and he wants them to get together at the Taylor house. Jill doesn't want to have Stu in the house, so Tim tells him that they can meet at the studio after his Tool Time taping. When they meet, Stu insists that he sees Jill and Tim gives in at last. Needless to say, Jill is not happy with this.

      b: 14 Jan 92 pc: _________ w: Sheila M. Anthony d: John Pasquin
    15. "Forever Jung"
      gs: Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ]

      rc: Al

      Jill's feminist friend Karen is visiting so Tim has to stand up to her funny remarks about him being insecure, aggressive and destructive. It doesn't get any better when he accidentally gets his head stuck to a table with glue so he has to come home with a piece of table glued to his forehead. Jennifer has invited Brad to her parents' wedding anniversary but he can't dance "old" so Jill has to teach him.

      b: 21 Jan 92 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: John Pasquin
    16. "Jill's Birthday"
      gs: Patrick T. O'Brien [ "Ink" Ingram ], Jeannie Renshaw [ Joan ], Gloria Dorson [ Mrs. Chapman ], Meghan Geary [ Saleswoman #1 ], Sarah Pasquin [ Saleswoman #2 ], Greg Harms [ Cameraman ]

      rc: Al

      It's Jill's birthday, the boys remind Tim. She complains that he always gives her something she has to plug in. This time she wants him to tune into her and give her something from his heart. Therefore when he sees her exercise, he wants to give her a lifetime membership of a health care club. But on her birthday, she says that she won't ever exercise again. Therefore he has to come up with a new gift for her. Brad and Randy spend all their money on baseball cards so they need to get money to buy a gift for Jill. Therefore they make Mark pay a little brother tax.

      b: 4 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: John Pasquin
    17. "What About Bob?"
      gs: Bob Vila [ Himself ], Aaron Freeman [ Curtis ], Noble Willingham [ Mr. Binford ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Bob Vila is in town signing his new book and Mr. Binford tells Tim that Bob is going to be a guest on Tool Time. Since Bob probably inspired Tim to make Tool Time and knows a whole lot more than Tim, Tim doesn't like the idea that he is going to compete in a "Stump the Toolman" contest with Bob where people call in and ask them questions. Therefore Tim makes Jill call and ask questions he knows he can answer. Unfortunately Tim knocks Bob unconscious with a piece of wood and Tim doesn't feel better when he hears that Bob has agreed to be a guest on Tool Time again the next day. Randy has pulled a prank on a kid in school who he thinks is a geek and when the boy, Curtis, comes over so Randy can apologize, Jill can see for herself why Randy did what he did.

      b: 11 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    18. "Baby, It's Cold Outside (a.k.a. Camp Taylor)"
      gs: Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ], Noble Willingham [ Mr. Binford ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim has planned a romantic Valentine's Day weekend at Stone Creek Lodge for Jill but when Mr. Binford presents his new line of winter camping gear on Tool Time, he wants Tim and his family to go camping that weekend and shoot some videos of it. Jill gets upset but Tim thinks they can do both. But when they're ready to leave the camp, Tim can't find the car. Luckily, Wilson is nearby, ready to give advice.

      b: 18 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: B.K. Taylor d: John Pasquin
    19. "Unchained Malady"
      gs: George Foreman [ Himself ], Betsy Randle [ Karen ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Al sends Tim a chain letter and Tim is warned that if he breaks the chain, bad luck will happen to him. He doesn't care and throws out the chain letter. The next day strange things happen: His battery in the car goes dead, someone parks in his spot, he gets his hands dyed green, and Jill knocks him out. So again, Tim turns to Wilson who can help Tim with his problem: Garlic and wolfsbane. Randy is double-dared to jump a ramp with his new bike and he breaks it. Tim doesn't know how to respond.

      b: 25 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    20. "Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor"
      gs: Ernest Borgnine [ Eddie Phillips ], Jack Elam [ Hick Peterson ], Earl Billings [ Mike ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim and Mark are building a birdhouse and Jill asks him to choose a dress for the opera fund-raiser next Saturday. Tim is busy that day and is certain that Jill hasn't mentioned this before but she insists that she told him at least three times and calls him a bad listener. This time, Jill talks to Wilson to get his opinion and Tim talks with two strangers, Hick and Eddie, down at Big Mike's. When Mark wants to feed the birds in the new birdhouse, Brad and Randy try to make him chew a worm for the birds.

      b: 3 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    21. "A Battle of Wheels"

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Jill has taken up pottery and has placed her pottery wheel in the garage along with Tim's hot rod. Tim doesn't like the idea of she moving in on his domain. Therefore, he accidentally breaks her first pottery project and they end up in a big fight over who the garage belongs to and the result is that Jill makes a schedule to control who is in the garage at what time. Al is upset because Tim embarrasses him on Tool Time saying that Al screwed up something he screwed up himself. Therefore he announces that Al can be host of Tool Time for a day but Al finds out that it definitely is harder than it looks.

      b: 17 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Lauren Eve Anderson d: John Pasquin
    22. "Luck Be a Taylor Tonight"
      gs: Tom Verica [ Charlie ], Amy Ryan [ Robin ], Raye Birke [ Fred ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim and the guys have arranged a poker night but since a guy named Murray can't come, Al is invited instead of him. This should have been a night with men, cigars and talk about cars but when Charlie arrives, also his wife, Robin, Jill's sister, comes, upset. She and Charlie have had a big fight and now they have to make up.

      b: 7 Apr 92 pc: _________ w: Allison M. Gibson & Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    23. "Al's Fair in Love and War"
      gs: Jennifer Nash [ Greta ], Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ], Pearl Shear [ Older Woman ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Al wants to ask Greta Post out but he doesn't have the guts to ask her. Therefore he turns to Jill and Tim who suggest that Al and Greta come to their barbecue. After that, Tim talks to Al about not being too sensitive. Just show her that he has got hair on his chest. Unfortunately he actually does so and an upset Greta ends up at the Taylor house while Al is in the TV studio where he and Greta have to make up. Jill is doing spring cleaning and finds her old diary which Tim would like to read. Jill also wonders why Brad is a totally different person when Jennifer is around.

      b: 28 Apr 92 pc: _________ w: Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    24. "Stereo-typical"
      gs: Juke Logan [ Juke ], Janeen Rae Heller [ Herself ]

      rc: Al, Lisa, Pete, Dwayne, Rock

      Tim and Jill disagree about how loud the stereo should play and when Tim turns it up, Jill turns it down with the remote and a speaker blows. Tim talks Jill into letting him buy a couple of speakers he read about. Tim comes home with a new "entertainment center". On Tool Time, Tim invites Janeen Rae Heller and the K & B Construction guys to play music with tools.

      b: 5 May 92 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: John Pasquin

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